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NFL Sunday: The Patriots Defense vs the Steelers Offense

Nov 3, 2013|

The guys flip it around and look at how the Pats D matches up with Pittsburgh's offense. They think the Steelers will try attempt to run the ball early and often against the battered Pats D. Tommy Kelly has officially been put on IR and Talib won't be playing today either. Chatham discuss how it's important to wrap up Big Ben when you get the chance because he's so elusive and looking to buy time for Antonio Brown and Emanuel Sanders.

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-- let's turn it around now let's look at the new England Patriots. Defense. Against the Pittsburgh Steelers offense let's start with a a generalization here. It seems as though beat the patriots injury issues. Are really centered on run stopping doesn't it Vince and Tommy Kelly and you think about the guys that they've they've had banked up on the on the defensive line. And it would seem that if it from the Pittsburgh Steelers I think you know what I may be able to run a little bit against this team to. They've done the Steelers have been able replicates with it's what many would not you know let you know and that's true that I'm just saying if I look at the personnel issues the patriots have. You mean you look at paper cardinal appointment Cuba talk about. Absence of yet it was into the locker -- -- get little emotional I didn't like the young lady McCartney hinted at earlier this morning I you know. -- offer ready to rationally discuss the water development -- is what because it was so great the locker room. -- he was at least on paper distorting your thought he's such an integral part of Steve particularly with the key to stopping the run but. You know you look at it being you know. You look at -- that would be you look at video to some extent because he does have -- with the response that we've run. It you wonder how the -- -- you will see this over the last four weeks Steve you've been open average of more than 150 yards BP started. This Butler at the beginning of the October. They weren't there were thirteen that we use the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Over the last four weeks they've given up an average of more than 150 yards to the ground that they think you can treat some of that back to. The loss will force the -- to activate the feet that -- winning teams with. It just broke through with it the road where you know I would argue that -- last week I was surprised. I think there are a lot of factors that went into the transaction this week to do so while yes you did very well thought out very well. So your text -- soccer but I -- that's the issue though that this. So I annex Cuba that we as well I don't I talked about that later so anyway there are a lot of things I think that plane for the fact that. Is of very timely thing I think they did the transaction prior to the view re occurrence of -- issue and he'd been out practicing so I guess you can't really make that connection so much. I think there is a timeliness though because this viewers are here and -- -- run a lot of 22 personnel. And they brought -- They -- an offensive tackle at the end spot and will literally not just in Golan and short yardage situations they opened with that I believe against the local -- -- for the department. They they use -- a lot. And they use this part of the regular thing they try to blow your nose they will still continue to attempt to run even though -- -- Imus and his name before. They vehemently -- -- from which it says the they won't continue to try to push it eulogized for your secure its report what they do and if you short. You know it's not that that Chris Jones and and the model about the -- job because they have. But if you worse if -- -- -- to -- used them Richard -- position left and it makes you know small the right it. And I think by virtue of bringing two or 320 god. It allows you to stay -- ninety to 300 -- -- -- -- it's huge this week which allows him to play outside my marker a little bit bigger. Against a now offensive tackle who's going to be playing that Adam's kids and the success to -- for for Pittsburgh. If they're going to be you know have the personnel to match them with -- which hugely important this week. I tip Beatrice see what the -- uses force personnel if they state 34 because we've we've mentioned you know the alternatives they have I think. I think there's -- section delivery job -- those via the Internet as a pass rusher Tiki did very well I think he's made a lot of plays it knows in the -- -- I think what happens is. He doesn't draw double teams so. You don't see him not making plays to -- continued a lot of those. To have blossomed as -- -- of regular at the -- position. But what doesn't happen as he does a lot draw a lot of doubles which means that the one doctor -- -- single which makes a little public place. I think it's not support the job he's been doing there it's that the weakness they have the other position with a much better having him slide out in this sort of don't have trickle effects of what it's been you can recycle you know crystal instrument -- a little bit with Mike right. To look a little although a little bit but not completely across the board but at the moment that we see him. I just think that. Don't ask Kelly great it was a guy at Baltimore Yahoo!'s was more noses but there's a little more -- yourself came out of nowhere just was hyper productive for the first five or six games and their -- of the -- get -- and that they'll have like a long career. I think. They're just I think to putting a lot underplayed I think they're putting a lot of the plight of a lot of -- Jones that they would give a tool with -- did that they could hear the -- talking about two rookies. War become absolutely integral to the success of their -- at the front. Or -- and 85%. Of this over the course of an extended stretch and I think that's a good group as -- -- tool for group of guys but they don't go if that's sustainable over the course of -- -- that's what I want to -- to be there when it got so what right but it was interesting to talk to some people here for this go. Absolutely -- You know who think that he is just used to the fantastic in the gridlock group got to really play he's the Mets have a that it if used properly -- you talk to guys in Philadelphia. Who just need to. Well -- yeah but let's what we only have a couple minutes left in the segment we haven't mentioned any of the weapons