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Danny Picard and Rob Bradford on Sports Sunday: Reliving the Red Sox Championship Parade and Season

Nov 3, 2013|

Danny and Rob kick things off discussing the amazing day in Boston yesterday that saw the Red Sox celebrating their World Series victory with the fans in the streets. The guys recap their thoughts on the whole, magical season for the Sox.

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Morning everybody sports Sunday there on WEEI. On the host David got in studio it to rob Bradford this morning. As we. Look back. At a championship parade day yesterday. That we ruled out of forget -- you swimming in the Charles I was not there. I actually watched that. From the comforts of my home ball itself to want to be here right commentary I did I I won't lie I was flip flip back and bulletins -- I did. I did it every channel had a different view at different times -- you review visually your audio visual and audio but I did enjoy listening to you guys. I preferred to take the the Packers as they always do what I do parade commentary do you always do -- every time I've been I've been known for hosting parades and you know this this load has 40000 -- lacks -- EPO I am pretty good at that. And I prefer to take the tactic of being information. And setting the Seton. But it it was I thought I thought I I I did I -- a broad campus it's tough. Like you know why you say that they had any doubt that that I've told me that I did a psyche job out. Not you -- their sacred heart not. There is some people on other stations that not necessarily sports you know that that you -- host these things they're not sports personalities. And David needs is to keep the conversation don't -- I don't there there a time dad I know you name you don't say it's it's a tough thing to do. I don't know the I don't trade I don't know I don't -- criticized you know we consider are not currently get delicate or criticized bottle. I don't want to criticize because it's kind of a family us parade common yeah. No we're or family me Ryan Seacrest. -- He took all the rest of us I'm -- hour we'll keep the top thirty out today to -- like a guy that we will talk about some of the Red Sox top. Free agents there as we look forward to Mosul also look at. Really what what's the next team in this town. That has the best chance to win and a -- Celtics yeah all right sounds good. Deal because it's up some free agent you know that yeah that yeah really and you know what I never would of I never would've come out of my -- every day and trade. On that and this -- if but it meant that in that at some point after that so I would. -- going out of business because. I don't -- I don't call that true I. I got out there are you pretty good news Chicago guys going out of -- I don't know if that's the reason why that's what the year I like it. Every girl like you. But I like I like the fact that you bring some some incredible information like Comcast is going had a bill that's not really inside information that's my personal theory. Basically because also it's tough to -- a lot on it isn't Brooklyn -- I tell you it's also tough ones. With the right people card gas there were cars island. All have a lot of friends over there. It's tough watch in the celtics' game I watch the game yesterday holy mackerel and talk behind him already oh all over Brad Stevens. How can you not ride you cannot have half court operated to this group of players. Anyway. -- was -- -- the other night but we we're we're not gonna talk much about that the Red Sox let's look back here robbed. At this apparatus it is special moments obviously you had at the at the finish line. -- -- The marathon finish on David Ortiz. Runs across that you have Jonny Gomes and salty -- that ceremony took the World Series trophy down with the Boston strong Red Sox Jersey. I just a special day I mean that -- and and I know we just talked about. Commentary on on TV -- and you covered it and really -- tough job that is -- that's about it it's it well from my standpoint and you know. Realizing what you have to do trying to think of what goes into it you've got to talk about parade and how much of the. Parades and actually you say you duplicate that grew unhappy in order. Take me back -- that you can you what did you I -- everybody I wasn't so what was the feeling like I was very happy gaming and a very happy. It was amazing now I said this I said this is the time is that. We are now activists see something like this ever again we haven't seen anything like this ever again -- championship parades we understand that. -- have a championship parade coupled with -- what went on and at the Boston Marathon finish line because correct -- wrong. But this is really the first sort of ceremony right there at the marathon but it all fine yeah absence the marathon bombings. And there's still that that's a big deal because we know what's gonna happen America's going to be a lot of ceremonies and be a lot of tribute. But this is a huge step toward the healing process I thought that you -- stop. The marathon finish line. Have this ceremony you can see some of the people already there being emotional. So. That was just added to it but overall you talked about the mass of people. You could you looked at interests at elation since its choice -- happiness. And I say