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NFL Sunday: Recapping Patriots/Dolphins Last Week

Nov 3, 2013|

Dale Arnold, Chris Price and Matt Chatham open up taking a look back at least week's win over the Dolphins. It was a tale of 2 halves as the Pats struggled early on and then woke up to pull away from Miami.

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Just that briefest moment of panic on the part of Matt Chatham Woody's back at at camp got a lot with the NL. 40000 of his nearest and dearest here. No issues -- all right you're going to be nice prize. Which are. It's it's that classic question what time does the 1 o'clock -- start. Maybe one -- why. They went third team. Got -- off the richest. Guy says -- say keeps in the same stuff over and over. Well welcome to NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI we're at Toby -- I love this bar and -- Gillette Stadium well patriot place right next -- Gillette Stadium where this afternoon patriots. Play host to the Pittsburgh Steelers as we always do that we'd take a quick look back last week. The better as far as I'm concerned beat it is. The issues here and that first half was as bad. Offensively and as out of sync offensively I can remember this team of the last 567 years I think part of it we get into this too. A -- that's a couple times of course the weakening the movement through the fact the didn't have Steven -- for whatever reason the first -- For the bulk of the would like to know why would you -- -- -- let's just speculate because they enact an Italian that's fine I understand that he said if you know bill said that you know what's. The team player and we did what we thought was best for the football team in to his credit briefly in the locker room after the game that note you know I didn't -- last week in the jets -- -- -- couple -- -- so. Really in his mind at least publicly -- it was no big deal but I just don't understand why you have a 12100 yard rusher. On the bench going into what really using a key divisional game at that point so it is it's I think it worked -- it can be. Broad -- a little bit but it -- that was really the thing that stood out to -- in the end. In the coming back you know winning in the pulling for one of the sector particularly in the third quarter with a Pettitte struggles this year but. I just don't understand what he did -- the ball more ruby with. I I agree to a certain -- that I guess I would there with a caveat I am. The I wouldn't give them credit for playing great in the third quarter gave him credit for playing great. After the first series of the third quarter which the first series of the quarterly extensively about the -- will -- -- sure sure -- same as first offense it wasn't -- some halftime adjustment came out blew the doors off. I'd say one of the worst series that has the entire day was actually the first series. Of the second half and up you know quarter so there were some other things have been stalled work through what's it from a consistency were good to go -- -- That after that first series Josh Donald up about through four series in a row which would probably some of his best play calling you have a while just was hit on an of one of the most drop a believe by Crocker someone in their work yet we -- guards -- worked there -- just felt like. It was -- they figured out they weren't they got on top of the other thing to his theory we get good complementary player on both sides the ball defense set the ball with some pretty good field position. He continued to get really good performance of them and it's special teams unit -- it was really for the first time that I could remember. In the third quarter all year they were able to -- good compliment to football there but it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The freeze out in the first quarter. That notwithstanding. I think he's still a fourteen years were tips like once we realize of god she's -- Got let's get a -- they do lean heavily on and so I think at fourteen carries. Drug for off for you Needham. You need in my view twenties is what is not doing the Larry Johnson KC -- they rerun the growth 35 if that's part of that the -- why -- -- -- get that. To get to twenties it's seemed odd to let yourself go down fourteen ports without senior bestseller from -- who gets the from the field and gets the biggest issue. It's not that you don't have series where you might mean a little bit heavier on the other guys use them intermittently throughout the game that makes sense to me. In what you within five carries at that point it's just something I've felt had to be going on the had to do more -- story because. They didn't go to mental sold lately I have no problem with -- haven't blitzer especially negate what word on that subject but when you're seeing two sort of the stretch run plays which is like the old. So -- scheme much real Davis kind of thing that you -- to -- words. You know white white white pickle hold downhill. What doesn't look good romo's place and those are some of rule of office of Placer -- the growth -- crowd and there were some. You know stretch stretch in Iran and sideways is not a good thing -- those plays that should Stephen it's well patient patient's heart cut down hill. To mean it was it's sort of same thing we talked but early but -- they hit the third quarter it was just a matter what plays are called but. Who moved duo with and how to sort them -- those things together