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Pats obliterate the Steelers

Nov 4, 2013|

The guys opened the show discussing the Pats' blowout win over the Steelers yesterday.

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It's Dennis and Callahan. I've never been on a club where we didn't have one bad apple. During my body is I have to thank you wouldn't. Perfect big -- Got -- right. And it's just him. -- your quick. And how good they usually wrong we could open here have been my -- could do young. -- -- -- Folks over at the front here. On Sports Radio W. You know when you woke up Sunday morning. Probably a lot earlier than Mike Napoli again. You likely said that nothing can happen at Gillette Stadium that will be as uplifting and as encouraging as the Red Sox holding -- and you were probably right but. You never imagined Brady lighting up like vintage Brady and -- Like the indefensible unstoppable force of nature that he used to look like and the results were there and the numbers are staggering. You know 132 yards passing a passer rating of 151 point eight rock targeted ten times. Caught nine for a touchdown. Dobson targeted nine times caught five for two touchdowns and -- Amendola -- targets or catches one touchdown that's more like. Yeah I was I missed the game -- -- the blocks it is and -- -- -- -- -- -- that when he was at 20% from. No wait that's the fourth quarter yes the -- -- quarter when he won the fourth quarter 287. Who who saw that one come all four of their drive their last four drives in the detention. And -- and what. Happened to the Pittsburgh Steelers who have the once great Pittsburgh to lose. If pickle ball were still alive that would not have had not happened you don't do that to -- genius like Dick LeBeau and I fight against him say. The ruling in this thing where they say you know we've only had three coaches in the last like hundred years. They stick and that. Are they gonna stick to that and say. You know we don't change coaches of the teams give up their coach of the teams -- the revolving -- not asked because Mike Tomlin has lost his you'll be easy to lose Hernandez and will -- into the -- and mail and mail all these guys for the patriots to be to a separate origami are really right guys they could do this happens that the Texans and to the falcons teams all the time. -- -- 267. And two in the Steelers if you watched that game yesterday quit. In the end the Steelers are in last place and fallen faster than that. Yeah they they absolutely did and that was a great observation by Wilson's rare great observation. Wilson's. Who has lost that as this is to me as emphatically as the Steelers -- mean the guy just ramble on Inco currently anti. Chris Collins worth where he says stuff. In this for the replay and he was wrong yet and calls were says stuff and ego and you see that common. -- and he's also. He has and doesn't understand. What would with Jerry Remy Aniston one is. Sometimes just send button sometimes just say enough and as the apple ought to be a runoff tackle to Villa in Italy and -- break it down view probably be wrong but this morning got right political Garrett. Garret -- touchdown. Was an example of a defense giving up just given up on a play you get them we're done here. That team quipped that team is disgrace and I wonder -- that's going over. In steeler landing mr. Rooney knows that 55 points is the most points -- team has ever had stopped its history 610 yard. But that doesn't hurt the most. Ever most ever in the history of the Pittsburgh Steelers and by the way you mention all the injuries and it better reflect twenty years yeah this is a real frantic -- or -- -- -- honest to god the most ever. And the guys he was shredding the guys touch the Brady was shredding. All veterans like writing -- more Pro -- your. He made Troy Polamalu is a seven time Pro Bowl add an alleged stock. Who does TV commercials you've seen in these for potential -- -- definitely you never know. And he made him look like he choked -- Ryan Clark Ike Taylor these guys have been around and he made them look like rookies he made them look like practice squad. Water and I and I don't know theory in which -- do about this if you steal this fight you coach certainly umpire the -- Dick LeBeau. What do you do them in there and they've done -- out of the race out of the playoff race halfway through the season to. Interesting quote one for Ryan Clark talked about Tom Brady he had it working today he hit all the spots he was supposed to if they are it was a weakness in our defense. Brady found it. Then Keisel Brett Keisel had this to say it was something that in my twelve years has never happened here. Brett Keisel being outscored 317. In the game's final seventeen minutes we just got our. Asses kicked today and they just gave up man and his right that that team quit if you're. Cover and stealing your -- their radio guy and Pittsburgh mark Madden. Go back and look go back and look at that -- court in -- don't give up 28 points. And in the fourth quarter and don't give up 31 -- seventeen minutes. If they're given a good effort if it trying. And the reason and and ethnic so -- ball broke the stuff in the recent break it Dobson. With the 81 younger mistress he looked over to these skills these guys have done them and not playing the pass. I guess they think we're gonna take a need they they should know better. It. And and I assume will probably have some text or any ideas -- they. They run up they did they took what the defense gave them -- that's that's what they do that's what Brady does he looks -- I don't know how. Many times the set that happened before. People like your body mikes all understand. Pretty. Passes when the defense