this also. Anyway we forget sometimes. How. When a team win the championship round here how teams the mood. Of everybody I remember going to workable son the day after the Patriots won against the Rams. And even the most miserable people in the newsroom where happy -- it's it's amazing. And you look at Johnny Gomes there at the finish line -- -- between the chest and Jonny Gomes it's great to see. And not to say that the other guys don't care about people Boston. What I feel like Jonny Gomes. He teach it just he gets it yet it's -- and I can remember him after the the marathon bombings when he had the specialized that. I'll whip with -- Barrett good call yeah -- into it and I can remember him elements look at us it's a day. You know what we become professional athletes we realize. We should realize that that it's more about us just go out in the field and winning games you know we have a responsibility. To be a role model. To the to the citizens and the people in this community and Jonny Gomes and etiquette not waste okay. But it's great to see you can really see how much he does actually. Absolutely. And -- and are absolutely it's it's. And it's amazing that this guy he wins right and he goes to teams Indy wins but he hasn't won championships. But it's amazing how this guy can go from team to team to team team. After what we've seen from him this year. Yeah he's a flawed player in some ways but he brings so much to -- team and we saw so much to a city in so much to. And firemen. -- and we saw that again yesterday there. This is sports Sunday on -- cottage rob Bradford was going to be I guess you look back at the Red Sox season. I mean I know we've really that we've broken everything down there with this team Robin why they -- championship at what point. Point is -- on the fans to look in to for the look at the next year. I mean is it is it -- no no it's not too -- to look into three and a couple. 01 point he's OK let's keep let's enjoy this moment and that's not what Albert played last game did we just Ellsbury gave the quota on people trying to I'll -- -- -- -- practice the last thing -- Oh boy does yeah that was the last thing you said regrets as you before right big baby perhaps but -- health ago he said that that's the one person they were you're back to WEEI tapes Kirk and I were on yesterday in -- kitchen with try to get an interview from. I believe I have audio of -- say will be backers second we immediately said he's not coming back now. -- -- -- and then we we guy that we understand by USQ what is in our right to move on. I honestly get this -- the day after people are already moving on to free agency because that's how it works. As you always look to the future and people. Love team building they love it. -- a good week as it goes on we rehash a season all the time yeah. We don't get this opinion get the sense that right away bull this talk about qualifying offers bull with. I -- -- god look back I watch the games again. Yeah and the -- I mean. Our goal line you watch highlights and I think back at some of the plays even in the Tampa series that is a while that didn't happen it might not be. Blame the tiger is in the ALCS certain guys that stepped up. So what's happened that I feel that for most critical week I think a week -- good to look back I. Written about this -- in it with that mine. We I think it is a little bit of a blur and I think that we we don't live in the moment are we live too much in the moment sometimes but it. There are moments within this post season run. -- wool stack up with anything in Red Sox history I think transcend a lot of things that we held so high. And I said yesterday I think that David Ortiz Grand Slam. Might be the most dramatic moment. In Red Sox history. Discussed. The most dramatic moment in Red Sox history yes well then -- tomorrow we get to most dramatic moments in Red Sox history. I immediately go back to games -- five minute 2000 ails -- and it goes and and you can look at. And the laws blocked you can look at. Dave Roberts steal second I mean I -- David Ortiz home run right down the and you know in the Alley and David Ortiz in game five up the middle. You know well -- I don't -- I don't and is. Courtesy that's Agile but my Joe -- that's pretty Guillen was. -- -- He's doing Dave O'Brien I Ortiz and our car and I -- -- Rollins College. I practiced Joba can PLO and clear clearly paid off. But Vince Wilfork to not go our way that -- -- bust out -- respectable again. What talking about the steals. And Smart -- apropos that chance Vince Wilfork can't. You know he hasn't talked to the media anymore now -- he's obviously a season yeah. Guys that are off for a week they don't keep rebounding is Stockton in media in two weeks now yeah so I think that's a sign that he won't play. Yeah in Pittsburgh as the Patriots do their fourth -- tell you you have to throw for. Talking about the -- -- I'm I'm not ready for -- Don Imus warmup when we -- we morphed back to the Patriot that would get to -- we -- on the reds are what I wanted to. Most dramatic yes -- -- that. When you mention David Ortiz is Grand Slam and I look back on the season and you can point to so many things. The Saltalamacchia was terrible and the rosters -- and you had a lot of people criticized. I look at the regular season with him too I guess it's leads into the discussion of do -- with