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DJ Bean, WEEI.com, Joins Sports Sunday with Picard & Bradford to Discuss the First Month of the Bruins Season and Look Ahead to a Big Week for the B's

Nov 3, 2013|

It's now officially hockey season and DJ Bean joins Danny Picard and Rob Bradford to give his thoughts on the Bruins' first month of the NHL season.

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Welcome back sports Sunday there until 1 o'clock and -- tickets at a -- Sunday when Dale Arnold Chris price and Matt Chatham. As they able give a complete preview. To the patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers at Gillette today at 425. Before that we can bite. -- patriots to a to an additional little spice again. It's a lot of -- -- got a lot of Red Sox the talk a lot and even some Bruins because the Bruins now. A month into the season and last night and did not look very good. I'm at a loss to the island is. Long Island and talk more about this game -- the bruins' season as a whole what to expect -- the next month the so -- bring in a DJ dean from WEEI. Dot com and AT&T hotline DJ. I don't. Hear you on your identity that. That thank you DJ. Do you buy him speak before you've praised -- and bring him down I'm not do. Do you body deteriorated by that is going to be -- if if if if lowly. -- do you do you buy it did did -- take that. Last -- it was no big deal because. They had to travel all the way Long Island. It was a Saturday night in you know every day I think it's in the the CBA actually did you -- allowed you know you don't expect to try at a Saturday night. In Long Island. So do you buy into that. That wasn't like hey let us know the red -- or say my theory that is that is I think op -- What's -- TJ what -- your -- Let's go to the locker room in the dressing room like last night after the game that's a tough loss what's the mood. Well I was I was not there I was not sure why would what was the mood be like him. That -- to move the moon would be like if you want the games -- you know not too many people are our -- are on the boat talking. Here's a few that were being -- in the background media meeting me. One in buffalo few years back but it stunk up the joint lead in the game they had no business losing. Look. I mean I don't mind that a loss like that is unacceptable. That the -- replace the second of back to back. You're waiting for that you're ready you've had a collapse they. You should be get ago. It in your raw hole. But I'm also the mind of let's look pump the brakes on freaking out over the flatten these -- and how they've been consistent. In how they have been anything special because. If there's anything that last year taught us it's you can be whatever you want any point the regular season and as long is it going to bring in the post -- like they did. -- he was awful in the regular season and they have been available on the that would cut so -- I'm not panic. Eight DJ when I -- -- the -- mom to -- in general terms based on clos Julie Ann's comments. After woods and he said I don't know what you wanna call it I call not good enough there's no way in the world should comment here and play the way we played we're not competing -- -- And I agree but -- curious sort of you just said. You know early in the season we're talking about a Bruins team that was what two wins away from a cup last year. Not coming out you have to play 82 games after a shortened season last year. You have a couple of injuries boy chuck Ericsson is that a top human nature is awfully tough to to get up for that one last night if you're if you're Bruins -- you know with -- With ultimate goal here dean Stanley Cup know how close they were -- I just feel like it's human -- if I'm not gonna forgot about it like that last night. Well look I mean it yeah -- it's human it's maybe it's human nature heard them to not be up for. A random Saturday night game on the on Long Island that your -- the -- -- -- there are Danny. Where you would you have Chad Johnson and that you your mind that you change of we've got a backup -- here we we can't really all they've that the real we don't want -- lead to dry and defensively they're pretty sloppy -- they kind of have been earlier also they're coming up that game against Anaheim where. -- -- I know you're there and we both saw them get credit with one shot on goal in the first period they did not have a shot on goal the first period. They were given a bit -- one from Zdeno Chara though. He should. Given how they have been playing they should feel poorly enough both their game that when they go into any game they're thinking. Our guys what actually it will look try to put that -- end up. -- If it was not there was a Long Island on a Saturday night. And it. Billy or yeah a little bit that did not count so let's move Ford to double bubble before more -- more report from the Red Sox to qualify -- Moving toward the Bruins last night. Towards the big one. On Tuesday. What do you think that hole -- is going to be like I'm speaking of course of Tyler -- return. I don't even know what with to make it and -- mean I'm still. I'm doubtful wrapper around not that that from my head around that that the fact that he got himself traded out here but. I mean it's going to be a big week in general or other -- -- Tuesday. You've got -- that he's healthy on Thursday. You've got Phil Kessel on Saturday -- going to be this could be a monster of low level week in Boston so. Cassel dropped the Mets last night don't -- I