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Real Postgame Show - Tom Brady Player of the Game

Nov 3, 2013|

Fred Smerlas, Steve DeOssie and Butch Stearns discuss this weeks player of the game Tom Brady. Brady threw for over 400 yards and touch downs to Gronk, Amendola and two to Dobson.

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-- the players are very britney's gonna go do. It's. Tom Brady was one of his four touchdown passes today the patriots at 600. And ten yards of total offense that's the third most in team. History for touchdowns of forty yard game for Tom Brady of the patriots beat the Steelers 55. To 31 their seven into heading into the bye week we are alive. It Toby Keith I love that bar and -- for its -- -- Steve -- sitting -- up on stage -- which started right back to the phones we go to Tom in -- -- Tom. I don't know what that was a great offensive name I'm glad you went public it's been talking about. At its defense gave up. When you might have been talking about we talked about botnets they're down to thirty you know 49 and it's not appropriate confident that -- what about the whole. -- 400 yards aren't you people. So we're worried about the defense. Of course we'll know which is exactly dissolved tallies out. And if Richard take about Greg who's taken out I mean you're worried about the depleted defense. That's team has some very good wide receivers. As of one of the best quarterbacks in football this downside is they don't have a very good -- but so -- better to have let's take advantage of that today that are back we talked about. The probability. That this patriots team that -- offensive the second half of the season. I'm not sure this defense. As cost is now with you that they head. It would -- it would carry them like it is the first part of season posted up but I'm more concerned with the patriots have it right wind. Below -- some concern you know if you're overdue according to. You know it is estimated thirty reviewed all the 55. -- -- and apple reported makeup of that. -- comets -- legit it's a legitimate point. But speed right here. For most of this season the -- that's been carrying an inept offense or offense that's been in the works with rookie receivers. In all that stuff so I think you bring up a really good point that. Today it was a day where you say to yourself well thank goodness they scored 55 foot. You know they go by we they got injury -- -- -- -- -- Let's look around the league Tampa Bay you know this -- Seattle against teams that -- from one point to support -- quarterbacks that's what what -- -- point of all the time. To be an in depth look at Tampa Bay Buccaneers team to dozens were ten point. This team has -- Pittsburgh has excellent offensive weapons you know have a real tight and a couple of receivers. And one of top. Quarterbacks in NFL he made things happen nothing. Does the Patriots defense conservative. Sure it does -- the full complement of weapons of these different stories we're height and build those bills you know to lead me into the comeback but the rest of the guys. We don't know -- -- that completely you know that's -- -- You lost your best to let them live you lost your best linebacker you've lost your best you but the back of horses because -- probable. That's a given we understand that what they need to do was still quite -- -- to make some big plays that will replace. -- Ought to -- that's the statements that do that but you have we've seen that -- that -- because they had three big ones today -- over the situation. In order to beat you with a stop the Pittsburgh all of them rival the record with. Without. But -- up to these places aren't there yet they call a couple of real good ways. It situations where it's third and thirty you build -- -- and -- basketball they're gonna go out there with an annual screen they didn't make it made it play on it. They have weapons of but the promise to not malice that -- -- Let's go to Tom in North Attleboro on the real those can kill my job. I don't know -- artwork that it could receive which is. God you really number twenty to. Which kept it kept them honest they -- split them -- -- although it. It's particularly if you look at. They got word that kept them on the whole game. Let's hope that you called that you called -- key difference in the game I would only quibble with one word I think it was a difference in the game -- ultimately agree to agree. A big difference -- gave was that Tom Brady had a right it was for. You can count on the road to. I think W -- these figures that you can look at it brought comes to your health is that you blog is if you're covered -- -- -- -- he. He's the -- but I would help him. But -- I'm gonna replace either we -- we if you guys agree with John's premise that seems to be that he would -- difference maker. And among all the patriots back he offers a package. That is probably more threatening more explosive than any of the -- that -- What the packages that he's got a lot of facts that's that would be -- of course but -- -- oh well let. That wasn't the differences we gave the one that he would -- carry the ball. What the ball. -- but -- operated with long and who's catching the ball he was thrown the ball very well. That these three rhetorical. It would have mattered if it was read or Bruce -- or lots. Or hold him there today at that would be the deciding factor but one would want. In memory of the you know but it doesn't it -- the -- yeah. One of them 1000003 today that retreat on the oddball we heard about it -- -- I'd like to see him throw the ball more relief which I think it would actually. -- it's possible -- virtually. Amendment and -- He got to running catch the ball he's a -- now that he's not quite as good a runner with. But that's less the water is back to the B receipt which is backed it up to us. Work that is that's fine but if yours is it that way. Targets broom mark healthy or ever stole about war. All of this even you would -- that would be very -- -- I -- -- all the -- as a dump off passes read stated about it not that make these guys. -- -- -- my time now for Freddy's favorite portion of the real close -- here -- bush as you -- it is all of the reports that went well what's what's. Time now for the post foods. Honey bunches of votes player of the game the reason why it's all -- Favorite time of the show and any shows that we always argue. He's. Right that's why the reason lines that you update your feet -- -- We'll portrait portraits of people who bravery of the war effort in the world war with Iraq and make your case. You know couple games that -- you know John that no excuse -- -- relative to yesterday Euphrates today. It was to operate. 