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Dolphins Richie Incognito bullies teammate Jonathan Martin; gets suspended

Nov 4, 2013|

Mut, Merloni, and Steve DeOssie discuss the suspension of Richie Incognito for reportedly harassing and bullying teammate Jonathan Martin.

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He's in the principle again he he tweet at me if he demanded that it name be clear. And they do dogs and dolphins to the action it'd been suspended for conduct detrimental to the team. The episode now reviewing the incident the dolphins -- reviewed the incident but that's because it's. You've got to convert this there is no I don't wanna go to Vegas you you couldn't they just. And I've learned they -- OK okay you can produce money for Vegas. And got a -- and 151000 dollars. To go to Las Vegas what. Other examples of that now again we've seen in the NFL. Veterans take -- that would keep picking up big dinner hasn't -- this -- this went above and beyond. This is an example where John Barnes felt threatened he felt intimidated he -- to arrest. At a -- there earlier today would DNC. The hell's going on in Miami. The hell is going on in Miami. This is one of the weirder stories that we we've -- commodity NFL on a long long time and and to start from square one. Of people trying to get caught up on the story Jonathan Martin late in the week last week. -- Jonathan Martin reports where he left the team and the initial report was he left the team because his teammates were being nice to and the example they gave was that. Jonathan Martin and he sat down eat lunch in the dolphins. Whatever it is you call their lunch room the cafeteria right there was stuff but walked away and it that was the impetus from believed the team and like really that's. That's why -- left and that led to questions of their emotional issue -- Jonathan Martin busy. Is yes something else going on and then boom over the weekend guys. You find out that the job the -- He is completely healthy in his mind is just he's been broken. -- -- considers the bowling of the Miami Dolphins and in particular. One Richie and -- Nino which you guys are talking about during the break this guy is seen as one of the bad dudes on the NFL right to -- and just incidents Richie Gagne knows a part of. He's -- the rotation for. Awhile now we're not a stood in Miami. -- vote of being a bad guy not Saint Louis right guys unless and a bit of a dirty player to put -- you know let's muted in their blood do with the off you'll suffer talk about. Is that the best reputation of the best relationship with with the guys -- apparently had enough influence of who's part of that is the proposed to give him a number guys took. To go along with nicely the -- in the cafeteria -- guys to capture whatever. This is so many facets of this and we're seeing some of the text messages coming up ordered to just -- reprehensible. If you don't there's a way there's hazing him in sports all the time but. Some guys take you to a ridiculous. Incredibly bad level and also looks at what's been happening here. -- -- it to be it's two things one -- the individual into it there appears to be aboard a a bigger scheme thing going on with the Miami Dolphins as veterans against rookies the first one of the Jonathan Martin -- I'm Jason -- and for first reported that the anti needle sent Jonathan Martin. A number of threatening text messages and voicemails. One -- referred two -- is half a it happen in war -- and it doesn't end there according to lock in for. He made references to tracking down members Martin's family and harming them and in these text that he sent. Are also referred to wanting to. I put this. Deprecating in Martin's mouth. Leo with texting him these sort of things while -- show after is now report the last ten minutes the exact voicemail. This a voicemail that was left for Jonathan -- back in April says what's up you half blank piece of blank. I saw you on Twitter even trading ten weeks I want to blank in your liking -- reference in the defecation part of this. I'm going to slap your expletive mouth again and a slap your real mother across her face ha ha. This is on a voice -- April 2003. Thirteenth saying blank you. You are still a rookie. And that was -- -- was still rookies obviously second year guy now and is is sort of moved on but I guess the hazing of his rookie year continued. That's the individual part. The bigger part is that appears in -- does this do all rookies in particular. Part of a group that forced a rookie player. To pay for 30000. Dollar dinner for the team went -- on again the rookie -- 30000 dollar dinner bill during the off season. The rookie. Pay grade for this guy it was a -- under at the -- with 4000 dollars. Sell 30000 dollars you -- of people polarize our special I think they can afford it. It's about 10% this -- yearly salary and by the way after taxes is way more than 10%. This -- theories yearly salary and what rookie told Miami Herald overnight. But he has literally gone broke. Paying for the veterans a Miami Dolphins because they use the rookies like they are ATM machines this is on -- believable -- -- You wonder you know how much that happens I camps if it's hard for me depiction that. Having been a rookie having played twelve years and -- twelve class of rookies. I don't know very many rookies that would put up with that repeatedly. -- for any length of time in the if I guess your borrower I had no idea but. Again. This is something that so far off the charts and we talked about review. You always do those things. Rookies in terms of okay you take him. -- love for Baghdad and it was blue -- 2000 dollar data credit card credit card -- little gag order to bring about to make sure people they're -- Dick Clark put to scare them to I don't. You don't actually made them pay for a lot of guidance table make -- a bad you know you -- G Gordon who's -- remake of 345 million whatever. It would never I was never a situation where. A guy making the big money was always the -- -- would step up sometimes or. You don't remember