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Kyle Arrington discusses Patriots win over Steelers

Nov 4, 2013|

Kyle Arrington joins Mut and Merloni to disucss the Patriots win, how the offense looked in practice last week, and what he'll do on his bye week.

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On -- it's not -- the hurry today. Are very very -- -- Take me through that the sideline process for defensive player when you're offense is put up those sort of numbers and radiant brought in -- Dolan dobbs that are put up. -- video game stats to. Defense of players get a chance to watch that are you guys -- -- with coaches during that time. What happens during that does that process. -- you don't want and of course all of which -- you know make our adjustments. And you know that you look at on the Jumbotron of course and that it is it is exciting to watch. -- wanting to win when the -- when he got to put up that kind of numbers offensively also know that the other team's going to be. Forced to throw the ball a lot which -- puts you in a position of one of those they'll bend but don't break things. He got a guy like Roethlisberger. -- a feel that they're never really out of it either. What I'm not not only am I mean it has. I extreme. Like a -- -- China -- on -- side of the -- -- -- brown Cotchery. Look at you know uses -- -- -- -- reduce Cha Cha Americans are here as much as much beer liquor in markets is that when you're gonna want -- It goes wonder if a good week of practice correlates to that terrible performance offensively did you see everything during the week as -- way the offense was was practicing. The my religion believe. That kind of offense well put. You know well enough velocity com. Practice execution knowing in reality and I mean throughout the week tactical focus. Which is extremely well -- say. You can get to sit there and that that much at stake into the game com. So I mean let's say it it's exciting news you know Serbia. -- the best you can out of a lot that kind of performance. We're talking a -- the patriots defensive back a 5531. Win yesterday for the pats. Ben Roethlisberger one of these guys that. You know it seems better when the play breaks down Kyle again it. It's not just drop back and -- rolls around -- the play develop -- nannies that. His best is a quarterback as a defensive back. -- prepare for that and did you do it does -- did you do anything differently to prepare for guy that is so good -- when a play breaks down. Yeah I mean we read that you says he's tremendous. The public plan affect our street -- -- -- sort of so I -- we don't -- to -- market -- Quarterback you know it's gonna play -- out and we China failed our coverage a little look more than usual. Finished the coverage also saw me we basically ignorant some some you know which we can complete back. -- -- users. Are you so -- great team victory -- Some of the young guys you guys have. Brought in here now is -- dobbs not that big game on the offensive side but. But ran in harmony and it's almost like the bye week comes at a perfect camera week 107 and two. Sort of regroup would be seen the progression from those young guys with you and second there. -- -- I don't know it is so about those. -- said the -- got a huge issue and Smart. So they have. A great grass. The -- -- because of these as a concept. And our means. You know we thought that that everybody is great if Moreno. -- back relax I'm giving you ready for. Well that the upload another it's such a more just -- ahead of us. It when it does Clinton's game defensively the events. The pits for team has been very successful but the got a pretty good corps of receivers and brown. Sanders and Carter stepped up pretty big to -- and we just focused during the week on any one of those guys in particular or was it. Focused on just keep in the deep pass out game what would what exactly was the focus of your your defense -- game -- week. -- I think you know -- we. -- yesterday. It was that you know about such as China when I -- -- America's job. That would be the great. The first quarter on second or third quarter you know when that I -- -- None. Well what I think we -- a great government and -- -- alternate did you manage obviously you know on an open without. I guess it is is this. -- you know you're thirteen effort I get that. And you know your coach pretty well where does that and given up big plays rank on his list and -- is Kyle looking down yesterday. There were nine plays of twenty or more yards off from Pittsburg and a third and 31 point able to connect to a screen to do make -- -- 29 yard strike to hit one down the middle. How much is that emphasize not given up the big plays is defense. I am. Germany -- obviously you know what and something -- you know we're we're we're going fortune. You know we -- -- -- badly throughout. You know so that and that's just go. Work on things need to improve upon and so little. What they've let. -- Alaska voice hoping and those in the fourth quarter you guys don't really necessarily sit back and prevent defense is still still aggressive defensively in the secondary is that. Given conference do you guys knowing -- is confident in its safety play -- that that's got to feel pretty good almost beside a conference in yet. An -- you know obviously this -- wants these as an aggressive defense you know four -- sixty minutes. -- by the -- it and you know into the game no matter what the storage. And I -- that's a little bit a great job secretly -- a Communist Senator McCain in things sort of the one better