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Tom E. Curran, CSNNE, Joins NFL Sunday Live from Gillette Just Minutes Prior to Pats/Steelers

Nov 3, 2013|

Tom Curran calls the boys to help give his take on how the Patriots will approach the Pittsburgh Steelers today.

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A very their fiscal but very instinctive taller wanna call quality he knows where the ball is where it's gone. And he gets the right place right time way way way more often than usual. And it seemed like Bill Belichick and Tom Brady always go way out of their way to praise. Guys like Polamalu when they -- the same -- -- like every Tuesday to close John Lynch remain fixed up and ready -- -- says he has these guys who -- go to you guys where he will talk about him several times over the course that we -- -- with those industries Taylor was one of those guys. Rules both Colvin with one of those before you with -- -- travelers technically it was one of those guys before it -- we always joke by guys passed the Bill Belichick test. You know inevitably clinical after one of those freedoms we always go back -- the files that. Well look you talked about him after the game it was -- that was one of those -- exactly he does as his. You and he has his all stars around the league. And Interpol -- was well when you win as much as reiterated their vehicles and dominated you could be. Do the probable coach they need to know -- -- -- -- -- need to know more personal level that respect him even more than -- that time cover over freeagent. What's out afterwards by the way. Go back to the inactives for just a moment from from the patriots perspective what it means keep the lead and -- third straight week and I'm not -- it also means. -- so long ago will make these patriots debut just days after right -- a big disappointment has been plane in -- and it really appointments we talked about how you would I just wonder how long it takes to. System fit into it exactly what it's it's a couple of things first of all he was playing it's not like it's off the street -- partners -- management. The other thing is he was coming from a situation in Philadelphia where. He was playing for a guy who is connected to bill wouldn't you know it in Chip -- every -- of their friends and I think you could go back and. You -- referenced it to leaping from last year where. It's not exactly the same but there enough similarities there especially when you're playing defensive tackle and nose tackle spot we take it with. We're gonna kind of dumbed down for a little bit here when market. They'll open up the entire playbook but you're still -- your thirties forties now you can be taken in his view your QB he's going to be primary spot of the if this is different situation with support because he. Is. He's just coming into a new contract so they've absorbed him for future years so this import I think. He is no friend teammate hope to have. The world is gonna go back and expected to be good -- is coming off very serious Achilles injury -- there's probably a certain degree of uncertainty of win or to be back you know that's just part of it. That's the unfortunate business -- -- the -- -- at the front end of a relatively sizable deal for them your fuel for the next three years. That was still of yours on it coming forward and they play essentially the same position. Have both those doesn't feel the same time and helping Tommy Kelly oh my goodness you know died so you that that could be something and of itself and and we have we've discovered these two great great depth doesn't -- Chris Jones who. We'll click for -- employers to put. I think there's something about the one thing that I had some sort of institutional -- structure of who this guy was because I I certainly have watched any tape on him to part of this week. -- Do you riddle of the columns for the people out of Philly and they talked about the you know the of that phrase. Does he have in what the tanker that was have a down year in the first thing was side -- two things playtime percentages. It's that sport which at that position you get neither of those because it's tough because in the event at the other team comes out -- Eleven personnel and personnel all but what -- -- That got -- good field so it's not an indication about scooter about he's playing it's just the personal rebels wanted to be out there. In the second part of it is it's it was the doesn't it's that so Vince gets stats -- rare. But Vince usually gets his staff wants -- goes the soft you'll see him get sacks from the -- position on first down so. In eagle with its sweet great overly great nose tackle game is is through for past. Mean it's not 8910. You evil when Vince is dominate like he does -- is -- a position where you could say user that we don't know. Lisa -- staff or play tempers -- -- -- first and second down until we put in -- yet he's he's not I don't think he's three or four down guys -- looking at a guy who won on the field and first and second and we look at Vincent and equipment there isn't. Defense was shooting exactly to