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NFL Sunday Goes "Around the NFL" for Week #9

Nov 3, 2013|

The NFL Sunday crew go "Around the NFL" and address all the games this week including some highlights from early games and previewing the later games.

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Third and final hour NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEE I. Dale Arnold Matt Chatham Chris price here at Toby Keith's I love this -- umbrella. Patriot like right next -- Gillette Stadium it is -- for 25 kicked off today just the plan accordingly. But the patriots have urged everyone to let their fans know that you would like it it is to your benefit to be in the seats at 4 o'clock. That's when the the Red Sox will be celebrated here excellent stadium in the World Series trophy will be in place in I don't know how many players will be right team. Couple players already John Listerine Shane Victorino tweet about the on the way here and -- a feeling pretty good contingent here so let's take you around the National Football League in take a look at all of the action in week nine. As a from the patriots perspective the good news is next week it's a five week for the patriots finally. Almost perfectly placed its -- -- crawled as a nation that tiger and his -- or better and better equipment so let's figure -- the NFL starting -- -- Thursday night -- we all know what happened. One of the weirdest -- an overtime game I've ever seen as the dolphins. Beat the Cincinnati Bengals 21 -- it's Cameron Wake it's a safety sacked in overtime a walk off that a walk off of Africa. Weird games I don't go to that 1 o'clock games today in the National Football League. Starting at AT&T stadium in big. For a while -- for the vikings. But recount which split britches got software it's ten. At par 55. Touched -- Christian Ponder. As you heard Christian -- six yard touchdown run Josh Freeman in active ponder playing. Bad news says the cowboys scored two touchdowns and seven seconds at the end of the app right now -- lead twenty to seventeen. That ain't got about 322 left to play. In the third quarter. In Saint Louis Edward Jones dome the three and five St. Louis Rams playing posted via re import Tennessee Titans. That game is tied. At 143. Seconds left in the third quarter of that one. Bank America America's stadium. In North Carolina point three Carolina Panthers hosting it went five Atlanta about it boggles my mind everytime I read the falcons record. But Atlanta Falcons. And -- him. -- -- got connected with Rickles and move for them to New York. It affected the line rolls out to the right of the right now 353 left -- in the third quarter Carolina leads Atlanta seventeen to ten. I can't figure out that's. One of those deemed to have your patriots and you're gonna want the attention but I kept out of those deemed common out of the buy a -- start to be some good things. Who deeply we have like little girl Madeleine went off -- that is really can't apply an interception return for a touchdown already have a great day what does that -- the idea of having. An extra week of prep for something that's so different than everything that the face now we talk about the real read option stuff that's a camera will be having. FedEx Field in our nation's capital -- -- five Washington Redskins hosting four and three San Diego Chargers there just under way in the fourth quarter of that one. Washington leading San Diego now 21 of fourteen. San Diego. On cross country trip and all that stuff -- but bit of a surprise in that one. We go to Ralph Wilson Stadium in buffalo the three and five Buffalo Bills against the eight and -- Kansas City Chiefs. Jeff tool at a big hook up early in the first half of -- there of 42 yard line. Few minutes -- first quarter sports now. But that's not going to work. The only thing throughout the -- sort of wonder about real bad protein made in this is where it sometimes I think coordinated it. Who caught up for themselves buffalo has the ball for the people -- one right. Jeff tool is an exception hundred yard interception return for a touchdown. Only for people but one. -- good not good that good right now Kansas City won 37 left in the third quarter leads the bills thirteen it and so. At least the eight Nokia and city chiefs are having to work for this one. The game that we're watching here at Toby Keith's I love this -- realistic place at MetLife stadium. Got a New Jersey before in fort jets boasting that six and one New Orleans Saints. Drew Brees connected in the first half with Jimmy Graham. The second goal from within reason three receivers to his right -- He looks left -- -- pros and its brand coming back making that touchdown right in front of Antonio Cromartie as. And that's his second straight day. Antonio Cromartie just thought that's -- rhetoric and Edwards speaking. Tipped ball but he ended up in accepting right now the jets lead the saints winning streak of 14554. Left in the third. I will say this no matter what you might think of the Ryan's. Very cool moment for the game. Buddy Ryan with wheelchair bound at this stage it is in failing health. Is at the stadium was that the game there was a great picture for the game up Buddy Ryan with his two sons. Obviously -- the head coach of the jets and -- others on the defensive coordinator for the New Orleans Saints who still has the picture of the year as far as I'm concerned that picture of his face I would hate I. Shop that you know that that great race there we turn our attention -- o'clock games oral five specifically. In Oakland. -- dot co coliseum three and four Oakland Raiders gets three and five Philadelphia Eagles Chip Kelly says he is not concerned about their quarterback of the future. I'm thinking about the warplanes. We'll play in the Oakland Raiders and that's it we're trying to win the game -- played in this -- and if we start planet long term I may not be here long term. -- a cup of coffee at an event. Well definitely right about this he might not be there never -- betting on how things worked out century link field in Seattle a 71 in Seattle Seahawks. -- the Boeing seven Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 07 Richard Sherman says this Seahawks defense just wants to be aggressive at all positions in order to help each other around. Did active disruptive and pass rush and pass game you know they get billions of -- -- -- Russia's biggest quoted local spot on the on the -- good job in the pressure on an S and backing to have a tight coverage I think. Until they've they've found ways to teleport from those in you know everything's good. The blood supply is so quotable. You know the funny thing -- this week was. Yeah it was actually the team rumored to be pursuing your talent you shouldn't have. As much pressures as well people already