know. That that's kind of all he did he too optimistic certainly strolled around the -- -- if it was. Alex burrows who finds himself in the middle of everything weird but anyway. Pour forth that effort DJ for those for those who haven't been tracking. Tyler says -- progress we are not talking about myself -- I have -- but for those who haven't. What what's been your take on what he's done and -- so far. He's. All right so he's got a lot of points he's. He's at at fourteen points or thirteen games right now portable. He's and even a rating which means that just as many even strength goal has been record against him as. As hadn't scored what he's been on the -- thank you for the plus minus education partnership don't want to them installing it up. That's not great person when you put up a lot of points especially at the top line player. You also want to be spending goals against so that's not spectacular and most importantly the stars are winning so I mean it. You do in the situation where he can be the same exact player he was and he can he can still play on the periphery which is what he's doing he's. He's basically been the same player that he wasn't balked -- putting puck -- the -- a little bit more. It will -- that you allowed to do that in Dallas where he does not to be committed to system and to be honest. It will will talk to him tomorrow because the stars are current sounds a day early. I'm sure that just being out of that quote system and having all that pressure off and in trying to. Figure out of the -- spurs are meant that the player -- -- I'm sure about that it would doctors' shoulders and you made up but the uptick in production but I mean. It's it's it's similar click the Phil Kessel argument you know -- -- -- he cooked up. A bunch of points in Toronto. But where -- -- really get them until last year in so that that's kind of my take on it that it could have -- numbers over there. But it's not going to be as -- I mean I -- someone some of last night that a retreat. There was like. A meanwhile all the Bruins aren't scoring -- has thirteen or fourteen points and thirteen games. And -- it is in that rocket like I don't think that you could say if they they get. Could they be getting all these points from him because they thought they get that you still see some of the issues that the that the Wednesday it was in line up which was. You don't want the puck on the stick even -- races although sort of edit this wait two hours he can be the U. And I don't wanna say not. I don't wanna -- soft player but -- mean the player that he is the. Way to the end of the year right because we didn't look at what things -- juxtaposed against it -- -- Ericsson. And right we don't we don't know what's going on -- -- solicitous -- way to the end of the year tonight's conversation now but this way. So let's pick away at DJ being from a WEEI. Dot com and on AT&T hotline DJ. Gloria Erickson is a guy that obviously is miss some time here he's making strides so when can we expect Erickson -- back in the bruins' lineup. Well it's a good sign that he was back on the -- yesterday morning skate Denny that. It is that you know -- skated off in the time that if you wanna get. Someone back on the ice and -- the -- -- -- everything you can their -- skating you do it morning skate the good morning skate not contact though. I mean that that's the big except for for Ericsson. Used to start taking contact the Bruins aren't skating -- not doing anything on the -- today so. Who knows that may be Ericsson will skate by himself and have another day just on the -- which would be another positive step but like I said. The next big thing is getting cleared for contact. And taking contact so. Tomorrow will be a big test is if you go on the face it he's practicing. In that regard and that'll -- at that will be a big test I wouldn't. I wouldn't expect him to be back as soon is that Tuesday but. I mean with concussions you never know it could be could be few days to be a few more but the fact that he's back skating at least. For now means that you'll report remember we don't need support a couple of years ago he got back on the niceties they're skating. And a couple days later all of a sudden we're Nathan Horton a lawyer had a setback in now use this many steps back though. I mean it's a way in keeping with Ericsson but it's good as they get him back. Pretty -- Hughes scored a couple of goals but he still certainly wasn't. Where he's going to be at some point in this system and on Patrice Bergeron lines so that's something that you'll that it hurt so -- what he comes back. If he hadn't scored right away that you don't hang your head and say -- seawall that the city and they this say in Erickson thing didn't work out because they. They could use some really badly right now because right now you got two guys on Patrice Bergeron -- Brad Carson this just. Really going back to last post season. It has had a rough go of it -- Riley met a mean -- has been solid as -- pleased about that production from these guys so. It'll be good. What he Ericsson comes back to have some semblance of more toxic fly and then -- treat bird or let it looked like. Yeah. I mean they knew we was gonna be a kid that in another system on another team that lets him open his game up it's gonna put the puck in the net I think the Bruins knew that. I think what they wanted to do obviously was. Combined with maybe some of the off I stopped state they want to get a guy. Like Erickson but also even a guy like they got