mr. Vincent speech is extremely were affected this is going to be on the field three for them -- the I think. What you're looking for from him is. 50% of the net today you know you're looking to keep it as simple as possible you're looking for him to be in there and first and second out -- -- you can down shift in the sub packages and you could. -- a lot of what they're you can run Jones out there is total what are pass -- will be interesting if how it affects the wheels of the guys is that imagine if your approach drones. And you've employed knows which is a rough spot I mean especially when you're not 34350. Or whatever when your when you're 29300 wherever chris'. It'll be interesting to see if he's a little fresher in the past down because he's the most likely be on the field of maybe one of the two and spots. What does that -- your own play I mean you feel like you a little more than -- it's tough to sit there and speak on. Direct runs right up the middle field over and over again now if you're adorable little whiff the ball kind of get the work while -- the tackle play it play out. Maybe there's a little worse reporters there and it did you know you if you will more -- passed -- and they get a little rotation thing your -- because under Carter don't think he's gonna be out of the mix I think he's going to be a mantra god I was nineteen last week. If he stays at about that number and become a few reps the other guys that you keep from rotational I think you have a better in -- group in -- and I think you're looking as if we were Carter is going to be situational guy for so what is the situation -- The only guy I think. Might yet you only two guys who went out there on a regular basis of all four downs. Are going to be -- -- and include Julie Jones you know I think you can rotate those defensive tackles through a particular set of situations where -- -- have Timothy inside and -- be on the outside it may be you know what you do you get some relief with a public opinion in the fifth but -- think -- you guys are -- be on the field clearly consistent basis now. -- we tailor Jones will be efficiency Alec that you mention that Buchanan because he was played so well at the end of the pre season he played contribute approval the first month of the season here by. There were couple EU your windows are small when her young player your relatively low draft the guy. You had a couple bad edges on pass rushes -- looks like it might view cause -- -- kind of thing. What I think there's a battle there for -- between. Collins who has looked great at the outside linebacker position -- we'll put in some of the other spots that you demand so Buchanan cultural both now active. It's nice to always have the book the salt rusher freshness -- -- -- -- was the woman got bumped into is that the tackle on the go formula -- insult. You know a third downplays that in spot was usually the Buchanan northern Collins got a shot of it now does under Korver. Stay and inside him and Chandler. There is outside -- they have options but now all overactive so they certainly do have some comp the bodies futures with the mixes a wanted to go back quickly to. The whole Kimbrel Tompkins inactive. Three weeks ago. He's the guy who caused the rough -- it's. When he caught touchdown pass with seconds remaining you'll probably -- no better play this year for its rules for -- -- -- he gets the game -- -- -- in the closing seconds last week -- laid out this week inactive. Witnesses say -- what have you done for me lately. If you understood how does learn some hard lessons also has talked about. The emergence of -- in the emergence of you know Ali -- -- also think that Dobson has played pretty well over the last couple weeks we haven't talked about him. To this point that is when the broadcast he's not you know these aren't your -- numbers but looking for incremental improvements are in I think we're seeing those from him. Yet what he's missed games this season last week. And I think. We're starting to see him step to the -- more I think the other day always boils down -- tough covered or you -- for the other dude we got to pass the company he's tall he runs pretty well. If you use them in the correct schemes -- -- not after the for a release of the lining of suppressed it was probably one thing he struggled all through that struggle kept the ball a little bit struggled with with giving up -- with a hard pressed wood or. Their scheme was to -- room both those that you know and they they've got him in a situation where you can thrive got a -- -- second half last week. I think he's just a guy -- as his confidence -- he gets better better. I think that the interesting picture -- around Josh -- were at the halfway point moral lesson. He's not been a -- and Kimbrel I think is still going to be a nice player in this league this might be checked few moments you know sort of which priorities and applicable great week to practice proof that he needs to be a part of it again but I I stumbled to ease your worries not involved with some local port forward. What you see the veteran in here maybe