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Mustard and Johnson Sports Saturday Post Parade

Nov 2, 2013|

Special edition of Mustard and Johnson on this sports Saturday and the Red Sox Championship parade concludes. Craig and Larry discuss the World Series and the amazing accomplishments of this years Red Sox team.

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So -- -- -- you guys sports center. Plus student Johnson. Teachers and -- -- are here for you. Media and sports Saturday we -- -- Johnson on the WEEI Sports Radio network -- WEEI. Until. And it is a special addition of Martin Johnson show on sports Saturday's -- Saturday. Age taken over by a force -- rolling rally duck boats. Out in full complement again for the third time in ten seasons the Red Sox as you know. Are the world champions of baseball there was bedlam on the field the use Dave O'Brien's words it. I'm channeling little pandemonium from the late great did -- and of course more pandemonium bedlam today as the Red Sox celebrated. With a few of their favorite friends your reaction first Larry is we haven't seen each other. In a week since the Red Sox were tied in the series it 1:1 on a Saturday morning. Four victories later three victories later I should say. And on 25 duck boats later the Red Sox the champions and obviously. What a day what a week it is bin for the Red Sox and all -- I think what impresses me most about terrorists -- is obviously not just the players on the field performance but -- election. Off people ownership front office. -- do everything right when it's really needed and I tried to stop at the finish line. On the parade come into acknowledge that the marathon tragedy that we offer may be aware infant. But the the World Series trophy on the finish line anything god bless America I mean I'm sorry it is not a dry eye in the house I mean it was chest. It was something this team took on for eight cause. And righteous you know I like you know in I didn't. Read or hear too much about people acting out I think it was a fantastic day. The lord bless them with great whether they had over a cool million people. You're right. In I my question to US and also I want to preface this by saying I really haven't heard there's been so much going on is rightly so in a view celebrations by. We're on for three hours and I really wanna hear from the fans are when -- your reflections -- more moments stuck with you because that we really haven't had a chance to get much of that but. -- throw that the question back to you. Because almost about a month ago you said they're gonna win the World Series in August actually you Jessica what did you what did you see I just. Although lightning in the bottle that and as a phrase that I think a lot of people. At least maybe. People I talk to which is the round and you know over Wellesley high school or in the neighborhood or. Around my hometown talked about the Red Sox as we got into the fall. And of course September. Was rolling in people were thinking of the beer and chicken disaster of 2011. And the people who are very apprehensive who fought it was going to happen again remember the sentiment -- teams hardly just two months ago. Around Labor Day. People were afraid you were waiting for the other shoe to drop that Tampa was somehow or another. Going to do what they did a couple years ago the Red Sox would collapse in Tampa would take over the division. Instead of course everything. Just the reverse unfolded. It just seemed to me as somewhat of a more objective observer than say someone like you was little bit more passionate. The -- emotional about watching your baseball team play I can take a step back will be easier for me. You could see everything was working everything was going their way every big -- and I'll tell -- the moment -- In his may have been a little after September so we can look at the calendar. I think the key of the year re talking about this Grand Slam and -- Grand Slam. To be the Grand Slam of the year. Happened against the Yankees are down 84 -- yankees were making a run the Red Sox. Napoli it's eight inning Grand Slam barely got over the right field fence -- Yankee stadiums and 84 game yankees cruising -- about the win. Napoli wipes that out and of course the Red Sox -- want to win that game to me. That sums it all up and everything you've seen since then. I think really strong from that Grand Slam that they won the division there but to me that was the microcosm moment where this Red Sox season. And whether began in. April when big poppy stepped up to the microphone before their home openers that this is our belief in the city but think about how we've come full circle six months later. The World Series trophy is placed on the finish line. I -- -- ever expected that but I think a -- August played August going into Labor Day. And I told you looked at me like I was knots as it -- the