free agents because he's. You know what you want a free agents. But let's not forget that even back then you just mention that dramatic moment he hit. They Saltalamacchia. At the game when he hit yeah. The grand slams huge they don't even get a chance to win without that. Well because. All that's yet did it all in all I know that. You guys know I don't just want to repeat the name that's doing that's the emperor you can't do that have to try and sound like I can't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Back to dramatic moments. I think it's easy to forget that Saltalamacchia had that big hit that spot again. Oh. Yeah well Brooks they got that really is not a single vote in. But he was by four here to his game. War runs down. Or runs two outs. I mean is this if this wasn't and I understand what -- saying that 2004. Perfectly legitimate argument. -- you're talking about oh. A game number 10 down Iran and then also a game tied we're talking four runs down. If he doesn't get that -- they can bring in Phil Coke and neighbor she can get ahead than. And they still run down outlook not trying to say it is have been hit obvious follow its most dramatic moment. A lot of it's a good fit it all it's up there it's up and maybe it's because I was in the building for games or five that he doesn't -- -- tonight that maybe gives me. A little long -- excitement. With that regard I was also I you'll obviously -- I was there as you know just in standing horrible in game six. It this year and our road there's an -- yeah it's. I didn't mean we with a room for a while you know get him in a dead in -- -- game. Maybe our job didn't sneak and get snuck in from. Some people. At least I can't well kind of like -- that it takes to beat tiger by a lot that there are a lot of people it's not in because that was the most crowded and see Fenway Park my highlight basket. And I can also say that. The victory -- Triple. Off the top of the wall was that's I don't I've heard Fenway loud but that was as loud and other. Really yes and I was in the building at the 2004 games 45 nails yet. So that was as loud as I've heard -- that it was because you get at 30 lead statement hold people realize we're. Actually gonna win the World Series that I general. There's sobering things in new and you have mentioned safe at home there's so many little things. It was gesture. Besides just winning the World Series it was such a great playoff front there was such great games. And that's why don't mind looking back and go through it but even like that. Even that play that triple. You have Matt Holliday does a great job or tried to -- -- off the wall and but Jonny Gomes doesn't buy one instant we're not -- instant he doesn't by any score from first. Right it be that since this is what made this team little things like that. I think this the other day which was Daniel -- remember. Art structure and play a little thing about that obstruction play Dustin Pedroia brought up on the radio the other day. Which was. Data numbers back it up the play. He's back at the -- it makes a great throw. It's little things like that no those are dramatic moments and those are gonna make the crowd roar and you understand. But that's why the reds are two champions little things like those. Little things and and you know everybody really stepped up and -- had. All the spots that may do we won't talk about like Felix who brought how he. Before not the bullpen. Yeah the World Series at a point lighter than my first time on WEEI. Rob you called in and we would talk about that final roster spot on the big -- nothing really brought -- -- -- We've jelled yet should -- hot -- you do it. Yeah you did say Felix LeBron and this was a god that was not happy about and I think that's why the question came up. Well Felix too -- didn't want to go to the ball that's right you're double you know if you could trust the mindset of a guy that didn't want to pitch out of the bullpen the playoffs don't I'll take the spot that could. And that was fair and -- -- -- fair because that's exactly what his mindset was. And then all of sudden he figures it out. And that's eagle back to how good -- to brought what in the World Series could be a big Franklin Morales -- -- situation. This there was so it's so much to talk about in this play it was a great great run. So many great games and aids. It can be gifted you know we've got to play up front before we go at the World Series runs before. In the games have been accurate you end up with a dramatic result. And you win the World Series but you can't tell me that the 2007. World Series run was as good of good games and we saw this time -- ninety close may because. Though all they want I mean we remember this one obviously war but not all of these Fisher. They -- you know a lot of it off Matt Holliday in blah blah in the playoffs and oh yeah up to have that. That's -- I mean you can read all about it Michaels book but that's that's a hold of the story. -- about it's it's just it was it was just a great player offered to have you talked about. Everything and anything in regards to this playoff run this Walters our ball for. But I will say this to any. I do think people people are all jacked up about the yard -- that jacked up about an idea I don't know not jacked up for mobile from the team. But they all that they're bracing themselves