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Tom Brady on his domination of the Steelers

Nov 4, 2013|

Tom Brady joined the show for his weekly visit and discussed the teams big win over the Steelers. He talked about the improved play of Aaron Dobson and what a healthy Gronkowski means for the offense.

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Joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T the nation's fastest and almost liable for GL TE network is the quarterback of the patriots Tom Brady. Our conversation with -- is brought to -- northeast electrical distributors. The cancer center at Beth Israel deaconess hospital and -- credit union morning mr. Brady how are you. -- did you have any inkling whatsoever in the week of practice the day before practice -- the warm up prior to the game that that kind of offensive explosion was just about happen. Well we always feel like we're gonna do pretty well I know by the time the game comes around we have quite a bit confident to what we're dormant. We just one of those days where everything kind of worked out that way that we hoped it would it's so it doesn't go like that it really hasn't gone like cattle feed him for a but I it was really great time for it to happen and you know hopefully we can gain confidence and going forward we can really understand we can be that type the team that can make big plays that runs the ball well bit. Can chew up the Clarkson and you know be a ball possession team if we hit it. We can get there -- some turnovers and really answered the call I thought in the third quarter when they tied it up before 24 and we've also momentum and really. You know played. You know a grill is a great way to finish the game. You tell us an overview to the untrained and -- and I brought look like the gram oval a force of nature out -- the provided matchup problems for anybody trying to cover him. Specifically say as a quarterback what his presence when he's able to play like that -- those matchups not only does for you. As a quarterback trying to hook up with him but for -- dole and Dobson and other receivers on the field the same time. Yeah I mean that's what you ordered the best players in the NFL so. You know we really haven't had a for a long time and we've learned to play. Without him but it's obvious what he's in the you know it's. Yet to different element to what we're trying to do and that's why he's such a good player so. During the you work really hard to get back to this point and you know after he's got a few games under Romney's got a football legs back and hopefully he can. Continue to do it so it would have been expert for a -- today and you really came out. Making some really great plays on third down some. Some drive starter who got things going into the -- he's a cup matchup because of his quickness and his strength and it's isn't. He's he's talked to cover so when that your coverage gluten and that means there's less coverage on the other guys which frees them -- so. You get to seven to at this point is is that in the it's it's pretty cool you know I know it hasn't felt that way and we've been grind our way out of these winds between seventy at this point pretty good. Speaking of the other guys Aaron Dobson obviously -- -- terrific game. And he he talked after the game mode you guys finally hooking up on the back shoulder throw but I wanna talk about the 81 younger first can you. Tell us how that all unfolds don't you come to line. And you see they're playing in the run and what -- do wink and arron and he were he goes -- Yet they were getting pretty aggressive and we knew going in this game and they you know they get aggressive at times especially late in England -- got to get the ball back and we ran the ball on the first play of that drive. And and gain yards to get out the nineteen we got those reps -- -- we are onside -- team out there on the field and they keep deepened her kind of back a couple of territory and and we called the play where and opportunity -- on the field and make -- choice and you know it's one of those routes where you run for the most open spot we talked about it in the it's really the quarterback and receiver -- -- be on the same page and I -- and take off and he gave me some body language gradually -- and then. He's really fast so when he gets behind the defense you know it's really hard for them to catch him and he tracked the ball cause I didn't finish the play which was. A great things and that's hard to do -- rookie receiver and he's been thrown in the Nixon as Kimbrel has -- -- -- says and all of three minutes from different direction at this point we're -- need to walk down the -- -- but about the time of the year where you really see what the purport to Drobo. What if that situation and present itself a month ago or two months ago. Would Dobson and you have would you have connected on that 81 yarder. -- that's tough question right. You know I'd like to think we always would connect every sometimes you just -- it's been. It's. Harrington you you work -- the things the practice talk about a man looked the more you practice together but we're gonna be on the same page and it's always about the behind that offensive quarterback receiver tight and seeing things the things that I isn't. I don't think of what they have that they get another doesn't usually go well and so the more we communicate the -- we practiced and that's what years of experience with certain players. That's why guys like Deion Branch and I -- such a great connection and guys like Wes and I. And you know we're trying to develop that -- with the new guys conduct which you have to do in the NFL and we made some progress yes it was a good day for us but -- We've got to. We got to do consistently going forward. There's a feel like now Tom -- -- with -- and go back in gronkowski -- Vereen seemingly coming back here. In a few weeks is a feel like you've got the team he thought he might have at least offensively when the season started. Yeah I mean that's. I think that's what we're here we -- look forward to renew it to. Beginning part of the -- America between growing -- speaks. You know -- you know and -- get injured -- -- -- -- getting injured in week -- and -- it will have to figure a way to win these games. -- -- If we -- we kind of did that for the most part we had few opportunities where we didn't win but we still the -- And now we get some guys expect that that would really count on to -- big part of the world and so the other guys. They have done a great job. In the open in their roles to -- anyway job he's done in the early part of the year kind of carried our offense and what he did yesterday in the punt return game and Kimbrel has made some big plays for a few continue to make and for the rest the year Mike. To -- and it's done a great job for us sit tight in spots so. And all the other backs have done really well so -- were doing some good things. It's now it's similar consistency now that we know we can do that we proved yourself OK we're capable now to -- doing it every single week. -- injuries obviously a big part of the National Football League and I'm wondering what approached the head coach position coaches take when you lose some talent people on defense just for instance of -- -- -- leave a mayoral Tommy Kelly isn't addressed in in any meetings or is like Parcells. I'll old standby if you're injured and you're not on the team that we don't even discussion. That the address that and anyway. In the NFL I think it is certain yet you're here certainly disappointed it would guys. Didn't go out with season ending injuries it's. I mean those are guys that have. Core parts of the team and they're what they do you would term dependability consistency. That's why they are core part of that team but there's no real mourning period because. Don't know what -- can feel sorry for you and it doesn't help it does Adobe go man -- if only. This guy we're still here still playing -- Because -- you know every team still so. I think that's a mental toughness and all about so the next guy have to go in and -- to do the job he has to do it. As well as he possibly can help the team and that's why teams -- with. Hopefully good solid depth and and the metal cup is that when the -- cup this really kicks -- we're not feeling great when the weather changes. When things get hard. And the team has. To go one or two ways and it's either you get better and improve -- you know you had the other direction and we've always been a pretty good job getting better. Really a credit to our coaching. Because that's what we talk about -- every day so. Yeah we've we've missed those guys we missed some every game -- route could provide encouragement support. And they keep doing on the field first but they can do it. And the beatings and -- help and other guys get ready to play but when the game comes around you got to be gotten out it's got to go a particular bill. Talk -- several instances of Troy Polamalu getting turned around most notably the first touchdown -- seven nothing touch on -- dole where he was wide open how you're a full support Paula -- Polamalu was using. His aggressiveness against him can you take advantage of the aggressive nature which he plays the -- the position. Yeah I mean he's an aggressive player. And and he moved there at different speeds and everybody else so you know I have so much respect for him in the way -- -- -- -- -- -- how tough and physical he is. He's just he's a great player so. But the -- he was in the middle of the field I try to just look -- -- -- -- you know he went for the fake and and I came back and suddenly running up the field you know. Nowadays. You know good way to start the game for especially after the driver we got down to the one yard line and didn't give him -- it was a it was really good way to start again. You get -- getting a lot of credit today or last night for looking guys was you know points so. In a kind of full in the with your eyes which surprises me because Ryan Clark can. And Troy Polamalu are our veterans of both former pro bowlers there are some guys that you know. Will fall for that some won't go in the game do you know you can look at safety off or you can't. Well I think the most important thing is maybe not necessary to look at a couple of times but just not to look. You know exactly where you wanted to know if you just lock in on target. In your state those guys get pretty good jump on yes so it's really just a matter -- mean you can look at the safety off truthfully have that -- That safety at some point have to decide OK he's looking over their free throws and I'm screwed. So I better go give them. And then you know which if you feel like you can take advantage of that but I know -- withdrawal before the ball snapped. And I would do everything I can't. Not look at what I wanna throw the ball like what happened on that -- until gronkowski. In the second quarter. You know so I got up -- the -- that -- okay and where I want to go let me just make sure I'm not -- on the Republican over there so. And that's in the and he still got a good job of Obama when Troy was really close so. It's just a matter of not. -- in the ball from the center drawback if they're right where you wanna focus. You know any any good defense team is going to be all over that. You know Anthony Smith is not on the team anymore there wasn't out there wasn't out there. I played like he was still out there pay the Sports Illustrated did a festive thing a few weeks ago but the -- -- -- long. I section of how to do it what it means announced change in the game and they went through the best guys Aaron Rodgers was by far the best at the back shoulder throw. They didn't have you with the top of the list I assume it's because. You know you don't try to you don't emphasize as much as some guys that you didn't have the receiver the veteran guy. Was kind of on the same page as you but how important is that the actual the throat and you does it do you do you have to have that your arsenal in his damage. Well yes it's tough to defend. If it's if you're the receiver on the same page and it's it's a really tough play the defense. Because of the DB when he is respectable ball he's just trying to play the receiver but if the receivers run vertical -- guy's got a a lot of momentum. Going in the same direction as the receiver and he's trying to stay on top receiver Chris if you. They could be lower on the