that they're going to be basics here did it. Let's talk about guys like Emanuel Sanders and Antonio Brown -- Jericho Cotchery. And the guy scares me a little but guys like Heath Miller and and and -- and tell me about the guys Ben Roethlisberger can throw the ball to patriots. And and they move on defense in the they've taken a guy in -- according moved. Active safety in and you know he played pretty well at that position out of their house their pass defense stacked up against these web. -- Antonio Brown the guy I think you put your round as the double what don't we always talk about stopping the double what offered the option coming into this gave it to Antonio Brown that's not to disrespect. Keith Miller who either built there had a lot of really good things to say about it this week. But if that's not to disrespect any of the guys -- -- on the offensive side of the ball but but -- is the guy it's clear that they love The Beatles theaters they went after they take a lot of them. But -- is its door number one off its apocalyptic above ground its interest in it you you know he. He's extremely quick. Fast he's a good run after the catch -- much the way Sanders is action that there actually. Body type wise play wise it's very grounded in male senators are you very similar. -- has been more productive he's been there sort of -- to -- Jericho Cotchery is the third -- and I think you were the -- of all three of those is all through those guys have return ability. They they have been temperatures either college or even you know bit if the pro level look at things never truer believer that the cats are about this. A party in my her column just how how important. Chaos recess whatever you wanna call -- the ball on the guys' hands on the wheel screamed at the got both hands. It on on a bubble screen passes. Its its its playground stuffing because they have a really hard time -- -- it's going in the it's it's very important that you get the ball quickly so what's the what the impetus is -- is going to be a defensive players understanding what the play call is extremely quickly. Because the blocking -- future hurry to try to keep it playmakers have -- pitches so if it's if it's going to be big to watch this week tackling in the secondary. Employee recognition of how quickly they get on top of the stuff because their -- -- reliant. On gadgetry because -- a hard time just throw in fifteen yard in cots and then stand back pocket that doesn't happen along. What they go to -- what you're tuchman has the but he did your -- you beat the team with 212 yards the excuse for an away. Their number one option when it comes -- in his ability to catch it what with a ball that a steep who -- and you talked about. -- -- -- I think we have to mention this in the context of the Pittsburgh office that up at the one neutral but that's part of that is on -- we talk about the struggles you're doing it. Part of it to the quarterback -- emphasized as well that's why actually made the point last hour about. Like to see -- sort of dial up like they did last week this. So what one of these amazing -- actually went out let's hope what was the screen grabs of talk about it if our attempt to refute -- view their Donald talk through it. Is the issue pocket integrity with then you I'm not sure it's a -- when the raiders did a lot of that they dialed up pressures. The problem is if you said the fifth on the Europeans up three to 44 guards in this particular -- would execute two behind three yards behind him you've wasted the guy. So if you're gonna bring him everything announced that after the quarterback well with -- or too short about the source that it doesn't affect the play. In the the other issue is edges to both sides of the pocket. You can't just. Crusher on one side and not have to -- -- on the -- to -- walked out of he seems so often do this in and in the picture example give your debit to a lot of great things on one side of the ball. But the entire the site is -- off and he just walks out of pocket Weisel plays away and that's his whole -- Throw the ball sixty yards after they keep the players away and that's why it's important that those receivers have this recess ability. Lot of the routes -- its completion involvement when he broke it's amazing how many know how how many of those -- he's -- -- open which -- at. We're wasn't in the route that the rule that the applicable for. It was regret you know -- get open after it happened. The one of the -- auto pilot to write about this on Friday. Is -- ventures the -- -- you feel this just kind of more like the book what the you know -- the scouting thing as a player that you get into real real close and the guy who attacked. Peddlers would do for you lose Jersey. Sounds like nothing -- for pass rushers and sack guys if you try to shall walk and hit him. And don't wrap up program cloth you see so many people bounce off of which you saw guys last week in Oakland got sacked because they collided with him a rapist loose yours is the reason I mention this if this problem little small things you pick up Florida home. If you haven't played it but you have the option as a player to taped under pat you've double sided tape. On the shoulder pads to the Jersey -- you've been doesn't use it as best I can help in uses slightly oversized Jersey. And that helps passers because it gives you more wood on the game yet you're you're you're restricted some quarterbacks will do with some -- some of these that would do it looks -- -- -- that much. If you see kind of a flat he -- Craig -- New Jersey on the -- and you see guys often grab for the side panels and it. If you if you're gonna knock this big 652 and forty pound guy down you have to -- -- -- you guys do that Bob what the if you don't try to shoulder tackle he doesn't often go down. In my never in an attempt to keep -- happy this afternoon I offer up this week from mark -- -- -- of the New York Post just moments ago you know. So the jets have their own Jimmy Graham in patriots six foot seven inch castoff tight -- -- It kind of girls what worries the big golf guy he's -- he's probably putting them out there and only two minutes of I'd say that would just waited to be accused outlets -- sudden -- shredding the saints in the final drive before overtime this shipment. Or the guy you were beaten this from the when no one else was. This is NFL Sunday presented by compliance insurance went deep. They shops that you saved visit the Polanski dot com today.

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