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David Ross, Sox catcher: on winning the World Series

Nov 4, 2013|

David Ross joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the 2013 Red Sox and winning the World Series . Ross discusses the Boston Marathon tragedy, what he said to Farrell when making his case for him to keep Lackey in the game.

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-- -- He turns on the rubber attitude to home so. -- world champions. It's a good thing. Adamant that he wasn't coming around and I felt like he had enough in the tank. To get Holliday he's had a lot of success against -- You know the over the course of his career you know the liberals like -- that we get this guy a little bit -- -- hell out of your. Hear the call from Dave O'Brien you're the manager John Ferrell in the post game Red Sox taking game six. The 2013. World Series of one of the guys who end up being a major part. Other Cardinals series is catcher David Rossi joins us on the eighteenth the hotline David -- -- how Oreo. I'll listen I never like doing good direction very good you know for a couple of days. I'd like when a manager got to change his mind to go talk to a starter so it's kind of curious and but the lack it worn down all year long right not wanna get taken out. That we hear you went ahead even at low role in this thing did you see that he wasn't ready to come out that you could get this guys that would happen. He knows I might get some walk out of there I have merely -- -- I really like our matchup here I'd like I like. I like black with -- get Halladay in the end and he came out yet signal and I knew in the back that mind. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For the most part and I don't know that -- was unchanged Mike is like never. Never get that doesn't want to come out of the game but. He kind of perked up when I -- I think you know he's got this guy -- he's got this guy he'll discount. So and in and -- at -- and actually do we should dorm and strikes that you would take and his swing is Al ball basically over our dugout three pitches and Lackey really -- -- need to just cut cut off that outside corner of the plate but. -- credit -- article have been good at bat and credit coach credit chat for coming in and get a big out. He cleans it up and they got Workman and Koji and that's it the Red Sox a World Series champs and it's been a couple of days now. Answer he might be sick of the question but one does it set in David Ross has it said and yet this team won the World Series in 2013. It's funny now I don't -- interviews and and and done it. You know some some media stuff and they can't -- I -- on the last night and -- subsequent. The -- down about 930 which is a player clears up big on a bet it's so 130 whirled around and ends. -- rolled over it just my mind started racing than what all that happened it. Couldn't sleep I picked I've caught and turned about thirty minutes I'll head to China. Looked on TV in. And in W it was recap of the whole thing and I just got to watch it just. On the other Guzman. One minute had tears in my eyes the next -- and happy it. I've read you'd want to know -- it was really really cool I think it's it's and from at some point in the day but you know I don't think. I don't think you can imagine right now that are like you know this little world champs and I've just can't wait just so they were my guys tomorrow -- duck -- You know did you walk into spring training in a come from Atlanta most of them you know you walk in his return every year every team always like yeah we can do we can do it needs -- -- some horses and in Atlanta. You walked in here -- -- says same thing you know and I walked in they want these his cared about baseball I can tell we're special but. A lot of guys that -- of things around the potential was there. Today have it in him again. How sure were you you know when you walked did you think that they won he really could've been a World Series champion. -- know you know that I think this and that and that's a little bit. They. When I came and cute to spring training and and the new guys the thing that I like most. Is that there were some guys still looked a little bit of Saturday at chase and not the pork I just hear some comments but. I think what was nice about the new guys that the -- that was here was so talented -- -- One particular step that part of the reason I signed here into -- -- so talented and the core group with David knows. And key you know I mean those guys -- -- I don't purchase you know this. Really really count the players. So both the one thing I think about the new guys they came and it. People like it -- or judging anybody anything in the past has not -- -- I was almost dumped what had went on here before I did you know of International League in. Didn't know much about it and you know I just remember the good times LE at trial -- Give back to the net -- familiar with and that's what John Lewis was from everywhere and you know how quickly judge anybody from the -- don't think anybody any preconceived -- A bit player that player we just we wanted it bought some bonded and talk baseball and go out compete together at. We just grew and grew and grew together as far as. You know our personalities -- and how much would like be around each other. We're talking Red Sox catcher David Ross and and Lou asked about spring training yourself fast for the tragedy. David the Boston Marathon in the way your team reacted from the