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Nov 3, 2013|

Fred Smerlas, Steve DeOssie and Butch Stearns break down the big win in Foxboro as the the Patriots defeat the Steelers 55-31. Tom Brady threw 4 touchdown passes in this weeks victory.

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Guys sports. Posting here. George Bush during this whole drill you know still good friends -- and Super Bowl champions team DOC now. Post game show. You -- Sports Radio -- Thirteen yard gain first down -- -- working very. Play action -- -- -- on the field and. A big big win three in New England Patriots welcome back to the real post game show where live it Toby Keith's. I love this bar and grill Steve DeOssie -- -- and Butch Stearns taking your phone call 617. 7797937. -- new cars. Your head home give us about 6177797937. If you haven't left the stadium yet. I haven't left the parking -- come by Toby Keith's I love this bar and grill. Our guys let's kick things off -- buddy Jimmy from -- Jimmy what's on your mind. Well it's good guys after they. Once we got to the fourth quarter we know to go Steelers. -- -- -- -- You know what when you watch -- -- -- new ways old you're -- takes a lot of you know. -- don't you read through. What makes him quite -- stuff for the Braves -- I would -- that -- -- Brazil for such great players who are hall of -- -- Tom Brady's hands -- with. With Paul ball whether it's a cue ball war. That you bite on this the other please have a jump -- -- with the vehicle while lots that the safety -- For whatever reason. Tom -- Is. You've gold's pole vault them whether they believe we will use. When you look at film and a guy like that column all great players and great players career. But he's an aggressive player. So don't you look for opportunities to keep the image. But the way he played the game -- you -- -- think that every quarterback would do that -- I know that's about trying to find out from you guys -- But simply because. I think it's mostly because. First off Tom Brady is one of the best quarterbacks ever again have to respect what he's doing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Try to get a read from Brady's eyes over -- -- Jay Cutler's eyes. Because these dogs Buddhist home great you might people have some tendencies. On a guy like and the -- reverberated all the Flacco got it right in their division. Tom Brady I don't doubt that Tom Brady does things on purpose just going full well the whole ball flight on that that. Don't know what -- so -- Hallmark of the last of -- walking up the season -- slowest count them. To stop and -- Can make your recent a lot of guys get nervous they wanna get the ball they hear it in your -- -- a chance to jump the count -- -- -- people would get a quarterback lead over repeat your place. He -- he stopped almost jumped to -- -- have an account that's why they replace gates Campbell Tom Ford's. They'll complies Google like these you know give a signal would come down -- do you -- it. While -- I think we'll all agree clearly one of the factors. Why Brady threw for over 400 yards by the at 600 yards was this the first game when they really had their full complement. Almost full complement of receivers -- him in Dolan couldn't have been more efficient for targets for catches 122 yards and a touchdown. -- hit ten balls thrown into will be caught nine of them trying to remember when he didn't catch. -- touchdown. And then oh my forget about all thoughts about Aaron -- five catches on nine targets two touchdowns a 130 yards. I mean it element was the go to guy early he led the league adhere to he was a guy now because there -- guys for a thought we -- -- -- of golf shouldn't get. You know and get that have been going at me -- -- on the big. That gives you that if the defense over -- -- so many more things to worry about it also -- Surveying fields to -- an advocate group walked quickly because that was comfortable whereas guys going to be. And that's not. Quote move forward -- golf hold off by the exits office. But this Tuesday that. Currently Q what's out there. They're not create turnovers. They are if there's benefits for people who have seen it many many years. But you've still got next to Google book price points right against -- -- -- that's. That's just awful all around effort. And I've loved the body believed to the fourth quarter where you want tomorrow -- prison boot order that fourth quarter was just a bully like that when he. Going to go quarter we'll look at this -- reason Pittsburgh the great supplies -- -- -- Roethlisberger has some weapons you have. If not because what -- return for a touchdown pass up three touchdown passes you -- little aggressive. -- under pressure sort of all the bodies aboard the -- with an average quarterback unit that killed while the first shipment. It was still a piece of offered with the weapons receivers the facts are running pretty high. We get a third down run. Again it's been terrible this is they do run fairly effectively if that's usually it's been terrible here and Roethlisberger -- always been like that. We feel that he kept them revolt in this game who look at that out third down. Authority or -- -- they get torn down that route to their wars vault past dual screen it's -- dollar out. It's going to be -- story about the -- -- -- there're -- the only drug through the ball but -- break from that. Think -- would force twenty that rate of awfully familiar to try to get. Back to something manageable whatever. Third third Google please drawn up listen very deep outside wall four of thirty yard game -- what you. There were some. And the injuries to -- -- -- -- help the picture. You know you saw guys go down and you saw because it's. What the effective. Overall effort today by the at all but it's going to be. What is going to carry them to rest and let's go to the phones are the real post game show we go Vander and fox. Well hello commander. Solo go and on topic that is. Popcorn and outside the stadium right now OK. I got convicted but it was shot. One being cared about it. You members. Beginning of the season. He wasn't really connect to the Brady as if