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Danny Picard and Rob Bradford on Sports Sunday: Taking a Look Toward Free Agency with the Red Sox

Nov 3, 2013|

The guys are thrilled about your World Champion Boston Red Sox, but they also know that the page turns quickly and the Red Sox will have a ton of decisions to make in the offseason. The guys share their thoughts on what the Red Sox should do, who they should bring back and who is available on the market.

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61777979837. Phone lines are open for his 6177797937. -- bullets Sunday. On WEEI on the host -- are caught here with rob Bradford and studio intimate. To take -- is in Dedham. -- -- Look it as well. I'm broke. -- -- huge huge but it's -- each -- -- Reggie White. Or -- -- that it they'll be fired and it's like to. But that -- very cute. I don't talk about the Red Sox jarrah via and I believe I like that a lot side that it all right -- awaited a like a lollipop got. -- that for hours. Arts and they should start and I agree that marriage and lately intimate -- alive out. It I don't mind was all are up actually Georgia even grow. I think he I -- mr. apartment there in -- world -- We had actually no problem speakers bureau. Apparently minister's department here at 88. -- -- -- -- Yeah out -- contact lenses. Scott Boras I don't want to contact lenses but also pretty well and yet here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I would say this out Al discrete media I think I noted no prom in coming back. Obvious yes juggle some things -- middle Brooks I see the dean joining that -- yeah well it was interesting -- And if you can break in at best stick the play a much respect you are. You gonna be expected a chemistry if you -- -- -- happily go you gotta bring in somebody that's. Considerably better now you're out there and every event the -- He can play catch or are you are in the top spot you can put him there but you gotta keep this -- gather. It's much you care that this pair -- idiot this. The real pity it's a player that that would Jonny -- everytime I hear him talk at all people are these people -- There it out I'll leave you to hear what your way to. Bombs there's gotta be gotta keep these sports seek out these guys are pros and its young. Ellsbury then you got to keep victory. Yeah like our contract for two we had a victory doesn't contact her -- -- -- -- -- that so called Molly what do you think about drew I thought well here's the thing number one did Jennings in the Marlins executive went on and series radio I think he was earlier this morning. And said that they actually have talked about will -- Brooks which you don't really hear from other teams too much. But that should tell you that there's going to be some interest and will middle Brooks a year. A guy who's under contract for awhile the guy who has shown some power potential. He is still some ways ago but has shown a lot of potential. But in regards to drew qualifying opera house to be made by tomorrow at five I think that Stephen Drew was gonna get a call following offer. And if he'd do that I creates the where our team is gonna give up a draft pick for Stephen Drew what that means is it'll probably be back. Now and that you have to weigh who're you gonna deal you have a surplus of guys there. You can deals drew if you wanted a beat the more likely scenario is middle Brooks probably but. There is a scenario. Where Stephen Drew could be your short stock next year. You were talking about Ellsbury robbed and you are talking about years 45 and six -- any deal he's gonna get and how an organization that's the look at that yeah. Well. The left side of his Red Sox infield for the long term. Isn't a look at a middle -- a terrible about it shall I mean isn't that holly envisioned it. You don't even before this year when it looked at a long term is not how they envisioned the website doesn't feel an angry at god that's one. Ways feed vision of cricket you have to -- Coming up here are pretty quick here who could play third base so. You have Marrero was a shortstop right now also on the on the horizon. So it's not like you'd have to have the will middle Brooks in her Bogart's. Dynamic going there as well as to why a lot of people thought I was gonna happen but we're talking about with Stephen Drew Stephen Drew scenario we're talking about one year. One more year. And for Stephen Drew is not the worst thing in the world either you're going to be making if you take the qualifying offer your fourteen million dollars richer. And you're still young enough where you have another good year -- you gonna be able to make some sort of money some sort of contract. Mel Brooks ala. I consider myself a middle -- guy because when I combine. Yeah I guess the two to two years not full seasons obviously the first he got hurt and before that he was racan and they both were big hits I mean -- all the work are there -- many big hits. Last season when there were I felt like Mel Brooks had a lot of them before he went down and I really started to like this kid's game played. Now all I also believe that they should have kept drew and during the playoffs and a lot of people don't untrue because he couldn't -- nine. I didn't look at his defense and I agree that even -- this is the type of guy you lock up the middle. Defensively movement -- as bad as the offense was I would rather see drew which shall. During the playoffs so like do like true or not -- -- -- here but I also wanna see middle Brooks. And have a regular position in this lineup at third base is obviously deposition and you know obviously need -- got to be in the everyday lineup. I just feel like there's no spot for drew. Because