outside was amazing it was part of the strength you guys. You know show throughout the year and and people want to use the Red Sox as a way to get back to real life do you feel like the team accepted. That role in the midst of an awful tragedy here in Boston. I do what we did that I have personally been news. To Boston. Just a little bit atomic personally but this year -- -- player and and and been here awhile and went down here. In deadlocked counts he had seen that stuff that stick out to protect us are out all night on on the news and trying to catch his -- of and terrorists and just. Is it just hit a hole in a created a closeness that you felt for the city -- the latest city court together and and and you know on that it was just a special special time. In the -- yeah just appreciate. You the character of the city and I think we circuit -- on our shoulders or hate him like this may be about -- like this this may be some that. You know we don't you know obviously have no control over what we need here and -- get this city something something just to turn to smile about. -- are surrounded. You know we tried to get on a daily basis just go out compete for one another. And compete in this city. You always she out six point five guys in May be even an entire forty man roster but the depth than your team this year was second to none and it's. It to the World Series in and year out they're catching these games in the a Bogart's at third and -- start every single day in. It just seemed like each and every guy had a purpose and helped you win a guy like I'd never I've never really seen the depth on this team was incredible. They that you work and and you know there was no jealousy there was no there was no how things going on throughout the year when when guys -- Albert guys. Little changed we gotta we gotta what you guys that with a one thing that yard bid is its. He found out who wanted to be here and at the same thing who wanted to be here what guys were guys that we depend on them when they got you know that we attend depend on certain guys you know -- had. And that's police found out here at the end. You know. I -- too much deceit and it goes because a lot because I got to play a little more the World Series that a cure all lockyer guided his team through the regular season. I'm as good as any catcher in the game and we have a ton a ton of respect for him and he circuit -- -- credit. Political mine and then some other guys you get. Didn't get it you know some you know your seven guys that you know I didn't want to jump on board and so they got rid of him and that just -- little a lot organization. And two that are hard to process them and the coaches step you know they recognize who's going to be years and then what what a lot of people don't realize too. That it that that you get spoil your boss at some other organizations are willing to move big pieces to go get you know. To take a -- to win that year and injured and so all that. We had a good team he -- -- confident that that's an acute matches your car out and go out guitar like Jake Peavy and say hey you know what I believe you guys. You're at peace you need goody -- -- best camp and and that's what we get. And I don't get to stick a lot of pride in calling a game right now it's a baby -- -- in -- enjoy getting a guy to a game it with those best stuff take me through. Game four walking out of the bullpen with Clay Buchholz -- clay what's going through your mind to help get him through that game. -- And replace it plated -- and real well he would let me and it's at too much out I didn't see how I felt. In either really manipulate the ball really well on the ball but it would. I'm very much below command very good which hear me out rather have command over below any day. And he can really move the ball around also urged. Easy to walk to him after his first little stretch music takes a break. And throws them more becomes a complete. Canada -- not ready yet knows he can go to a good thank god. Is that they. Are so evidently. Like -- get better out there -- -- -- a little -- We get out there he abused Chela he threw. A great leaders didn't have a purple work and under what the factory. It think it was it was good good change up. -- the guys -- so -- Huge huge heart passionate guy hasn't. Goes out there and the neck and a lot of -- -- double open this year cute Brock was dormant winter league comes in -- what you wrote. Then. You know Lackey and out and was huge for us. Cats got a -- now it just you know -- a lot about this team has passed on the next guy in -- I think luck on the game particular pride on the game but. Disguise in that it step they make my job really easy. You mentioned those Ben made the first move we they would bring in I mean you yet thank you get all the credit David because -- You're right beside you and then from there and all the dominoes -- they win a World Series and there -- report yesterday that. As part of this process and dealing with the free agency one of them they ask guys about how they deal with. The media and the pressure he talked about columnists and sports talk Rioja how much of that is true it when he sat and -- when Ben about signing here. That he asked those type of questions about dealing with the pressure of the scrutiny of what might be. It's up media market for this team in 2012. He didn't ask me personally but I think he'd do because I had been here for just a little bit no way I'm in John -- -- pretty well and and I think Gary -- I had