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Chandler Jones on Patriots win and the bye week

Nov 4, 2013|

Chandler Jones joins Mut and Merloni and discusses how much he's learned during just two NFL seasons, the win over the Steelers, and his 2013 performance so far.

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Butler and ID 37 WEEI I'll get all your phone calls -- wanna ask Steve a question we asked earlier about this up patriots team the offensive outburst. -- yesterday but our patriot Monday continues Chandler Jones. Joins us here on the eighteenth the hotline Chandler it's mutt and Lou and Steve Murray today. An allegorical quote. It's -- good man must be going it's got to be good to be offensive player after a big win like that we pressured the opposing quarterback. Over and over -- -- the -- -- little bit better when -- coming off a win like that. It -- America a lot better who's currently earmark an opportunity to close it is such -- routine in the I'll that was then and their defense was then forced -- -- ex human is to figure it. -- put -- words difference for you playing in this league from year one year to -- The growth if you -- here now. Our experience you know -- -- it was sort of say. You know. Still not that you need it and we'll be able to three years in order to Russia and your Machida. Dutch and certain things become more certain of -- in -- certain books ought to -- you're. It certainly has become smarter not -- physically but mentally. When when you look at a team like Pittsburgh going into game watching -- show look. Sex they give up -- is that a little spring in the step because you pass rushers. It. -- -- -- that's not -- -- excuse you know you can militants achieved in here is that by. You know that people don't realize it yet to be a lot smarter than garlic like Roethlisberger. Argued a lot bigger oh shoot it and here. Still so little different from -- Madonna first -- down at mile arguing that a brick government to get those free shot let them. But I got -- -- thank -- very good at you know -- you're in sidestepping them and that -- ICC that you get excited what about your role Chandler I played on the defensive line you play coming outside rolled to move to rattle -- that. Exciting to get a chance to do a couple of different things click on the response for the Steve. Yeah it definitely -- -- and you know when you you know I'm only -- doing it because you know from. Our Bill Belichick in and -- and you know your head coach as. And -- facing war in the course you know more uncertain political position. Unless it's great it's great children and our culture to a certain -- -- -- -- aren't -- -- -- hopefully no more. So we get stop at the humble stuff now because a -- people left -- right guy. He can't be blocked he has to be double -- I mean do you. A US at that point conference was we just feel like if single is just not gonna happen you need to be double teamed -- stop. -- That would promote and fifth. Let me get a to have sex -- in the c'mon it's you know soak up. And then everything -- likely rate that your users suffer interview that -- Covered that -- that you watch them and got in Korea of course reform law announced. And starting around two and -- -- Mike the third morning of the Ford will get sick so. Maybe you could hit it took it. What -- where -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Did you guys though what would you knew that. This bird had to be back toward the ball was it's another situation where you. You just give -- in the -- -- party of the football of -- for -- -- you can see there was so many great pass first things going on throughout the game it seems like you guys still have the look of the of the game. Definitely definitely that as a power structure of the leak. When the scored it one quarter collect color last night. It was a situation that that it's still as we're in mathematics are you should be salary and into the at the he's one dimensional may have to pro ball in nothing we can there. Late in the game where they have pro ball and that our pressure you to convert them to go. Gemma Jones joining us here in a patriots Monday it's been some injuries up front obviously for -- team channel -- big Vince goes down. Tommy Kelly goes down a what's been not like and that defensive. Groupings when you lose to players like that how have you. Had it would just how's the team adjust to those injuries. I like that perhaps there are able thought that the imaginary interview not. -- which we have only you mentioned did -- for incumbent Joseph. Well creek -- -- -- -- -- play great himself that other great -- -- and they were doing their job and and and then and we we're -- -- report that we have to do become an elite team in the in this in so. You know I don't think of which goes down their for a while it hasn't come back under -- sort of steps inning. Well when they brought you guys brought him in the city is also some of that leadership role is only here for you able we saw what he could do what is -- -- like -- -- in with enough for a few weeks. Are -- great you know that article there which I learned so much from wander into -- also the -- and so. And they even pit mining and gorilla you know he was still on the outlook plans to refer to that was yes. You -- you incurred -- correctly and Bartlett bought their market and that might not against it every day with a little things that are enjoyed I enjoy hemorrhaging. As a player and an article was the reason ninety may be doing. Are things just -- just haven't you know more sturdy and you know he was still in the you know peanut it -- -- -- -- anarchy in the eastern European air. If you you are an -- -- if you let go with the character let -- by the Packers on the. New they I know when you'll sidelined the other check out some pictures and talk to a coach and all that stuff put. Do your chance at all to watch some of -- offense won't today having history especially. Definitely definitely my relatives -- -- looking -- -- -- -- -- -- get a chance great you know -- get a get a for a seat you watched her number you know often. Go to work in the -- -- every Sunday and can't watch it. That you are briefly that since I renewal well shall walk softly to be in the same team leader ROC every Sunday it is great. -- have we talked to Kyle Larry to your defense of teammate he says he's gonna try to sleep -- a seven month old homeless by week's going to be about. Refreshing recharging getting some sleep what do you do under the -- channel. It has called Google holds up faster than he or she must spammers but they haven't turgeon has -- some evidence that our. A focal point here in the coaches or they are to commit appear in its respite. Director or that we come up. Well we appreciate the time congratulations on the win yesterday and the good start the year year and we'll talk the on the road. Excruciating Chandler Jones joining us here he joins us -- on the AT&T hotline. Well they'll tell a player can be sent an email -- island Connecticut senate for me we'd like Chandler Jones -- -- Monday. Are we haven't talked him since he got travel we talked to him up right after the draft is a guy that we. In our in our free up to address us and what kind of player would you want to get this defense of and they spend -- draft currency. On offense where we are excited had a month talked with rather Jon bones Jones haven't talked to him since. He is a breath of fresh air to hear him talk football how much he loves. -- may be that's because you don't talked -- often maybe if you talk to every week wore down and then by the of the season which I say Steve I'm just integrating our people don't vote all just say what -- what those guys and maybe once a month jail bald bull. These great. But he's straight forward and heal wounds he wasn't and they read the play the Patrick Chung that only to. I. I. Let's say coming back at the same I we come back -- get through things -- one -- you never heard Patrick Chung light up this radio station you'll hear that number to do with the people. US we asked the question start the show of force the Gotti of Europe I feel better watch him Joan that dog nobody feel better. Or worse about this patriots team when they score 55 and defensively. They got some injuries will talk about that with your calls the next.

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