and that's how people are. Right that's been out here -- the race itself small -- -- noble -- here is why it's a brace yourself brace yourself motives you cannot expect this to happen again. They can win again what you did it everybody tell us that last last season's. No no you guys don't like this would happen -- oh my -- it's -- by -- is the key not. Duplicate exactly cannot people are gonna wanna bring to the entire team back. Do the exact same thing that's how it works in sports you know that I do know that -- you know I also know like. Is that this rotation. Is back. Yes and maybe that is the biggest reason for the turnaround that is the biggest reason why. This team was where they were a lot of got through the first round and four games why they beat Detroit. And weakest point all these things in the World Series that the little things that happen and and the big hits we not do it. But Lester and Lackey I don't -- I mean you need the 12 punch you can't just have one age you can't have one got installment. Either 12 punch and then you need a couple guys. The 34 guys that -- -- they give -- chance to win and -- those guys give you more on that even. Buchholz not. Close to -- -- as we saw. I mean this is this was a team to me that was led by asked -- -- with the rotation and -- top dogs and it those guys coming back. So I mean I can't sit here today and tell you that it's him it will be impossible asked actually yet to duplicate. Some of the moments like it shouldn't even in the past World Series we haven't seen moments like this help it it's fair to say don't duplicate the moments the special moments. I bet it's fit to -- this rotation. Could somehow duplicate their performances from this season you must that he wasn't. The dog and this summer we -- one of jobless there was going to be posting a -- I don't know are. -- -- He was that you're you're back yeah he was Babbitt has not this not into that camp as a catalyst to that in that aside. I agree you can duplicate being good you can duplicate. Being one of the better teams in the major leagues. But to win a World Series so many things have to go right in my point is is that this this. Entirety of up okay you know platoon -- -- Gomes and you have Napoli yet it just never works out exactly the way that it does this and you have to admit. This was the perfect storm I agree that the driving engine with the pitching no question did you good good that pitching coming back next year. But he just can't expect everything to be to say BF tweak here yet to tweet there. There are between a lot and then yeah I think Danny is great and would get into this because about the -- the offseason. The first time in however -- to remember. They don't they're not bound by bad contracts right now. Which is incredible. Now they might be next year but they're not right now that's incredible. So we'll see what -- -- with -- laughter going forward we'll see what they do with -- going forward. I'm telling you. I -- -- brace yourself mode which I like that brace yourself on. I don't think they need reds as as this race is not bracing it's just people like to talk about the offseason people like to talk about team building. I know the people like -- World Series championships. As well -- elected to -- a -- -- So well you have if you do have a once present moment that you look back on that you'll remember from this Red Sox season. We wanna hear it 61777979837617. 77 on 7937. On -- god he's rob Bradford this is sports Sunday. W yeah. Then we just bullets Sunday. On data put bodies rob Bradford when -- until 1 o'clock phone lines. Are open for -- 617779798376177797937. Rob. We are not here with Mike. Napoli did not know all you -- I thought he was -- was -- and we thought he would end up I don't. You know I wouldn't have been surprised I loved to have first person stories a lot of I love doing a lot of the living -- life -- writing about it so what I did yesterday. To simulate the entire parade experience. Was number one. I bought a duck -- Much like -- Which was a it is outrageous -- -- -- the great rule. What are what agree I don't think that was possible you -- did you hear about these guys like with Jake Peavy has made all kinds of money he said twenty million dollar contracts. So you just want a guy like that instead of this -- buying twenty cars you wanted to do something like that. That's not -- -- time when he doesn't have the money he has the money yes despise the ego differently Coughlin. Evidently he he -- talk to -- for. Every everything did out of reduce everything gets the price I'd know that -- but as an adult -- -- -- -- used to tell me that it. Everybody's got to write laws and how clearly OJ preview of his life by wit and DB dusty what's he gonna do with that said he was gonna do with the duck -- Nadal and him. Hope what we try to get a -- here maybe some point during the show. But. It's amazing also has a -- side with you goes duck boats those things those things that you wanna go to war with. It's. It's slow ocean. A little -- if I see Jake Peavy driving on the street -- at some point as well you'd typically the cubbies they were guys who worked very very hard. They are past week driving these guys cars back to their homes and varies. Ports of call. Thought I would love to be because I would be part of the Kobe W light. That's the one I want to do