there's a sense of sort of urgency word you know Austin Polly is that it was a no thing you -- crisper routes. It's maybe not the high ceiling -- were just you're gonna choose to go to right now until this entire offense gets back on track and they do want to point -- group. Limit that maybe there's a place for several voices in literature. I think molecules -- identity and you knew you look at some of the guys in the roster Chris Parker -- back editing those guys are essentially taking Richard yours and know that it really was in Portugal last year. It's on the machine marine did essentially 2011 and you wanna you know your -- for the real interest in situation really in football when both the player because they can't touch you. You're going to picked up by the world became what you practice squad because -- -- after exposed to waivers and so what's the right so. You're a lot of Christian are exactly. Why he's here because it was really your investment your long term investment for that football team we think enough -- -- To keep you around but became exposed you to the rest of the so we're looking at a situation where boys I think he could still conceivably contribute this year. But you looking to him really in 2014. Points as we -- case that I haven't seen anything and I've got to see so little -- Israel out. I haven't seen him do anything poorly. What is it to me you know -- -- look good when he's out there and it's horrible what they don't do that much which obviously an indication of something that we're legacy. So he's a guy that's definitely won't euthanize. Development will probably -- the season like sectors the -- -- institutions -- Beckett situation because. Few things I know what what's that mean he had his -- -- and he still -- vowing to bring in under Carter -- that's more body -- spot where he could have bumped him maybe got a greater role -- -- -- the -- But it'll release the monitor which is means they still confidently still think something over and they still think you voluble maybe now it's just as a practice player in the medium that much that they're gonna keep from around or in the event that there are worried about an injury to keep -- for some reason they still feel good about him but not good enough the unemployed it's just it's. Its interest in what I guess again another spot to keep. At the risk doing that -- that Matthew it's -- -- back there. That was checked them before right. Did something stupid chowder is really good here by the -- of the New Year's news I'm really don't fuels YouTube. -- -- -- Because he's brought -- probably call I'll go -- receipt reminder now we're just yet but you don't really -- it -- the -- like that chocolate chocolate chocolate the that the within just as likely to -- -- much credence to much from late in the day goes through those first few tweets is a game you're going to Jules excited and and -- you crash. In the third quarter it's just you know you're off -- -- is we all the work that was. That was definitely now I. -- -- sure that most listeners have been dying to know about your culinary. In the press box here to -- it's weird you know about the outsider in this world expo amicable there it's it's fun as we -- traveled around -- -- in the pre season through the game broadcasts. How how like all the media guys have like the inside temple which would -- places at all Feliz got this in the whole ball towards him really all the more you know what all that little inside information about who's got the best. We've seen them. It's instantly. By the way I do we told you briefly about Dez Bryant getting fifteen yard penalty for taking up with argument the official that was on the heels of a fifteen yard penalty for offensive pass interference. He racked up thirty yards in that intimacy play. That next theories apparently he's had some questions. Positive and I don't. It -- go up so a cook according to the reports out of Dallas Dez Bryant has -- -- a couple of of the very next series. He dropped a first down completion rout of Minnesota thirty yard line. Drop came two plays after Jason Witten was flagged for offensive pass interference so brought -- was the only Dallas player to make -- key mistake on the drive. He's got five catches for thirty yards but. He's been having issues. So one note here -- home worth passing along some treaty to Cuba in the field for pregame warm -- and his opinion was not. That was known -- people on the on the right here so we know that there was the point of the point of contention last week Tommy video and other executives last week it wasn't it was not -- last week so it was small. And I will say this that the TV close -- when they showed it. I mean it. It is singers looked a little sausage like the growing again. Which probably did make it easier to throw them all we had mentioned earlier Steve Gregory was just there was a teaser tweet but nothing came of no actually it was -- respected -- -- field and he's actually one of according to an effort yet apologize I forget the Twitter account he was taken at should -- -- to go because we didn't he was