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Bill Belichick on Salk and Holley: They won on their own terms against the Steelers

Nov 4, 2013|

Belichick sits down with Mike and Michael for his weekly visit on Patriots Monday. Coach talks about the Red Sox thrilling World Series title and explains the balance of chemistry and camaraderie in a locker room. Belichick also looks back at yesterday’s win against Pittsburgh, a game that included a well-balanced Patriots offensive effort.

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Are -- a hallway at Gillette Stadium -- -- patriots Monday and are no nonsense conversation with the coaches brought to you as always by SB ally do Tedy Bruschi did it. They get affordable dependable life insurance or SB ally the company that's protected over a million families. Since 1907 go to SB alive dot com today. A coach Belichick is with us where we dig into yesterday in your patriots team we spent a lot of time talking Red Sox with a last week and then they went out -- finish and often. One World Series is there one thing about that team that impresses you more than anything else. A couple things I'd say number on their their clutch play seemed like every time they needed a play they got it whether it was. -- recommend no bull ten panel there was a clutch hit on base running. Those leadoff walks. Fielding plays. They just made the key plays and all the key times in the -- them and another batting average wasn't but they got the hits when. When they needed them and an image plays in the field -- they ran basis it's little things getting went so. Those of precedent and I think you know what came across to the fan witches and all -- was on that is. Just there. Camaraderie. There feelings for each other for the team and in those obviously great chemistry on that team and and I could really feel that even when I. Talked to those adjustment for a few minutes before the game. You know back in the and on the tunnel and then -- for a few minutes out there on the field. You could just feel it was a real you know affection and for each other. Both personally hand you know respectfully and professionally and and that that came across very quickly so. Those are two things that impressed me most about this year's team. You know they remind me of my favorite patriots teams of all time -- 2001 patriots Kelly came out of nowhere and camaraderie. It was a word to use a lot about them I'm not sure that's fair enough but people always say about that patriots team they have the most talent overall it. They got the most out of their talent. And in view you mention the word chemistry and unity camaraderie how do you balance that you talk about a team. Is it 5050. You got to have talent obviously -- of government you what what's -- what's the ratio to put into the mix. Yeah that's a great question I think if you knew the answer to now and it just it follow him make a whole lot of him in high demand but it's just finding the right balance and and you know what exactly that is in our. Chemistry in 2001 wasn't wasn't perfect there was certainly. You know there were some moments where it was a little bit of a little bit of little friction but it was on. You know on balance and it was a great you know great team that wasn't the most talented team but they played well when they had to made the plays and -- when the play better any other team. -- they are the most talented team and on but they played better than the other team and they had to and that's that's one of the champions. You guys also played better than the team you have to play yesterday -- clearly score 55 points offensive outburst -- seem like a very balanced attack. Was that part of the game playing going -- to be balanced offensively. Well you know you always go in with with the opportunity to to do things he just sometimes it depends on how the game plays out but we were able to. Maintain yesterday in the game yes we've you know -- on the ball not -- play action and well we are all in a couple third and long yardages like third more than ten tons. So. We're able to to kind of play -- -- more on our terms and not not from -- long yardage situations are playing from behind and and I cut the thing but generally you never really know how that's gonna go we've won games -- -- from the ball fifty times and we've won games are refundable 45 times so. As long as you win you win but that's the most important thing is to do which have to do to win. Let's step back for a second her -- Red Sox picked up on a question for -- our homework. And that is a lot of Red Sox finish in last place last year when championship. Once again 2001 patriots 511 and go 115. How how typical is it. To establish a championship culture. And is that in me is that something that. You go in with a list since we have to do 123. To become a championship team was something just organically developed and not really sure. That you've established what you want us -- Right well molecule and that's another that's another interesting question. And I think and again and I don't know enough about baseball. You know to be definitive on this and a little bit about football on let's say that. You know a lot of times you go through the season as you go through the season you figure out what's the best way for this team to win. Maybe one that -- last year maybe one that was some of the year maybe you didn't. But. You know maybe the Red Sox as they went through the year figured out this us. You know this is what we have we've you know we've found our relief pitcher we found her -- -- we found you know power gonna score runs where we found how we're gonna. You know with what's the best combination for us how it works and and that happens to be on the football field as we'll only find out with the year. As good man a man you think you or or whether you need to play more zone inflation pressure more when you -- on the ball or you can. You know get the ball down field it was here and inside testing team -- outside pass into anymore you know what your strengths are -- weaknesses are we wanna try to stay away from what you wanna try to feature. And just you know how you can win how this team can win -- how you won before but