let me drive the duck boat down Alabama. Please. Anyway I bought duck boat. -- meant to simulate he'd get the entire experience. I took pressure off. General will wandering the streets of Boston. I had as many people take pictures right it's humanly possible that was good Mike Napoli to -- -- it gave -- a tendency. You have to really yourself in that. In his shoes literally buy -- -- to -- off and run down out of your Bryan was running nice block and is a lot -- smoking a cigarette I think. Have a good time this listened. As he said he peoples have -- been doing that I've been enjoying people. Always out there I would have been surprised it was this morning. Not the all lot of different interpretation. Of give and take -- out and out. Cost it would stumbled at it and we don't got a -- -- yet it about this be clear we don't know -- dis anybody walking through the streets of Boston without their shared on wearing jeans. Don't -- this is not don't try to hold up better at this Mike Napoli it's a first down at the dough for those people who are walking aimlessly through the streets of Boston without your shirt on. Don't walked into here -- name is Mike Napoli. -- -- -- The question today is it will be the next. Professional Boston athlete to have the opportunity. Privileged life on the streets of Boston with their shirt off celebrated -- pitcher's duel for. Maybe I'll get my willful impressed and proud of that that's a great -- has a fresh nineties. Malibu I it's a great question and we get into it more by. Com I'll save my answer for later -- The calls that 61777. On 79837. Ball isn't Portsmouth whats up all. We do when you -- value. Are they always exciting moment you know go or nutrients when and that double three run double off the wall all the -- got that happen spirit to be. I think it's -- off my -- more than anything else. With a look book called -- -- it would be needed chance that we couldn't pick that guy expert Bates. For me to promote it to the World Series you -- it'll all around the World Series game but. And a walk off home run walk off -- -- how many times via a walk off pick off. With the win the best post season editor. One of the best post season hitters of all time at the plate. Yeah absolutely tribute that was sort of -- of -- at -- the look on his face with the most -- Think that they -- that would -- and a world their game. Yeah it would end when -- I mean the whole situation what happened in three to how that game ended. And it's funny because I talked on -- webcast at Bronson -- on and I asked him you know if you're a player one of these games how would you rather well. The worst way to lose an obstruction. Obstruction call or guide to pick -- gaffe. It's an interesting question and he set out no doubt a guy get picked off. That would be the worst way to lose a ball game so you know all that Cardinals play is must of just then. Beside themselves with the way they lose that well because because viewed the pick off as a bonehead play that you're at fault more than that. But he is structured we understand the rule was the rule it was the right call. And put a run or less -- that -- job right. Absolutely I would but I will never forget that there's been one of the sport and it just tomatoes. And that's a good one that's good. That's good up all that the college all isn't peavy was a joke. Go to your show. You have major college -- -- it's his job are what it's a gem. It's unbelievable and the Celtics and they -- the Celtics. The other reflection of British seventh release who also attributed to describe it right now whatever. You have put this not this era in gym and start getting to the dynasty stuff please do -- the dynasty free zone then you don't make the playoffs for what is it. Three years. There's not a dynasty. Why did somebody call this a dynasty this is he had those as a others plenty of people in August. That I think it's meant that the -- one does when Delgado I know I know on undecideds you do it's made me think him. You know so it was -- that Grand Slam Robin in the vicinity make it. -- all accounts are very way. Mean a lot of things he could say it that Jim thanks economy that's obviously -- just to -- if he doesn't put that. Utley hit a ball in the book what I mean they're not they don't and that's more than any other hit. More than any other -- The reason is you are and any kind -- crowd at the time no idea. I mean it's it's. I'm not trying to take away from the moment I know you I agree with the call on not. I think this is a lot of moments you could point to win and not just one you said it was most dramatic moment in Red -- -- rest -- history it's obviously up. I do think I think is that it I think it full first off one of the ones that you have to limit Patten are the ones that are great great moment but you don't end up winning the World Series. If so Dave had to say and Carlton Fisk. All great moments. But you didn't end up winning the World Series now 2004 enters in the congress say -- -- it's right away. That's the first thing you ticked off when you say most dramatic moments -- -- history -- 2004 Barry isn't Somerville what's up our. I'm desperate not to mention back at the same to any guy I -- -- on the -- the first time last night I really enjoy. I was not last night so somebody must that then I'd die elicit your joy you know there's always I