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NFL Sunday: Jonathan Martin vs the Miami Dolphins ... Quite the Saga

Nov 3, 2013|

Dale, Chatham and Price debate the Jonathan Martin issue and if he has a legitimate reason to be upset with the Dolphins. Chatham is waiting for more info, but seems to think Martin can't just walk from his team. Dale and Price however think he may have a concrete reason to be ticked off.

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Well little did we -- a week ago when Maria dolphins limped out of Gillette Stadium. Loss to the New England Patriots that that was going to be. One of the smaller stories for this team little did we know that things were gonna blow up a -- later. To give -- the the reader's digest condensed version of this whole thing there's you know it's. A part of this it's not the entire program. Jonathan Martin and offensive lineman for the Miami Dolphins left the team on Monday. Sought and has been under the care of psychiatric help since Monday. Bits and pieces have been coming out of this whole thing part of the whole situation apparently had to do with -- lunchroom incident. In which Martin sat down and in the lunchroom to have lunch. The player well it's it's it's like the script from mean girls the players at the table all -- up and move to other tables would sit within. It was the culminating incident for him which caused him to leave the team and and seek psychiatric help. ESPN has been on top of this thing both Adam chapter and Chris mortenson. They said that one of the people being investigated. About this is so Richie and -- meego an offensive lineman for the dolphins news. Reputation kind of speaks for itself on the field in the NFL. I don't know much about his reputation off the field I don't know much about Richie and you know I just nobody's reputation. On the field he's considered to be among the dirty players in the NFL Mike -- play against. -- -- -- -- Kind of went ballistic this morning. On Twitter tweets which have sent by the way been deleted from his account. But they live forever the minute you put -- out -- they live forever and captured yet exactly and one of which says and I'm quoting now. After Adam -- enough is enough for you if you or any of these agents you sound off for. -- problem with me you know where to find me hash tag bring. Pretty yeah. Impressive is that an offensive -- threatening 170 -- reporter but that's another issue for another day. There are other issues being alleged here one of which. There was a eight trip to Vegas by a group of dolphins last summer. In cut veto got Jonathan Martin to contribute 151000 dollars to help finance this trip. -- -- -- -- He didn't wanna go with the team the players and it won't be involved. But he found it easier to just give in pod -- of the 151000 dollars according Chris mortenson and and step away from. There is some interesting reporting being done by guy named Adam Beasley is the dolphins beat reporter for the Miami Herald. And he was covering boxing last night when he got back in the Miami this morning sources and then Adam -- there at Adam HDs. There. When he got back in Miami this morning he sort of dove into this you know. Full tilt the dolphins sent out -- release this morning being pretty aggressive about. About the reports in and what's involved. According to Beasley there other things involved here. A lot of -- he's been working on this story for awhile right now. He said and I'm quoting Beasley now from Twitter this morning I reported last week that there were other issues. With resentments being harbored between other players it's about this the money issue. Asking rookies did paper stuff and and I am gonna continue to read a couple of other tweets here. I can now report this this is a huge all caps huge issue inside the dolphins' locker room and not just limited to this situation. Another -- 11 young defensive player whose privacy I'm protecting. Has literally gone broke because the because he's been pressured to paper older players. Another -- they've gotten sucked into the Miami lifestyle. And the veterans are using the younger players as an ATM I'm told. Another week. Recently a younger player was handed the tap for a 30000 dollar team dinner the rookie minimum this year is around 400000. Dollars another week. When I talked about anger and dysfunction last week this is what I was referring to. This issue extends far beyond the Martin's situation. Another -- It shouldn't be surprising that some dolphins players have financial problems. Ever seen broke. And the final -- summer living paycheck to paycheck I've heard and having to pay for their teammates spending habits has not helped. Well I -- Just reading a string of -- there. He makes the accusation that someone was. Forced to spend 30000 dollars which is not unheard of but when one guy -- pick one guy one guy. When a guy the guy's name is Willie Davis and he is okay so -- it was handed the bill serious citing mega aria okay and Willie Davis. Is an undrafted free agent them exploit but -- you know first your -- that has a certain. That's that's that's beyond that that's that's not right. Not not to since beginning of time is model where -- this problem go back to a generation players prior to me the first round draft pick. Take several -- and it's an expensive bill that would make guys -- but it's not in that culture is totally normal there's no believe that this is just. It happens once a year. It's a little more aggressively -- apparently other places -- the I've been a