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Mustard and Johnson Sports Saturday on the Red Sox Offseason

Nov 2, 2013|

Mustard and Johnson discuss the free agency situation facing the Red Sox this offseason. The team has some decisions to make and the room to make some moves.

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Yes. He's that WUPI. Sports Radio network. He's the mustard and Johnson we. -- kid and experience. On the WUPI. Sports Radio network. Our number two. A very special edition of mustard and Johnson show Dennis and Callahan and taken over our usual time slot as the rolling. Rally Red Sox parade of course -- began this morning ended somewhere around. 2 o'clock this afternoon -- mentally and strong. Foray out Boston's strong kind of moment where we talked about last hour. Certainly the most poignant moment was the World Series trophy. Landing on the spot of course of the Boston Marathon finish line. We remember and will never forget the tragedy of that day patriots day 2013. And you they will not bring back of those three lies it lost it will not bring back. The pain and suffering that so many people felt on that day but there was something special about what the Red Sox that this season I think the the two events the Boston bombing in April in the Red Sox winning the World Series in October will be from here on out. Inextricably linked is no question about that well I think the team's depth. Up and adopted. The cause and they're very they are very very good at that I know ourselves like I'm going overboard number not at the ownership like they'd just bringing people Lyndon. Having him in their boxes with them and stuff and some of the victims and but they've had to overcome I mean it's it is. I've army said it before you can listen you can have fights above politics you can have -- debates about all different kinds of things even sporting events but. It is an escape for a moment from reality is is in the skate for a moment when you get two million people. Of one cause rallying. T -- appearance. Waving signs info vat. Couple hour where is this just oh allows you to report some of the other. Vicissitudes of this life on holes in artistic if I just think of -- on anybody can bad Moffett in this team. Step -- in gave us that opportunity once again. In you could almost say that parade was Seoul's move today it's because Boston's had a lot of park. Well you think about the all the issues while we go -- practice as far as. Duck boat parades exactly but I think the point was made on one of the TV shows today as I was watching. Some of the -- rolling rally. You know crowds coming out. For the first time really. On the streets of Boston since the Boston Marathon you'd think they might be a little trepidation. -- little fear of some nervousness. But you know I don't think that was it as much as we. Certainly. Have -- these two events the Red Sox winning the World Series six months after the marathon. I think the Boston fans really showed how strong they were. Because as much as it was on their minds. And understood that it motivated and inspired this Red Sox team and the fans all year long. No one for second I don't think that. Felt as if that would happen again I think the other thing too was the number of securing her opponent number of people were already signed up for next year's marathon it's -- almost like. We will not be afraid right if you take that away from us the ability to have freedom and move around. -- experience the joys of life if you take that away in we acquiesce to the we have nothing. And I think people -- stepping up and saying. You know. Yes we're gonna go to the parade yes we're on our lineup to streets all the way down into the finish line and passed. Yeah we're gonna have a duck boats in in the the police department and the mayor and the governor and everybody else who adding and organize in this thing. They deserve a lot of credit in it just shows you we will not be intimidated and I think that's a strong. Strong. Message to say that we wiping wounded. But we will not be stopped -- -- in the 50 wait Larry says my wife and I am. In the first row when they stop on the marathon line here now those people singing god bless America. Then -- USA USA proud to be a cast. Today sometimes the -- cats are in for a little criticism around. Certainly WEEI another one in the -- six of three Texas says I think the marathon bombing. Motivated these guys as much as 9/11 did. But the pats no -- expected either team went -- the very good point of talking about the Yankees of course. We're trying to one win one for New York came up one game short. In September and October of about 2001. Number number Bob Kraft when they won that first championship moments after Vinatieri that's what the up rights from forty yards away. Bob Kraft said on this day were all patriots. That was -- moving my great line up -- by the way they will have the World Series trophy outfit tomorrow at the at Foxboro it Gillette Stadium. I like the way the ownership to also worked in an works so well and how many together right just think it's. I think it's great athlete who was telling the story but they said they were the -- game or practice the other night and they -- the big TV on -- Ortiz. -- of his arm and he says -- thought I mean it's not -- Poland but -- -- went absolutely. On Horton -- somebody -- toward bella and now -- towards -- and -- I. Where it absolutely. Nuts over in me and that's that's what you want and you know Rondo last night with the comparative period. Says the guy is dry it got no personality. Trust me appear that dry and you know personality you do not come out to center court