of all of -- -- trigger -- virtually it's. General Brooks -- movement first base but you -- your point's well taken about middle Brooks and what he delivered. That he had an up and down year we understand that he went to the docket meaning that many slumped at the end of the year but if you look at his numbers -- poll. Four would basically what it's so he's played in right now regular season he's played in a 169 games. Just more than a regular season. He has 32 home runs 103 RBIs. Batting averaged to 54. OP -- 756. Now we understand better plate discipline. That has to happen. But if you look at those numbers that's a year that's one season the other good numbers you'll take that every time and that's why you have a team like the Marlins. Actually surface -- name as upon the build. So does the man you mentioned the Marlins and I'll mention John column Stanton. -- fully known formally Mike Stanton I mean is this a -- realistically. We should even be talking about it at this Red Sox team I can imagine I attic is I think his arm. Conversation has to start with -- -- I don't think outside -- trade vote at all that's you -- especially after what -- -- -- -- There's no way you don't you have the phone it's one of the things middle order the bats are are very difficult to find and that's why stand even in the conversation. -- Bogart might be that one of those -- the order back to your looking for -- and the only way as not to say that I'm even gonna think about it. The only way I would ever think about trades and a -- got I mean think about it. Is if there was a stud at -- dot -- involved -- still the way I wouldn't go for the all of that in the middle of the lineup because. My theory is you win championships. -- and with. Big time us not -- and a dominant 12 punch but even still if that opponents don't Scott Mitchell is available. I still would end up hanging up the phone I -- -- is untouchable. Here's what's funny is that Q you talked about getting Doug young pitching and every team once that I understand that. But what teams are actually looking for more and more is the young slugger. Because it's it's it's so hard to find the stayed -- baseball even more than the young pitcher. And the -- like give Kansas City. Kansas City when they were floating out Ervin Santana earlier this year right before the trade deadline for the -- hot. What they want it didn't want a young pitcher. They want it a young slugger as the reason why we're in Chicago. Trades -- thorn in what they want back is braving Jacobs the potential. For a young slugger so that's why a guy like middle Brooks has tremendous value I think in the world baseball right now. You think that if I mean do you think drew is gonna be back. They -- and we just said do you think Stephen Drew will be back with this team next. I think. I do I do in the reason why is because of the qualifying offer. Is I think that he's gonna get a qualifying offer and once he does it's going to be very very difficult for him to sign elsewhere. Because I can't imagine a team giving up a draft pick. This signed Stephen -- So in and the Red Sox problem. John -- loves them that they really like what he brings to the table. And the playoffs they like to bring to the table defensively as the and and you don't run brilliant economist at the contact lenses the radio you did. 61777979837617. 7797937. On -- -- bodies rob Bradford. We're here until 1 o'clock count it down back -- -- Wealthy -- Gillette Stadium today. The patriots seven message -- debt early. Red Sox got to be -- World Series. Trophy to Gillette Stadium before today's patriots Steelers game. So get there early that's the message from the patriots will be ticketed to at a -- Sunday would dale modeled Chris Bryce and Matt Chatham at one. On -- to god they would rob Bradford and studio -- ala. Fault lines are opened 61777979837. Six on 77797937. Blob is in the college a -- -- -- Morning guys and one person on the big picture. Rhetorical question that you wander in the winter I wonder if all would come together as well it. -- -- Heartbeat and so -- the year before the year before that I don't mean -- on the practical level. Ringing in the quality guys. A couple of guys but also. The spirit of the team I know so what's out there body being. But I also think that you would be coming out like any bad divorce. He had to go -- -- -- to come up. That's again that's it big picture -- all that it didn't meet the level he could have really come together at that look at. Made little mid level that last year you had no I agree every day it was it was a airway is. The perfect storm of Bobby Valentine being disastrous. Maybe if they don't if they hired Gene Lamont. You go in this world championship in my opinion. And and I'm not even just because I think you a lot probably still a year. Well I don't think I wanna go back to last year too much but if you do when you wanna say play the one -- We'll go back to last year what if the rotation was as good as it was the Shiites I look at the biggest difference and -- a lot of people wanna get to. Clubhouse personalities and guys that they brought in the blood if. It if they had the kitchen auto rotation that they had I mean there's a reason why it that they didn't go on a long losing streak this year. 