directing but richter. Today which is interesting BP is an emergency situations minority of guys like -- to riches that you know that the back of the -- influenced that's -- -- -- a few reps in there. But the Q what are the situations that could be something worth the Gregory. Underrated as they come up there at the guy's been playing great for me super personal dislike government they've both been asked to do a lot of things in this defense. And he's the green -- which is -- is a different twist it that's not mess we don't necessarily know maybe some moral subverted. We decide if he's the green doctor this we have a part of -- last week was Dane Fletcher got a real bump in his activities -- all so much more. Which I think it made it. Too difficult to give it. Too high tower because in the event that he's got it on his head and he's not in every series it was probably an indication that he was a rotational basis for a sub. So you don't you wanna make sure it's on Helm of the guys involved in every single package that was Gregory. Let's bring Tom -- in from -- inside the stadium Tom. 1800 get air. Thomas their particular culinary favorite you have in the press box that publicity to these guys have but what they eat when they're watching games. A lawyer Gloria. That it was like no that's okay. Like you gotta be pretty good now once both vote this quote corporate go to jail we'd have more than you food yeah through. Oh yeah actually it close but it -- The let's let's start with -- Tompkins apparently healthy scratch. I I wonder it in the same way -- running back who puts the ball on the ground sooner or later finds out that he doesn't get a chance to carry the ball much. I wonder if that drops have caught up to Tompkins in this is a a not so subtle message being sent to people on the football here. You know. It certainly seems likely that that's the case -- because. You know when you combine at all you know everything counts and I think if you look at you real quick. You rip we went here so limited such as serve it put on. It -- well it's always got a number of different factors but just fumble the reports picked up. It's speeches in the wrong hole -- the whatever goes on. -- side of the speedier more. The side of mediated stance that it's probably contributes it would I would guess they've they've there -- let -- -- It's what we -- you'll watch -- well we releases its probably. Attentiveness. We. They're the certificate that's been here with somebody else to do because right now he's not doing enough -- over the course. Start your what are you. The same way but. The fight to stay out making that somebody on the sideline the couple minutes ago. About possibly a billion over. Yeah Tom did you happen to think that this team was exceptionally loose this week did you need to read too much into that. The tone in the tenor in the locker room and in bill and Tom during the week but. I got revived if they were pretty loose bunch in in my experience that's other really good -- a really bad thing going into a game. Yeah. I did I -- feeling that they felt. I would say comfortable but. Somewhat. That he views with where they are factory is to remember Tom Brady last week civil side so look -- six and two restrictions that. Despite all the things that people -- brought -- we are six football did not edit deliberate but -- with them according this week. And you know he was whether they're more -- we've done well look for state game. Record like it was still getting better effort to improve. And I don't blame him for feeling bad about where I'm wrong on this. Because last week when it does preemptive war. In the overall product. Not being is what you look like it would be very resilient where in the children look. We do that it's going to get better but we also are smarter and tougher than most every other team -- -- if you. -- I'd I'd I agree totally I think they probably came away with a good taste in the mouth but about -- especially. Because of the timing of the vote before before segments of the game there were early you know so they finished well with -- is what the culture and of course. They'll go back and have practiced segments about starting fast -- better situation all that. But the best thing you can you do to take some heat off in the next practice week is the -- admirably well. So I think that simply part of might might push you Tom is so the so blog of the new guy. What's your sense of him I mean just what kind of do museum housing practices yet the -- things this year or is he just -- you come in seamlessly ready to roll and obviously got a -- there. He's probably going to be a big part of what goes on that. My sense is that economic depict different the peso on the review -- year old teammates. Object of Fort Worth I know you well. It -- -- -- right after they've made the -- -- -- -- and it wouldn't see it repealed. And I you know per that I do maybe what what he had to go. Affiliated Belinelli -- is that you really like so what -- doctor Kelly. Had no clue how to use the player like that would be big component. Of the 49ers defense last year when does he serves as a football. 