mean I'll bet you. I'm going to have to I was I was -- -- that game where are key to winning in the fourteenth inning in 2004 with a single center. And that is indeed greatest game. That I've ever witnessed in person. Is different from top to from start to finish tension and excitement it was just incredible. Yeah because I mean that extra innings right big -- up the middle who wants to play and -- -- ever get old -- that call. Look at -- that the -- -- moment of the season during the season. Most Daniel -- -- -- April 20 prevent homer in the eighth inning. Others go while I -- the flow of the little things well. There's so many things in you we haven't even looked back where we looked back this season. But this so well Betty little things in the season I was thinking about this. Someone brought Toronto. Win -- throwing at the Toronto for the first time. And everywhere it was this was the story lines on our returns to Toronto. He tips his hat to Woody gets moved to -- at the feds I love that about the great message setter at the -- I keep coming back he gave one -- one of the season for being eight. I don't know why but everything about that game was a microcosm but what was gonna happen. And -- so there's a lot of stuff that if you go for the entire season. Wanna look back at the regular season I immediately think oh that's not that Mike Napoli. To begin to -- -- I mean he is well why David Ortiz who's out to yeah Mike Napoli was one of the hottest hitters in baseball. Right for the first what first month for three weeks for months yeah I mean he was that goodwill I literally went on the air and apologize because that's nice of him because when they had. Brought Mike Napoli I was really short but that was really yeah I I love the victory normal -- the victory out. Yeah I. I feel like L a hot and soul type guy. That great in the outfield the you know to release. For you -- -- at the top of the lineup I I was on the big victory no I don't and go to the and don't yeah it was not a big Napoli guy. Because guys some crush the Red Sox when he played for the teams but I thought well he got a crush anyone else but the Red Sox and Lilly didn't get it. Or are you at a steady like to 2000 know PS of federally and that clearly was gonna carry over. I did that but. I didn't know if that was because it was ads that play well because it was against Red Sox a bit that's for sure about that but -- do it leaves us to the conversation. Of Mike Napoli coming back. Right yeah and so now that you didn't have Mike you were on the night Mike Napoli train before. Are you on the Mike Napoli trade right now about Ortiz but the Mike Napoli hit enough by now happily shirtless RA and mean the trains don't make it there that train of thought about it I don't know if that's -- -- -- There right now -- that -- you're -- yeah absolutely. Listed when you're probably shirt on NG and a cigarette. It's that that trade if you give B Eddie where absolutely body and let the people while I united it'd does enter into it pretty interesting conversation -- do you think. He'll get a qualifying offer. Are but I do think also that he'll get a multi year offer from some team and I do all the Red Sox may be one of those teams but. Very unique skill set despite. The fact that you very streaky very unique skill set old originally he was did animal -- -- that gap by. -- after that happened after they went to one year and then he has the eve afternoon grosses in -- Everyone thought you have to go unity you're the rest your career well the conversations change a little bit because. All the MRIs -- comeback win these big note June degeneration and off today and we'll see if that translates to a multiyear contract do you think you'll. I do. I do and I'll multiyear Carter can be two years you can be talking about. Coming back to what you lost in the original contract. Clearly Napoli has leverage. Do you think he had -- -- of what an average I ain't yeah he was a major piece of this club you have a big hits all run. It in Detroit. And I mean you hit that if there's stats don't give those kids don't come we are talking about just that. My leverage if you mean you know how what is with a post season you do well in the post season it paints a different pitcher for a lot of teams. What are you when you sign a player especially for ownership. I go back to. John Lackey when John Lackey signed with the Red Sox. You don't think ownership wasn't smitten with that image that John Lackey left -- the friendly park mound and the playoff game in 2009 in. You do well in the postseason as the Larry Brown a continual which I call which I've trademarked and copyrighted. Remember the quarterback. The quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. Picked off Neil O'Donnell couple times in the world in the Super Bowl. If -- he was a lousy cornerback. Picked off deal got a couple times in the super bull bull next year and at the you know he's starting to -- contract with the Oakland Raiders. Because he did well the post season. Well and so you don't you just throw out that was regular season and I huge and -- -- helps. How I think he also has leverage because all we talked about this it was -- to bring in clubhouse guys and to bring in someone that would you know spot the whole. -- Robert -- with the beards in. And Napoli was a big reason that doubt that