gives in the past he bronze when the defense -- in the run its. You say you know what it was going to be balanced -- -- things balanced balanced bounce might think it a pretty welcome back. Run the ball if they have eight guys in the box. So you don't say you know what we're about to be about a certain games and of 22 and 2244. And it you know. We and because you've balanced your ballots because you're winning. You know they run the ball may be -- that the only reason you run the ball is if the defense has 65 or sixty -- and or you're trying to kill the clock. It's a reaction to what you -- looking at across the line of scrimmage Brady after the game. It was good to Moscow like that so. It was a fun day is good execution date for the most part. So progress there excuse and so. You know wake of the -- I think they're going to be like that -- pretty sweet. -- isn't it obvious the impact of a healthy and effective drunk on the entire passing game how much the Dawson got any better over the last week or two. Much -- dole got any better in terms of running routes and understanding the offense in the last couple weeks but the presence of gronkowski is in use that force of nature. Makes everything easier for everybody I had. Steam is so thirsty for it was unbelievable for weeks -- watching yes you see that's the guy that's the guy give the teams have had -- week after week after week and Archos ski. It changes everything he can stay healthy and I thought he got hurt again yesterday that I urged -- yeah. But I think it was a Charley horse and they get them -- -- a ball size I don't think he did at the watch and walk but the gig at five -- just fine babies endowed two weeks. Two weeks will be fine amendment for a few days -- -- -- Obama look -- apply his his his leg right -- kind of hyper extended for you let you get hit in the right groin right and you don't you know I'd get up right away. And and -- of course right away and complete the -- could be -- and he just. -- just speaks out of is -- and it's it's a census Nance is like since dad served with his brother who cut a key focus. You know it's like you know you know with with you trying to keep focused the right -- not let him -- run off the tracks. What it is absolutely evident when you cigar out there how it changes everything and a look at the catchy mix. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Whatever how many games they play probably not but if he's out there he is a difference that you asked about Dobson. They finally hooked up on a back shoulder pro its capital eight games in nine games and and finally. And Dobson says it you know it's like oh they've been working at the been close. And bravely Brady and he finally hooked up on that back shoulder which is deadly and -- and I assume we'll see it again. Makes makes a huge difference -- dropped after the game. When we're clicking we're clicking that's awesome. We -- keep working keep improving and be doing things like that and that takes a lot of work hand. So overall the other offensive it is there was a great team -- You -- light during Phil -- sheriffs that -- -- to shares everything with. Rate Brady's climbing the charts to you know he's climb in the tendencies you know we went over the last will be 26. In ratings than nineteenth. He passed. Ryan -- hill and EJ Manuel and Alex Smith he's now. 82 point seven rating ninety. Next on the list Michael when he's coming after Jerry Levin and his yards per attempt and all those ugly stats that we went over last week. He went a long way to. Rectifying those of those issues and -- starting. I guess last night certainly that -- forward when you look back at this patriots steeler game you'll say while wipe out what an absolute white ball. It wasn't for a long period of time no I mean when they came back in the second half what tied it 24. 2724. It was a dogfight at that point. On the question the biggest play of the game I think region -- this morning she's right is the element punt return. Yeah it was a three point game at the time -- brought along when they scored touch on many thought the game was over in -- -- -- -- -- he is such a good punt returner now and we did -- we -- that mean without -- might return punts. But it's such a dynamic 12 with. We -- upon returning it costs the estimates and adamant returning punts for a damage return kickoffs at odds he could. Mean at this point or or and -- -- you have -- no compelling and an ability I think Baltimore pretty valuable guys and you kind of -- fought on -- -- yes you and later parts looked at them according that's true could -- a had a chance to -- tick -- -- goal in the end -- I mean he -- about the one resident expert on and it was going in the until right -- yeah. In the end it was a bad move bad move bad return and you know it. Didn't matter I mean you write this patriots secondary. Was -- and did not look good. And the page's defense and they get a break typically used to work right -- defense goes along for the ride and they say. Brady Dave does Brady and the offense. Gave us a nice two week break if if -- -- -- one match and losing like for the Steelers now have two weeks is so much better heaven and the wind coming up winning going off for Europe. Nearby they get five days off. Skies are going to be all -- all I'm gonna be done Costa Rica with ratings -- at least these five days or whatever it is that would -- five days of -- yet again this year as a nice. Rate. Starts again -- -- celebrate the patriots win it's tough to think about. Doing and we realize that people don't accuse bill Russell's house. I mean I have from I'm I know you guys are joined. It's it's hard to you know -- uterine cancer you know it is. Having as much issue with