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Is the Patriots’ offense back?

Nov 4, 2013|

Salk and Holley discuss the prolific offensive output from the Patriots on Sunday. The team has struggled on that side of the ball all season long but could the victory over the Steelers be the turning point?

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And -- here at Gillette Stadium today for a patriots Monday -- -- WEEI. WEEI dot com as well Michael that was. A different patriots team than we've seen the last couple we're. Come for him knowing that account for anybody see it coming. A 160 yards last week from Tom Brady under sixty yards passing post game all the questions are about his hand. Was thrown hand swollen. It's in my -- it's perfect. Edges they'll probably don't -- it. And it's perfect and your wife says though OK that was last doesn't mean yeah yeah definitely hurt my head is perfect. Well. There are worst things in the world. Than having a -- my -- is perfect this week approved it. It is for our -- give me this week. Quarterback rating if you still believe that not a total QB you are a kind of person corporate raiding 151. Close to perfect. And now well over 400 yards. And a bunch of touchdowns and a bunch of points and a bunch of highlight moments for the the team revealed the team dvd. Tell a different to watch to -- after watching them sort out slogged their way through each and every game to see them look like that high flying patriots attack that you'd seen a couple of years ago. Was again it was it was just different it was almost confusing to watch did you -- -- CNET that there were some differences -- This was not the 2007 patriots running gun basically a run and shoot offense thrown -- -- I I am because that they didn't throw the ball that often. That was the thing that stood out to me and that's the thing I've loved as you know I've been all over Josh McDaniels because I think I only done a good job this year I think he is force -- the passing game at the expense of running game that seems to be more effective. And especially in the last few weeks -- Brady was really dealing with -- -- injury was hand and was definitely ineffective for whatever reason I don't understand why it was pass after pass after pass on the running game look successful but yesterday it was 35 rushing plays 33 passing plays. And if I'm not mistaken one of the rushing plays. Was a Brady pass -- of scrambling for yarder to try to essentially dead even 34 and 34 now some of the running plays came late in the game but not all of them it's not like they didn't milk the clock the way teams sometimes do at the end they did run the ball but they also threw the bomb to Dobson down near the end of the game also so. It was not your traditional raced out to a lead by throwing the ball and they kill the clock with the running game but they eat a balanced well. And maybe more importantly that running game early. Allowed them to use some of the play action which led to touchdowns way. You know if it's a fair point I was saying it it was more similar to 2007 because. I felt like from the patriots perspective. They can do anything they wanted offensively and when they didn't come away with points you were disappointed because. There was nothing about this Steelers team other than their uniforms. That made you think hey. Proud tough resilient. Blitzing Pittsburg Steelers are going to be tough to can be tough to get some points Wednesday there was nothing about them. That said yesterday -- boy is going to be is going to be a dog fight it out that's good news bad news for the patriots is that Ben Roethlisberger Jacqueline. He probably felt the same way. I can do whatever I want I -- his defense he made. Some bad decisions that Tom Brady didn't and and that was the difference let -- -- that need to score 55 points yesterday to win. But in -- of forty. Eliminated about forty. Here's the only thing that that doesn't worry me there we've talked about it before you guys are all over the phones already 617779. 793 Selma taking your calls all this hour for Bill Belichick joins us an hour from now at just past 3 o'clock. We've talked about this and and I know you and I don't necessarily agree on -- my feeling is always when you have -- a hot a quick scoring attack like the patriots did yesterday when you march up and down the field offensively you're going to give up a lot defensively because -- defense gets right back out on the field the -- the other team is the -- and trying to catch up. If the patriots had just run out the clock long Sistine 678. Minute drives late in the game. Ben Roethlisberger doesn't have the opportunity to -- for that many yards. So while I know the number 400 certainly concerning any time an opposing quarterback throws for 400 on -- I look at it in the context of the game and say they haven't been giving up 400 yards every single week so it's not like it's a gigantic problem that they've been dealing with. And in the in the context of this game. It actually makes -- -- you're running up and on the field so they take the ball on the trying to do the same thing right yeah you've got some guys out yet you've got -- missing what six of eleven of your original defense of starters at some point during that game and think of rich and Gregory both went out and -- in addition all the other guys who didn't start the game. That didn't concern me as much because I think at some of it is based on what your offense is doing and the fact that your defense to -- -- you wanna marched downfield OK fine