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Salk and Holley’s Four at Four- 11/04/13

Nov 4, 2013|

We discuss Red Sox free agent issues that we haven’t covered yet. Where will Red Sox free agents land?

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-- And now our silicon -- swollen painful rate Fuller report for -- -- four. Fun cleaning. -- -- Well we solved it Kelly and sports radio and WDE. The fourth floor is presented by Marvin windows Ben what do we have today it's a big baseball -- Blow to -- Michael. We recommend here. Our whole offense gonna come in here awhile while we get a young we get it done -- visit. Let's -- a strategy are right now. -- have been learning how to use the -- problem. I pressed the wrong and you don't hear those things can be complicated those microphones on those well got to be on offense caught off -- new York and on the board. Yeah. God. We useless thoughts and all right I'd have probably heard from IBM (WSJ) as the deadline for the Red Sox who sent qualifying offers we've. Heard from sharing an earlier that Napoli. Drew in Ellsbury will be some of the qualifying offers and salty will not so. We're also to be pulling this moment season. All while on New York. Going to be in New York. Switch hitter. Short -- What do you think -- the power guy. What do you think you were doing your good numbers right scale human side. I -- left side of home run boxer. He assaulted in at 303035. Home run guys I don't know I don't know where -- ends up although I think that's as good a suggestion is anywhere else but don't look like he's gonna -- -- out of all of these moves I think this is the most surprising. I would have thought this was a move you you want him back here for 141000001 year is it a little bit more than you wanna pay him for one year -- but so was fourteen million for Stephen journal -- either one of them. Is worth that amount of money but with salty he's your bridge. You got a whole bunch young catchers that you think you're going to be ready in the next couple years. Isn't this the opportunity to get one more year into it now maybe go cheaper bring in someone like AJ Pierzynski I don't know somebody can just give you one year to some of the kids are ready but. I was surprised by the national side and I two and a little programming note here. I talk about your chance to win 1000 dollars cash. Go to WEEI dot com slash cache in the code word ATM. You have two minutes to enter editor please call eight. He am. At WEEI dot com slash cash right now the -- mobile friendly. So you can enter with your Smartphone your next job will be at 7 PM tonight. It. Known Napoli will get a qualifying offer but will Napoli the Boston Red Sox uniform next season. You'll be in a Boston Red Sox uniform next season he will be walking the streets of Boston with his shirt off I did just that added. I'm in a little that's -- guy that's a guy who Mike Napoli. Either likes this tax. -- like since triceps biceps. Something has that features page -- man that guy has center on bought into his naval half the year he's just the guy who likes to show what he's what he's worked hard for. So actually he'll be back here it's -- it's natural for Fenway Park ignorant I was thinking of you actually on on Saturday that the taking Avery to swimming lessons. Or -- maybe to television -- -- -- -- telling you that might not fuels natural daughter or not already a little head island that's what I orbiter -- -- you won't enough. She will not learn -- report on you share it or not artists were before additional Michael learn to -- no way she's very terrible right now after she thought a lot. We she can't do it at all OK -- ahead of him. Well I have to do my answer hold our our -- underwater. Well as usual we'll probably be here you are -- I think they'll sign Mike Napoli to the remainder of the offer that day regionally agreed to let them. Two more years for Mike Napoli that that maybe just a little bit less in the originally agreed. -- -- two for 21 herself from now. To adapt. No really -- I think he's looking for I think if you sign Mike Napoli to a two year deal. It's probably going to be somewhere between 26 and thirty. Just because this isn't that a continuation of -- -- given the rest of that -- 330 and our -- -- given to 26 spot via Canada yep that's about what I think he's he's. Worthy of I think you'd you'd definitely like -- you get from -- next year and if the following year he kinda tapers off -- the last year of his deal no big deal could you repeat three or regarded or three that it. Up. Stephen Drew has been the most interesting players this post is most polarizing certainly and he will be extended a qualifying offer will -- be about it's about ninety. -- -- Somebody -- -- gives Stephen Drew big time money -- he did have a Goodyear and the pressure does funny you look at it any actually had a -- borders. Alex and it was writing today six the best offensive output for shortstop it's like. It doesn't feel that way because the post season so bad. That it's hard to go back and remember that there was a time where he was a good offensive player for the Red Sox mostly in the second half of the year but. I don't see anyone giving him a big time contract multi year deal so -- just ends up signing that when you do with the Red Sox the album for won the and then eventually their turn about job over the Zander Bogart's or somebody else I'm unhappy that he's coming back. I think he's a good player he's got blazers starting shortstop next year. And why don't we assume that Zander Bogart's will be a short to be played shortstop -- the -- -- -- guy can play anywhere. Anywhere on the field one entity except for pitcher the catcher so. -- -- you're starting third baseman. Stephen jurors are starting shortstop I think it's a good left side of the infield -- have from a the. Jacoby Ellsbury has long waited for free agency and so as a puppet master Scott Boras is. So what kind of deal do you expect -- heard again and will that he'll be here in Boston. How he's gonna be here Mollison I just get the sense that. That chip is pretty well sales for Jacoby Ellsbury we're talking about the kind of money he will make elsewhere and I just don't think the Red Sox -- interest did it. All the comments from Larry Lucchino Tom Warner etc. saying that the one thing they got away from the issue was the big time long term contract. Especially for guys who were getting older and if you're gonna do that at least do it for slugger at least go for somebody that you think you're going to actually get the value from. Jacoby Ellsbury I think is going to each. Not out of the contract that he's likely to get given then reliance he has and his speed I don't think they they're going to give as much money somebody else does. We're gonna be a Mohegan. What a week from Friday young -- -- we -- a week from Friday fox. Fox fox. Fox woods yet hopefully it. Olivia fox what you read from Friday okay. I'm in the mood to gamble. So it's just going to be there gamble -- with the game on the think big I'm thinking big. Jacoby Ellsbury is not gonna make twenty million dollars a year. He's got to make sure that twenty million. Dollar here. He's gonna make more than twenty million very -- it's going to be out yes -- series like 25 million is going to be like 2122 million dollars year over about six or seven year wow. So that the smallest of the conservative numbers. It's seven times 21. In my map tells me is that -- 147 million dollars of -- so essentially thought I'm a 150 million -- At the very least for cellular is probably more so Jacoby Ellsbury who make that money. And he'll be somewhere else but it won't be boss and I won't listen. I'm a big Jacoby Ellsbury -- I don't think it's -- told him. Well it is even though it it would be Smart and 21 million dollars a year but -- after seven years right. Yeah it's only get Jacoby Ellsbury a three year at three years 21 million a year they'll do it without. -- some 65 million dollar deal for three years something along those lines I'd be okay without. But the idea of doing it for six or seven years or more for Jacoby Ellsbury just seems like too much that's for four.

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