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NFL Sunday: The Special Teams Factor vs the Steelers

Nov 3, 2013|

The NFL Sunday gang discuss how special teams will come into play today against the Steelers.

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Back on NFL Sunday broadcasting live from Toby Keith sellout this -- -- patriot place right next door to Gillette Stadium if you're down here listening to us in the parking lots and I know many of you do it. Believe me we appreciate that I would suggest to you that according to the patriots. You wanna be in your seats around 4 o'clock today you know my notes for 25 kicked off and you wanna ring one more beer out of here nodding your time in the parking lot. But at 4 o'clock. The world champion Boston Red Sox in the World Series trophy will be here. I don't know how many players I know Jon Lester will be -- just weeded out but he's on his way to. To Gillette Stadium. So those of you who'd like to seat the members of the Red Sox in the World Series championship trove. You wanna be your seats round the only view -- an effort -- -- stories over the course of the season to this point it. People having real problems getting at the stadium in a timely fashion because of the new security policy because of the clear back on the field it's so that by now. Yes -- -- you know be people can be viewed for the first -- stuff so between it and the fact that they're the Red Sox could be your World Series trophy -- you could beat Hewitt you know. Forego that last year you beat in the it would. It's too bad they couldn't do it. I don't know like make use of the jewel third and native Americans for our member. Yours ago we -- the evening game and the Sox. It was during Iran -- probably earlier October mid October -- but the through the bloody sock. And people were you know we watch you work in progress watch on the -- probably the time for. What was going -- across town and you remember. How electric the steam god and it -- have been in the report it and I go to the field there was the ball up or whoever that there was a team in 2003. The first game that winning streak in 2003 -- Tennessee. Where you gotta replace. In the Red Sox for the postseason in Ortiz does might be the figure was about three quarters full because their rooms watching. Video and that they -- -- an article that I'd be diverted -- two years ago with the press box stirred when it. He's Brett Butler it was Ortiz double that I get that candidate are over so I instinctively which we wouldn't see you with that note that that the electricity comes with the public that let's go back -- the matchup today we haven't talked about special teams yet. You guys talk about Antonio brown and appropriately so. Punt return Antonio Brown as a guy who. And special teams off and on for the patriots would you rate. Depends on which you were talking about it I think that we -- we've we've been pumping up the punt return for the last several. They continue to be productive. Last but they've had -- -- more about the coverage teams that -- account executives averaged team with -- -- those guys object yeah yeah yeah. That's for. Yeah it's been the ability to think this point I think we've seen greatness from. You know is inexcusable experts from guys like that from you know from. Asked how -- that's a great publisher of the -- he's the player in my guy he deserves it and I think about -- that's the only get a vote later but. To repeat this week it worked mostly been of the fact that -- -- to greet you as to what exactly where we've been. Why don't doubt that people taken this guy for you really really well he put up some really good numbers over the course the first the highlight of play from last week that there was -- -- it was. Just a different kind of play -- they started. The kickoff. By kicking -- -- -- -- cooler here there's room with a little little -- last week I don't think what is Michael's today it's cooler yeah -- Again start to expect people come out now. You'll always Jewish judge where the kickoff layups you also land. You're judged the apple to America how much hang time of the thing and it where was placed directional. Meet open that discuss these are open that the the game last week with a great airport through ball. It was only about three yards deep but outside the numbers like almost perfectly placed. It what that does that causes conflict -- and have to bring -- on that point you know. Two to three you're challenging your manhood is. Two to three yards steeple was they had they had a fuel cyber tournaments all the people confront her plane -- the need to he's got across all the way across the field -- ended up getting too often too well exactly and the guy who made the -- would -- it was made up -- need -- inaction principled guys regional talk about -- -- -- -- -- stacked as the word we use them for what. He -- passes guy in the replacement on the for the guy I was walking through every departure. You really kind of screw the player credible when -- the midwest -- -- -- platoon was even involved. It was just a super cool play where you put the ball high and off the deep enough to where. Make it difficult for the return to give back to where they need to go which is sort of force and bring in now. Oftentimes the NFL discipline it to convert convert earth some some sort of work along those lines were screaming for everyone essentially. Hurt his right side climber turned into left one because it's just so for a over here we got to bring the thing now. It's a tough communication to get 3040 yards to feel it in wore off -- it was like rates are told -- that too much with a -- that was agree. Put that that drives start like that and twelve but that's a cool thing with this group I think it'll be big but before -- or forced us with you like. What Pittsburgh struggles going there for me watching this special teams unit and watching the return to do what they're talking about the returns. The fact that offensively yardage as -- premium for several yet -- for several games over the course of the season in the ability to civil lake adamant. Get you an extra five or ten yards -- all that mean the difference between their three or three points or nothing or three points or seven point anything. One of the things that we've overlooked is his ability. To -- the field that we've seen it sometimes from the from Plano as well as the keys at a quicker not a -- but -- anything but work at those two guys and we talked about the fact that we were concerned about has -- the not so much as an individual -- part of a group of specialists. The team took to ride -- out working the -- we seventy any residual effects not going to cut you