the other guys in in Dallas or make him big monitors from the guys and in New England. They'll make -- big money. It was always fun to see the CO a rookie. It'll scare these you have also agree that -- dollar -- to cover whatever. But the book the studs in the blue eyed big guys -- would never let it happen. In the NFL we're not in his guarantee a rookie out there about Macon 384 order grand. -- it's -- probably try it is not guaranteed to be Smart to put as much of it is a way because of -- NFL right right you're actually right we're talking about before like I've been on many tank team we've gone out to dinner. And and you set up there -- -- credit card -- to -- it just to get the effect the look of a -- it just got called up may be it was me or somebody else right and you and you stages so maybe it's a full 5000 dollar tab twenty guys out. That you always pull the card out but it's only for that affect you see the look on the -- right and then it's somebody like Waco Pedro or CC sabathia it's like oh I got through just. Which is messing with the Atlantic saw and then it's it's like I can't believe -- -- I just got my first -- I -- but the drop of 4000 dollar bill army 5000 dollar bill and it's just for the reaction but it never make of George. This is gone thirty grand you you can put that you're right the reactions priceless you have a you have the -- in the check to the rookie of bed yeah those -- -- you -- it's directions presents but. This is gone. If if all these reports are true that these these by text messages and voicemails. Are coming over at a rapid pace now. This looks like. Way beyond. Hazing this looks. Like criminal criminals are and what does -- went -- -- so we're all go to Vegas the team in about a week. You comment now -- -- pony up fifteen grand it's extortion exactly cheap you're absolutely Super Bowl here and I don't. I'm glad don't you guys advocate that will give us fifteen grace host ago while. I mean just it's nuts is nothing to what they have going on in there. The -- to feel like a guy second year player is pony up fifteen -- because he's afraid of Richie got needle or as team. And then maybe some of his cohorts what is -- about just one guy could have if -- one guy doing this. Then there have to be a scenario where a number of guys -- -- and -- the big strong guy -- be. A number situations -- uses one guy running a one man. -- organization to terrorize the rookies. Then it's that would be handled internally but there's got to be -- to your other. The good teams. Hey whatever you wanna call -- sentinel it's probably not -- war drive because people look at that -- -- nobody's you know bullying but. Date date -- with the right way to to the rookies. All right all Red Sox players rookies of last day of the year last -- everywhere yet dress up in some sort of go to -- comes -- whether it's a major shaven heads and whatever it is. Did you do at the right way to remind them first off yet they are what they're places that type of thing you're right -- time in the league but this is all -- launch or something but you also do it enough. Bring them and yes they feel like okay now you're in now you're part of -- team right the goal isn't to continue to make you feel like -- any outside right. Right it's eventually it's too. They've gone to at all now you'd just like everybody else and a member of the team and it seems that these guys just continually wanted to separate everybody -- to one extreme. It's. It's a -- because like you said. The -- food for politically correct word hazing is gonna is news is not the right word but it's almost. Letting them know that because you never do you remember doing anything that was physically or emotionally harmful for the guys. So what if you -- have to stand on the table licensing assault. You don't so what do you have to carry of vets shall pads you're back from practice. Big deal that's it that's all it is just say OK guys in and a lot of respect -- -- and it's over. Once the season starts what's the season starts. No that's stuff exists now would slate Kate you're part of this program. Here's what's expected of you you know but. The other thing is a locker rooms and and and club pulses are fun places to be you go to locker room go -- It's a it's there's you know what's on the -- is gonna happen some agencies some stupid or do some stupid are you he'll laugh out there. Locker rooms are -- artists are supposed to be a place of intimidation and fear that's the last thing you want to walk through which you want is guys. Buying into the program you want guys being afraid to come to -- our world. Well how how big of and they hold his income need to have to be and how bad was this if as we mentioned this guy Jonathan Martin gave 151000 dollars just not to be harassed or go to Vegas strip he's not even go. It and I'll open the thing that maybe that maybe in this case there are more facts that come out here right there's a tweets out there that -- Jonathan Martin and Richie -- meego. In their tweet back and forth -- this summer job the bar with par on these -- one of the rookies cars would stall on the parking lot and guess -- was the driver Jonathan Martin. So he's been a baldness and some level. But the fact -- they show them right now. 30000 dollar dinners 151000 dollar. Rookie tax just as you don't want to go to Vegas for the rest of the team. Three that's embarrassing it's embarrassing -- got -- it's a -- of the organization they head coach -- the bottom like I don't think -- on the player for. This Google wants somebody would have had to known. And of subtle political wanna locker room that's a -- -- organization and -- that he was involved in right like. One of the players the keys in the car so we wouldn't mean we jumped and took off -- and had reported stolen. -- that stuff that maybe you can see that that stuff kind of kind of -- the public is again you've seen a guy sweat. Right now that the difference -- feel here is not just stealing a -- but -- -- Go until bridge. And -- of a brick on the pedal and actually letting it go