what what the makeup of this team that that helps you win and you know I think this is about the time of the year were probably most teams. In college and pro football. Our start to figure out you know they've had enough to have enough different match -- enough games in the situations come up. They're start to figure out the essence this is how we need to play this is what's best for us this year and you know you look at your matchups of the ponson and modify a little bit that you start to have a feel for. And confidence and what what your team can do and and anyway I can't do. And and that's why -- I think it's hard to say it was the formula the beginning of the year because a lot of times you just have to see your team evolved. You know with with young players -- when new players come in and what their impact is with the canisters if that was their very Olson. And what -- is. You know or more established but you know. Is their role saying is their local performance send him. And you just have to CL a plays so -- are you at that point with your team this year do you know how certainly -- a lot more vulnerable than I did back in September or back in August and July and in the original question well can we played thirteen games for pre season games. Nine regular season games and you know there's a lot of things that. We've gotten better at some things we've improved -- where they were you know six weeks ago isn't where there right now for different combinations of reasons the it's it's an ongoing changing thing but at the same time. You know you definitely learned things about -- -- -- Chicago and I think we've you know we've shown that. There are some things that we can do not perfect but there's some things we do pretty well and then there -- some of the things that we still you know. Need need more work on so. And whether those will improve or whether this is just going to be full level that are you know hopefully they'll improved we're gonna have to make them better numbers in -- -- You've had a lot of injuries on defense. To this team and let my question for you was you. You have to look at those guys say okay this is what we've been practicing all year and so fit into the scheme that is there or based on the injuries that you had to lose. Both of -- starting defensive tackles and Jerod Mayo -- tackling machine since he can easily. Do you say are. The injuries necessitate that we maybe -- different skiing about here based on the personal we have. And -- think that sure I think sometimes just to do that I have to -- richer. What you're playing with and what what those players can do I mean you're only as good as what you can execute so you can put anyone on paper but. If you can't go out there and executed on the field and it's definitely -- so. It's pretty -- you've got to be able to them you know go out there and do on the practice field. Garcia and your players have confidence senate and then to have a chance for that to happen out there in game situations under pressure so. You might have to turn some things -- -- enough to change or modify what you don't. Based on in personal changes or. What are the reasons -- sure that's definitely part of when we talked to last week it was -- day before the trade deadline the next day trader for Isaac Sopoaga. How did that come together in the last 24 hours or so. You know mainly with American and in his counterparts there at Philadelphia probably how it. Rosen and you know it's something that we had. You know we and we did it again and you get few names you know tossed around but most of them don't come together obvious we -- they only trade on the final day right that anyway. The -- sometimes they don't come together. That actually traded a year ago so far retreated this year. It's not something and then think you know we sit around all day just -- -- to see what's gonna happen in the you know go through -- -- and you say your parameters that you know if we can do the deal for this then we'll do that if we can't and we Malone and it was able to work out so. Don't we come authority. He helped the site yesterday and and you know we got a lot of football left and I think that there will be plenty opportunities. You know for him in coming games on undeclared or as a case it was a solid guys Marco Island. And runs well has good experience so hopefully will be a little sound room. That to get a pretty good quarterback he's all right he's made some plays in his career what did you see from him. Yesterday. That maybe had he had done the week before users. There's statistically almost a perfect game -- -- very. You know well Tom I think our whole offense. -- had a had a real good day in and certainly is a big part of that book. Nobody can move the ball in a film by themselves you gotta have the you know eleven guys working together out though we have that are offensive line did an excellent job. Baxter and good joke and we got production over titans -- their production overseers. We made some critical plays a critical times you know in the red area on third down conversions we had a couple big play opportunities that we converted. So. You know all those things kind of kind of came together intricate -- say some of those points and -- -- and then he's in another tight game but no they were. It was it was good Tom you know Tom do an excellent job that he had a lot of help from his receivers and and you know his line of course and I'm Josh had a couple great play calls that were just the right play against the right matchup defense that that we -- and you know that helped us out to. We were talking about this before you came down. These Gradkowski play where he peered into the end zone. But he's just short you guys quick snap them came down and it's. He didn't review the play is it that you wanted the lucky you had an advantage. With a quick snap or did you already have enough information. From upstairs in the -- and I wasn't quite in because he was. You know well again on those those type of plays that Tom. You know I would say are not. The real game changing plays you know plays that are you know. Brownback for touchdowns and you know huge swings I mean it was -- we gained yardage on did we get into reenacted it and