odds on favorite to win they're the best team in baseball. Well -- -- to -- the -- if you've got to be honest about this whole thing and have fun because who cares I mean you just you know you make predictions but. This was by -- not the most talented team Nam. In the play offs I mean I just think you can go from me and the man all the way down the line. I think we're both right but the debate about is that talent or chemistry. I can't tell you how many players I heard talk about the chemistry on the team and now they had no jerks on the team. I think that is important I think when you -- Gomes. In left field and and now opposite for awhile are ross' catches and Saltalamacchia doesn't get a chance to get in to the game. People -- and be a pain in the butt if they want to be but apparently -- have any of that. It was just it it is. Phenomenal to me in all right it brings me great jury it to admit that we're drawing an idiot about it that I -- They were signing all these. Mediocre okay players. Chairing -- for like thirteen million here in the air and I wanted him Walton and I want this. And I I simply cannot beat the beat these guys. Rise -- Bob Bob the moment by far. Yeah and you know I'm not a big believer. In whatever chemistry is in that was a great discussion I thought Jonny Gomes talking to Kirk him robbed. After the duck boats came back to Fenway Park this afternoon. And he felt -- early he is certainly mr. intangible because if you look at his numbers. There's actually no reason why he should be homeless people over Daniel not have ultimately catches he -- right he's just one of these guys let let me ask you this if we can compromise. If you don't like that word chemistry. How about being able to get along. Is that important what comes first you know -- that the classic chicken and -- do you -- -- -- -- you can win you know radical right why -- there it doesn't mean -- and Earl Weaver used to say a an idol of Larry Lucchino is as you know -- -- work in the Baltimore -- organization -- definition of chemistry was a three run home run. In the eighth or ninth winning enabled your team to win that was chemistry. Whether or not it was the Grand Slam by Napoli. The Grand Slam by poppy. The Grand Slam by Victor Reno. Whatever you wanna call it it worked it worked right from square one. Whether or not it was Ortiz. Capturing the moment in the mood of the city. Way back in April after the Boston bombing. They did on the field they did in the locker room. We are not in the locker room but I'll I'll believe everything I've heard today in the last few days this was a tight knit group. Perhaps they were right from spring training. You know that -- the way -- all the while Bobby Valentine a colossal. Catastrophic mistake but you know -- They turned they turned it into gold. You know browse through going back to Christmas at Fenway. I am sorry that I I and go back to John Farrell. This guy has so. Much. Humility. Self esteem I remember when we sat down with -- -- -- he goes on Comcast last night. They asked him about you know managing in National League parks and he said look I admit I screw up a couple of times a double switches and -- You know why are meant to -- leading off an inning hitting -- he was honest enough to -- debt and how many managers or coaches how secure enough. To get a guy like Ortiz to galvanize the team in the dugout -- like the sixth inning as -- in give them out where our rob pep rally reached. Some managers don't like that some man just got to have control over everything -- done to him I think he -- they want. We just didn't -- had a icicle -- serious you. You said it best I loved him back I got to manage that economy a year ago we set it and I got in to watch him last night. He -- though right in how much is saying because they wind. Witness and it'll tell you about a guy you know I love or people go from genius the idiot in two minutes though when he read where he screws up or make a bit. Makes a bad decision comes down to Larry you know as well we're in this business is sometimes it's amazing how. How much we fail at this one's skill not we necessary like us -- communication. And would they understood. I think which -- certainly understood and it took awhile I think for maybe the others to follow soon. And the Bobby Valentine hiring or firing. You have to have the communication. Across the board. And from the very top in the owner's box down to the dugout John Ferrell enabled that team to have communication. And of course that spread into the locker room to. I guarantee you have that. You people were respect to go about every place I've ever worked out I will. Absolutely -- a dual war. Frank Deford is one of the greatest -- story of those type guys. Some of the greatest I'd walk over hot coals for them because of the way they treated you with respected by the -- were big or little. It makes all the difference