we'll let you take a few chunks down the field we're not gonna let you and in the end zone without the did a good job. Yeah I thought there were some there was some moments yesterday -- said even with the guys missing on defense. Jericho Cotchery look like he's a great receiver tester doesn't he always against -- hate us so we're really. You look at his numbers and take our Fredricka thank you buddy is pretty good against the white -- that is such a great games don't make those things I don't always wanted to I definitely so weird thing like it's when it's Joseph Carter against the Red Sox and we were kids with a well -- ultra partisan Joseph Carter got a pretty good about it makes sense he kills the Red Sox but fine. But the Jericho Cotchery. It makes sense it doesn't make sense. So -- -- -- -- received the patriots yesterday and Roethlisberger had his moments to. Become activists. At some point you have to look at the defense and say how much can they take in and how much. Do these injuries cause a Bill Belichick and his staff to state our. We're not given up on the season seven to. We're leading the division were the best in this in this division by far but and -- but in terms of playing to our strengths. Asking those defense just keep going about like it's business as usual when you mentioned. It almost six out of eleven. Let's let's focus on the top three. Your mentioning you're missing your starting defensive tackles. Although both of our rights are you missing Wilfork and Kelly and then you're starting. You you're you're signal caller your captain. Tackling machine Jerod Mayo -- those three guys alone. What caused most teams say odd man out for the season all three. But then you that you -- and Talib who was who was an active yesterday who is playing and virtually all pro level. You know Gregory leaves a game with -- some type of political -- quite a great -- he's been having the Goodyear to he has and then your guy and I -- make -- -- You know they are not a moment of a moment of silence to -- it can recognize the greatness. Of Rob Ninkovich feelings that game as well so that's hopefully it keeps and next man up and at the cliche. But they really do have to think about how they're gonna attack teams -- me was the strategy now in its and so many top flight guys. I don't know that the strategy changes that much I think what I liked about it is they didn't just try to they didn't just trying to. Go through the air and say you know what are defense stinks so we're gonna have to put up a million points -- thought they ended up putting up a lot of points. But mostly because Pittsburgh was terrible second I mean a at after the beginning of the third quarter Pittsburgh look like they just went into a shield defense did not look ready to compete at all Brady -- great. And they gash them with the run as well Steven Ridley -- -- had one of his prize best game of the year the only blemish on it being the fumble Belichick. Two was glad about the most popular on this times today you know what it was a great play by Paul -- -- and he says give credit to you sometimes have to give credit to -- defensive player by that. Do you buy that there are some fumbles that as the the running backs fault and Sox -- last year in and Baltimore. Right the AFC championship game when he gets knocked unconscious that's one of those ones you don't blame on him right. Did you say while I guess I have to hand it to the other team and Robert -- you don't have consciences if it is what you have to -- that when -- camera this. That November against the -- because I know we're going to be you know but. It happened and AFC championship game I'll never forgiven for a -- as an aside if you tell me -- totally okay if this really happens. Now it and knowing when I know fans here are are legendary. Around the country. And national columnists to me this all the time that they -- number one when they are writing opinion pieces. The number one people of the number one -- response to get this from the wing. Like positive or negative. New englanders checking. And they wanted to defend their teams they wanna argue with these comment that you don't talk about -- -- idiot what are. So -- they write about the patriots or the Celtics that's right -- the patriots they read about the Bruins Iran about the Red Sox in boxes instantly fool. From from the six states. It's like the talk a little bit. Like this to. I have a team is two and six -- the Steelers are in your region historically talks lot of trash. Do you then disappear. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- we talk a lot of trash when the team is doing well and then when it's not doing well do we. Just shut -- well here's here's how I with the exception of one off year for the Red Sox last year it has been so long. Since that's happened in this region that it's difficult to answer your question Michael I don't know. And the Red Sox had one bad year last year. The Steelers are sort of in their second bad year in a row right by western was bad -- that Randy didn't hide last year no they were angry yet there were angry and they also. Wanted to bust the balls of the Yankees. Because the Yankees I didn't go to World Series so evil and evil with 69 wins in a terrible season -- At least the Yankees and go to the World Series so we feel better now. I think that because. Pittsburgh Steelers fans in new York and he's absolutely right about the New York -- in Boston and he both guys are right about the Steelers. They are the most obnoxious football fans out there. Them