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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Marathon Jesus

Nov 4, 2013|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Marathon Jesus was discussed.

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All right -- -- meet the sponsoring it first here you know filibuster. Well what the sponsor read tick tick them off I'm here to tell you the animal surprised that you're sitting across from me this morning. -- mean some some nasty rumors. Circulating. About the broadcasting business your business here in Boston it right. Maybe you had been either fired or suspended with some -- assault -- or something like that we were about this weekend well first let me say this headlines has brought you by precision fitness equipment shop the pros do you. Decision business. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Gonna ask it's a great place by the well say that I've been their precision fitness yes audio on them the complaints fitness equipment. But. I get to that now -- -- -- -- it's a curious because we now we know who was -- -- is in the business yes and I'm curious what -- you -- today we we should find out each day like would have I should go out. From your mentor. And on how to move forward with -- program redemptive. Again that word so we going to burden of that'll wanna give up my mentor -- confidentiality and no he broke that but I should do this is -- -- -- we'll get -- it -- would you say that he'd -- will get to -- balance was -- -- -- balance after after headlines and find out -- -- -- means. Which are meant to who is Europe afternoon post bright for -- told you -- yet what advice he's given you you said to pronounce this correctly right. -- told -- is yes correct. Twitter has been fuming with rage after a photograph of a woman. She's a leash and lynch. For Halloween office -- work this picture she took of herself yeah as a bombing victim of the marathon I say this shirt and the brace number. Fake blood downer legs and big thing on her head her hair messed up all over the place right right and really it's hysterical you go in the work induce. In the -- yeah. She's lost her job put the costume on looked in the merits and I'm good to go look yeah now Twitter went nuts this fire. Yes -- -- is one of them she she -- that are. You should be ashamed my mother lost both her legs by almost died in a marathon you need to filter. I mean just you know anger and was more offensive. When Jewish Jewish and Colin and him again. And again -- -- and Gish Jen this broad with the costume this broad. Yet excuse no none of this is just some Bobble head this some -- and such who's been Xenia Halloween. His chin went to Harvard she's really Smart she thought this out. -- I would like Sydney -- that we've got to question them because he's Jim thanks. We failed to open our hearts to -- car it's our fault sure I'm sure he murdered. Martin Richard trophy on Carter's folks think the same thing -- an option to do we nice nothing and give -- give him enough time night. Let's do one question -- so good so there goes that that was sort of the every year somebody this and this is incredibly stupid and he's seen. Dumb people do in the past -- dressed -- -- what the airline pilots after crash stuff he. It was about to trade Lamar tourism and stuff a couple of years -- that's the winner this year. Federal authorities in San Diego CA gregarious Malaysian businessman nicknamed fat Leonard. Obtain US military secrets by lining up hookers and other bribes for a navy commander -- among those other bribes were Lady Gaga concert tickets well. He had a good reason yeah yeah. Pull out all the stops to go to Chicago now if it was sixty minutes and I have secrets yet military secrets feel like crazy that you make an amount that that he gets -- guys on trial right now. The navy command yet. We're selling out this country for Lady Gaga it's hookers too. Of course that it's a good look at hookers and Lady Gaga. -- -- -- yourself when you say what you train for money they cost money. This swap them for money and still be thrown out that it's obvious plus the swapping secrets from what you're going to jail as it sounds tawdry. Money. If -- they can find that we use the money for hookers they want the cup the middleman out regular horse. Everytime I -- the public is a good deal I'll ask you you know how much is it a high priced escort on and -- a look at four. The same look good for straight missionary boom their half man we're all look like and -- volatile dog owners are selling out Jesus not enough. Just you know come -- like high end. Like a much talking like. -- top shelf -- compete. Like up like it at least at least that's out of the -- agonized. Somalia and vulnerable payroll -- and a thousand slot I'd say front to where 500 -- stress boxing videos as you know if you. So six I mean if you wanna I wanna like teeth. And no no -- bugs and no crank bugs in -- -- and probably 50500. Bucks yeah. -- -- -- But he do that do you were -- 51 I don't think he's got a letter that you thank you that I understand but that's that's that's now that's what I'm supposed to want. A wife would would cost more secure as opposed to fly to Australia to see Bruce Springsteen perform. Well for me and the same as of -- with a hooker did that it would just be -- Public this New York City Marathon mission to guess -- -- highlights or not they had yesterday and run. I'm running this weekend in Georgia that's why would you choose Georgia over New York I've already run a marathon buffalo. Cheated to the New York City to Paris that identified as the final four Amos Merrick on the America's. That's true what a moment was. Deceit. All these men of different nations together -- are -- -- art that's not judged so that I thought about New York back in the old days. -- the racism right. Strikes the redlining of the Jews have been lining of the Jews. I thought 9/11 I thought well why they even running mysteries why do we continued all week and Obama hearts to Mohamed out. That's an epic and we should point what we do -- He stated this hotel room called for sure yet we should have gone and opened our hearts of the upset of all upsets a Kenyan won the New York City Marathon today. Our man and that's what I liked the best you know someone want to wasn't born in America yes exactly -- had this thing at the start of the race for the ballots differently introduced like the big the favorites of the race and run high five a bunch of the fans really every single one like pregame introduction I was Kenya or Ethiopia I was waiting