'cause that phrase momentum is as good annexed -- audio -- the Red Sox this team and even when things went bad for certain guys in the rotation. They always had somebody to step up and gave them a chance to win you cannot say that about -- rotation. No -- yeah I agree that the Bobby -- stuff aside yet Jon Lester Josh Beckett when they pitched they did not win. You have to have -- top of the rotation when they didn't. That was enormous reason why they fell -- all they did. And it'd have definite no absolutely because there was a one point time you know at the beginning of the year Don -- I don't didn't end well up to him personally. And and his numbers but. Damn sure it was a reliable guide for good amount of time at the beginning of the -- abroad or in the middle of the season when -- result when west was struggling. This guy was. You know maybe the most reliable guy on the staff when he hit the mound. Yes -- did you sedated I think that you look at that -- not -- won't losing more than three games in a row. That's a number one that's starting on the depth. Number two it is mindset to mindset about correcting things have to go on -- also -- decide this through a report something on Twitter. -- earlier there was a report about torrent of -- That he was an interview with the cubs later this this week. According my sources. That the Red Sox have not been asked. Formally by any team. For permission to talk to any of their Major League coaches yet so yet do you think they will. Yes yeah I will I do think they will buy a home. My pubic cart before the horse between the cubs in the Red Sox so we'll see we'll see what happens you have. -- that 61777. On seven. 93 sevenths it is some breaking news there from. Rob Bradford WEEI dot com here on sports Sunday Allen is in Hampton New Hampshire went up now. Hey rob how are you good are you now. Doing great thanks -- -- I just wanna touch based on the Stephen Drew and now. And in in I understand that they may give him a qualifying offer but wouldn't that. Kinda defeat the whole purpose of the equally straight. Because basically. At that point you look at that. Basically able to thank given out late -- ball routes for our Stephen Drew when. Although I'll I don't fall you IBM (WSJ) -- sillier got to be played third base -- or why it out by the world. Are you just give it a hundred no I agree every you could move you couldn't. This is a difference -- -- different scenarios. Middle Brooks could move to first base. If you did trade him because of the numbers -- cited you actually could get something decent back -- so it's not like you're giving them away. So it and this is the truth thing is a one year thing. It's a one year thing. And it is it's not like they've altered their plan about Zander Bogart's played shortstop for them. Gripe is that featured -- it. That was that was going to be my next point I mean he emphatically said yesterday actually with Dennis and Callahan. Part of the parade. -- its expectation. That he was -- He was going to war expected to be the shortstop for the Boston Red Sox. And obviously he knows he -- he knows that that drew was here in a one year deal. And and he gets so much or as saying impose her. Do it it -- that can take him out of that position don't you think that would be a detriment to. Anything they're trying to do in the future. Like it -- Pensacola I think that if they have plans to trade Mel Brooks. And you wanna play ball got -- third -- you bring back drew -- I think that if you up future plan is middle -- Turbo got a short. To me yet doesn't make sense to bring drew back and that's not a knock on Drobo 'cause I I like the job the -- did when he was here. Even the post season when it was awful offensively it was very good defensively unique. It emits a big plays up the -- -- I could point out a couple in on the one against Detroit Cabrera U2 runners on up the middle. In game six draw makes a fantastic play a big spotlight that game. That might get that gets overlooked because the struggles offensively was so bad I pinky. That's -- captain -- The the defense of -- true obviously stepped the actual conversation go and that's what kept the faith going in you know what else also did. Wins in -- Bogart's finally did get the play shortstop and he doesn't make the play that a lot of people think drew would have made. I'm not sure Roger I have knowledge -- to admit I don't know ultimately it's not decided what. Yeah wasn't it wasn't like policy and a -- Kim played shortstop but but Stephen Drew had played so good. There so well. That you think that -- you'll make that play. It's just it's an interesting conversation I'd like Mel Brooks at third -- got to -- for the future I like that. That might be the future of this after next year what if you if you bring drew back to play in US may applicable about it. Yeah Alia you and your players Bogart's every day and -- that where does that leave Melbourne to. They could move me me it you might move him the first base if you don't re -- Mike Napoli which is a very real possibility. Considering the entrusted you might yet. Or you might deal is more or you might you might bring -- ball back and they've done this before Danny you go back to Adrian Beltre Michael. There has been duplicated they've entered his spring training -- Roster. -- wanna say overflow why would you bring Mike -- that. I don't understand I just don't understand that logic like you would bring him back to Fatima on the team offers Mike Napoli three years this -- team offers. Mike Napoli three years at the 39 million. And I know that I know that your that your in the now UI it -- now because I think this team right now can win. Can I have another chance -- -- -- connects you to get together -- that good -- you get the key moderates like what they've done so far. Is is not getting tied into contractors uncomfortable long term. If you look across the board. Victor -- two more years Dempster won more years. -- -- think it while these other guys up after this year. -- Jonny -- one more year David Ross one more year do not get tied in to the bad contracts. And so I'm not saying the