that as -- and the fact that we might -- Somehow failed as -- Brothers you know we we bet that's I would have a hard and you figure reflected on the bad about the fear we do that we -- Yeah yeah we'll get there is no way around is the which failed them I almost feel like we should. Send them on the all legitimately can't octave which at least loose. I'll -- -- -- to send a college or something so hard. Card -- news. Some kind of card they make money used -- you'd be -- in seventy BT cats for anybody's taking a little apology note Casilla did it is. Fault is. It right she's right we did I love you I'm sorry. We are referencing a piece -- done in the globe yesterday and a number of people probably a dozen various luminaries. In around Boston wrote about the Red Sox. And is this. Person named Gish -- Personally I thought it would engine -- but that's just me knows is a Cambridge author. And men hand and made a point this morning. This is almost -- journalistic. Saturday Night Live parody -- almost as if you could not make something up this outrageous I -- you write this. Liberal this remarkably disconnected. Peace and -- I saw Tommy -- we -- out and was mocking yesterday -- picked up first and -- -- -- -- said this almost won the -- currency this is to parity is every previous story offense does this mean he's woman favorites team and leave on Bill Maher and Barnes and Liz Walker. But they all of these columns. Putting into words the Red Sox with the -- spokesman yes a look at that and the leafs in the trash. Don't need the leader of the globe with the city's excuse here's the issue of Britain's -- she is yet do very. But. I must say to include this broad in these in. Among. -- is Monfils yes and Dennis -- is an absolute joke. This is one of the worst written pieces aside from the content so obviously the content. Be on defensive obviously it is just. The worst piece of garbage you read. But on top of that -- The worst written. This -- is a terrible right at it like just like vipers now who'd like dobbs and it's still a lot of nest of course that is just more garbage. -- wrote. Force who I didn't know that I don't it's it's just absolute got a chance for one -- to know more recent. -- I sure do I do think it's so bad that requires reading and you could do a media that's true road but it does. At some point. It's not that long ago so give or want via brevity of one thing it's not that long it's only one too long for power outages on the clock there really really long bad poorly written -- This woman. -- -- There's a book. Out there like with with hardcover. Book jacket yes and people buying well this book by this one. One of the worst writers I've ever read and I include kids at school kids. He's -- book reports by that this is so bad the I guess editor. Doesn't feel like he or she can edit this you know -- she and oftentimes it's in the title. Of the book she has -- when I read the title of the book she has it compels me. Well I get off the year 2 o'clock to go get this it's called. Tiger writing. Art culture and the inter dependent self. I might give you 5000 guess -- to their biggest rouge went to college. -- -- -- -- Hammers them. It's amazing she's Cambridge you would never guess she writes for the globe Cambridge -- Hobbits are for India to -- -- -- -- -- Iowa workshop sure -- of course won the Iowa writers' workshop the trail go. Up three -- force him. And but we we should do it -- should know we get some music and because I I agree it's ounce and reads like compared exactly it sounds and -- I thought it was we would we would make up like. Here's the his pointy headed intellectual. In the globe op Ed pages. Trying to. Opine on what the Red Sox meant to her if this. I it's between -- -- tweet and said they can't be -- and I read this three times I cannot believe -- That she's serious about this and -- How badly. She writes an awful so disconnected so whacked out. Would you write something this offensive and actually put her name to inhabit -- it was well. I assume there is not really a lot of editing said that sleep Monfils and Steve McCain to have at it. Let them do them and slap on the page and why do quarters we've you know the -- editing process lately has moments of great price might not know I do wonder if they read that in the personally -- same. It's a good chance that I mean it is obviously it's it's a bunch of ideologues and he watches the rest hard left ideologues who world but I don't know John and away or not we pretty much established that. You can if your column Borges. Globe staff writer yes you can make stuff up you can lie he can be completely dishonest and it's okay because you're a good hard left ideologue who doesn't like -- among other things -- in this. This not this not typed the words. God did we fail the -- -- and and and adequate. And someone read it I guess maybe. There was no process some residency. Yes that's up to our state and we failed to truly open our hearts and then she feels them you know she's -- sentence after that is beyond that's on us about it. Hang in the air for sure will take a break 61777. Point 7937. It is a patriot Monday. Tom Brady will join us Adam shot after will join us you can join us and we will talk with you but when we come back. We will read portions of this. Newspaper garbage. That Gish Jen has written. By the way. I've invited or how many times report times re daughter Twitter -- as well more than happy to have you thought would love to discuss this may be -- misunderstood you perhaps there's some sort of enlightenment. All of your point of view that we're not getting through this poorly written garbage -- rate -- -- when we get back.

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