what's a hit too far and it was a little frustrated that took so long ago the classic game we play I play a lot with myself. A much credit too like given how much blame to like picture how much credit to like give the patriots for you know all for coming in and cut and how much blame to like give. The opposition in how they play I think -- Lost their heads a little bit in the third quarter I think those back to back plays where the patriots turned it from -- you it was seventeen to three human and in about two and a half minute to beat him 1717 game. Adding that the dolphins at that point in the little bit in anything they got out of their comfort zone they got away from some of the stuff that they were doing well early. To -- run the ball in -- thought that it. -- -- Dialed it back a little bit offensively and understood the look. We're in the third quarter were applicant -- third quarter to hi team against divisional leaders let's stick with a -- playing with stick with what with working early on. And keep going -- soy do you think the responding to the idea. That the dolphins got away from what was working for them. But it being. On the other side of the ball. The patriots were able to. Following something. 26 sacks -- the jump from. I think it was 24 in the league. Like. Thirteenth fourteenth fifteenth that we get and know that we talked about this before the sacks are a little bit over rated. But I think it was a really good indication of that the fact that they were able to get good consistent pressure -- in the second enough. -- I think a lot of that team is the result of good team defense and really we saw some really good team defense across the border was just the fourth seventh. But it was that secondary working hard to blanket those guys in particular I thought after what's the from a -- -- -- -- to accretive. -- so there are some schematic things at the features did change in the second half -- thought you know certainly Miami got away from -- I think they had to -- to move by the patriots fans. The pictures came off also in the south during the commercial -- or the -- of the more interactive maps and some still hear from the game to -- -- what are. The -- on fifty. Pitch out of fifty but what are the things that they did was -- initially came out of a three formats of the for the first half regular with Chandler Jones point five technique which is the right defense ministry for. Chairman was to a 2252 -- sixty pound we've been -- about your home for -- that is you can play basically the Seymour roll forty yards light or forty pounds light pretty impressive. I thought in the first -- -- got mauled by Bryant McKinnie and it's just science came into play when woods was Chandler gets a 310320. Normal tackle okay wants a 360 -- succeed got. Physics take over and I think there were some players are you -- got mall. You know and right next to him -- called to I think has shown some serious promise in middle you know men that -- five weeks five through 67 the kind of an average. As an -- ball player. You know he's been a good role mean -- nickel dime he does won't Covert I think his end of the line employee its southern miss hasn't translated here I don't think he's as -- a garbage. It it plain and outside 34 linebacker. He really got handled at times by Charles clay it was not a blocking tight -- by any by any stretch of the second target. Three a little hard time with some softness on the -- -- those two spots side by side with one another. The change they made. Then they actually moved in and out of them because they they came in the world of the very first series the second half. Under court removed the five technique in Chandler moved up the outside linebacker position so you get. Andre who's slightly heavier but not much since Taylor -- just -- -- guy he's a he's if he may have lost a step or whatever he's older got. What he's strong he's a point of attack really strong guy. And then you get bigger with Chandler at the edge that was a nice little changed up they they went in and out of that jail removing gamble what they would do was instead of having a stable part didn't she alert. The -- -- tee off on they would do movement they -- and that would have hit the gap and it one side's point -- -- three for the besides playing -- So I think some of those things certainly did help him. On the secondary point of the the blitzing they certainly did Donald -- it was as aggressive the second -- play calls -- -- them -- would -- writes no modem right to duplicate -- Steve when Steve -- have -- they were much more aggressive bringing five man pressure Texas. They were filed with a hog but it was definitely more of the five that we've seen in the past. The only thing that this would be where my -- would be as far as that. As good as it was for them to get sack numbers triggers the worst -- had the second half were its pressures. -- this is the the third week a row where we've had a third and twenty plus the gets converted. Big 32 point five on third and 25 right they did pressure got it was a quick passer with a two point six. In the fold of the very next play with a fifteen your play gets that same pressure into a -- with regards single. So again it's it. Some weeks what do tonight foot rim -- going to be you're an adult so just say that you don't government program this week it might -- -- for rental might not be the right we tackle box. So it's kind of let's say might dig America