23 of 33. 432. Yards four touchdowns no -- -- some significant thing about -- We've come to expect so much for him but he had nine touchdowns and six interceptions coming into week nine. Think about that so one Brady like his quarterback rating was in the bottom fifteen in the lead. This is the first 100 yard game passing since the loss to San Francisco last year the first. Four touchdown game since the win against Houston the week before that it's the first forty yup passing game. That he's won since weeks one and two in 2000 let's remember that Monday night game we guarded. 517 against the dolphins he threw performed you've -- Diego that second week. It's the most points that's -- -- scored since they beat Andrew Luck. Like the stepchild in Indianapolis 49159. When war last year and two other milestones for Brady's it is not a player of the game. He became the -- analyzed -- on. The risk area it is very nervous we get three receivers -- over a hundred yards today. But with a -- is just ridiculous. Brady moved to fifth all time. In 300 yard plus game I don't know what it is -- wonder but it was his 55 300 push our game that's fifth all time. And he moved to sixth all -- in completions. In NFL history so Tom Brady is our post foods honey bunches of oats. Player. They gain -- management remote locals vote -- Freddie but ultimately those votes competitive as we continue another group -- season. Make sure that you Freddie kick off you -- the right. With post honey bunches of both -- stopping the local market basket today. To check out some of those recruitment mostly wrote please go to Florida you know -- has whose household staff doing the show off but he has dues Shoppach QB I am doubtful -- -- That's not rest take a break we're back we're more on the real post game show. The real post game show live from Toby Keith I love this bar and grill -- post game show presented by complaints the insurance at complaints -- They shop so you can save. Visit couple Lansky dot com today and by post foods honey bunches of votes speaking of them we come back we'll hear from Tom Brady -- podium. And the post game show is also brought to you by AT&T. If you would like to join us here on the real post game show you got a couple of options. You're close to Toby Keith's here at patriot place just come on man come on bias. Element -- you wanna see Fred and Steve they'll charge you double with those that aren't. 61777979837. The other way to -- -- -- call. Driving home from the game if you're in the parking lot 6177797937. Lives. It Toby -- I love this barn rule which burned for its growth. And Steve -- scouring Twitter. In the -- found a couple of things as usual Christopher writes all over it. You can find all the coverage of the game and WEEI dot com by the tweets worth mentioning Mike Yardley. Few moments ago -- doubt that Steve Gregory according to my left Gillette Stadium. With a quote serious looking. Pass on his right thumb and wrist and concert. And I guess it. I'm real proud of what you sort of talking with the staff walked off the view that wrapped up I'll awhile to walk out that it's wrong. -- look like it was you know it was. Socially -- of the young tweeted out that the 712 on third down 50% competed for the season high. Surprise to me I thought they had some more efficiently gotten anything maybe but without looking up a season high. That's says a lot about this season that they're 72. They didn't really inefficient -- down. You know it's funny so I think. -- Belichick to blame for all of those it's excellent to do. This team has not been great team they've been winning but who would buy this -- that people want these being known defense wilted defense at one. Today. I would have never thought that that often put them back Bat Masterson. Was against the Pittsburgh beat them. 55 points approval pointed. They came out and have so much more efficient to do. Do what again this year we -- let's wait secretive and those held in Toronto the ability and it's not picking this. This shows you when they become whole again and often what they can beat. -- -- that it happened on often. Guys. Brady was sacked three times and it's my -- with that is up and down block after the game part of -- down he pointed out opening. With a false start today it clipping call and last week was run over several. Leading to sacks -- -- according to read so it was a time. Well it tells you what you all the bowl season this hasn't been his best season. As you've played. Okay at times we've seen him play so what's that completely. Whatever reason that you know whether it. Offense itself what her but we that would -- -- what I don't like that all -- singles and in situations where you've been run over run around a couple times. Just not playing -- that we normally see him. Whenever I -- going to bug. Back to his music great offensive lineman should stop playing like. The kind of play up what it's that physically does get beat. And several games here. It's just a regular -- -- a lot of the places that. But it's Logan Mankins -- is played at the highest level of God's. He's all pro we've supporting all pro was great players left office of climate being so you live and have some bumps of -- That's going and he got beat on some. A technique the stations that do -- my energy. What should never have such mixed with what he made some great -- so -- drive double teams. -- political -- two of those that don't want he played. Outstanding game at point. But he was a good consistent that's what we've never seen what would. But he has it got to play at that high level -- showed flashes of it I think that what is your negative is his game back on track would be when he -- -- The number one of those players that's the big -- high expectations because it's such. It was just another guy who would replace mother was markets and it