a general with all those moves they were able to to bring in Jerome again law. How do you feel like he did what has fit in with this team so -- -- went through one month of the regular season. I mean I -- I think he's been I don't -- -- spectacular but he has been the I -- that quote Julian a few days ago before they played Pittsburgh just to vote. What their expectations were referred it was coming in to replace his art but to remember last year when they tried -- -- That's that they are trying to do right that they were trying to get someone to put on the -- right right wing and be an upgrade over it and -- He made by important down to the third line or depending on what they've -- they're gonna get a report help -- who knows. But in due in basically came -- have been used as an upgrade over or. End to this extent he has been I mean I look at you -- Lucci each. In years past not even just last year when he was awful even the year before that. If Lucic or Horton would kicking game off if either one of them would be -- per game both of them would disappear and they were a good influence on each other in that when they were bulk going to outline was as. Outline of where any opposing optics line down but. It's one of the look at that deport those two guys to the game then suddenly you got David curt yup they're playing by himself. Drove the get political update in and Jarome Iginla expect a lot of is widely. -- capital those years in Calgary obviously. And I mean between that. You're seeing. I could potentially career years out of Craxi and in the teach. And also just what he shot brings you really sought to beat these diminish shootout the other day he got a goal out. What -- shot brings here on the power play or just on its own. You -- -- the table I know that it aged 36 people question -- they get this guy on the back nine. Yet they are but if you're getting whole game got on the back and you still get some pretty good so I think it would be great so far and obviously you -- and popularize Indian and in the room he's as good -- guy you'll get this. -- character and chemistry standpoint. That's huge upgrade in an off season to get rid of a guy like say yen in bring in the guy like Iginla who just couldn't do it again places. I mean to. Chemistry and character wise it's it is to get that. -- is a good dude that's all I care I care about. That the game last night didn't count -- the Joseph would you was a good -- -- -- thing I feel it's my responsibility. To put out there the early demos are good guys because. You have these holdovers like like salt from the from the the trade didn't happen who had their mind made up that. Journal to get blood -- look like Boston bad guy horrible super awful really mean guy and -- in reality he's a good guy and it's like. There your job is done yeah. As always axle work -- did you that's a lot great job of detectives don't yet dominate the Tyler say in coverage are right. All right you'll try you'll do. Good job good job DJ being WEEI dot com it's a great stuff right the lies we as we talk about the say again. Week it's it's again week is it honestly as I Pennsylvania and money eight tests and what does it. Six so he got a little bit of a scrap. Little grassy did. But borrows last night it lasted point five seconds desolate -- -- -- the Mets cannot. It did not last very long but to back to that gamut from minutes. To close out the pro stock will get back some Red Sox know we have some calls on the phone lines is still open for his 61777979837. Begin blood. To go back to that -- if people don't like again -- I've heard some people say this to me this again like ally he wanted to take Pittsburgh I would probably wouldn't have picked picked Pittsburgh last year. At the time. Get to play with Cindy Crosby. I'm getting melt and they get the play with that team. It was Apollo host penguins CNET and I was chosen not to I don't hold that against her home again look. I believe he is a good fit I didn't expect him to comment the Bruins. And you'd be one of these elite goal scorers even noticed. You know he's known for a shot I think he's also known as a guy who's gonna win battles and that's what this team wants. He's certainly done that. Well I look at last night -- I know you don't like my my. Theory on this but -- it is not a -- it's just a thought that it's human nature and an 82 game NHL season last night it's awfully tough to get up that want. I don't think it's a lot of backup goalies and you really wanna come on have a little bit more fan. I feel like maybe even a little bit less. Because of that at times -- couple injuries boy chuck data de Erickson did stay who knows when he'll be back though. And it is a big week for the Bruins if you want to get up some regular season goes in November. It would -- announced good what good this week where more -- that's why you know DJ so good and we had a modern art but Bruins who were more for game to other things hasn't. And that's fine we're still gonna talk raw Red Sox have always said that the most popular sport in Boston is -- -- offseason I truly believe that. I truly believe -- specially now but the -- the Bruins are going in now you have a week like this it's a great time to jump in the Bruins stuff. And it brings up the topic on the question who's the next Boston team. That is the best chance to win a championship we want your phone call 61777979837. On data cut. He's rob Bradford this -- sports Sunday. WE yeah.

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