Mike Napoli the third year three year deals can be bad. But you have to go to with the guys wide open that this guy does have a hip condition. Now it didn't it didn't get worse that's a step in the right direction but you have to be wary of that sort of thing. And I if you don't -- If you brought her back play amateur played -- got -- third. And you did bring Napoli back to which to me again as I know you wanna talk about the 34 years from now but I'm talking about right now and it would be. Stupid and opera Napoli back if you did bring Napoli back. You can metal works around -- and won't middle Brooks. At forty what does value you know -- what does -- play do you think about. Well you gotta you gotta set out of the line is done about it -- values probably in December. Before you before you get into the into the spring training where you're right there's. Teams know that you have a surplus I will say this this is one thing -- where ignoring we shouldn't Stephen Drew gets offered a qualifying offer. Then. He could still side -- another team. Now I say five dry ice are all right I find hard to believe. This team we're gonna give up a tropic now if anyone get that done it's gonna be Scott Boris. And he can sell Steven -- teams saying he's worth the draft pick because of his tapes because of what he did this year. He's a good player. And four teams it really need to solidified their shortstop position a contending team like Saint Louis. Sure -- maybe they give up the draft pick is not out of the realm of possibility. Now one point Saint Louis a look back on and never really have a tough time sleeping over the next couple weeks is that first thing. A gamble on defense and Andy in not to look at too much into this receipt Lewis does have a history Stephen Drew. Not because he played there before but because when -- his brother was there Steven would travel with those guys would work out with Jose ten though. As as high school kid. So that that the coaching staff knows about him. That's getting way way down a lot but we enter all to the conversation 61777979837. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Morning guys that nickel back -- camaraderie to camaraderie and let. I think it does go back last year because of all Bobby Valentine in the meeting whatsoever at the end of the year that it -- income Billick. I don't think you have the you have the environment this year but in the end of the guys can make the plays but it is down the stretch. I actually called Gary Justin is in New Hampshire -- up just. Just an interaction. Dole wants Justin don't twice gone and I think the -- back last year to me I. I don't know how much I really want to do you like that do you not because I I've really do rather really look at the rotation. I look at lap I mean Lackey was the ace of the staff for a lot of -- regular season I don't reckon won't show it -- wanna look at the stats on Lackey regular season. You don't come away with that they thought he was the case. Now what I are a lot you know you like Norton 2012. Not. Yeah but I find it fascinating. You know why because this is we talked about the perfect storm of this whole thing. It is fascinating to me to think of how what had to happen. For them to turn this thing over it Bobby Valentine you debt managers fired after year typically now. That was did Patrick -- in and I didn't get a chance to hear I guess he was pretty good more of that. This here on our recent. Ali was just yeah. There was it was is that improbably he was just a big win with this team yeah and just. And that's why I believe it's like on -- with last year's. They -- so obviously Bobby Valentine Atlanta until production. -- unless he's robbed if you if you wanna force me to go back to last year which don't. If you want me to go back to last year there was -- time. Where I have sort of throw my hands up and said well there's so much the manager can do if it's the golf when -- games. Right at some point the spot digit the next stage dot pitch in the next nights -- -- -- this development loan and take control for seven innings and got. It's just. I could've done social club chairs being legal. I -- done and that sort westerners take no one country are very good about it. Oh well CC here's the problem. Here's the problem that statement is that you can make the argument that last year's team to begin the year. Woods justice talented if not more talented now you have the right combination of guys you get the production others starting pitchers -- All that we understand that. -- But Bobby vowed -- I keep coming back the first thing he talks about whatever this subject has broached as how many guys are still left with the team. Well you know what happened. With this team was like they won this team this year because of beards. Because of of of the good times express. A big part of the reason they won this year was -- that they already had the superstars. They already had record group of guys and those guys and they were able to get the most. Out of the guys who were already here. We're extremely talented. Yeah and I'm not trying to sit there and defend Bobby V and I don't even allies Al. That the reason I don't wanna bring Lester it was because his name automatically comes up when you talk about last season with its Red Sox team. Put. What -- -- mentioned rob they had the big they have that the play they had the pitches then. Lackey was -- obviously west who was himself a block colts. Well once again a guy he was hurt last year -- went and -- storm lasted though he was one of the teams is one of the only guys that showed up when he was healthy last year in our rotation. But Georgia's two pretty god there was a point on -- much she's