in the jets' fans. But they we use the hear from these. Steelers -- cups in the ankle and. All the time all how great the franchise. Isn't. One more super balls and anybody in the the Rooney family and how of the family spy -- problem and he would no one -- championships you know you cost -- -- championship -- -- cheating. I have to say now nothing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He says tweets. That's it patriots 55 steelers' 311 word. Shameful. He refers to that has any shameful. Assurance by its Pittsburgh Steelers loss in team history and the most points they've ever given out. -- 55 and yet it didn't even feel it depicted it almost just felt natural to -- As you're watching the game at least for me I don't feel what the patriots were doing anything so incredible. That they were embarrassing Pittsburgh running up the score it just sort of seemed natural there they go there just. Cruising up and down the field to Pittsburgh with putting up token resistance 617779. 7937. A lot of room for you guys today Andrew on McCain kinder. Buried on that entertainment culture. You know -- a question about it patriot team and I noticed that every year. Predictable. Yeah offense and a warrant your trade on it you know if you notice well against the -- turn over -- get a first down. It's almost always guaranteed shot at the end down deep shot. I mean it's become so -- the ball and it's almost like you're getting -- wants to get offense off the field in the defense on the field right away. Yeah you know what I noticed yesterday Andrea and I thought this is I couldn't agree anymore because I thought this was crazy yesterday it looked like the patriots were running an offense that was so predictable. That Pittsburgh have like the tech mobile play cult wherever the patriots wanted to go that's -- picked Pittsburgh -- you finished the day you get a lot like 37 yards of rushing Brady throws for 112. Yesterday you score all of what three points I can see why you be upset about the offense that you're we behind. And during your week your week. I know you're not you know and I understand -- there and you're totally behind we have one good week where it -- operate really spoil it again. A party leak in the -- -- Well there's no doubt about that you know my my my is an oak is no great team either of 500. And I Tom Brady had a 116 yards against them so like I don't know if you're gonna get into the quality of the opponent and that's why they did well. I mean you you really can't look at it that way and say. All of that's the only reason because they played some some pretty bad teams this year you know and they still look at look at I think it does -- -- -- -- your calls crazy I wanna be very clear to sit here today and just -- the patriots and Josh McDaniels today of all days makes no sense -- I don't last week I'm with you man I know it was really -- are we. -- -- -- I don't think it's a predictability thing with mcdaniels I just worry that he forgets that he's got a running game and yesterday he actually remembered he had -- -- how much better -- the success of the running game make the passing game yeah and in not only does have a running game -- You you look at I don't I don't Ridley now fumbles every now and then I mean it's something that he's gonna have to work on is gonna get reputation. I'll -- is with his own team of being a public. But the guy runs with an intensity runs with a little bit of fury any -- and shake you know those guys who run hard a lot of times. The they're not the fastest guys. They don't they don't make people miss they're just violent run -- That phrase violent -- is going to smashed into etiquette for contact they're not trying to elude anybody. I think Stephen released a little bit of both -- he's got the ability to Ron -- And then -- -- does a great job of making people -- zero module. He remind me of them at eleven trying to figured out who who we reminds me of there's a little bit of them after I think he's a little bit more chic to Travis Henry was the name of the kind of popped in my mind but it's not an exact comparison. You have the right name of who Steven in autumn and I did say this a while ago. And that went from about a remembers I hope you don't. That went wrong -- this yes I I got Iran is that as I said it. And I think it was the numbers that make you think of any running backs where members who historically number 22. Anybody come to mind number 22. -- star on the side of the helmet. That's do you think he reminds me triplets. That they -- guy -- your guys Smith I don't know. -- I'm happy I'm spent I don't I shared a young. Fair and I don't know that I see I don't like I. Writes reeling me. I think there find it difficult to compare like -- president looks like a cousin of Emmett Smith really. Without running through like tractor trailer sized holes. It's hard to compare anyone to amateur back I never worked out yeah it is I'll have ever worked a four yard in his life. Admit that comparing Steven -- at any portrait of -- that it throughout management now to Emmett Smith is crazy that's one. You have got to admit even crazier going to be the craziest person in the room right now -- say it's never worked for me. Well I'm not saying it's even released gives Emmitt Smith but it was Smith didn't do much man caught that guy took what was -- a -- maybe a little bit walk us through this again on the largest holes you've ever seen to run through anybody. Could've done that 6177 I'll never times up and kind they're seven non Emmett Smith I did tell you a