here -- -- -- anybody has us all about titans. Any big plans to buy a week. -- -- It differently -- -- -- set -- -- vote. It's it's that it's not what ketchup on it much at a spot whether or. Good luck with the overthrow and you're asleep during a -- and he has not Kyle Arrington a big win for the patriots yesterday seven into. In the week off and he joins us here to patriots Monday Kyle we appreciate enjoy the time off and we'll talk here and a couple weeks. -- how good he got I'm going to keep. YouTube Kyle Arrington is brought to you by air rest restoration specialists and Toshiba business solutions and it by Boston laser unity the the defense will for the -- the first times all year got that the benefit of a huge scoring. Opt out of the offense and is -- that it did that change your game a little bit right enough fourth quarter. Pretty closely it was a blowout. But the third quarter one point was tied to a field goal lead it did get tight the offense scored what 287. In the fourth scoring it's the Steelers does change offensively hype get to play -- sort of drop back and let. Let everything being in Friday you know what's your traditional 1070 point Ehrlich creeping right they still stay aggressive insurance. Can you can actually in those situations you can actually do a little bit of both because it's okay well. -- we can drop back can make keep everything in front of us. Or what the hell real world play toward four point slips was pretty low heat and sued him -- mix it -- and in this game the right way. So when -- when your biggest failure of us at ten. Fourteen point lead you you tend to be a little more passive in -- things affirmative when he got to. 172024. Point lead the almost certainly can have a little fun with the defense lineman maybe a couple of bullets is in here Malibu that your oral care. If they score -- on a big plea but that that gives a little bit more leeway. I just I just like the fact -- that the pages to that well before core offense we stole. I'm concerned that I don't see that patriots -- quarter team like we've seen in the past. We saw a great drive to end the half scoring drive what they want like we've seen dozens of times right here. Then they didn't. Followed up with a great drive coming out in the second half that's just and that's nitpicking obviously we score 55 points and six or larger than to put a little bit but. We've seen this -- -- -- -- team be so good and so they -- -- in my left a few points on the board just terribly divided with 55 points on -- -- more than -- of the few. It's out there and it's not the first weeks the bright that they had issues in the third quarter both offensively all -- that or defensively -- -- -- -- you say. Well what's happened there for them they went touchdown field goal touchdown. Into halftime and they were -- And -- the relief fumble the punt followed by a field goal before it finally scored four in a row 28. Straight points are not 23 point 104 possessions you score four touchdowns and it's gonna keep track of after the wild weekend take a look at that and see. -- does that does that vintage patriots third quarter comeback. And they get back to being that team a big it's been so. Inconsistent haters like you say -- followed up with. Our fourth corps yesterday where Brady really started clicking a Pittsburg pinned him deep they're 50 good about themselves up that kick off the wide and according feel that -- -- And I get afraid when your right -- -- hand up Randy Moss dollar write down the side. -- you're Erickson mentioned today and over a number of pictures players say the same thing and coaches since yesterday. This week introduced himself out this week that it cost for you do all year long you know -- Sapient baseball you view that you try to find tendencies. But W bear down get a good two or three days with a -- to stuff themselves and maybe even more of those days with the players are here. Here's what we're doing wrong here's why we're doing wrong here's how we're doing wrong. That's a big. Thing is that the that the -- -- -- whose team he canceled look yourself regroup and figure out okay how we're making mistakes and -- both coaches and players. Abiding fear opposing team -- self scouting right even on the offensive side of the football. A -- if your team if -- Caroline you know whoever coming out of the bye week it's almost like. Rip up weeks -- through it got ugly just rip it up because all that self scouting of what we used to do -- who are doing wrong it's like -- well. That was when we didn't have Amendola that was what we didn't have Rob Gronkowski that's that was. When we are implementing Steven Ridley -- we never had Shane Vereen. All that changes when -- commit and -- given what we just saw from Pittsburgh this offense is different so. You can self scout and analyze and over analyze the first eight weeks right but offensively. Rip this thing up because if you -- -- this -- steamed about it look at what they just saw against Pittsburgh. Yeah -- -- your your absolute corrective and give Carter expects it to five against Carolina but. You can expect a much more -- -- of them what you saw Gibson buffaloes and and the jets games and so yeah you're right they've got to be something the coaches have been done Carol to deal with and the patriots. Vick could start getting a little more. Aggressive offensively -- make him look survey brought little more into play -- yesterday than they had in previous years which means -- feel better about. The new guys in that office. Obviously the office is very good