where the Viet. It was an article out today and -- about Brandon Spikes going out to Fenway Park in enjoying the proceedings in the moment of triumph in game six the other night so. They're all involved there's a certain community and go back to craft that the risk of sounding like one Larry Johnson here. -- have been if you say something nice about how you don't say something nice site or are you -- -- -- a full reference. Gore had no idea -- I was gonna say something nice. Where you say you're not pick on something people. A something nice you're wearing off of me I really believe speaking of Bob Kraft I think that he speaking of rubbing off I think that ownership. In the standard base that Jim was talking about this before the -- -- from Peabody. That they won those three. Titles he and O two that'll three you know 40102. And three you know that won anyway three out of four. And I think that did set a very high standard in everybody else kind of fell into place after that and that's -- you want all these championships I was thinking about this. After the Red Sox won this year eight championships in a decade for different teams and how does that. Happen. Audio program and I know it's a cliche we only outlet like Q race for worst to first but. -- really. This team was bad I mean you're talking about that collapsed Rick Francona. And that the following season to bring Valentine and this team was admirable how do you come back from that. But there is a standard in this may sound cliche -- is the standard of excellence. That I think craft the established. Can't when he took over the team with Parcells and -- going to the Super Bowl not winning but still establishing that. And Pete Carroll put -- this Pete Carroll was considered a failure went to the playoffs two out of three years is one of the best coaches in the NFL he was considered a failure. That level of failure. They have they really did. It's set the bar high you know what I like this matter what I like more than -- -- back to the phones what I like wanting anything Novo comparing the two teams the patriots and Red Sox is I'm comparing -- mall OK but I think. -- reminds me an awful lot of ballots. The deity does that take. While there's often this -- -- -- -- -- John -- Steve islands a couple of comments about the -- our neighbor -- the. At what don't panic I go -- -- -- -- -- at -- at -- right. What short spring training. And Josh Bell -- under the -- -- that this has got to be special care really. I. Did a -- I don't know why. Aren't you -- it. If reds need. One. It's got to be -- Was it because he didn't come out with -- index on. -- a bicycle helmet and spandex than the. Larry -- and I'll look at back at somebody told. You know somebody -- that somebody going years which -- you know well. -- -- -- John -- this guy knows how to ride -- pitching and -- right. Don't forget -- -- web face in this also the political but you know what the one little bit Vick -- -- that always impressed me and people forget about it now. -- said he was afraid of them. And I thought that was a very great to sign it when -- presence when he walked in the room he had the respect. Here's the difference he does it in a very understated way he has the respect he has the command without ever having to demonstrate his authority. And that. You're the guys that call -- management right you don't have made up that's called management it's called respect. And uptight or another thing that other thing that really impressed me -- -- Lackey showed up -- preceded. Lacking a -- -- about same old right I would went well liked it first showed up as any I thought it was. Have you been happier could you -- have been happier for play is the -- Lackey walked off that mound tipping his cap. -- that it was it was unbelievable. You know -- It looked like it was like it was like I don't I can't put that there -- -- it was like it like a total rebuild our economy. And getting in you listen to John and Jerry when they were to spring training and they were talkative about -- isn't stuff and they said. Just a tremendous. Generous guy I tell you another -- Steve I noticed a lot in made that we can market toward in the future but. -- got kept drifting overtone Lackey like given them a tap on the shoulder and nice job and everything I wonder. If Lackey took him under his wing and bottom a couple of suits and stop because as bad as Carl Everett was but Rory has said he went out by Democrats some soaked in close. I think that either Utah turnaround at like that -- the minute. But yeah I heard there are what company here I'm saying. Up up I was saying bad things are gonna get better you don't want. These are bad in Toronto I want to. You know it goes back to an animated -- ST I think goes back to the you have to have a plan and you talked about management Steve. Management. Happens from the top down. And we understood that when this ownership -- came man. They knew what they were doing they knew that we were doing the ballpark they knew what we're -- doing with a marketing and they put a winning product on the field they won a couple of World Series championships. And they let -- get away from themselves. Only temporarily. They reeled back in they understood what got them there in the first place they left the general manager do his thing. After a year hiatus of other people meddling where they shouldn't have been. And all came together it's a very tight. Very competent. Organization from the owner on down and win -- World Series championship for another three or four years maybe never again but they're always going to be competitive. They're always. Going to know what they have the do. To