bit of more outrageous than I originally your your comment is -- ranger ran with I was just trying to make you feel better to go to a Sam. Who's in Connecticut -- Sam. But our guys are you call her shoes and was up. I'm excited because you would do it -- an insurance score 55 points and you know who's coming back soon -- chamber in. Mercury marine reminder -- for -- and I. Well they're able -- -- ever really kind of idea Poulter was good and did do it what marine can do out of the backfield -- always -- you know great quarterbacks picked up pressure. You're right they're starting to get help here on opposite not ashamed to reexamine its. Orchestra we have even imagined him to this point rock when he first came back and understandably so little rusty. I'm telling yesterday. At the same -- to me I mean what was. I didn't see anything missing and I was shocked. And put -- out of during the game that he had reached his career -- percent items that we and never had a game wearing out grabbed twelve for twelve for 105 with a couple of touchdowns a couple of big spikes. Hey if you saw an offense yesterday that resembled anymore what we thought it was gonna look like at the beginning of the year right -- dole going over hundred yards -- and having their Richard I can sit here crowing about a but I did think he had a very good game yesterday Obama. You can get it over a hundred it was a 122 yards there's there's a good game but he's gonna need to string together a few more -- -- more about him ground doing what he did dobbs and we'll get to him coming up here in about ten minutes. The -- factor -- with you the only the only thing that would have told you that he wasn't a 100% the same guy was just a lack of -- -- I think whoo man ended up playing more snaps. Think -- in other than that there's nothing about his performance yesterday that didn't look like vintage robbery count. Targeted ten times nine catches so. Every time they went to whom he came up with something and how about it wasn't minute touchdown play. About the first down they got. -- you know big first down they throw to home and they can't bring him down -- -- we're just sort Jorge and drag clearly dollars down. Is a tough matchup and incredibly tough match when I hear from you guy you complain about Steelers fans being quiet. Do you wanna hear from the steeler fans is it Eric it is Erica you -- wanna hear from Merrick I just want him to make some sense what have. I want him to acknowledge personal retirement bad football team the Steelers and then we go from there so and we acknowledged that all the top Eric. It's got a bad play without going on. If you don't you're -- don't tell tell me if you think is that a bad football team Pittsburgh. Long time to talk to on the other experts feel the Papelbon came I think it was in the very mediocre football team. Are a mediocre seven it to see this as a problem with -- You're two point six. Anyway you can't. I would direct question is it's a good or bad team the Steelers are good. -- got. It bad team yesterday now. At this point in time they're guaranteeing a turn things around the minute -- They -- -- -- that would equate this is Michael Atlantic wind tenants six that's going to be good enough to make a pledge that all want divisional games to play. You'd think digger don't mind a tennis -- -- they're gonna go to more than likely they're gonna go they're gonna win their last eight games. You're gonna go undefeated for no I don't have a game you don't realize what. An old. Only have eight games that we know post season at a question I guess. -- -- -- love I love you being that represented the Steelers fans love this -- you make my point beautifully god. I'm just gonna tell you right now if you look at that the penalty Kelly you're -- and each and every week not just that -- probably eliminate it -- up with that big. Yeah it's never a time they don't have more than twice as many penalties that the opponent makes it very difficult and not just can't beat themselves. It's this site you the other team of course you know that you're gonna get lax or near team to play with reckless abandon -- look at it now -- It will be no repercussion. That's true Eric you know it happens about football teams. They make stupid penalties they played. That football teams do they they placed it. Who plays New England make stupid -- -- -- bad elbow while they played a lot of bad teams this year including one yesterday. And they do not do not. Like the Steelers -- so bad you Oakland Raiders look Smart last week. To order to let the raiders are more disciplined team and its dealers that he'll. How do you want to keep it that when it all well. -- -- -- got a house was that they don't want penalties called against. Must be that they don't jump offside call Boston the coaching and I don't know a lot of the penalties last year where now judgment calls I mean it's jumping off sides it's. Is insisting that you cannot -- -- -- it's all right pass interference. The one on gronkowski in the end zone and you can see him pulling on the Jersey. That's not a matter of opinion is actually grab and I'll get. Of the jurors -- -- -- this is there and I wish I'd known about this a -- ever really had this experience the -- from Portland experience the power of the details -- hard it was for him to say I got to bed and Rhode Island is gonna give you basically the exact exact -- no -- plus he's got a -- another word which is gonna mention due to -- but it's an ex alcoholic. To you --

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