costume. And there's been a lot of guys -- and not like you what it is an initiation thing -- I've -- -- problem with it. This sounds like we're going next local level this is. Being abused work's been done a week to week basis work's been done to guys who don't have that money I mean the first round draft pick thing is a little different that you feel once thing with everyone in. The draft class kind of thing and individually need to dollars skilled politically if you do -- conjunction -- that. In conjunction we -- -- -- Stupid opinion -- high school you'll cafeteria crap to a kid who. Mike don't wanna be a part of that -- -- distinctive look this is executed -- enjoys it exactly right and yet you know you're part of a team. And used -- all that but when you start to stack it up. Right if it's I could I get it I don't see him getting into a difficult obviously and that and that's sort of on the leadership group to make sure no one's getting. Sort of disproportionately hurt by one of the problems -- and -- -- that was part of the player leadership group for the Miami -- sure once again I'm I'm sort of -- on this his names with throughout the water -- -- in the field waving to him this like when when the Beasley goggles on such a guy's name I think that's responsible journalism sites though. -- money -- how much she was played at each control about -- it shows a specific example and it's not just this guy close to them nonsense. Think a commuter thing I've heard and in about you know our reference to a quote from her -- last year. No Chris mortenson said specifically. Chris Ottawa in -- in tuxedo required Barton. -- pay 151000 dollars towards this trip to Vegas last summer in the market wanna be apart of Africa but he found it easier to just give you cut Ito. Specifically in -- the 151000 dollars. And fighting a cut its effort no problem I mean that's that that is wouldn't like as a guy which just gifted several important you know ten million dollars or not it's up in the field this is pretty this is commons culture I think it's good thing because I couldn't be right around -- guys aren't -- that is not the rookie dinner thing. This is asking a guy to finance a trip to Vegas well you because he happened to -- -- -- -- big contract in the NFL. Each -- just different here -- problem with that in the event -- -- -- that -- best -- dinners -- multiple instances that would be something that fifteen numbers lower than most of their. That was just one of the thing okay what's -- but here's my point. Site the other -- that it might be viewed the one big one that -- is in his -- the most if that's it putting them march sorry in this culture that's not that big of a deal. And when your gifted ten million dollar tree and yet having done something I don't think there's been player out there who honestly it must. You know help -- whatever would say. There's absolutely nothing wrong but few things here at first of all to going after the wrong to do with the Stanford he's got to -- Harvard educated this is not -- -- who -- But -- connected to the quantity and lots of the other problem according to mortenson answer. -- -- The dolphins asked. Jonathan Martin's spot on Friday -- -- -- -- joint release saying you know world working towards street and basically to Harvard educated parents. No we're not OK with putting up this note we're not gonna do no we're not gonna say. That you know everything's going to be fine we're gonna go forward -- to Harvard educated parents now what do you -- linked to an -- Japan and is the second point is that where are you or. Captains where are your positional coaches where you're assisting coaches according Tenet to recognize that there's some sort of disconnect in that locker. But no matter what you think of mark -- what you think you can come right oh it's clear that there's some sort of there's some sort of rift going on in the locker room. And people are upset about or to a point where guys can get up and leave the team it's clear the -- tipping point in in I think that. Those of the people to which head coach Felix -- coaches essentially CEO you know that that's on your captains that's on -- positional coaches to recognize that there's a problem there and rectify it. I'm curious what the connection that was between. The instant Morton throws up his marches animal that has to today not get what I would call egregious in this in this environment is if you continue to go to the well. So where we're -- and according to be in November what's happening -- November's but right but again not to Jonathan Martin he's -- and other guys who is what he's talking about other -- he saying the veteran players and using -- a -- -- players -- the second player so I don't understand the I don't I don't see the connection between -- -- -- happened -- him in his -- -- between what -- blown -- -- -- -- going to -- part of -- I think part of it is again it's just the culture of problems in India this goes beyond -- we talk about the stuff the rookies no interest in it I'm not really even have to think it. Rookies don't. And you have to pay him posture -- -- the dilemma if someone exactly like but then why did he have to pay 151000 dollars last summer for for debate is and why after its -- years -- -- It was -- it was this last summer this past summer. -- in jail but you don't want it to pay 151000 dollars to help finance this trip to Vegas. Why would he have to do that. While several -- but I think that's part of -- maybe it was like a team building -- -- lie about him people blog have