in the world the other thing I gotta tell -- and -- second up to anybody I'm just on what I love about this ownership is. If you screw one up in -- make a mistake. Learn from it in this year they kept hands off they let -- do his thing. And you got to give people credit arm and the redemption business it and I think you got to get a couple best the Red Sox road to redemption. We can we trademark that -- objected to some teacher excellent I'm gonna that's a great idea but it's sure great so I mean if you don't talk about redemption. We all -- Hammered them last year Lucchino and John Henry and Warner everybody got pretty ugly and get Christmas is that way that we got Larry in April my -- while he was really take whatever you trying to tell him that that's. The way it is it that's why you got two million people out there on a parade route today. Because people -- passionate yet there all the I gotta get this and I gotta get my my favorite Red Sox player and I gonna guess. Your favor Red Sox player I think you've mentioned this already -- think it's Ryan Dempster and while he's one of them Goodman is last week he was your favorite plate like I 'cause I was like one for the team. Exactly right but my favorite was Lackey and man I and I love that took me a turning point was when he co operatives for Atlanta. Into a person. We already conceded that game to Detroit -- starts -- now. Well but he got a Joseph we get our you've got to put somebody out there. And all Lackey pitched his butt off. In even the last time in dark about it visual image when he begged. Farrell to say get my guy my guy let me just have a meant I would've given anything for him from the -- tomorrow. By Yemeni tipped his cap ago I said to myself really did. That's why. -- sports well there's the big redemption right there all the problems he had his marriage fell apart his wife had cancer. He could not do it on the field a couple of years ago many -- Tommy John. -- year ago you're right this team. From a again the owner's box right down to the dugout and on the field. Looked to be totally utterly dysfunctional. I'm not the first to point this out this Red Sox ownership group that did everything right. In the first half of their ten year seem to have lost there way. It didn't look is if they were ever going to reclaim whatever they had. Early on in a -- just contact them or did they contact the dodges I'm trying to remember I'm hoping. The that they contact the Dodgers but you don't really doesn't matter they found -- dance partner. And you know lot I didn't really believe that was gonna be the magic bullet certainly didn't because what happened. In the last six weeks of that season but you know remember there was so many injuries and some -- players up from the socket and -- -- said that at that September was even worse if you look at the record. Than the previous year but that was just Bobby Valentine -- out the strength. I didn't think he was gonna translate into 97 wins we talked about it being the rice and 84 a close -- To stay automatic fifteen would know Bobby Valentine addition by subtraction. -- give John. -- lot of credit. He is an extension of bench Harrington -- working hand in glove charity and made some are incredibly. Savvy. -- I don't know I don't I don't know -- and I understand now I -- -- -- right here in tea we don't ya 'cause at that time Victor Reno can be important happily gonna pay a lot of money bombs are outcries from manages. Renting a bunch of -- Right by I want it Hamilton I want is some sizzle yeah and you know what they got rid of all that sizzled the sizzle we ripped the Christmas begin at Christmas at Fenway were there a couple years before where. PO was still around and Gonzales had been acquired in Carl Crawford show up we should have known it was Porsche he showed up with a sore throat never recovered from a after that and you know in the beer that there's about it until it does not care you certainly work. Like I give them credit I think you said it best they learn from their mistakes they were not stop burned. They were not and dig in there he Lennar we're gonna find out right how much they really gonna learn because we're gonna go to the problems -- -- talk about anything you want with regard to the Red Sox because. There's so much is -- -- favorite all time series your favorite. Moment that -- into your mind in what you just said. How much to be -- because they've got some major decisions to make -- -- very which -- with Saltalamacchia. -- got some major -- you know what it is even if they don't win -- Sherron not to report Tenser as the number Teddy back here when he was still working to be that are now we don't want talk about I know I'll say we need him a pass for the next season I'm not -- gonna give him a pass but. You don't it is this is why -- -- the Red Sox were gonna win it just sometimes you can just feel at a