330. He's going to bring you something -- -- -- this will work well he's gonna bring you something that nobody else on your roster including market forces who was the most direct. Back up the incident right get on the field we'll bring you. So what what I will find interstate is how we used Chris Jones now. Who has been a very good. Bush -- from the interior parties are very ardor and now -- -- until -- back. Or repeal or quick something. Would it be that the wind picked apart before I've -- for second now. In the interior to restart its -- or I don't know what these players will feel. It makes them the most effective but a player that. It was buried could figure we're seeing you play when you had -- Ninkovich -- will welcome you all the patriots might not be as good -- the going to be all or part of it. I think I think it's a pretty easy move for my support goes and goes I think Jones of a lot of both player and both have done at certain points this year. Jones is definitely more knows what he's played an entry for he's got snaps there and he doesn't know -- -- drop off I don't think he's prototype for either of those positions so it just allows him to guard play. Where you got a 300 pound guy over three -- pound tackle as opposed to -- moderate to 55 or sixty -- -- -- they made a change last week. Where under Carter played right and then and -- was outside of it does now -- report. Yet in the 34 yeah I think it just allows them to stay bigger both fans and -- water stays there in the McCann stick with the rolled rotation. So blogger pro will come and anything that -- relates to have to sober nickel -- applicants -- Do you like this idea that you know being more report that it was initially it worked very well might make it more with realignment if necessary because. On third down -- kind of show with three anyway. Yeah I think their. There -- more 34 base whatever its regular personnel which this week I think the important thing is that. It's for -- a lot of point to two backs two tight into the one of atonement is an offensive tackle so they. They like to go huge so you wanna be big imbalance in 34 makes you big imbalance for three. Eleven nose tackle and a three technique so there isn't there is a strong side to weak side we have a balanced formation. 43 stuff. Is that he you're you're sort of predicated which side the side you think's going to be the point of attack like threw for balance. Especially when you -- extra -- to outside linebacker positions -- Ninkovich and Chandler. And have two legit 293 of our guys have both been so. I think that's kind of what the migrating toward especially since the people were on your roster at the defense of -- position or. And traders that would be forced my -- all the other big bodies are guys that hit gaps like Kelly did so well like Vince can do. So your -- a lot of guys you'll that was really -- -- -- now is Chris Jones. Well that's my best guess is based on what -- left they're probably the probably best suited to do through four more -- the regular. So this is probably a better matchup than some sort of commitment to an interview. -- and break out the road there and -- quick -- so quick slant to keep up thing like it separates the best team in the AFC quite possibly broken most explosive offense. You might be a good position this group today in front against Pittsburgh we're gonna have to look different or you would -- later I would guess. -- and they they still bounce in and out of -- developer built the builder book deal talk about a -- -- with humans Todd thanks we appreciate time we'll talk to next week. I'd -- -- we thank you. Tommy current brought to you by Tom currents here doctor doctor Robert -- call 1800 get there. I I would say this Edwards you're watching the saints jets game. Saints had fourth and inches. They go for it. Sean Payton the offensive genius decides to run -- run end around with a tight in -- loses five yards it's quick and hopefuls. Stayed there where it should made the play. Fourth and inches and you decide it tight in and around the plate looked again -- -- -- to images jumped in I thought I saw the all -- couldn't touch down an eleven yard run. By Adrian Peterson -- write the entire cowboys -- felt it. Clinton's. He sort of strong it's ours where there -- in part to tackle that it's something else this big win for New York though in the event that they pulled this off Miami going after a short week with a beautiful screws with the Thursday after -- division game on the room was on the -- correct no wasn't no no -- -- my -- -- Minnesota families she get that idea. But both those two guys -- linger in the patriots are good at six and two when they stumble now. That these teams are they probably feel like they're released at that fuels of course expect the -- will eventually run away this thing but the key to their interest and can we give that. NFL Sunday presented by complaints -- insurance at the plants due date shots that you -- visit to Penske dot com today.

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