stay. At the top or near don't -- Think vote the the real test is gonna come now. With Werner with NASA and with the marketing with all of these things because the only -- really stepped back. They step back this year renew just said look it will only a year before. We're gonna step back and let you do your thing -- honest and truly was all about the players this year right. It wasn't about the manager wasn't about the owners it wasn't about any of the distractions of a -- -- it was about. The players and you know what Larry we said this so many times in the regular season. John Ferrell as a communicators -- presents a man of authority without having to do with obviously. What he really understood was. Yet he understood the pitchers but those are eleven or twelve guys he understood this 25. You could even say forty man roster so well he knew how to get. Every last player. Involved you know what is -- is it it's not just his baseball -- your plenty of guys out there who have baseball's not saying all year he's. Most how to treat people with -- if you all -- this if you watched him last night which Tang -- on on on Comcast. In the -- in my for a half an hour. In May even get into the nationally stuff. He comes out and says yeah I you know I'd say it was different coming out a couple of -- a couple of bad mistakes with a double switch in a bar relief. I think I was so horrible to right that you just say it's up out of Arafat right. And that's why people were argument I said why why. And get involved in an -- all the second guessing and that's the occupational hazard of being a manager that's with the hands do. But his strength goes beyond that and I think it -- any other manager. I know it does start from the top -- I don't think any other manager would have gotten this much out of that particular team. He just had weather can do it again next year who knows but as I said he learned from somebody understood how to do this very well himself. Again this year Kennedy argued I don't it was the only spoke when he was asked. Something because as president about -- -- I've tried out here hall Mora to -- gang I'm out -- -- right now mile 61777. -- 7937. By the legend Bobby felt like a -- a couple weeks ago claim that he probably could have done just as well with this team. -- being given this team he could to have succeeded much like brokerage on the federal court you honestly say when they had Crawford and Gonzales that packet that it was was that about a team. Well again -- -- that talent wise but I guess it does come down a few more things than just talent sometimes 37. 37. Is a text line more text warrior calls come up with mustard and Johnson. The difference with this team. This year opposed to last year can you pinpoint it. How about they're taking got a lot of Beers didn't get real quality. People think like -- I -- it doesn't social club chairs being legal. I could've done this but Lester. No way blood -- -- there -- other. Bobby Valentine and Dan Patrick have a Dan Patrick show. Within the last couple weeks. Bobby. Probably hasn't. Owned up to some of the mistakes he might have made. And just a few personality defects along the way as well but we're not gonna. Wallow in negativity we said bad enough bad things about borrow his commanding erect -- for recognizing what they train wreck they had they got out of it texts from for a one down in little Brodie says Ferrell also learn from his mistakes and -- no. And that's the sign. Good management and that is absolutely true maybe John Lackey hasn't those text him -- Flacco accurately reported sound. This was also pointed out by a do you see this morning. Lackey had a beer in his hand on the duck -- And I think that was a big musical fingered every one who gave him a hard time the thing is he got blamed for everything. Right but I I thought it was a good point one of the very few that Mike has made over the years. That oh Mike from can't call who ironically enough was our first caller does Mike is a very popular on -- -- -- -- very popular. By getting rid of -- I think you really got rid of the the culture problem the culture. Of the Red Sox. Was removed and I say cultured in almost like a fungus the culture of the Red Sox was expunged. Without big trade -- But I -- noticed it was profit -- whining and stuff that when he was doing. I thought he got a free right in this town I don't think anybody really came out in ripped him they were really going after. Gonzales about complaining about the travel arrangements in Beckett but I think Crawford got a free -- to I don't know where he is that I hit was that well. I think because he was overshadowed by Gonzales and Gonzales somebody said he was a failure here at least statistically he was not the problem was. He had no leadership Crawford and Gonzales were all about the numbers they had great statistics if you have them on your rotisserie baseball league a team. You were doing very well this team is the anti numbers team this team is all about. Spock character in a Syrian rebels it's -- great point because if you got on the stat sheet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Damon now -- yeah. All I'm doing great they are just one. Tell you how great it is we're sitting here -- Your show on the didn't -- to date. And are listening to your talk about some -- barriers. Remind me of a story. I might want to wait part upon the dark -- you -- In an advertising Jack parked in -- back. I would screen down there and -- you're there you're Europe and yeah. -- I'm Clark and back then or. What would it and got -- -- -- -- so well I believe go to left I'm Jack he looked at bat I think the picture helped start