it goes sometimes Brady was fervently overthrowing him because it is heated as trusting their the so as you progress. They're getting that much connection like for example of that back so they're -- beginning of the year operating at about broad net backs broke now started good. Does that look like true but he also talks also drop or move today yes so but because you maybe made a very nice character on the on the second one. But yeah you're right he's come around and especially with -- Beckett lined up at the goals of helping. Adults can apps would be effective way with the draft that second or there so -- hang on 12 election get treatment point of Steve. Two things that -- be and it didn't mention that I thought that I like from -- on that long 81. That's older veteran move. Yet one step on the defender he threw their hand up over his head to let his quarterback know that he was open I love them. Over rookie but because it's -- -- that I also think Albert Brooks on the program -- but I mean I looked up from rookie head Hubble but I got to beat. Gimme the ball in great let's go back -- last week he would he would objective but because that was an open review what right. I picked up point. If I think Tom was waiting a little too wonderful while -- -- right. Right position now affordable comfortable that -- resort but the other thing I wanted to say that I saw you remember. Four plays in that last drive before they have all -- Aaron Dobson. All at the same time that's a vote of confidence right here I think the vote culprits and probably of the fact that that the defense that we've -- It -- from the experts so. The fact that Tom Brady can come back to -- like -- bode well -- Pittsburgh has focused on the other two receivers. We've got threats that helps. -- -- have Steve on the disagreeing with you that because watch it all for those plays he was in the second option ready in the global it sector option C is. That really understood that -- try to take away -- it would dole would because you know. And had the confidence to go to allows you. To larger priests that read to understand. Is that they're doing that they can take whatever. It was a priests that -- you and you can dictate the -- -- go to play up when you looked up but it that the coverage has hovered around what tells you right it would go up. I don't need to wait to vote the place that the figure out -- Wright was -- -- like that normally read the progression. You know checked the brewers took Phillip McGraw our apartment building you'd have to -- to progressive because Tom -- so good. He understood. Before or what the ball was snapped the tops -- we've got soldiers. The person -- that's what you talked about. In order scenario -- progression this guidance that is cut but great quarterbacks. Understands -- -- You go to all the worry about the first rest if you go with that got back a couple of don't worry about. Also -- that first question is gonna snap the ball so vendor we couldn't agree with you might think the confidence and Dotson has grown and I think we saw them. It's definitely. Let's take a blow was this just. How they dress code you make. Ever wonder that you take the main broke his -- hit. Running through your opening up over there and everywhere -- -- it's like it's just like we see how about a book right he is pretty. Absolutely right in reference to get a fix what's your guy. And not enough about -- to be effective would he brought rundown of who's gonna cover you can't can't cover. If congress or the correct area and hope ten -- here in front of them nobody could catch that -- wrong and we're about a last week what two receptions last week. -- OK he doesn't look like wrong yet. Today he looked like wrong their brother brother you guys over. Fight his way for the first down making catches in traffic. That's the wrong that we go -- if that's him at ease with -- the rest of the season. This -- it to be that -- well let the other thing about wrong Q -- -- one guy or two guys who would ever. He's one of those guys like Jimmy Graham and I can remember. Others that I could pick -- -- I want all of us know what you need to be two guys covering him as a quarterback I still feel confident room bookings could still throw it. To places where quote his catch radius is unstoppable if you're one of those record backs that can put that all. Within one and a half foot -- yes -- we can't. Guys like -- develop save -- -- that ball if you got. If you got the Peyton Manning or -- Drew Brees or or league. Aaron Rodgers that can put them all in a bottle one and a half square foot balks. A guy like mark is invaluable. Value. -- Clinton got off it. With a productive but that's just floated group. When he catches a hundred repetitive parents of your other time goes its review their coverage of wood over the idea Miley and one on one. 6177797937. As the number. To join us on the real post game show up better yet -- committed Toby Keith's weird Toby Keith I love this bar and grill. The real post game shows presented to you by complaints insurance. At the Polanski. They shop so you can -- Visit complaints -- dot com today. And also by. Post foods honey -- of votes coming up after the break. Whoever posts -- honey -- of votes player of the game. And the real post game show was brought do you. By AT&T. We're back -- more. He's back authority hopes. He -- you know. A lot of gaudy numbers in the patriots -- 55 to 31 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. Go to seven and -- head into the bye week I everybody once again we are alive. From Toby Keith's I love this bar and grill it's the real post game show brought to you by the way it's insurance in more. Steve DeOssie -- I was in which currently taking your phone calls. Stock valued CI -- the 55 point by the patriots guys. Most points scored an NFL game this season. And most ever scored in the history against the Pittsburgh Steelers who want -- -- over the last three weeks we've been saying that about this. Patriots office I don't really did was -- -- averages we have a we've moved the ball -- that a player -- report events. But no one of the million years. Commit