open and a team -- team with an altitude that it. Leo they wanna win titles in there really. Port 25 games today first energy field in Cleveland the podium by Brown's post the three and four Baltimore Ravens John Harbaugh says. The ravens always anticipate a hard fought battle when -- set to play the brown. Well every time we play him you know. It's tough game it's a physical game they've run the ball us. They play great defense against this over the years that -- -- legitimate -- rosters it's always fight. You know right down the finish so. We notably that kind of game generally sets -- expecting parent. Somebody's got to win that division. You know whether they want to -- -- Cincinnati had a chance to pull away with a lessening of -- that but you know at these teams stay at a Pittsburgh is actually still not I want I don't wanna -- without the -- ultimate you know like it's going forward and anybody wanted to -- that that appeared to be that that -- -- to -- the team that -- could really -- the community to control of that division. And now with him on the network it does it that's what it believable or payments have been pretty important game. Derrick to let stadium the six into patriots play host the two and by Pittsburgh Steelers. Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin says look into anything about the current record currently trying to win the game this week. Our record is Wecker who knows nothing we can do about what what has been play what we do have control over. Here's our next opportunity and it'll be challenges. And is targeted as the season regardless of whether the results of this -- positive or negative. Sorry we get caught up watching. But the jets highlights that. We get trapped for a moment there Sunday Night Football football white America is in Houston Texas today Reliant Stadium tonight actually. 25 Texans host the five into Indianapolis Colts. Ever elect says colts are well rested after their bye week and hopefully. Not -- Benefits you get your chances sort of relaxed mastermind Victor -- a 100% healthy again. It's also you don't wanna get out of the rhythm in terms of preparation which I don't agree we will or there are no good with the preparation produced. You talk about the injuries that the patriots have suffered some of the key players I think you'll we have a team at least as far as I can tell. It's the same kind of losses we've personnel as Indianapolis that they're doing really well the -- few episodes schedules MBC a degree of years Sunday night this is a big match up so -- used to know -- the Houston hasn't kept up there into the board. And Monday Night Football tomorrow night on ESPN the five into Green Bay Packers host the four and three Chicago Bears at Lambeau Field. AJ hock says a prime time game at Lambeau is always elect. Lambeau Field Monday night both teams are playing well right now. I think this that this is one of those games that. As you say you circled on the calendar I think all of us all the people around here are getting excited so when battlefields of Iraq come Monday night will be ready. That's the schedule for week nine. Already under way and we'll take place -- throughout the date today and tonight tomorrow. In the NFL before we go to break -- -- random list of -- there are a couple of surprises on this list the patriots have released at seven inactives. This afternoon's game against the Steelers and only an awfully big named liberal Tompkins will not completed. I'll I'll that's the biggest surprise the group no injury issues that no injury issues over the course of the week really for my money and get props you look at the numbers. In this the guy who has slipped down the depth turn over the fitness is now what we'd know last week. Conversely -- I'll -- ethical in the way up and I could -- you could draw parallels between the two I think my personal opinion is I think the impact of helter Amendola and wanted to have a settlement and on the field since I actually feel that we can't take it. I think that settlement is proven he's report the field he's not just like IU please disease Horry can be completed Danica which is working number one there's also two colleagues can reps do you have close is -- a lottery if he's not getting that he's not getting the statistical blow it I think we've seen from guys in -- -- But he's getting reps there's clearly a level that trust -- the veterans come in and delivery quit jobs in the short and he's been here. You look at the restless -- Washington steeple harness Josh -- Chris Parker. Deep packet in -- -- to leave notes will be of course not a colossal surprised you back to practice this week. Listed as questionable on Friday's injury report but I think the belief is you can get by today we talked about the Steelers have a Brooklyn you a little bit. You can get by today with a rapidly improving will be in line dinner. And the -- boy that that -- errant. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The sudden change happen to be pressed by super fast elect him to programmers to ask about me listeners. If it was even questionable what about the we rested which is really two weeks' rest because we've we've come up. And incorporate -- even before we opium it's not like there's any one guy at the advocates have a great situation to welcome to help him against. Best quarter of the season with a you know I think you rather have a good one of them gold for December 1 another interesting note having to come from the Dallas game. Is that a lot of talk over the last several weeks but that's right you're -- things if things. He's got a fifteen yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for taking its helmet off to argue with the official but another. Well it's hard to hear you out with a mask it. And and that of the great thing what the audio that came out of the rain to -- in his -- road course it looks on the silent for all the world like some news. That was causing trouble and kind of you know that a typical that people with. The audio of regret you they would bury you try to pump up this team department agreed the art it's it's that the case of you know. We talk about -- we don't know the whole story before that is it was one of those days well -- -- talking about the last week. He said that the his outburst last week was positive. You know that was a positive thing. He's a hard time selling this one. It's been at -- -- that they probably -- I would have been involved in encouraging official commitment he's better than that you can do but I seem to. We'll take a break welcome back just couple minutes Tom -- horrible join its bottom of the hour from inside the stadium. This NFL Sunday presented by complaints insurance it plants the shops say -- Penske dot com today.

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