such and such camp -- him you know three date she's a year you know passing camp in LA those things cost money to these guys do these things in certain -- I guarantee you we would -- them guys for for doing mr. Martin. Maybe not a team guy I mean he doesn't wanna be a part of this and that could be considered a Portland and I don't know what will hold of them though the whole thing about and again I I understand. Paying for you'll rookie contributor Richard keeping you know the company dual that I deal. Why is there any incidents this week in those in the view -- the cafeteria lunch room if you keep these established guys he's a veteran -- these guys that started with important part of this team. Sits down at a table in what you guys stayed exactly that that's his opinion -- the right. Well it's also been unionized school reactions on the -- sounds like he's sensitive so slick well we don't know all. We -- -- -- that tipping point apparently open up things that have been going on. And and and I am I'm afraid I'm more on this side of -- you know here's the thing. Also put it more content to me more confidence this -- getting in getting killed on the field which. You've been getting demolished it left apple you he was he they treated. To replace him last week with another guy if we don't think that that's -- part of this that he's a little salty about what's going on about -- group. And -- that was probably the leader of that group of guys right. He then gets moved to right tackle last week a lot of these in the last several we talked about pleased that the patriots beat tomorrow. Was over Jonathan mark. Yet formal request comes into Monday thing they could be -- could have just walked out of position on meeting. We don't know that that's a point when there's one of these holes to fill and we go filled with -- and half the -- always reticent about that because. -- Republican 110 of the -- the Beasley thing helps and I think that that helps fill some of the gaps there might be -- -- culture thing but relative. He is the biggest part of the context is getting killed on the field and it's generally would drive logs comes as a best example I would give his in the event that. Say patriots locker reacted this way too delicate. I think generally in the media they would applaud this country action you'll walk away from him an edit table do the little passive aggressive stuff to -- what you're doing up there's not good enough. -- on the -- but the there's there's a coercion or financially that's a different story but I think we don't have those were sold it to let that that would -- -- -- just to wait and see. I agree with going to art needles point of view that you throw my name up there a lot and you haven't slighted for much of the offseason thing in your accusation is right -- this warrant. Of workplace -- which is legal thing which didn't answer financial trouble which I think in new vintage books like much journalistically candidacy maybe. To me that's more than the most cockroach and into. Have you had a guy in the -- tonight I can almost guarantee you had a guy in the patriots locker room who is. -- -- in -- time there was a little but since. But it always amazed to be had rabbit ears -- more quiet guy introverted guy what -- and is the again all the back to capital back to the leaders in that locker room to realize. -- -- -- -- -- a couple of bad weeks he's a sensitive -- in the white guy I know for a fact there are a couple of guys like that that lecture right now at all no humans if they have a bad week. It is helping -- -- isn't lifted by the idea of public reach you talking or whoever but it should just. Actually -- her -- tapers to me at this point on or do you -- -- -- -- -- by the way -- he was really good this kiwi was on -- -- His hit it -- -- about a double date yet but. The other thing is when he's making he's come through in the week we don't have any of these -- also think now there will work clarity but even with -- to -- will be 10% of the way. I mean I think the biggest thing. It's kind of your fortress. That if you knew this guy can't handle it in it's becoming detrimental on the field but you also don't know that the position coaches are coincide with the coach in -- Put pressure on this -- his head is in the -- we need a guy that's pup list it is not off. And I don't know that about this give him the same as a hypothetical. There are times in ways where you need to do things like that. We'll take quick break welcome back in just a moment NFL Sunday presented like the -- insurance. If the plant -- they shops that you save visit to Lansky dot com today. In the interest of at least attempting as best we can be accurate here let's get a couple of things straight Jonathan Martin. Was a second round pick out of Stamford -- signed a four year contract for just under five million dollars to so this what I don't wanna do is make it sound like he's. You know Ryan -- -- with a gigantic bonus baby huge money deal. He signed a four year deal that was supposed to if he got the end of it in just under five million dollars. The other thing here is and what's going to be interesting to see how they handle this this week and I think I know how to handle. They're gonna make a decision by Tuesday the -- not to place him on the NF -- -- non football injury related list. And the question is gonna become. And I know what's gonna happen here. Especially with the Stanford educated kids into Harvard educated parents. The question was raised this morning will the dolphins have to pay him