to this -- would have thought that's -- -- -- my point wouldn't it afflicts about afford to play if not run the ball might beat the clock at one of greatness through. But when they stick to what's left. They got the ball they're up by ten points we see it opening guys in the box -- go over the top that's that's where growth. Usually what you see. That many points -- -- There's the defense or special teams. Touchdown involved you know it's not like. You sit there say OK the defense gave the ball what yard -- -- through six expect the defense recovered a problem we have to -- 55 points. Basically all offered some good to turn over sports by the epic but. 55 points -- -- -- -- I was sitting in the break while -- schmooze with all your fans out there -- crowd that that. One of the things you like Freddie was the fact that they were anything but. Conservative and they've been conservative a lot here in our opinion and here's one example. According makes that hit the very next play they went for the jugular through 34 yard touchdown that did the Indian and go but right after. The interception that was what -- speaking of teams did. You know seven -- -- all the weapons and seem to characteristic when you go for the jugular today they were any. -- but conservative. Well one of the reason why they have some weapons back we would go with him back. Rock was and that the next phase of rocks comeback came back for a flawless touch the ball well what's it run extremely well. We've run in mental aspect -- this which you grandma that he was running his routes reduced it to default but there's more aggressive. We have -- ever doled out there he's another weapon or get it so now. You can't take away everything for -- to. -- -- was run extremely well you wanna take giveaway you wanted the senate passed away. Aside so they were there were able to lift its war options they've worked. -- be aggressive without weapons is. Generally split into which really have to give it good when you have the weapons -- -- I still think the that it would -- comes back. When you have those weapons to place that gives you flexibility to make some close calls to all the -- with the after turtle. Soup for the and so. That happens. Let -- who have the complete. Opposite attitude -- people right there. Go to the phone to go to David in Boston -- on the real post game show David friend Steve. David. Hello David. Right David who mood David. With David on hold and we will go to. Matt in Foxborough was next hello Matt you're on the real close to. They would go on our guys -- that's. Edited my first game ever actually. Sort of thought about -- the great game to come out to. -- -- a very Robert Altman a lot of things we're bill made a lot of -- But that's quite quickly while. And up and -- they -- but he. He written problem united it would that game go. You know sometimes a fumble. What it's a forced awful like that guy who's been doing that -- through like Obama. That takes -- with the stick out of a fumble. If you bubble just because of ordinary hit. That hurts that's coaches get angry with that we'll play. Officer quarters look at say that you just can't let that happen but when a play maker like well all kinds of great play at strips the ball like that. You have a -- forced -- also with Brittany out of the game the running game film the because of -- the final blow through it. It's -- Plattsburgh and blatant abuse expert put it that way the whole time and we see the pictures while it was only rip. Released first fumble since we won against buffalo for all the talk of him put the ball ground for all the talk about. In the in the dog house for all the teams we saw somebody else at least start the evening it was -- in the first half. It was encouraging to -- defeat to the call -- point. That Belichick it stick with them yet touched yesterday afternoon and also a key part of the -- is not -- Apparently got through three reception -- -- pass the ball miles on him when he was what is -- told the -- wrote notes to that would -- like get the ball. You repeated well what the police department let's go to Bill Belichick at the podium and hear from the coach after the big win 55 to 31. Over the Steelers the patriots -- seven to. Long non answer exactly all happened and it was better expiration Red -- -- -- and certainly a big. Big point output and it's always good. Not Archos player -- today. In Pittsburgh is you know a few few problems there. But overall but we hung in there you know made some plays in all three phases of the game and scored two points for a little. Converts in scoring opportunities that we had. So that's good it's good to. What's gonna go into the break with a you know when someone's got a lot of football after a long way ago. But these guys are put -- that we work and actually on Sunday -- It's always a good thing. Well it was a situation where obviously Pittsburgh was going to be an aggressive trying to get the ball all so. Those great great play -- much thought Josh. Well executed. You know some we talked about during the week and situation came up and we hit it so it's good. We'll -- to record -- -- he's -- -- influence and you know the a lot of food that little -- you know a good run. Very good throwing good coach and that's a big place you know we got through the secondary if you count votes and I'll go routes -- You know back -- well we have some good field position the defense turnovers and -- punt returns so you know a lot of things at -- Vietnam itself what Hewlett. Don't make conscious effort to win -- we can do every week is when. The sort of forced to win. Not here to produce the answer. Do anything that's that's we're gonna win. That's what justice to him. -- -- play -- course that they tied it up point four. Great. You know make couple plays they're getting hit by ten points with you know returns were obviously you know big kickoff coverage good kickoff coverage. I'll play -- after the civil right back -- But -- like. So you know. Play complementary football kicking game offense statements take advantage of those opportunities. It's all you know all flaws and together it's it's great -- it -- -- what. -- I don't know. I don't know it's always good when you know he got a big game against Carolina we come back so. It'll turn the page on this one and and move on the extraordinary for Carolina. And I think the more he practices and replace them for Augusta you know. And so I was but yes certainly is third down conversions and you know a couple that places -- It helped us so. You know we just did a lot of things that I don't think it was one guy there one thing. You know around -- always pass protected -- we threw a couple of different is meant good coaches who scored the red area so. You know those a lot of good things we did more we've been doing in past few weeks. You know against pretty good defense -- football team so -- their best day out there we. You know we went out there try to do we could do and knows that this could see that production. You know it's a lot of hard work yesterday. By everybody -- one. One guy or one player one thing is a good team effort itself team. -- -- an office that's more points we wanted to vote for it. You know it was good good enough to win. You know sometimes it's. You know when some games given up seven at gunpoint and sometimes when given a 35 points or fifty permanently so. I mean they're what they heard us on a couple plays -- a couple good field position situations. We're in the balls were feel they're over converted and it will solve them so those stuff with some things we do better. You know the consulate. So that's Bill Belichick talking about the big win of all the gaudy numbers to vote. Threatens the 610 yards total offense. -- with a forty yards passing game four touchdowns seven touchdowns overall it's a couple of -- and comments from you guys on. They had 35 Russians. 33 after they were sacked three times it said one way. That's the down to look for especially when those 35 rushes through 297. Yards with a five yards to carry and three rushing touchdowns and thirteen rushing. First now when you're on the football like that. You're gonna throw the football world I applaud that -- -- well OK you know replace him on -- -- we drastically. The balance but -- actually -- -- -- winning it's about four point to throw them cut. Life -- would have laid off of them running game there that wolf what the running game we get rewarded so that the path that -- -- than we expected. If for an extra roll. What you could see. That last long pass to Dobson. Freddie called -- happenings that. Pittsburgh stacked like they expected the patriots to run the ball out. These -- -- over the top two plays later pulled over the top because they workers' sit back you just let. Pittsburgh piloted the U giveaway that dialogue that's what it take it in another -- to. Number of voters if it's okay all he has much plot that was given the ball back with three and a half minutes left they scored on psychic your problem right. -- lineup -- at what point game out of reach but. -- -- that's -- 6177797937. If you'd like to Jonas on the real post game show. -- the Toby Keith I love this bar and grill -- is that. So obese and I would love to see you here bunch of people just coming in and you know from us. Talking about the game. Seven of twelve on third down guys that's the first time we can save percentage like that. In a long time why why so efficient on third down today compared to how inefficient they've been. Over the last month or more from throw wasn't great. One number two. They had more weapons out that it could package him because your doctor if brought it up but the and the lord defaulted so in. And women -- have much more options goes allies refuse to take what one thing. He has -- that the debate between now when they have their weaponry. We've all we've also that before -- butcher about how the pictures don't try to. That -- bang their head against that for the by the toward Robin ski patrol with though. -- to whatever works whatever the defense is giving them they'll take you that's given that Robby gave the ticket that. If you have the weapons to exploit a team that Cuba but that's -- to -- that too. Balance I get it nice -- by. What. If they had rolled balls to drive today it would about it recently because that's what they -- And the third numbers that turnover battle three to one they won the turnover battle but when you look at the three turnovers. A forced fumble. One of the early drive to sack and a forced fumble on me -- it once again in the middle of the big play to stop the Pittsburgh drive where they removed when the ball. And they were coming down that was the first one. Then the interception by -- it was a nice one because of safety. Over the top -- that might have been -- appearance on -- but I don't -- but he got away with it but still it's a nice. Team defense to play to get that turnover and again that the 36. Game in a row where they forced a turnover that's an active longest streak in the NFL. That'll be able to go public -- it -- -- it's not a lot but what sect that puts her -- was on outlets would affect stated. At Fletcher had a very expensive -- to block a rough so it was a nice review right behind it got the back stated he was driving didn't -- his residency. But you put a little bit of pressure collapsed while you were to be prepared to bat -- yet to make sure though about what we plays they played. Pretty good before there was a couple plays and those greens a couple of flaws like horrible but today the pictures that help while the last few games defense that helped make -- They sacked Roethlisberger five times but they also gave up by my count six. Plays of twenty yards or more including a couple long cuts -- we need that break will be compact common Norwood. You'll be up first on the real post game show will also have our. Post honey bunches of votes player of the game. This is the real post game show live from Toby -- I love this bar and -- the real post game show was presented by complaints -- insurance at the -- They shot. So you can save. -- -- complains he dot com today and also by post foods honey bunches of -- and by AT&T. We're back with more.

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