over the bridge into the water that's taken at -- threats are right I'm now destroying your car I'm not just playing a little prank. At a drive of Beckett go -- -- -- OK everything is funny. Again you look at for that affected you at the scary get hit -- the delegates are back right what they did was they drove this thing into a river blew it up today. And it's it's sorry go buy yourself another car. I can imagine that I can imagine that level. Of of intimidation -- locker. For two reasons first off. I know to -- even rookies. That at some point would have had to fight back. You know whether whether it was a physical confrontation or just the flat out you don't screw amount to a mr. I -- I'd known. You know I would seek a vast told them -- where -- at large percentage of rookies. We don't. Especially when you talk about similar positions linebackers linemen -- linemen ever. That would okay take some of the put eventually. Somehow you have and the probably gonna have is. That. At some point if there's a lawsuit involved was just very easily could happen. There's a lawsuit involved Miami Dolphins to be involved in -- lawsuit. Argues can be involved lawsuit is we all sorts of crazy things that come out and unfortunately not much and so -- fortunately. This -- might have as crazy as unifil world can be this kid might have issues when he goes elsewhere to play. He might there might be some issues with. Other and other teammates and mimicked. What you said. On first blush is that all this you know skewed. Couldn't stand that nobody was -- movement large that that first by first look -- ago let's come soft -- football player that. That's coming -- in whiny but that you look deeper recent Wallace's. This is some ridiculous stuff going on here this but. Even so even effective is ridiculous is the stuff is. There's a certain segment that that a -- population. Though look at this kids say he softer couldn't -- I believe I actually is that sounds I guarantee you there's a segment of the FO population. That looks -- -- that -- as being soft. Economy to a market -- it -- team anymore drive you wanna -- Martin's gonna wanna go students' lives again in some. Which are performing in -- meat or job the Martin's not part of the dolphins as teammates on going forward because the other party and -- tough Steve. The reason that the NFL the reason his parents reason I'm chapter had these voicemails -- text as he held onto. He a lot of these things and and showed them to sorting uses Evans beat -- first. The dolphins statement was investigated by late last night once they saw what Martin had these Texan. And voicemails mankind veto they suspended right away so we basically got his teammates to spend it right right or wrong he got his teammates to spend -- so how does he come back and play on that team. Mark I applied the same thing up on basic being extorted. Out of my salary to go pay for other guys agreed I keep this stuff -- absolute accurate I -- this -- what this Texas has not hazing this is possible to do with your buddies. Absolutely not you extort your buddies -- use your leverage over them to use them as a personal ATM. Certainly I don't do that will not my -- that. Well it is it's time. Even Joseph it's extortion yet it is such -- -- studies that you know it was so what are some -- was some guy Cuba to -- -- -- now it's almost bashing the -- assuming -- thousand -- -- -- That's extortion plus -- balls is Joey taking a picture me sleep on a plane. That's buddies or else it'd be retreating -- that is positive I don't entry via via the -- retreating yeah did everyone grow extorting -- -- -- -- from Monty. So we can go on a trip to Martha's Vineyard for the weekend -- his wife that I'll go to the crooks and yes that I don't you forget that that's the dollar dollars a -- really good guy misses this is that this is so far beyond if they have ever heard of sports. Whatsoever. I think our guys all played and you guys opened this ridiculous it's ridiculous and grace that it was a this the South Florida chapter. But the pro football writers association. After last year you know gave -- -- near the good guy award. Best help the media they do their job I know and Reggie Bush received the good guy award -- it is guided. You are here I mean dirty player yet now he's your dirty play in about -- his name is always -- If not one to sure -- can sue Richie got beaten -- exactly right but. I -- some guys that know I. I knew it would number of -- to a number of the holes and -- That understood. That they could present themselves are waiting in the public so what's the best way -- romance remedial but you could catch a YouTube and -- takes open. And I'm sure you saw the clubhouse. It's not a hard. The Romans the media really wanna be Romans absolutely -- brought in absolutely horrendous you know he's a little group move. Elbow in the river this behavior of the -- you know hey you real -- does your Q do win. You can romances that adds we that you kid he really booed trust me there bully me 90% of them fall for -- the absolutely do. The oops I fall for what I hear Taylor Jones come on the show -- like that mean bed below holes later. What could I have five I shall I don't talk at all -- -- this a real and pretty till June Jones stopped him fighting it was scrimmage. -- feel now like I love that kid he's also include -- look -- so other abort would be go lightly you don't but. The fact is that you could -- has a reputation of not a good guy. What -- probably Smart enough to romance. The media we got he could. I award we got to get a break we'll come back what you are jumping on the she can't 6177797937. AT&T text line. Is 37937. At 1 o'clock. We -- -- something it's gonna get your emotional Regis on the gonna make you very very angrily that one I got asked the evil we come back. It did coaches issues of the week and I see this John Fox taken to a hospital last night was Gary Kubiak crazy states at halftime how do you deal with that as a player will come back more Steve next.

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