warm. But he -- batting practice at. -- -- that it over the green monster and all -- -- That they had a -- back in those days yup. Every one looked at me. And I went back and I sat down from my seat as everyone stared at me. And I looked at the -- next to me and I sit quietly sundin hit a home run there you go. And of course you know a lot these aren't 8%. Today wanting -- we had a nice senate 'cause by Damon why would you be thinking. The waiting game and I would be thinking of like maybe Johnny Damon why -- be thinking of Jack Clark. Three days after the Red Sox win the World Series for the third time in ten years. An hours after another rolling per -- aren't sure about. Your. You know if a guy each Friday's. Okay what bothered me about Prince Fielder as he left a ten year old kid -- muscle for foul ball. -- he barely makes it down the first baseline and at third base play where he buried himself from the ground like a round hard. There was just no benefit. There -- he's getting paid over twenty million dollars if a guy let's say general for instance. Stephen Drew -- belief that JD. He played a great shortstop he really did I know they were basic fundamental plays but guess what we've learned in these series. There's no such thing is assuming a play is going to be made. Balls dropped out member of that play with a ball or drop between a catcher in the pitcher I mean all kind of snafus and that was -- -- -- I think think I tried any played a great great shortstop for you know whether they'll sign them again and not I have no right dear but. I like I don't -- a guy if he's trying. According to our resident expert rob Bradford they're gonna sign and they're gonna give him a qualifying offer what to qualify get this get this. I I I I thought maybe he was on cocaine as John Dennis accuse me of couple weeks ago. Bradford claim is that that J. D. Drew. Actually that was the number the J. D. Drew grab number fourteen million over five years and well his brother Steven. One year may be actually in line to receive are you ready fourteen. Million dollar. My question would be why why I have no idea when you have -- ready to go to -- and be honest -- I don't know what kind of player Boca will be at shortstop -- -- why are you we just by thinking it was okay Terry Brian log in his boldness. His patience at the plate is certainly something we're impressed you don't know this the other key question I have is. Everybody's just handing that the center field job over to Jacqui. Bradley junior I don't know I haven't seen enough for him to really now we just have a char one that next week whether they should bring -- moderately text -- -- In -- out that the beginning of the baseball season was dominated by our obsession. With -- Jackie Bradley junior. We spent Larry remember it yeah right at the end of march we spent the last few shows we spent eight straight up ten years if you got -- Virginia I'm saying it. We spent eight. Hours. Eight hours discussing. Jackie Bradley junior and how he was gonna be the only silver lining. In this black cloud known as the Boston Red Sox number. It was an -- or at least it provided great -- material we -- it will -- of the security -- -- saying thank -- Jackie Bradley -- because obviously there's nothing going -- with this team what so -- all of these mediocre -- and to the -- how could anything be interesting about -- you -- -- the only thing that kind of. Captured my imagination early on was when Dennis and Callahan Madonna the picnic tables as they always get -- -- spring training. In May had to go homes in dumpster and stuff fun in these caddies which is only natural and so funny and so loose. And when I got through with a me said he is so. Ironic I -- adopt a boy what a great -- Yeah out again there are a lot of great guys out there who can't they had to play the game and that lest we forget we make it sound. Like it some mom and bring in my breaking bags again breaking bad morning fever here I'll bring in some little chemistry it's all chemistry Walter White. It's it is it has you have this great talent combination you have to have do you concede that it's a -- and I think the first thing you have to have his talent. And great and there is acorn because as I was listening to Gomes. We have Robin Kirk coming in. He identified the core war which is Pedroia Ortiz. And Lester. And we might lose my fourth or dismissed by Pedroia Ortiz. Lester there was one other person he mentioned. You have to have an Ellsberg. You have to have a core group of talented players. And you think Ellsbury was an outspoken no I don't I'm sort of are quite right talent they're okay how how -- -- tremendous talent. I mean it is about the talent that that that kid has -- man as he's going to be thirty years old. In line for a lot of money you have to have the talent first. But as golden said there was not one single. Jerk. In that locker room that was the first time he's experienced that he's played for a few teams in his Major League career. First time it was not one single spoiled brat on the team no one was narcissistic no it was all about -- and whining and everything else. Everybody truly an angry -- on -- three games so when I say going to a bad stretch right -- really. After gold to a real bad stretch right -- you don't want even if they had to I think they would of responded well. You aching going back to last weekend when they lose in in the most improbable bizarre manner. On and -- -- in -- yeah did your group or call yeah it was the right call but you know let them buckles is coming up the pitching game four. He supposedly not help the its quarterly quoted dead arm. All the momentum going the cardinals