Steve and -- and Brady looked good. It looked act good because it was just Brady get back to being Brady was at the skill position players and feeling more confident there. What's the Steelers defense that came in number two in passing but. -- was curious -- They are gore won a wall of Rob Gronkowski and Aaron they're not Nat checking them off the line there letting him get a free run. They got a linebacker at some cases other times a -- at times a nickel quarterback and in that match up. Raucous gonna win every single time when crawled is wrong right -- I agreed to it's I wonder how much you guys thought Pittsburgh in the way they approached the gronkowski in the middle of the field. How much of that was a factor in the Patriots offense getting getting right and put up 55 points. Well it's -- defaced with a lot of choices withdrawn Q not to have a safety or linebacker covered by himself. And despite what we saw Aqib Talib -- Jimmy Graham a few weeks ago. That's a different animal Jimmy Graham is a marvelously talented tight end. -- he's a beast of you're not going to Bjork and get physical in him. Gronkowski space like Talib did to Jimmy Graham so you don't have that also take a big strong core big strong safety and muscle up the guy. -- was sworn suicide like what to fly wouldn't be an issue. So now. You've got to find ways to have to. Double him disguised doubled would make it look like -- double and a -- problem you've got to anything you can't to make him and Tom Brady not. Understand what's going on the promised almost in almost everything's going author yeah I have -- talk. And yet think to a Dobson outside -- you know that is that was. You know you didn't you just knew that OK whatever dole as healthy. In -- dole was going to be a part of this conference you know we've said before we can play sixteen games which was in question before the season started probably get. Close to a hundred catches in just short and crop is grown up. But Aaron Dobson adds a different dimension that I think this team has been you might say easy defensible because in the middle of field. But now it Dobson. That's different dimension. And a maturity is that pure outside -- Lego like Mike Walsh or somebody. But. Enough is enough it's enough and with the right skiing you can still have that deep throat we saw. Couple deep threats with a -- -- -- -- do a couple of wheel routes and then of course gronkowski on the middle as a deep -- no matter what you do. -- -- All the sudden you've got the middle opened up -- your current prosecutor you've got the deeper passes opened up because -- helpful but in the scheming. -- with women dole on the right -- helps a little bit. You don't. You -- -- -- you have the the the outside the silence covered with Amendola and stops and -- on -- find from outside the numbers. So now all of a sudden Tom Brady has the whole. Field to work with it's like a painter with the entire palate of colors he can do everything you've been released do get this team in the right position. It also helps. That you had Pittsburgh also hopes of Pittsburgh can rush the passer also hopes of their defense they're row linebackers have gotten older and and or in some morgue on right now and there have been there. Second there's not that good all that came together to help. But all that's who also hope of agents have more confidence in the office 61777979837. The phone number two ray of sunshine Steve's in Fall River hi Steve. Well we'll see how I get over the comment boards what was the comment about Steven -- somebody made a comment about. To date -- that fancied something that the patriotism. I have Mikey -- Greece wrote that are specific that he was he realized that was the case there's an opening line. I accessed Steven Ridley the second played its first pre season game and I knew that was the -- keep. -- I solid college I knew who's got some of water I saw him I saw him on -- -- after losing morning as that guy but every all right. We stick and play this guy is -- a bit. You'll be looking like that somebody on the hill goes profitable football why would you do support that I -- makes no sense well what would you do that. What seemed odd -- Stephen -- -- -- sky is the real deal spin the real deal and he may put the ball on the ground five or six times a year. To open. And we have to get bigger body of World War II its call someone the real deal he's has been you know he's been -- he's. Good -- yards if you play the guy that's -- -- the between the high speed limit 15100 totally yeah okay 113 men running 200 catch. Okay that's what he has thus far and and Europe and he'll be able take the air out of the ball the third water in the -- what are when you are ahead. -- and we never nobody really knows should know what was going on with with the snaps but even with the limited ones we get into the game. You -- you almost -- -- -- -- last few games the first couple runs for someone that wasn't happy he didn't start the game -- and you got to run and hard. -- whatever was hopefully move forward with this guy and I don't know why no limits absolutely adamant I do -- talk about and we come back because you know what you saw yesterday both from him on the field and a way to coaching staff approach mistake that. He made. I thought was a good sign on -- in terms of Stephen release future going for -- talk about that. I'll with your calls here at 61777979837. You can text is on the eighteenth -- -- lions 37. 937. Steve DeOssie in the house but -- Sports Radio WEEI.

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