receivers didn't try to put our opponent put it over shoulder. And you know that -- -- Plea to pass it if -- guys ran so hard where he's really high on the receiver then. You got a chance to put it on the guys back shoulder on the receivers factual or he can turn quickly has said. Before the DB can turn sentiment makes the catch so. You know look like they're really good sides and that's really because that. Probably have a better advantage because you can -- a little higher. Or you can toys -- -- -- a bigger body. So the target of a little bit bigger and you know player made yesterday it was a great catch. You know you just try to put them position for him to make a play and he really made a phenomenal place so that was. There was that was a huge play there in the sort of fourth quarter. You know what that we've learned about this commissioner Tom is that he's not afraid to punish people for things they did before they got to NFL with your confession this week. A few days of vandalism and similar tale yeah -- the town how we -- after Halloween I'm wondering if you heard from the commission heard all this week. No I was pretty they've -- that you limitations ran out on that one since. Yeah but I hope that would BA history final letter. And a cowardly lion that was the blows the backup plan for them it was The Who. Does does does does Gisele caller who wears those outfits you call -- that work for Halloween. -- know we we kind of put it together the last minutes so. There's just a little rental cost him somewhere and she had one of them are trying to compliment her -- It -- by idea I know that other teams look at film. And -- Warner -- what point will they realize that you are among the most effective quarterbacks it using the quick snap when you come to the line of scrimmage most notably release first touchdown run of the day. Why are teams ready for that because you do effectively to do all the time. Well they have to get their communication. So. It it's one thing to note that work -- Go fast it's another thing for them to get the call from the sidelines. They communicate that to their whole defense. And then we have lined up and they're -- they're. Stop -- -- to do so yeah I mean it's a Latino that we try to go -- use a quick count but there's a lot of communication. On offense -- defense and offensively. You know we -- can set the template so if we know we wanted to fast. We can really take advantage of that and the defense test. No they did they meet -- alignment they need to look for their keys and their cues on how to get -- our and so it's really. It's a great tool for our offense it's. And what it works especially like get down on the goal line you know it's sometimes you get. You know I would take -- easy touchdown but it easier than Atlanta and huddled here. Are you going there and try to figure out OK we'll how to block these guys -- -- -- under the consent before their lined -- you get a great advantage. Like I can't imagine a better way to go into a bye week. Or. And it is a better feeling to have time off and then after that performance. Would you come and get away we try to get away from the football or in if you do will you bring some. -- at some tape on Carolina we be looking at a on the plane if you if you go somewhere. And do you expect your team has to do that too. Yeah it's it's nice to get away from the you know the mental and physical break I'm not sure what we're gonna do. -- There's a lot of football going on still at this point so. It's not like you know it's it's a holiday there is a lot of self valuation that you do and try to get ahead of Carolina and trying to get ahead on the -- the schedule so. There's there's quite a bit to do and I'm excited about doing that it it'll be good to have value kind of where Bratton where we can get better and the now that we can get through the things that we. Had been consistently good that and get and stop them but they know we've been consistently bad at over the last. Seven weeks so there -- nine weeks so. This it's it's got its common this time they're fourteen and hopefully we can get healthy again. And be our best here come November and December. -- -- -- with a quarterback question of the week brought to you by crescent credit union online at crescent credit dot org and the question is about second and third effort we saw several. Demonstrations of that -- wrong on the third and seven we got the first down. -- spinning five yard touchdown had a lot of second effort to it and then most notably -- a second and third effort for the five yard touchdown. How does that kind of effort play or resonate in the huddle when somebody does something like that you guys get fired up when they see that kind of second and third effort. Yeah that's that's a real. It's a team thing but it's it's an individual thing but it's a team thing and you know we talked about that would you get match of some guys that. That these guys for example they don't have. When they use their armed group in -- sixty -- on the field. They were the biggest guys so when grunt gets those matchups -- Quote Stewart sixty probably get to match -- for longer than five pound receiver -- on the -- on the front front and back. He's got to be able to break those tackles knowing that they put the big to a -- -- on guys on the event. Obviously creates separation where he can run away from the guy in the guy can't be that close so that's why. You know those bigger players like quality in. You know Stephen as a root hard for the public here it's a big guy 250 pounds so. Would you get those weighted images -- that's what you do in football you take advantage it's just. It's -- -- so when you get that inertia going in one direction and often the weren't pushing the pile on the running back push him. It's really getting you know that's where you get those type place. Good stuff talked enjoy your break we'll talk to down the road. OK guys they are conversation with Tom Brady is brought to you by northeast electrical distributors the cancer center at Beth Israel deaconess and crescent credit union and it comes to us as always on the AT&T hotline where backed -- -- out of the treatment.

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