to input on you know what kind of personalized towel. I would think worked out that senator -- Told me they called him about the advantage. And gave it back you know got a good background so I think I know they did their homework to have on people about being. Packard of the -- that later but you know I did that really just talk about getting back to deposit and and you know I joke all the time say you know what turned it around first real free agent signing. You know -- created and so on the of the first free agent signing an early start this whole torture out. -- at a this and I don't you guys I was -- but I got a lot of -- school on pitchers like I've never seen you know and you need to face him was a teammate if faced him but. To me into this this Michael walker situation here in game six because he didn't throw as many changeup and when he did a coach you guys nice job. Laid off mobile and better swings. Was there's something was there a pattern western tip was it was or something that. Did that help you on that. No I think I'm just seeing how they look at look at the track record when we think it's second time. But haven't burgers and I'm glad that Sanchez and the at predicting that price. Numerous times we're who we're gonna put aside your outlook here I don't try to get -- talent the lower level -- for battle to take away from gimmicky commend our strengths. This team is relentless. I mean when you talk about the pitchers pitchers that we went through the playoffs you talk about that Tampa Bay Rays team that was a really really good team. Was headed up by David Price. And then you -- And and more more and then you run through that did that strike out the record the MLB record brought a strike out of the season. We run through them -- find a way I mean. Sanchez came out of the game with a -- here -- can see that happen. We just relentless on on pitchers the guys just Billick that Patrick that and we go to Saint Louis cardinal. And -- -- -- Chargers jumped -- guys that are our ball probably talk to -- -- this whole series. They talk about everybody -- your face it. And yet we we ended and we found a way to beat those guys can beat some really really good pitchers. Along that along the past so. Are we felt like we were right through through the best Major League Baseball and and it's a well deserved championship. David last question for me you've talked a couple times this year and you've been a glowing in your scatter report Jarrod Saltalamacchia he's a free agent. What's your feeling on him coming back here -- had conversations with him do you think it's likely that he's back this team that next year we know you'll be here he signed a two year deal. Yeah I don't know about that we had I don't really go there no. I you know I think that's normal time and and you don't get paid you -- like a switch hitting catcher was that set the record for doubles here Boston and the there have been held for so long and how much he's grown as a catcher from the end and it on this staff and a leader. He's really done a good job. Do that you know I don't know where -- said that with -- this time. I have talked to him about that but he's a great guy Richie -- -- catcher. I mean any team is going to be happy to get him especially -- -- Now we always -- what you guys eat sleep and drink baseball it's always baseball baseball but. That is there's even 3:30 AM VP on the field the other and I mean guys though that 42 ticket enough. Perhaps we left gave mom would get really crowded hot we're all commercial break and I think the guys we're we're just. Who do they spent so much media had so much. You know public attention lately I think a lot of us just want to to -- -- you know you don't mind this time. Just corporations so a lot of that came back in without that out just in the stands yelling at a little that -- We all came back to deal and then when the clubhouse just hung out and told each other stories and what what what each person was taken on the banter in the outfield -- talked about you know catch him to the last out and -- -- talking about you know hitters -- You know lack shipped to this in the -- countless stories about you know the stress of the game that you can't enjoy it when you're going proving impossible you know and so we're kinda. It was just aren't here everybody take on -- And we were talking about the baseball and in what. What is it transpired. There -- Dempster shall be Peter a few fans. Here. It. Yeah. Well David it's it's absolutely great ride your team you try to -- about 7 AM that morning he got one more one more celebration tomorrow you get the duck boats gonna make -- around the city you have thousands. And thousand fans there to cheer you on certainly appreciate your time and congratulations on a great year. Just think I have the -- they certainly don't obviously. Not David Ross Red Sox catcher joining us here on the ATP hotline AT&T. The nation's fastest now the most reliable forgy LTE network yes we Whitley -- talking to David Ross and his breaking it now. Some great stuff there about the individual things that you asked about football Colts in the bullpen everything else and a big picture stuff he's not sure about salty and you know lot. A lot of us are serve out a lot of the players on this team in terms of what are going to be back what's wealth. Let's take an early look what this 2014. Red Sox team going to look like we'll talk about that with you guys next.

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