wouldn't let up. -- will finally got it exactly right music can be your output climbed to a jumps out more when you don't see. So we. Let's hear from Tom Brady after the game he went to the podium asking media for Brady statistically healthy that's game overall -- Atlanta it was pretty good there's some great. It was good. Moscow like that so. It was a fun day with good execution date for the most part. So progress there excuse and so. You know wake up the morning think they're going to be like that I was pretty sweet. It. Yeah work I think you know there was. Some elements ordained that. You know we're -- show -- we're -- plays like that means. Can produce like that in any does that man does that in the back to that line blocks. In just. And it's. It's a good way applicable so. Those got a lot of guys that played really well and that's what's it take I think as the season goes in order to get better and and it's been a process for a split at the -- we seventies my bat and you know what purpose performance. Always we -- -- on the field have he's he's tough to stop so. He's a great run blocker and you know what he does for us in the past payments -- matchup so. If the attention goes to block you know with extra coverage than it opens up probably won't cut so. He's just in his big presence on our team. And notes when he got out there every snap it's going to be better. -- Well I think guys have been gradually kind of -- and you know back -- you know -- -- for awhile and he's getting back to the point where you know he's full speed. Crossed him better and I think the team overall is just keep make improvements that's the most important thing we talked about that -- back in September. You know you go through those games and they all look great. And hopefully eastern practices together and it has not been pretty good. You know it's if the winds are the most important thing so -- -- seven and two or get a chance to regroup and start to ourselves a little bit. Did get healthy hope -- get some guys back in and you know to rat. You have them as I've also say you know it's it's one game. You know it's it's. You play once a weekend and it was a good week of practice and it showed in the game and whereby we can we play Carolina so. This really doesn't matter much going forward the score and I think -- improve our team and a confidence and that's the most important thing so. Whether there. -- You know. But all that matters at this point is you know all the stats and percentages like your normal outdoor now because. And I hope we were going to Carolina playing our best and it's. It's it's a week by week league and you you really get out of it what you put into it it was a fun week and in games like this are. You know you always remember him played great team that's had a great defense for so many years. -- they were scoring offense and we just kept score on on our offense and that was a there's a great way to when the game. -- is you know safeties were getting low end and we took a shot just made a great caller. He -- we're talking about that fail we -- Give him a chance to get behind the defense and he's got a few times this year. When you connect like that's pretty sweet -- and the fourth quarter. Yeah he's got a little choice. You know so he's you know that's a good signal for me when he's ready for them. Sure that's his thing and that's you know we talk about he's got that ability with -- -- in -- -- -- gets behind defense it's hard to catch him disease. He runs really well we got production from him Danny you're wrong the running backs Julian on punt returns with all of them. It was just a great team win and so that's what it takes its its there is what you are really starts you're wealthy girl -- Hopefully like a therapist office. It was great and he runs so hard and and you know you give it to you so much confidence are running game. You know -- arsenal plays he runs hard runs are great spirit and energy about him and what he brings our offense and emotion and you know -- youth confidence it's you know helps our team. -- Yeah that was a surprise to all of us I don't know if anyone -- good enough players in those so there's been great week of Boston so. Well where are sports fan you know our enjoyment and fun to see the players out there and they earned it and that's where you played when those you know when it matters to figure that trophy so I was I was really cool thing. Tom Brady that last question alluding to the fact that John Lester for those of you watching on TV maybe didn't feel I was talking to you guys you were in the tank. And you can see through about a dozen Red Sox players here in the pregame. They all came out one by one. There were some nondescript guys like Matt Morton. And others but it was Stephen Drew Jonny Gomes who sprinted out like a football player Shane Victorino -- -- -- -- huge ovation. And then Jon Lester came out of the end with the trophy Lester came out with the captains but that was pretty cool I thought to myself for the NFL. I don't know if I'm Ben Roethlisberger and you know like here -- the patriot capital by the way we get the World Series trophy -- It. It kind of -- Associated food and I predict it blog at -- and you know Motorola company. I'm grateful that if you do want over the last couple of them is what kind of but. I was -- -- what it was but over the telecast. We finish you know what do you know I'll tell you also for those of us through the stadium noticed after they. Plus the points and Steelers won the odds. Lester walked that while the captain they went right to Brady Belichick. Had a moment and it's game time. And able to -- -- units are listed in -- you hear them talking to each other that was our staff for all that stuff I love with -- -- and it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think that he brought it to the guys get motivated -- that was inspired by the rules -- five -- -- that since the lateness of the rest of rub off. -- We'll only know almost parades are all about all of the orbital. Talk to talk but that's what they were on the role that this had to go off tackle for the game of rubble that economic. -- -- -- you listen to the the real postings you know every ghost.

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