a -- did say. Well come on now how how much we gonna blame this on a manager. Go out and in it in a sport that is more individual that any professional sport annual grant that right in the moment you know put guys on second. And you're up at -- -- yeah to Kyle. The relationship manager of the relationship of another -- team really shouldn't factor in how you handle added that it should. And when you're a big spot yet two strikes on a guy and -- on the mound. And it's the difference between what the team come -- got a rally or read about Saddam bound to the dugout and preserve a lead. When that pitch battle to -- is common. You know -- relationships. It doesn't matter to me make that picture last year there were two times that they couldn't make that pitch well they couldn't come up with that big hit. While they couldn't come up with a defense of Plano this year I think a lot of the stuff. As all the little things like the bids that in -- you know what lottery has a lot -- disappointed with that. You know what you don't want and it doesn't Eudora manifest themselves the beard the camaraderie. It's talking. Baseball talking through situations. Being willing to get a hotel room and actually talking about these -- talking about scenario like the guys work well and also know and then all holding no yes no yes but what I was gonna say with the also holding yourself accountable when you don't do the right things. That's when the camaraderie that's when the chemistry actually manifest itself into production to something on the field and that's what they did. They help themselves accountable for doing the right things. And a lot of times you'll see where -- could have great chemistry but you're not talking about the right things you're not taking the right approach. That's the difference between this year's Red Sox team and a lot of the other teams -- restate this is the best group of guys ever. 61777. On seven not 837 dance in Foxboro it's a -- I got -- got an -- of not bad I just Andrea a question if you're -- To. Who's gonna be checking it in -- it last year. Would you have bet that. I would've said the Bruins. I would not etc. -- Yeah I don't get in order now no one dollar -- put you last Melissa. -- -- one question at a but you know I mean that no one's gonna pick a topic today -- -- repeated Celtics. Why I don't I completely disagree but lied you believed that. Well because. Or white right why don't why do you believe the Celtics could be the next scene when a championship in Boston I want your reason for autumn. Because there's not they think any of the other teams are gonna win over the next few years and years and the Celtics are probably gonna be pretty good position what. I that that. Let's say you're basing -- on other teams like I guess that's fair you wanna dates a you -- -- the they basically don't think the other teams are -- championships long enough we think the Celtics will bounce back look the Celtics. Idol this season is obviously. Not a year that they can win a championship will look at when Rondo could overtime and what happens if to make certain trades. Did more draft picks and that the draft picks that somehow get the lottery and get out a dominant player on the that's sweet it's not we have plenty of time to talk about that but right. Now all -- this Celtics are not going to be I tell you realize no it's I don't know if you watched that -- united to me that this wreaked it -- of that of those ML cart teams -- -- tainted it's not Gerald all of the shot Gerald Wallace is the modern -- Todd day I don't want Avery Bradley drive into the basket in the final seconds strategy. Jeff Green right now is -- and and it was every breath I don't win activists Jim isn't productive -- him. I don't get the W. Not -- to erupt and you and it -- and I feel that statement but you know get a reaction man at all. But you know -- strict laws that would put Zora -- New York accent. Doll from -- and -- so people aren't. -- you I know you -- themselves. It you know -- YouTube you know what I love about it is it -- did he calls -- York when he says my last name is this like my friends they my last name say it. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah well together is. The worst thing that any sports team which is one of sidled into an option of capital through two games. Is it's just that. I am a big believer in chemistry I don't chase competitor competitor -- the competitiveness and execute an appeal but the thought disable chemistry. And guys -- play the other well. And you know make people a guy like Napoli and -- keep Singapore I think broke -- is going to be a big effect and make sure these dictators. I don't really start coming around playing well. I think get healthy Buchholz was like comparative. To release a little fire in the stock and the starting pitching if you keep this team together I mean. Look back at 67 win not only that they celebrate your insight there about the that the that this old several -- -- -- guys -- Posey PJ brown gold. In -- key players off the bench. You know the video I'd like slice -- -- -- -- -- crap after that you don't want a -- that the title -- that didn't keep it came together and I'll fill up moderately dual. -- thanks to call it I feel like it's easy to keep the team together baseball that would be no Celtic situations that that you just mentioned but. As we get close at 1 o'clock then that we ticket and FL Sunday I'm gonna take a break he's rob Pratt and on the -- got fault lines are open for the rest this 0617. 77 on 7937617. 7797937. Sports Sunday WEU launch last night -- Yeah and so. Were you rooting for literary -- guys aren't.

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