again this as you know rule on as it has to be enough evidence to overturn what was called on the field and if you don't feel like there's enough to overturn rules call on the field then you know if you use a challenge and -- -- real loss to no -- so. You know to review -- play like I think you'd wanna really be sure you're right. -- novels one of those plays where. You know like to play in Jacksonville five years ago we're Jones-Drew. You know was went down but we didn't tag and downy does say -- for a touchdown. Was he Dow not down you know maybe you're not a 100% sure it was down but it's such a huge play in the game you wanna challenges anyway just you know because of the magnitude of -- So it's you know -- on the play with rob we just. Looking at it from the field and then you know talking to the coaches upstairs nobody felt that that was enough. You know enough evidence there to do to turn it over. The play it was dawson's first touchdown them back shoulder throw your -- the pile on behalf and that I'm not. I could be wrong I think it's the first back shoulder pass the Brady completed them all year it seems to have been a source of frustration between them or miscommunication between them before. What does that mean for the future of their ability to hook up on that how important is that what you're trying to accomplish. Oh well I think that's in a lot of play that you know every quarterback and receiver. At some point this gonna come off -- a minute and -- on violence I would say that it's really comes down to execution on things communication thing it's execution and the you know the receiver has -- You know past go hard but then. React to the ball quickly the ball's gotta be thrown world receiver can get a tan if either one of those are wrong then the the receiver drags a defender in the path of the ball or the path of ball's not good done. There's nothing receiver can do with a defender breaks it up so. You know it's a combination of the you know the throws -- timing. And the accuracy of the throat. In all those things put together so. If we can execute so well in any quarterback in any receivers and you know you have a good play and if you don't done in the you don't sell. But you know is good to see us make that -- is good to see us make that moved along past the Dobson where we're behind the defense and we are gonna take advantage of that because we've we've had been in that situation several times this year where we. You know haven't either caught the ball or overthrown and or you know something happened we got hit we -- have a chance to throw it so this was one -- -- -- our shoreline and then went right. Our builds it's time now for the coach's question of the week is brought to you by your local Mercedes-Benz dealers. The all new Mercedes-Benz CLA has arrived see them on the web it in the USA dot com this week's question is from page. Pages in Wellesley she wants to know. How much time do you spend thinking about exercise and stress relief. I ask because what I presumed to be stress related conditions for head coaches like Gary Kubiak and John Fox. So I guess pagelets you know are you taking care of yourself Obama how often do you think about that. It's a pretty much on a daily basis. You know trying to. I think it's you know obviously good. You know to try to stay fit but it's also on the ticket makes -- more productive. In the as a worker. Sometimes you you know need and -- source energy -- couple of phone get going and you know we have an excellent training staff with. Carol -- -- most compare. And the problem you know work with them and they they come on the pretty good and so that's in I feel like American you know it's a long season I've been doing a long time and you know I know that that you know physically takes awhile -- -- going to be in -- you know pretty good. You know pretty good physical condition to last through an -- season as a player or coach. And so -- things are going to get grass you know nutrition news. You know we we do an excellent job of that around here to. If we can just stick to it that's a the of their resources and -- the discipline. -- again it'll work with. -- we have all the you know all the resources to do. To the question doing that but I think it is important for all listen you know try to remind the staff does -- -- -- -- There's nothing middle problem sap energy out of the team in the entire staff and you know if we don't. If we're not energetic -- -- not enthusiastic and then you know have that. In a positive energy for the team and then you know in the meetings the world slope and the day goes slow practice and it just. You know it's all tied together players after of the -- as -- the entire. Teammates and it's very important is that wake up call on when you see two coaches you know collapse within a couple of days of each other just about what the profession really means. It sounds weird to say but the physical demands of the profession -- him. It's. Well I think it does that. You know as a and just you know. The end particularly with the giants you know coach Parcells and then that the patriots. -- and in the three years in New York. You know bill went through some you know and conditions and and remember their games are held positions on -- games. You know after the game -- in the locker room and then it's -- on monthly dues and -- so our. And now let's don't feel right you know when you when you start talking like that your realize that it's. Let's take a lot of second pole so you know and and and I lived with him. Through that effort and probably close to a decade really and it at all. So -- you know I know that there's there's a lot of stress and there's a lot of anxiety. It's like are for fans that were watching games this morning and coach -- and you know there there's a lot of anxious moments when your right in the middle of the than here and it don't have that certainly you know -- level things but I think if that wasn't to be some wrongly there too. Coach thank you so much good win yesterday you get a bye week now talked in a couple weeks arts Osgood I might actually -- they'll be right back here and fox Russel Holland W media.

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