way. In the end in the Red -- front facing golds at the three run home run and that's basically all she wrote. That this is a team that had the talent they did have the chemistry it starts with talent of course but it didn't it didn't hurt and in any strategy that. With a chemistry comes -- to meet also because the word huge issues that just not pleased but I I remember hearing a -- when they're complaining about Ortiz because these have like. He struts up to the batter's box like some -- but to look like he's gonna he's gonna sit there myself like nobody wanted to skipping I mean he. Yeah record -- but he can -- to other bad departure may end. I Joker -- okay sure -- pitcher rounds I am sure we walk him. The key question is Larry what would Jack Clark you've done 61777790. -- of -- that would more apt at. God says this is the first team in his life where there wasn't a whole lot -- everybody on the on the team all the guys were good guys at the same experience for you first time everybody. Bought it from day one you're just dancers you might expect. Not. But I yet sure I mean I tell you -- you know like every team we know others we scuffles inside the clubhouse. You know. Disagreements. You know not doing -- not doing that showed me out here show me up there and as expected you know army that's Wi-Fi competitor stuff. I mean none of that happened here and we we have to deal with any negativity inside the clubhouse it's. Such as clean slate I think bells or the reasons that. You know we made a 162 -- -- -- in the -- posting we never lost you know foreigner just -- earlier would turn the page you know attitude back. Johnny Gomes came from Oakland -- we did was just win baby. It is again. But the Red Sox that three run home run in game number four my eternal hole. Thing around -- that they were discussing today the hard pressed to disagree Jonny Gomes. And all the Red Sox -- basking in the afterglow of the third World Series the last ten years. The rolling rally duck boat parade number three. And though this one rank. Of the three for you -- 20042007. And out 2013. 2001. Obama is very special because of the way they came back against the Yankees seem to remember that for summary on. What makes this one really special. To me is because they wanted to from a park. You know it didn't even dawn on me because it made my computer remember when he won in Colorado and currently with -- -- to climb out. Even though I think by that time the series returns to Fenway. An early on the game was pretty much over in the third inning with the wall bull bases clearing double for victory now. Mom when it happened certainly the first time that that that year in 1918 came back for the first time. Since 2004 because yes even though they erased all those demons and exercised all that stuff. They want it on the road twice this was a chance to do it it is times like winning it at home early every it was partial now. The event it will stay locked in my mind for a long time that is what this World Series win. Is the Ortiz. -- Grand Slam October for the thirteenth. In the reason that was so special immediate Detroit it was on the way to winning not going to zip. Eighth inning -- changed everything always taken up by. You know couple miles down the road Brady just go through with a moral miraculous comeback to beat New Orleans thirty to 27. Make of America tire stop it it was like Americo Sunday. In a strike. So the combination. Of the two. Right will hold the patriots. Be able to exploit miracle Sunday the way the Red Sox that. About that the next game they lost those jets yeah it looked impressive obviously the second half after stinking up the gymnasium in the first half against Miami. Interest there because I say -- are only interesting about this team if you make that comparison is the patriots team right now they certainly enough the most talented team while the team that won yet but they have bomb. In in there we're making this area what. They have Tom Brady okay -- gone. Wilfork has gone. -- Egypt is still have inexperienced wide receivers and this is by far I'm not the most talented team in yet -- still the team that that is -- weight just quickly thank you for remembering my mind. That was the worst call I've ever seen and -- long time but that patriot player. If they communicate that to try to -- at my gate -- -- gave -- it was not well liked and I was trying to sound I agree I got admitted during the game now that was a horrible call that I would held -- that he was a ten point lead at that. Point. In the dolphins were moving the football actually the -- -- -- was report three point -- -- -- make up crawled because now trio gold. I'm just on it was a terrible 34 yard difference I understand even calling the penalty but not assessing a fifteen yard penalty from the line of scrimmage when the ball is fifty yards and are you gotta be kidding me but patriots won and you know certainly after that bizarre call live at the jets game I guess everything evens out in the -- 617. And let's face it Larry the patriots have in the the recipients of the greatest most. Ridiculous call got into history as an art -- -- in the -- okay look at me with a straight guys. Is summary that was and a fumble out sorry I'll take it. Yes but that was a fumble you could even go see adults have realized that the play by play. It was -- caller is Bob trump be said on the radio play by play for the network. All all of I'd rather be lucky than good idea and you could make a case that if the don't give the ball back to the patriots on the tuck rule. Certainly obviously a win that year they may not want any of those three super balls in IE -- -- almost -- -- the dynasty began with that. As talented as Tom Brady was you wonder if things would have simple little differently had they not made that call thank you -- Coleman. But going back to Red Sox yes. Let's just keep it to within your -- Tampa Detroit -- in -- do you really I I can't think of too many times with a -- -- got a lucky break. In fact Pedroia is. I'm. Almost all my arm is just about afforded to to the left of right now poll -- your risk is try to waving back the other way. I think of him get too much I think the obstruction part with the right call right I don't think you were too many calls I don't think they've got a little lucky breaks in other ways they are and yeah I mean. Think about it all they didn't. Take advantage were they weren't the recipients of some bizarre play your Paul. They executed when they had to but that was the story. Of this team all year that's why go back when you asked me. I go back to Napoli Grand Slam that tied the game against the Yankees in a regular season game that probably didn't have that much on specific. Importance. But it really did sum up the regular season of course the Ortiz game tying home run against the tigers. That also. You know as an extension of the fact that these these Red Sox always found a way. In a clutch situation. Late in the game to come throw -- time did they failed to do that very. Very of what I like about it Napoli point was exactly what I stated earlier it was just that on this and you duplicates the titles and I know you like NL with a pinch hitter and stopped by. Man you get to the bottom part and outline app you got an automatic three outs there was just brutal double textures back -- back -- -- tuck rule by the way it's our rules no longer. A rule in the national. Football league about eleven years too late for the Oakland Raiders. That make up for a -- drives out against the raiders back in 76 sugar bear Hamilton. I guess -- going to -- aggregate as any let's give back the phones. And -- wanna talk to the man the plan Panama. His name is -- you're next on Sports Radio Randy. You know. And I go and did did you go to the parade. And -- did -- give you a megaphone to make up for that that room treatment you were given earlier in the year when you tried out for public address. Got a good little brother go to the government to -- but what this hearing it is so magical -- I'd -- more efficiently. Part of no no decisions. Or maybe in the vacuum personal life and all of critic who regard you're going to about -- to recommend that generally go to complete your. -- -- Ensure Olympic arena. And better world government little boy aren't you that's a deep applause and destroy them while trying to make is that. This is -- victory put this is the organizational. Director. I felt I was in a lot of talk show host true who's on Saturdays. From from nine to one sometimes I'm one -- some yeah this is the only issue on wheels. Nice I concur India that I -- a long time ago I'd rather them spend more money on the scouts to get the best. Possible. Scouts that you can yet because that to me is the way to constructing eighteen of the future just to get somebody like I hate to keep -- out -- the -- Or Hamilton or pull -- your utilities guys could be in a nursing home -- -- to be getting each other over these the same scouts who were following. A -- -- Crawford Iraq or the three or your sister -- -- a no wait this is second. Just a second mr. Christmas that members of the what happened record profit is the all members and Francona his book which you refuse to read I took back. I think ownership would have to admit they fell in love. With getting some big names sizzle guys. That is -- -- hold this thing with Tom yeah. The captain ran into -- change -- Angel with your world. Formula Roland Martin. Hamilton. How is the corporate. There that nothing is brewing gradual effect that this isn't relevant -- a committee of -- The former -- What -- how salt everywhere Tim Thomas such an approach that we're not that proved that they -- -- Orrin. They were not -- these guys were out of town -- by the people up. I don't know but I think the Bruins are pretty talented team and I think -- they're still even though they lost last -- the one of the favorites who won the Stanley Cup I think I. I tell you though you can get into some unbelievable debates because she. You cannot forget what Tim Thomas did for that team you know one. The EU came in here. Socialite. And we've we know where you slaughtered. Yeah by the way that's a good point thanks for reminding us in the of course that the Red Sox winning the World Series their third in there. I guess their -- lifetime. The same week that Bill Russell finally Jimmy Myers somewhere out there is a very happy man. Bill Russell finally got the stat sheets over actually -- any can I be picky permanent don't. I am not wild about the center. Because it's it's. Pick up Rossum liken to shooting pols like triple -- he should have been rebounding or shot are going for rebound. They did the same thing we're Ted Williams instead of having Ted Williams swinging the bat. If you go to Chicago and they got a gray great sculpture -- -- with Michael Jordan going in for a dunk which you know I listen I'm glad he got the stats are well deserved but to me if I would. Doing intricate or should have been blocked shot blocking a shot a go -- for a rebound. Or carrying a gun on any -- When he we'll all agree we. You are bad are so bad you know other the about great big guy for being the greatest winner in the history as well as and you have to bring up his arrest record dredged up.

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