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NFL Sunday: Prediction Time ... Pats or Steelers?

Nov 3, 2013|

The guys go around the table and give their thoughts on what will go down today at 4:25 at Gillette Stadium.

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-- before wrapping up here for out week nine in the NFL season bye week next week will be on NFL Sunday -- -- studio. On the table we think what happened today -- that you -- -- gonna come down to offensive line and winning you know -- and being able to run the ball and running consistently I think the patriots have a slight edge. In both those there's -- going to -- when this -- when he fourteen. Yeah I think all -- off -- why -- we -- talked about I think each one of those guys it's had a -- for a negative where this year is aided by a great running game. And I think they're going to lean heavily on it and it makes pastors -- -- pass protection so much easier. I'm go patriots 4416. I feel like in my view of the explosion was close enough offense it's explosion. I. Everything I say about the run game I agree with completely so I just have no faith that Cuban didn't. Like Josh McDaniels gets to Q sometimes. Like a two ahead in the breakdown this week as it you know that that the key matchup with the because he -- if we could increase the -- against John McCain. You know what I'm I'm I'm -- was soon. That if Josh tries to get too cute and goes away from the running game Bill Belichick will have both of his media little hands around his throat and and be melting the words. Run the football so I'm gonna go with you guys didn't run the ball but I'm not sure pricey disclosure news of -- in August -- -- like 2421. I don't think -- for very good at and I I would say this I don't think there's something to be said psychologically. For you know if we're going into the bye week got I don't wanna go into the biweekly -- -- and live with what's going on. Out here players hitters -- thought -- -- -- they do deal it's there's nothing worse than that -- going into the -- knowing you have the you -- -- -- -- and usually it's like while that lost them but we got a -- or practice it's an entirely different opponent so Wednesday will be put the bad. Upon which they put the -- yeah -- what would have liked it is all right you guys thanks very much two -- played out here and Matt -- back there who. Produced this whole thing guys we'll see you next week enjoy your football everybody enjoy your game Sports Radio WE yeah.

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