out from your from the fact that you were working as a political -- The editing and as much as I've complained about leader wonders kick returner and as you said we have certificate returns anyway. That he ripped off a thirty -- -- -- I don't know I am gonna Selig -- back there all year yeah I think the issue with -- here it is he's not sudden so he's not going to that is the perfect description yet. He's not so he's not sudden what he. The replay it with you read for you reap the returns well dispute is actually is who it's it's actually go to the -- -- him. But he builds what he's not -- What I think he makes the right reads -- actually makes more people missed tackles than other people do what he's not explosives so you. -- lulled into thinking it was a poor -- The thing where I have a hard time being too critical moments -- wanna break these films down writes the only people mr. walked. Again it's one of the four units -- I think there's the most -- walks there's the most issues were it's not like the government. -- were terrific race. I think we -- -- that the appointed mr. earlier. He's been great individually the blocking -- sea level. -- good but average at times. And there's been too many penalties so there's been a couple of Julian have brought back last week with it was native America got it at that that's a few weeks ago was Jamie Collins -- on the -- that. So the point is they've they've had some authority or the couple back and other really productively in ninety what are the couple back. It's theirs productivity there but they're -- the told couple -- -- could be really good for. We'll for the discovered -- -- report now political back and look at the numbers but that's a really good point that it seems to mean that the -- it more special teams penalties this year. That I have in years past in there seems to be Archie shocked when yeah when you don't see a block in the back flag exactly yeah they're they're they're audit every and I don't mean just -- Every return in the NFL at the bit they have in in that you know I would like to go with the numbers but -- been more than a few. Illegal block above the way -- you know those those those illegal blocks in those situations and it's it's rare for the -- because special teams it's always been such a priority for the and we've seen so what's good special teams play but it just seems to be that more often enough there or more of these for the course the first apathy we've seen more. Special teams penalties than we've seen your to listen let me talking about this picture of coach Belichick reviews are Bratz suit or maybe you laughing I'm talking about this stuff. But it is something I think that it was certainly an issue for me in the first couple years here I think it is sort of a function of youth because you were you learn. Win to be overly aggressive and when to pull off a bit. And I think there has been -- little movement there's no Tracy White a -- more than known biko who views their relatively young -- literature that but that's what before your guys now. And 8910 guys so they're a little bit younger there I mean they're getting great contributions by. The rock -- him. It was by the -- one of those guys that looking -- with the the penalty -- drawn -- but penalties need to energy -- politics those guys right in that -- -- that point it's really one of those things because -- and space is so different the volume addressed to a normal football player. It takes it's an adjustment period so when -- that rookies have even if you're relative rookie have you. The mistakes and the Coleman and they didn't -- much at that time of the year I think is acute cooler in this field position stuff becomes much more important. You're gonna -- cup cup or you were to attempt to beat Hewitt just going to look into these these these penalties that are taken them. People start -- -- the -- the first of the season -- -- the holding penalties over the -- the first -- but the -- -- -- with. Legal -- about the ways the the special teams once -- think it's a great point. The that you're making about the fact. Lenient species different simply awful Woodward in it he the word that steal it the unifil -- was it was -- it. But -- featured to make sure about making excuses for them. But I do understand that -- reps in NFL games or so much different the practice there's no partners no play. In -- in my in my view and is that a full practice that's more different. That -- special teams play the practice specialty why would you practice -- post on its -- -- just so hard to simulate the chaos of everyone you know everywhere every every kickoff return practices run production but if you like but only that but that -- optional but that the way it works. In the -- threes to put this out there is because there's been so few kicks returned because of all the stupid touch backs. I don't think guys get -- opportunity to brought them one I think throw often caught off guard a little bit I mean I'm sure especially coaches -- head. Block every player that has come and -- block it is if it's coming out. I'm sure you get all the sleep I actually -- Miami is I was breaking -- last Tuesday as the red Miami itself feature. -- -- -- -- -- Just look shocked -- Nichols the ball to -- though. And that they -- cash for it because I think guys probably it will sleep your little -- -- it's going to be attachments to -- effects -- you don't get that you'll get reps you get used to the game speed when it speaks to actually get form of acute. -- to a full speed -- Now is that timing your reconfigured our quick so I mean there's going to be this little cold weather -- wish without real cool. Whether adjustment period I think for a week or two but it's gonna have to pick up third quarter here's the two jets leading receivers. -- Greg -- The earlier today over government that catches for a pitcher to experts ignorant acts that votes you get to forty -- -- -- reports so it's a it's a bicycle coming out party but. With Hillary and for what if so what does that the debate and let you know to -- great fourth -- -- so -- always throw that camera so. Take a break when we come back after the the break top of the hour we'll take you around the National Football League we'll catch up to date -- all the early games particularly the later games and let you know what's going on around the -- Tom. Right around. 330 -- thereabouts. Will be going till 4 o'clock. You're listening to NFL Sunday were broadcasting live from Toby -- I love this bar and grill here at patriot place presented by complaints insurance at the plants -- -- shots that you save. Visit the plants -- dot com today.

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