is could this be 81 American I'm not so much. There was a runner. I think I'm I'm just guessing this he he ran the race to finish the race. Dressed as Jesus Christ. Well he had the notion of shoes on Paladino wasn't him that's the thing he had the deadliest -- -- this is waste in the cross on. Yet to be here ran the marathon with a crime is -- with -- geez haven't was it was provost marshals and a crown of thorns at California us he all the -- knowledge that they brought him to -- -- -- -- you ought to play -- -- I don't -- -- -- all the time. It was a fashion staple let me turn into a cup. Could different it's dug into his head mate and believe -- the got to walk -- -- -- that like a more comfortable. He had to give his life to save our souls he could he could've easily. Come down off that -- could have easily done something to prevent them from killing him and that's not what his mission was ironic that he run 26 months with a cross has about four hours twenty minutes 36 act doesn't make you feel bad he could ever cease barefoot air force. -- across a nail this everyday across the crosses cardboard right yet to moderates are all may be yet but I will say this I have had. Cup tour through marathons in my life -- if it was known as the wall and you get very -- If this happened meet this weekend remembering a marathon yes I would actually maybe start believing if I saw this guy run by me in a B so -- I think this is probably actually out. This is really Jesus Christ -- speaking to me could be. -- so maybe these were tweeting I swear my allergies can do better port 28 and two. I thought the miracle that he finished the race with a cross on his back so another miracle what do they -- he did Rosie Ruiz took the team. Took its subway Dietrich a traditional Christian he's -- he's -- here you can see ordinary water clear cleaned by a turnaround. True justice -- so turnaround sooner. OK don't turn back. It is now line. Tweet us where Jesus running America myself my own two -- unbelievable hysteria crying -- and I'd say geez from York city marathon. For your sins summer house tweeted he's some people are saying he's actually. Japanese photographer New York based. I don't believe that you see a picture him. Yeah yeah she's Japanese. And she's just not Japanese and he was all of us with this guy Japanese. We -- looks like you might be a little Japanese was she's still believes he was not. Yes so now I guess not this one is Jen does like yeah he was -- someone else didn't like somebody up on his. On his back and go so that's that's headlines the what about the other stuff. Well there's a I was told not -- and partly it's chalky stuff. That's -- the -- here's here's Charlotte -- are like my laundry clean. -- -- -- -- -- I Tokyo combative Michigan and we like dirty lie ahead here we've always like dirty laundry we try not to spread our dirty wander all over the -- -- -- sometimes we had bosses that no no clue and they would stamp payments based on doing that now we we get a boss would like pennies litmus. Do -- thing. And a things to be as open and honest to news we can be with our listeners -- -- I was and I'm glad to hear so he's finally in a fire and Backus I'm was stunned. Friday. Sitting there as always to listening to -- -- can -- yeah oil and salt and said. I mean. I couldn't believe -- said. The minute hand calls in part vice. Not to know address this very quickly because as you bring up the Dennis and Callahan Show there. And were fraudulent I thought this would be good opportunity to very quickly address all of your -- tweets etc. whether or not I'm going to respond to -- minute hands packs them. I imitation this morning first thought but the imitation was great I am not gonna spend a lot of time on this -- -- spend about ten seconds and that's it if I get too much back respect for -- the audience camera if you guys don't wanna hear about the real housewives of WEEI today or yesterday. I don't think it was a portal and second only salty sometimes you're right sometimes wrong you've never been more wrong you've never been more wrong welcome European injured. Would you agree inside radio stuff people of great field goal they don't want to hear -- fire back in many in the they'd rather get back to whatever -- -- -- secretary leaves dynasty took the balance -- Patriots offense showing. You have never been more -- so -- this was. A great shot I don't know it's true or not it was a great shot -- and keep it up. Wanna hear about sports especially two days after the Red Sox winning world's -- on market spent a lot of time -- -- that's not what we. I only say this. I don't believe a word that comes at a -- -- on the air it's a great character he plays. But it's a fraudulent character either that or he has a multiple personality disorder 'cause I know or. But this is the same guy was called me up after every change at the station. In order to ask advice and say hey how would you handle this what do you think you know radio you've been around -- the fact that he quote unquote doesn't like the way do radio or anything else. In addition to being a weasel and a -- apparently he's also -- fraud and we'll just move on it's a nice character he plays on the radio. But it's for which he calls you up. Host call me a bunch of times yeah paid what do you think asking for your -- think about this week what do you think this and you guys can do is like a new wrinkle I know colleges there -- no sound you know this is breaking the people in on what's really going on -- -- wow a halt to be real like -- a lot of us. I see it on Twitter from John Dennis you revealed that people here -- There's the reality that character he plays the nice character but doesn't make it real and -- on because this is not what I think you guys want your view. Are wrong about that but what a great shot you know. In honor of -- he should we -- man has response and -- -- after the break appeal but I think which do you Euro a year that you control things over this week. -- -- -- -- Honestly I I've I talked to many it's Saturday he wouldn't tell me -- savior from on you guys don't know the answer to this well I don't know -- way either either salt is lying. With what he's saying about Kirk calling him all the time. Or -- Activities. Of calling on the phone shocks me to the core I'm I don't it never got a phone call from minute and ask about any ice said this I thought the same thing prize I said in hand is indeed. Eight total fraud assault claims Sox line correct it's one of two things we'll find out -- we come back.

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