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NFL Sunday: The Patriots Offense vs the Steelers Defense

Nov 3, 2013|

The guys start breaking down today's game and look at the Patriots offense matching up with Steelers' zone blitz happy defense. Chatham explains what Dick LeBeau's zone blitz actually is and how the name is somewhat deceiving. The guys are still clamoring for the Pats to get the run game going in order to relieve some of the pressure that Tom Brady is clearly feeling. The guys are looking to see if Thompkins can get back on track along with Amendola. Also, Brady must stop trying to force the ball to Gronk. Everyone knows Troy Polamalu can be dangerous, but Dale thinks Brady is too smart for his antics.

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Our number two NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI because things got so heated year you know the last few minutes make. Matt feel all warm and Fuzzy again -- just completed -- 25 yard pass the exact site. -- was he thought those -- it's -- -- it was all. I just like to work in -- -- builds up like music but I that's -- -- program which breakdown the Patriots offense specifically. Against the Pittsburgh Steelers defense let's -- one. And you guys all know I might might unabashed admiration for updates and yet. And political -- is -- but I think -- when he does. Is anybody more universally. Revered and admired. In the Pittsburgh Steelers defensive coordinator though. Note that the -- in one of the guys you looked at the resident. It's amazing to think that Belichick has been able forty years. With this team had stated that it will blow it you've been public about a repeat these one of the truly great. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Wait but but it Dick LeBeau defense that's absent certain tenets that hard you know. Self that it used they always aggressive there always aggressive but he being one of the things that that be cute cute cute today. Something that's worked for over the past is to combat that paper aggressive approaches to. To run some play action to run some draws to run sunscreens roads and faith when he had. Success against the Steelers some of it has come as a result of of that about their ability to kind of use that aggression against them but yeah those those. Pittsburgh defense -- that -- that the numbers aren't what we've seen from -- years past but they have their -- beat you with the Q if there is -- certain consistency. To what he brings to the field in terms of he returned to approach him -- stop. Yeah out of a dual led him this year to try to throw out a slide wanted to show you -- -- better team. Before the segments overvote one of the things that -- been out -- global hallmark is the zone blitz I think that's something that it's sort of a misnomer. It's not really blitzing it's it's -- confusion element which you do is essentially sort of new radio but. The idea blitzing is really a mathematical disadvantage in other words the first five offensive -- we always know which by the protection you blitzer and you brought one more than five. You invented this idea though that was you know sort of like every piece of issues and Kleenex but it just became -- Kleenex was blitzing. Where are often he's really only bringing four. Which is not a mathematical advantage but because he brought someone you didn't think you was gonna bring in the drops one else out. You still felt pressure. So there's this feeling of chaos when you take a snapshot and stuff away look considered -- for a period which is really cool and I think that's why. He mixes it up is extremely aggressive and when you call what you can almost expect that there's always going to be one of the zone blitzes at least a high percentage the most. What it's not. Selling the farm either he's not putting says she's not too often not even putting fiber if he does. Yes guys were for some of the drop in drop out I think that's where the respect comes from whatever you have a concert named after yourself for these MP easy with isn't easy route. You know or a guy like pickle boat with his. So what's you might think that the respect is obviously there. One of things that that you're gonna see in the slightly -- -- and now is. Did the ideas of pressure for him or them hurting themselves overly aggressive boxes. I think when this kind of defense work rate is when on the opposite side -- -- -- -- could put up 32 to three scores. When you don't it and not get that and they're not getting -- and they don't have the running game to control the clock and they just have -- real issues so there have been a couple of instances the slide I'm gonna throw out your bit. Is the opening play of lesser -- throw -- goes for the longest running the quarterback issue -- it was nine when yardage recently anger and a three X exactly. And it happens on a play where they've got nine guys within five yards of the box that mean literally all the all throw for RS do. Is dipped to five yard depth in the second there in he's broken every potential -- when you go. So the point is this overly aggressive attitude is great inserted harvest when you're not the -- the other side can actually hurt you so I think it's open ended. You heard Tom Brady talk about it their coach Belichick lot of guys you as a result of wanna talk about locating. The safety what's been the football for all of a -- -- locate him. Because you don't want him hurt you but because you also live or where is because there's great place to capitalize on what he's down to four that was. Point I was the lead with here I mean that. The story line over the years when the patriots played the Steelers. Is that Tom Brady. Takes advantage of -- Polamalu time writes that it. Polamalu aggressiveness he flies around the field sometimes a bit out of control it seems and it Brady. Has the ability to take advantage of some of that aggressiveness that's fair yeah I really do I think -- one of the things where we've seen it work. Is with -- patriots have been able to giddy with consistent presence in the running the moderate appeal that you've been there they're -- operate the -- I've never heard that the bottom the patriots getting good aggressive product and as we keep. That's -- -- as they keep it you know you you you keep kind of softening up there at their teeth at the front and it it would it would play action Andrea we get good success over the top when I just have this. I don't know statistically this the -- but it does have this reminds -- several occasions that. -- -- with that guy effort you know for a couple years here wiggled against the Steelers beat you to get the -- with an advocate -- that. Off of play action taken to -- think they're they're going to be team it is fair. For the patriots -- yet some who guarded as a result. -- experts over aggressive approach that you're helping with the name of the -- have for -- have these tech issues here but. There are smaller at the no's than there used to be with Casey Anthony are they so David a clear up any out yet if he's been part out so. They have looked at 285. -- pound -- so Pittsburgh's 34 defense relative to the patriots to quick history lesson here. The patriots were always you you know big Seymour big events speak very able people really all these bigger guys TJ the two kids inside in -- that way now. That their -- right. It's more of apiece 34 you play technique you legitimately to get its vote was always an aggressive. Capping three for their standing -- 