for the rest of the year old yet they'll be paying him for the rest of these. I don't know about that it contractually you walk out and there are a thousand different ways to handle the situation. Although than what he did. But we don't know I mean maybe you legitimately has some sort of mental health issue and it sounds like that's the hope he's not getting in his world it was simply you big meanings and you run out and I think if there would have to be that. The conversation with the GM conversation that coach. Start with the older something -- -- I think that the Celtics received by the about about the culture that in that it that it part of that franchise or whatever the real -- -- you draft like that. What you'll put the culture is in the locker room. Whether -- whether a guy can handle the whatever whatever that the center of this. Whatever works it would have had -- been addressed with someone else I think I can't I don't think your so you figure contract like you because having not addressed to anyone and run for the hills eight looked a -- and it is satisfying agreement affected the there and your your your previously patriots. Ended up -- it's his offseason vote Bernard and because he met that he met with. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- John Palmer laughed. So upbeat and he's not -- in the contractual criteria don't think he's safe and -- Contra program for the title but I'm clinical model in here. And I'm gonna speculate. Completely baseless but that's something we. I'm a lot of clemency this isn't the only issue with Jonathan Martin isn't the thing that's -- -- -- and they all stepped away from a lunch table when he left of the office of course I think we're gonna find whether it's -- in cock meat or others where it is. We're gonna find a string of things that culminated in his departure last month. And I think that's where you're gonna get into the question position coaches head coaches general manager owner. You know at some point or another did somebody say hey you know this -- it's got some issues here and did they just keeps him -- Let's go let's get -- out there let's -- I do think there's the question regarding team building here whether or not for the ball locker room culture and because they do you think's wrong locker rooms. It -- an incident like that. Indeed go out -- you with stuff like that match your playing time here we've talked off your -- situations. You know in faulting. Similar situation but a strong locker room Meehan. It's been something like that it they can come together in the theaters within that room. Will no particular business or appropriate fashion -- -- about what we talk about for the record you know they're guys across the street. Who have gold through you know who will be -- at a sensitive guys who may have gone through similar situation the ticket to. I was at the proper authorities but the take to position coach -- -- the block they'll take the leaders the to the captains -- -- -- to -- -- head coach in it will be dealt -- do you -- I think there's something to be there for. Team built in first or whether or not you know. You can hear them in that locker room and an average guys in and secondly. Do you wanna go -- a -- that a guy like that because as we although these guys are thoroughly vetted right -- if if mark is more sensitive -- the dolphins should be committed to. Yeah I think -- I'm in the situation room -- treatment room arming them personally you try to get him in your house. And you figure they handled this -- of Cecil there's there's a long list of people have been different people we do you remember your connectors can and pressures of this. And I think there is a tremendous amount of -- and passive aggressive however you -- with internal pressure on the guy. In the locker room in the facility. Prior to get him on the field there's a tremendous amount -- just like value and overcoming those -- -- -- -- public support. You know repeated legal equality without investment from you Richard -- of course -- Advocate that sure what I'm -- one -- incident that is something you badly don't wanna do against all nothing you don't want to which you know that there's been. A decade of people who overcame that same thing. -- went past it that your teammates. Testicular redeem mentally especially -- your ass kicked out there and letting them down they found subtle ways to push you and maybe they were picked you find. But there's value -- that provided -- cross line and that's where I think these details need to be open through one crossing of course and all of saying it. Stepping what's at the lunch table watch that the incident did you expect it to lets it -- that okay that's I and that's why I think that all from the journalists and scientists. It needs to be tiptoed wants sole carefully. Throwing Richard Cox news -- Johnson will remember that thing that happened on him hard knocks and remember them yulia last year. The media from the journal put out there. You got to understand the accusations -- made. Making -- of Jonathan Horton really -- Lieberman -- of watcher because from the from the year ago. It it's just it's a heck of an accusation make a -- in -- you know public works and media. He solely for life -- it was a yet he was -- -- one have ever thought if you don't serve bear but that's -- that's what you got to equality and -- since -- nebulous there's smoke there's fire. But that's why it's -- UZ. -- for the means you and I think it's unfair and I think is another issue. Sort of per already -- imagine