certain year in a certain team. Coincide. They come together Nicole last in this was from the beginning this was the Red -- year they could have. Pretty much the same personnel. On the field tomorrow next year not including Jacoby Ellsbury. I'm talking about Mike Napoli guys it may not be your next -- the good chance they won't pay but he they had the same personnel. It can't happen is perfectly is that the this year it just changes. Never be hell of a year like it never written a little bit now it ever -- -- just slide and I don't think at -- Broadcom. I think it's just that sharing and I said it before MVP. What does these pieces together masterfully. Any got the right man justice in our remember where that an -- game and I said man this is so difficult to trying to figure out double switch. All of that people were jumping all over for -- laughter -- to buy it. And I just handled that would settlements class some talent he really is. I can see why the players -- Playing with and he he's not Valentine but he's -- You know what that maybe the -- this thing you've said in years he is no valid Thai boy he'll tell you -- I said that -- nutshell says all I -- that at -- compare them now it does -- yeah I don't -- harp on this we shouldn't be wallowing in -- activity but I I might not I never liked him I -- first a -- -- when I was in New York I think again it was a total fraud. I think Ferrell is what we are bought and toward government media reports that training spring training decided I'm glad it -- down there or this guy runs a tight camp made and war I was a fraud in New York I think in his early days when -- with Texas I think he had some managerial talent. I had a good couple years the Mets went to the playoffs a couple of times loss in the World Series as you remember. To the Yankees but he left that that that Mets clubhouse in complete. Tatters in disarray. In there was a reason why he was out for nine and almost. As much as I believe in you know following the leader in in and being respectful of your current employer. Torre was right. That's we don't do things like that around you know -- here it is that's the difference right there they sign the right guy -- and at what -- give a little credit to into the Gatti won a couple of World Series champions is remember. John Ferrell may be his own man but he learned from somebody who really understood how to manage. This particular group of players these kind of players in this kind of environment. Let us not forget the John Ferrell as successful because he spent a lot of time with Terry Francona. And you set a target and as -- -- you make -- somebody a happy environment and I tell you -- in if the person is sincere in true of -- dot. They will perform for you right -- Francona he came from. Much like Ferrell. Philadelphia Philadelphia team that could not get out of its own way in the late ninety's flatness Todd -- at John Ferrell was considered a failure obviously in Toronto but sure it's just he's part of this organization for years he's been -- personnel guy he's he's been a Major League pitcher he knows everything about the game from top the bottom. And he proved it. This year. Lot of people proved it this year we're gonna talk about when -- at 617. 7797937. -- like 379. 37 it's a sport Saturday. The rolling rally. Has concluded we've just begun on Sports Radio WEEI. Smoking ready. He turns on the rubber attitude to home. That's good yeah. We're world champions and the good thing. -- -- The World Series and. I have. Trouble laughs at best the Red Sox have won their third world championship in ten years. Dave O'Brien with the unforgivable flaws in you had to be thinking. When you're the word bedlam that was a synonym for the great word that then you -- Graham. Introduced to this hallway back in 67 there was pandemonium 38000. Plus. Obviously on their feet in the state of hysteria. And two million today paying tribute to the 2000. In thirteen. World Series champions you know Larry as excited as euphoric as all those fans were there was no one more euphoric than yours truly because I. Do not have to break bread have lunch exchange conversations or anything else -- our next caller. Hope you are very -- navigation is mine my friend. -- vindication and -- it right Craig came upon the glue. That hold. If you wanna just come clean Craig admitted if I won seventeen straight dinners -- been out. Knew it -- Well the last one I -- was the 07 he's said when they were 31. I'm. Here now with the that -- -- was the Cleveland series in 07 you you you claim that the Indians were somehow or another. GNU oh win a game at Fenway Park that did not happen. It is not. Just like I'm just I'm wallowing I'm Craig. I'm wallowing in my victory I'm just enjoying my triumph over year. Red Sox fans. Instead -- -- I take issue with that that is -- to putting up this besides that he's not a Red Sox fan. For