throughout -- server console. It was predicated I think import that I think the biggest factor was that they were different at both tackle position so they figured -- you know what -- -- -- Barbara. And Jonathan but Morton is now the right tackle positions been left full year. We're liable to get communication are we liable to get him to screw up the communications and when you walk at the time for the pressures it's it was because they left that up on the other side. So the idea that you have you know Joe's going to be miscounting. Rob Ninkovich is sack one of Logan Ryan socket a lot of these were simply. Slight protected one way count three to a wanna leave -- the three guys get so it was it was a nice work nice -- -- -- -- -- they hit on some things they needed to do. What certainly a mixed message and repeats it while in the second half of what seventeen times. That's how you went with seventeen times I would ticket that institutional personal very formula based on what's happened uniform with a particular home and I don't think -- translate the next. But might if -- him like this week I don't know I agree with you -- game to game I mean these the exchange. Although I do think that just from a fan's perspective not knowing the ins and outs of the x.s and knows the way you do. As a fan I'd like to see the dial it up more than they seem to. And especially when they don't dial it up and they have success -- it is opinion -- We do more than your here's the things are going to what the weather not to do it each and every time that there is a political collection -- -- the vast majority as a political. It comes intact so the play call comes in city. Cover three slash. Broken or -- the -- -- cause right right and it's the bronco have to slash -- is the pressure and it's tacked on based on her. Sometimes a particular backfield set sometimes a particular. There's formations sometimes a particular. Protection that you get their things that trigger so you come out if you don't get it doesn't happen does mean that you would like to do. Sometimes they'll throw the taxiway at half -- is that we just need doing that is November off -- but that may have been the situation last week. But I think the important thing to understand vision document every week have to. Two tackles were brand new and in the third after the biggest factor that goes in with a ruptured and get away with hugging a lot. Is do you have a back that that is a factor in the passing game a lot of these times -- they got home -- Fletcher got one on wasn't a political pressure but it was him simply hugging his coverage. If Lamar Miller is not. A -- to -- -- in the passing game if this in the weeks prior where you had a guy. Who was more of all the the running back that you would not wanna do that so that's why you don't translated we do we do need all those factors -- -- to to make -- -- I talked a little bit about this with someone on Twitter this week in and meet the comparison they've they've they were looking for more blitzing they were looking for the teachers do more with the new rescue squad between the -- -- with the it is it's a little bit like the defense -- the no huddle. You have to look at it in the context to be deemed a Republican in the context of personal you have to put a lot of things. In to give it to -- things can tell when you're talking but whether or not you're -- quit we complete with the situation. In in all of that I think that we would all of deceive him blitz more often -- all of the real one yeah. But but it's but it's it's -- we talk about for the people of Saxon people -- numbers that you deal with it the expensive -- -- defense across the board but I'm saying it. Do you have to look at it in the context between Republican politics of the situation. You can't just do all the heavy equipment about -- I think you'd actually prefer to bullets is little coupons which it provides you consumer pressure and it's also very dependent on who were accused of the -- that you want to keep in the pocket. The last when used properly you know what can we -- the -- in February when Disney -- and boldly going Taylor admitted that that -- there were -- -- their replies -- so that that they got to the point that with Canada where they felt like they were having an affairs on the edge and it felt like to keep an amended it was worth the risk especially with the -- -- -- go back so makes sense. This week you -- with -- I don't know he -- Sunnis and in a major ruling given off its its struggles to move on the field and -- that they didn't -- so it's it's open to I think you reject this this is just for you was we go to the break. We again as I know what's gonna make fuel warm and Fuzzy follows the Cumberland at -- out for the jets. The jets will have sat sun -- Beatty gras starting -- -- incident -- a bit I don't even a lot of I just knew that that was going to be a happy guy the interesting thing about. The patriots went over the dolphins and the problems they had on the offensive line. Was that it may have led to a bigger story which has been playing out all week long in the NFL we'll get to that we'll talk about Jonathan Martin. And -- what's going on in NFL in the NFL culture or at least apparently in the Miami Dolphins locker room. That's all upcoming here on NFL Sunday presented by the Lansky insurance at the lefty they shops that you say is that the plant -- dot com today.

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