puzzle it's not a big big post season at that they -- prepared for beards that's true and I don't think they showed. But you have to do -- have to admit that Napoli on this team not just in the post season. I mean in the regular season he did the job as well I -- I thought that's why I think they offer him probably couple years 61777979837. This -- sports Sunday and W yeah -- back at this time. That's Larry Lucchino. Talk about his world champion Boston Red Sox this is bullets Sunday on -- -- with rob Bradford. On WEEI here until 1 o'clock Patriots that it four point five level against the Pittsburgh Steelers before. In week ten by. Phone call dollar Red Sox 6777. On 7937. Jim is at Connecticut -- -- Hey guys I don't Derrek Lee is not I was privileged to be game one and also in game six. -- and that the -- I think the biggest memory committee. What worked hard to -- earlier. How a lot out. The stadium -- in game six by my ears rang until Friday afternoon. Because of how lot of like after Victorino hit that it Petra. All he -- a -- I was vigilant eyes at the summit next to me when he got up the wall I looked at the people I was at is that I haven't I don't think another Fenway this loud. Because there are a lot and numerous nobody like yeah. I didn't jet engine like it it. It almost made you booty it was sold a lot of practice or a different back and. Yeah because I think that's on people realize the dreaded three runs scored a safe and all but three not ten. He got Lackey on the mom I think at that point got everybody does the belief that black is gonna get the job done. And and and everybody's attitude. After that if you're walking around the -- you know going out to get something to drink or whatever it was it was like. It was I describe it -- -- get a they would like being at a church function without the Bible that was like. Everybody did a great -- People aren't I didn't think everybody you know everybody around each other slapping each other on the back it would get that very very fast they're very. Friendly. Abbott here that I don't think can never be duplicated. Again. Jim -- -- watched it which once again. I wish I would be accurate and Eric and so that was -- actually watched a lot a lot of well did you watch the final out there to people sort of idle idol I watched it. I snuck up down behind home plate. And got a good spot I know everybody does it get out into the -- to get a good spot for that did you hear about -- -- -- -- -- Now people are in their development more toward the end when you know and everybody is getting ready to triumph on the field after the police presence on the on the field at the end but for the most part. People coming down the -- and that. -- people come up and tell anybody to pack up and to understand your all the speculative Milan. But done but him but it anybody who has done about it -- everybody would find about it you know nobody was giving -- part time. Even carnal thing and everybody was good to Chicago and that was it as -- -- -- In this section next to earlier today. And all of that Fenway faithful were -- were very nice it and it was not talking going on or anything like that so it was just a great great great atmosphere and a bit. -- -- -- going to be duplicated again and I think a lot of it had to do it see. Now I'm bombing in the hole and probably throw the ball you'd call it through two games six and that is it to do you can never be duplicated. Again yeah. Just a wonderful wonderful thing I'm happy that for all the people that were able to attend the crowd after it was great and the at least as it is just that while a wonderful time. Jim thanks to the call and yeah I've when victory don't get that and yet it was the it was a special lone victory don't had a triple and three runs and that you know that was it. Yeah I don't let the World Series at home. The first time -- What made a lot of abuse in this pressure past packed playoff run it was a rare moment. Where the Red Sox fans get a chance to breathe even though what was that seventh having been a little bit of a scare there is out comes in gets laughed at all. They come out Farrell comes out to talk to Lackey goes back and that Adam Dunn that. Since Dempster back and I think June when that was disastrous for two thirds. And then Dempster gives up felt about -- to do it again now we -- special situation there. I also -- -- this out of -- -- the magic Larry Bird documentary on HBO the other day and a great documentary and they show when the Celtics win. That people storming the court like they win. Then home everyone is everyone is stands rushes the court players are besiege it try to get off the court. That doesn't happen anymore than we think about we we you mean we even mention. Your pick out with a Red Sox the Red Sox clinched the World Series at home nobody storms like the thought might of happened. Did not know why and I have a theory on this I'll actually -- at the top -- did -- I thought people were gonna. I gotta rest yes save bet he's got to talk about that just because we get it as I was and understands and I looked around there was some I shot I thought Alex this. Some this change something -- it may be -- a 6177797983761777. On 7937. This is sports Sunday on WEEI is rob Bradford on date -- at 1 o'clock back at this time.

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