everybody out there listening quake is they dyed in the -- Thank you Dr. Phil what are you know -- in the dark -- like that my my -- is somebody who has worked with him eighteen years I can assure you he's an observer he's not a I just I just a recorder just the -- report out they might what was your favorite Red Sox moment. That's inept and what that stupid parade my wife is a way she actually DVR. And so I can get it worked in bulk lining in the room. Not a theory is seriously what was your favorite Red Sox moment. We don't have favorite Red Sox about Ortiz brands data about how he is Grand Slam I will say this and in that I've said before great. Touched on a minute ago. Detroit with the doctors. Not picking up Gonzales in -- who were just awful here. Getting would have decked out I thought that was a big deal. Because you call. Lackey Lester and Buchholz looked up to that -- Getting hit attack don't turn them around. -- -- and -- say. Different circumstances but when Ainge pulled off that deal to get guy -- here in Allen and Emeka went on to win the championship. Isn't that like the weather front office just just makes an amazing woman who. -- if I settle out you know the the front office always makes morbid there's a difference than the on field head coach or manager. Yeah no question about what team would you rather have next year I'm being serious the reds are sitting yankees. Let's see what happens in the offseason Larry Barack. You gonna -- tomorrow for 300 million. At all now. Not criticizing -- threw -- him. -- -- have OK let me ask you this have you people learned anything about how to run a team properly. Larry please you Larry let's get serious for me I am serious. 47. -- the little. I'll bet that's pathetic Mike I'm sorry got a -- operate there if you're relying on apple that's that's aggression especially as I got is. You're you're keeping score of total world champion you're still paying off any ride. -- that that is really just that he said I had a wife left the house yet hey he's just a shell I was ourself there really is sad Bobby in Cambridge are next on Sports Radio WB audio -- Hey get out there Larry it has been graduates have been Bobby. -- it's -- -- oil that Smart would have been open debate you know it is it was a one time and that I'd just like here do. Somebody who's been there. And you know I don't get stranded all its the Dustin Pedroia. You know you guys alluded to it. Which. Yeah like and who's curious thing happened surgery yup -- the match ended at lust in the South -- Don't look -- where we. Well actually virtually receiver -- -- ligaments centers around for a baseball player. In May be next what. I. Three hundred eighties were so happy. That's true reflection -- character. Other -- -- -- or Yzerman went well it also affected his power. That you -- the only about it and I don't run but you know -- It goes so much deeper than that. This guy makes that that play he may eat where they have the obstruction. Controversy afterwards but that play -- in all the presence of mind to feel the ball and go right home with that. It almost gets overlooked. Because of a controversy but memorable works and and you know the obstruction -- Which was the right call but doubt now he he's like the little engine that Kuwait I remember when I was on the big show we went down approach to market we first met him in this. Little guy comes Walken in the studio and in -- just. He is a guy -- and you'd -- kids much just look up to because he's gotten more than enough out of his god given ability. Buddy is a very talented player let's not forget that yes he has the guts in the glory and he has the refinancing right he has the but -- is such a great talent. And to be able with his numbers. To be your regular third hitter in the order -- those numbers tells -- he transcends that particular place in the order 'cause he does so many great things in the stats don't always reflect. What he brings at each and every day to the plate into the field. It would even mentioned -- now you know mirrored career. You know. It's it's talked about but you know it would Alter the play Oswego and you -- a national review whatever. You never even -- once you even mentioned you know their target market hamstring and guys that would -- actually it like exit in what Warren. It would completely forgotten and it. Is playing a column yet again is. They are kids aren't day when it's all said and -- they are kids. Well I partnered with bad but they're saying it was there it was. It would form and it was a true reflection of yours. I had a ball armed restarted it and because it was a blast. Watching that EA and watching -- players. Can act with what happened early in April and also would also the people of this city that was absolutely. Blast. It whether the other than it was cool about this team has what they never lost 13 and arrow yeah. And but it