the stories. But the way we were OK with not me personally but media in general they've wanted this pressure in the Philadelphia -- this. They wanted. Rightly Cooper to be ostracized because he did the -- you know nothing. I think. From a media standpoint -- advocated for when it when -- -- their bars purpose and I think that's ultimate to me either some consistency you want. You want the chaos you want him to come down would you agree with the position. We don't know the rest of the story so we stand on the side that don't know bullying I think that's what makes this a little bit -- I always get I don't like -- days were wise becomes an awful walker because it's such tiny shards of information. I remember a time two months ago where there were advocating for some guy whose whose job for the rest of us like good news about work. So. Where are we do we want locker room chaos would we not one that we want content that we want forgiveness toward us were together that we not -- because of its clicks and page views. That's worth it becomes -- that's -- -- let me ask simple question I mean let's just simplify this. In in the most base fashion. What good -- -- When he's in I'm thinking like that title flag pole Palin and I'm at five. What it is that's just not the Pedro you guys do did it beat it beat you every summer where he stayed out there and also opposed to flip through the -- -- -- so for the arbitrage as a parent in making you do something you don't wanna do. That the really is no reason for doing it but that -- overcome it just like everyone else's two in there to sort of -- the building think that now I'm not be and by the fact that to me I was the most harmless idled or the or. -- -- me asking the rookie -- your shoulder pads off it's just and it I -- -- is more than willing to do -- that I -- that they don't want to the mix among comparable because they're willing to sort of on why why they do what what's the purpose what are they looking. Some does that make you better football team mate yet it's usual surface soldier willing to do something you want to -- future would would the word and do something a little bit uncomfortable. The show that your your part of team that's what. This is always the these are always in terms -- but for this for football players to have conversations with people haven't had to do I mean any disrespect remember him I do think it is. And experience you have that means you have to have yours yours experts in these kind listeners to understand the value. They don't sound well when he explained them literally don't I think you you went to work them you really really understand them I probably -- I was in the Mormon of one of these would. Probably. Sound on your side but then in the rear view they would much rather and you understand sort of the wisdom and and and why it provided on power and I think that's that's generally goes anyway and ask him -- -- shoulder -- him. Or even or even to pay a 101000 or bill and what is -- -- breakdown among traditional lines because in my experience having -- -- for extended stretch. Let's say. The Lichter blunt is not going to you know did and it just the validity about go to your doctor and get on. I don't know I thought that there are going to be hitting it's good it's good -- which were in -- veto an offensive -- is going after -- and offensive line that I always thought it. There's there's a real distinction in that locker room. The defense deployment of security defense the -- the running back speaker of the running -- the quarterback to get a -- you know if there's certain instances where it jumps up to their guys who kind of cut across party lines but it would fall to the -- for -- -- know that you had complete respect. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In the off its appointment this is something that he wanted to people amongst the office -- I we see fit into the guys for being that stands out as one of those guys who -- the younger defense appointment under way. In no I think that that's the generational thing because he at the trailer here at Washington in those guys do it for him when he was younger. I I just. C did a lot of this weekend we talked about that -- a -- of the third -- month -- of this kind of stuff just because of reputation. But because he's part of that offensively group -- marked as part of that offensively group. People are going to rush to go after Ott gonna be a -- Yeah well that's the that's cabinet portal expert but I mean I get elected by people talk to -- that no rich rich excuse me. So David is on the persona is off you were entirely different so. And put on the I'll be curious to see Pete says. The other part of the importance and shift to reporting today. The dolphins went out of their way to -- the NFL PA is not investigating the dolphins. They're not. Because. Well not Jonathan Martin hasn't filed a grievance yet when -- reversible players -- they don't report that general point is Weaver Jonathan Martin went to the NFL it's a book I want you to look into this. That would be forced to look into whether they do anything about another -- reps in right field but he hasn't done that you know exactly and according to both Morton's an -- after. It's because he's afraid of backlash from -- and -- Real we're. ESPN dot. Erica against speculation I think in the event I. I don't know the speculation that's with their report well of course he should be worried about that not just from him personally you leftist known and my my my whole point is when you say back