34 so if you take a snapshot it looks the same what it's not. They hit inside they allow couples to bounce of the outside the with a super aggressive -- Come make plays don't know it's just a little bit different style it used to be you -- with the Casey Hampton who would play GAAP. And now with a -- -- Rodham Clinton is not gonna be there now. There were definitely more rejecting the did not have a true knows -- that their big it was supposed to be Ziggy Hood. Who was the first report from a couple of years ago is never who has never sort of acclimate himself paired with her now it's Cameron Heyward yes a third they're going through some changes themselves Brett Keisel you know. More quickly is still their guy they're still good -- the back -- world woods the most and that world -- that you won't see she's now gonna get the ball itself like to the outside linebacker position over the -- -- was -- -- -- -- -- -- get -- -- combative you know they made a transaction known that that last week where this guy's been. I'll play in the top pick. So they're there certainly have some personal shuffling going on on their side. And I think that's what's the fact of the scheme they're doing and public the stuff. I think if the patriots. Are going to have success of the keys today when you're looking at them on the offensive side of the ball. Is their ability to keep Woodley out of the backfield with these the one guy waiting to be able to generate good consistent pressure on the quarterback without this you know the exact -- you just -- -- -- he's kind of been able rise above. But you look at the matchup today. With markets team -- -- up if -- -- I don't know -- one on one situation if that's equitable metric for going to at least that people. You have to imagine that there can Detroit do some stuff to. To get off balance -- -- that we talked with a -- we talked about you know. Some reverses and they expected -- stuff right -- also have to imagine that we're gonna see a lot of guided help on that patriots. Were dealt a pretty severe blow on the offensive line last week. Then what it means that you're gonna see a lot more markets and -- maybe it will speed -- -- I'm not sure but. Let's not sugarcoat this that was pretty important guy went down with a broken yet you know he's he's not a pro bowler but he's not -- for all quite frankly you. It's been able to when he's been healthy he's been able to give them steady consistent help. On that right side he's the one of the better young right -- who -- the interesting thing because this the contract if he saw it was so. My temporary exactly says such cuts at a high level play tempers and you've got to go one billion dollars it. This off season for not being healthy behaviors that backdrop he never had. You're addicted to knee problem like yet last week but. It's just to -- because he's a good offensive -- we've -- good guy but yet we're gonna see you don't you markets needed and let's be honest the only time you ever -- Sebastian -- -- name is if something bad happens like if economic activity -- -- huge event and it'll say it's -- much because he does his job. You know one of the plays I noticed last week. Where you're going to see you a definitive change in approach because of markets and not Sebastien. Especially against defense is of align their defense of -- tackles in the gaps which means imagine if -- that right after you were Marcus Camby who came in. And the guy -- in your -- to your left you have to cut all the plays coming actually behind you and you're right. You have to come off forgot who hoarded by alignment has you -- a little bit. It's a super skill and I don't think Marcus is best thing is the speed of his feet he's better. Or mine you're in white guy in front of humble him uses string or -- -- getting more regard it was a good start you were to grade either I think he's. Use it over -- and he's a more you can but he's not gonna. Two blocks because of foot quickness there was much of the reasons it's important that happened in the the time last week that we it was the first series of Marcus came back and that gap was hit it's not just that Marcus actually shaped him and pushes and kind of pass the plate what happens is it intersects report. So bogeyed his polling and can't get around to make the block out front. You need that come off which which I think performers will be a better. Which -- never notice because you know it's an innocuous thing that happens though it allows the rest the play go on and you say wow what a great point blocked by loaded. But he doesn't get to make that block because he can't get -- -- -- penetration happened in the in the running back doesn't make the play in the -- about who's running back so my point is -- is sort of a chain effect here. And I think. That the net effect of what was his third and probably have to change the kind of plays of the gonna run. If they replacement -- he does the stuff that's -- over him. -- has stuffed up next to a it brought it would require accommodation block of the second level he's not going to be -- also will stop what they just it's not that it can't be good it just has to be able to. Interesting looking at the breakdown of the Steelers defense they're at their run defense the numbers and part of it is. There is some Chris Johnson to the whole thing because you know we look that we we've joked about this before where. The -- two yards Dugard two yards apparently defied your run it looks like -- -- -- there at the rhetoric of bikers for hundred yards but. Their teams that are having success running the ball against the but he consistently they've done well in some areas but I just think it we've you know we've joked about this before but. They're quality chances of that rather run the ball -- to would be able to run the ball and oh by the way. Literally carry in the staff yeah I think it did what you out of -- that -- debit wolf when you're running back. Do you -- -- have been especially when you when -- -- faced with a team that one of the worst team in -- with the football in this is that if the slide it destroyed kids' five times the premier rest talk about what I'm trying to show everyone out there sort of talk through. Is the overly aggressive box idea when they'll come down with eight. It's always seven sometimes eight sometimes even ninth in progress for example one of the best and George admiral. The only we're doing this game for the -- and to post office of the Tebow play right the few votes few book Thomas -- Thomas that's like a play that would forever. All of that freeze which hopefully is coming out the -- shortly. It its theory it purely civil war of that frame there were ten people within the box right and you look at it yet to be one guy who really want god -- you look at the Terrelle Pryor played looked a lot the same so the idea is you're gonna get those boxes. If you start running the ball -- -- are those approaches if you don't establish a -- with Stephen referred to in the event that you can get up there and establish or you can invite those guys down and that's when you'll see the big camera of its place. Take quick break we'll flip it will take a look at the Pittsburgh offense. We've gone. Over an hour and haven't said Ben Roethlisberger name -- then we'll talk about -- and Pittsburgh offense against the Patriots defense. Iran NFL Sunday presented by complaints insurance it -- -- they -- -- you save. Visit the -- dot com today.

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