then or they're reporting of what ones. It that he hasn't. He hasn't requested the NFL EA to investigate that your because he is worried about backlash from and not -- That's a pretty specific charge of that -- that's a good specific charge if that's real that's come from Jonathan's mouth which. Haven't heard but here's the thing I I think there -- some value. In understanding. What motivation or is around doing it to disguise and in the world the details of which don't like it beyond just. It's born November -- -- this -- don't happen what like last week last week when a lot of elaborate. So it includes every do with the off of the -- offseason. You'll stuff wasn't able to -- -- it to tip but that was I think he went to adjust the it was looking at the thing that finally -- it. I am to circle back to -- the reason the appeal the portable beautiful -- I I think the reason. There are important in this and the reason they would never -- involve the -- were extremely specific and real accusation. Because they were present -- to I think there's just as much cause for beautiful -- -- can evolve to say you just made a workforce where workplace harassment -- publicly. Tell you a little -- maybe your couch -- were reportedly your couch and the words. A source close to bubble blah. We have that guy to purchase is much of the -- it's the same thing with a -- chart notes I'm not defending a guy and anything how many calls and earth just. Contraction matter contractual obligations men had to be paid that's what they -- -- But my point is they would be they would have a dual cause to be involved even Dee Smith missed about this -- instead we're looking into it we're gonna take everything into account we're gonna you know kind of these huge issue with statements that you would know more about the situation but I think. I do think there it's. People are going to look closer. At the locker -- environment the locker -- culture -- it's tough -- that I actually agree with your point to some extent that it is tough for us who have never played the game. You know -- got in that -- of a daily basis were not one of those 53 year sixty when guys who aren't there on -- day in day out basis but at the same time. I do think this could -- -- I think they're going to be some tough questions and -- -- sort of thing always -- -- noises he's -- -- fourth interview Warren locker rooms were on the people outside of them totally with -- -- and in we need to -- the world will be -- because that's not how you're able to work. Com and there and I think you would understand that maybe sometimes it does not to the extent we're we're crossing lines and things like that. We're in the situation vs the passive aggressive. We need to keep this guy's head of us and we give this guy moving. To not be beat him -- him how he deserved to be treated just not responding that stuff happens all the time for good cause I think you'd be happy to hear a lot of stories open on the naming names. Where this has been helpful to the extent that maybe this is more than that -- began as a mental health problem -- -- but that's while assailants which -- the table with for some more detail. Advocate general as they feel about players' association and it's an issue might have with them organization structure when the National Hockey League players association goes to bat for Jon Scott in his appeal for his suspension. They completely ignore the fact that another one of their members is the guy -- still sitting on the sidelines rapist Johns got elbowed him in the head. If the NFL PA if they if they go to back to defend rich like me I'm just using this as an example. They can ignore the fact that one of their members may have serious allegations. I think players association. And associations. In general are more concerned about making sure guys keep their money. Incidentally and they are about what's right what's well. Minerals is setting a legal precedent in that situation because that -- -- to take a look at that video in it it's a slippery slope you'll you'll you'll you'll get to a point like you tipped your with the format but you know. They're the the world for what it means that we need to kind of executed. Who wants to who's to say that you'll support both the good a couple of with a lesser charge and it's going to be your oil and I mean again that's what's why we have this conversation what's the end point from the journals writing it's just to rid the world would meaning that I don't get that like. No -- make some fun of guys mold or. Not sitting next -- one true that the the financial -- -- a different story in a note that the elitist part of this yet what exactly but the content in the world and saints thing -- what what made that the that the targeting things that Islamic codified the financial portion of the right. It wasn't just so much incentivizing employees in the game -- Financial incentives not usual moved the dial and he's gonna conversation we but at the end of the day. There's been charges and investigations over name calling and ostracized in one locker room colossal waste of time. When we come back after the break we'll take a look at the new England Patriots offense specifically against the Pittsburgh Steelers defense. That'll take place about 425 today across the parking lot from where we are where it Toby Keith's I -- this barring relic patriot place on NFL Sunday presented by complaints insurance at the plant ski. They shops that you saved. Visit to -- dot com today.

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