really did come full circle from -- that horrible day patriots day in April. To big poppy see this is our belief in city. I didn't say -- though for some reason to get used another word. Any really did jacket and I know that Kate -- within a little that. But you know 88 it was course. But it really did. -- the got their anger -- moment right in and that worked and I I remember years ago -- John -- was that killed in New York where a great radio man with a great radio disc -- of all time standing room. Came on WABC in new York and used a couple of very familiar profanity is this is back in 1980 but it worked in that moment. It worked. On that field and Fenway Park back in April but you know what unlike -- I don't wanna rub this in. And -- it is certainly was. -- a tremendous. Post season 2001. There were a lot of anti Yankee fans are rooting for the Yankees in 2001. After September 11 they wouldn't close the deal unfortunately. In those two months the Red Sox were able to do it. I don't know if they were galvanized. I don't know if there were inspired by close the deal. Well the Yankees couldn't win the World Series there are a lot of people rooting for the Yankees even though they were always you know basically US steel is red Smith once said. People rooting for them because of the horrific events of 9/11 which mostly happened in New York. And even Red Sox fans some of them anyway were rooting for the Yankees and they just wouldn't. Close that deal in win one -- New York. The Red Sox did win one for Boston and improbably enough because I don't think anybody back in April ever fought. That whatever happens I think he'd be even an actress trying to get my to do it even I -- -- know where it's our -- and I would be happy if the Yankees were in and of course of the -- stars when yankees fans won't be happy participants can you step aside hinges. Say this team had a collection of players that any sports for -- like how. I -- overall people don't like the patriots and our second cup and I really can't understand markets he comes off arrogant and stop but. What's not to like about the -- what's not to like about -- know the only thing that you would have any problem with -- if you're not from this area or -- from New York is the uniform just comes down entry is always an -- I'm just saying like if -- Like I can root for team we're prince fielder's. Performance -- because -- the third base by the way the average and up over some things out that's. We -- -- from a neutral fan who just likes baseball. What is not to like about this team well because they've won so much you have to remember Larry outside of the last election last year all right but -- -- New England they're not a team necessarily. That America admires at all because I think there's a lot of resentment. Lot of envy with the eight championships over the last decade or so since that patriots. First Super Bowl to now that is amazing and you know and at this has been talked about so many times but you cannot. Op ever I don't think any city could ever duplicate the kind of success across the board. All war mid major teams. Won championships in this last. Ten years or so does the -- big periods where the Yankees dominated in the fifties and sixties in the forties beaten up four different teams from one city. Continually winning going to championship games and actually taking home the championship trophy absolutely amazing 617. 7797. 937. -- I'll get some of those as well 37937. Your calls all the way up until. 6 o'clock tonight a very special addition of mustard and Johnson on Sports Radio WEEI. -- is when things are something special and we had a great core of of people who are here 2012 Dustin Pedroia. Jon Lester Clay Buchholz David Ortiz but we added to it and I just wanted to say on the air how. How appreciative we are to ban -- turn ten and John Farrell for. Putting those pieces together. And -- and exhibiting incredible leadership. The reason I -- to the feeling that you took last German we've been talking about redemption for the players whether it's. John Jon Lester John Lackey. Talk about double barreled action. In the bullpen one of those great races you've heard over the years they have. Double -- action in the dugout and in the front office where John Ferrell and then she earned it what a great hire that was. And I've always said this half kidding -- maybe. Larry looking into exactly what he was doing by hiring Bobby Valentine he knew that the team would implode by that time -- be available. In there be no way to go but up at all. Came together for the Boston Red Sox. See I don't think that but I do you think Larry is the is the great. Middleman the balance of the equalizer between John Henry and Werner. And Larry is the sand paper and I'm Tonya you gotta have somebody like that you really do. -- by the way did you -- you have some cartoon in the you're trying to get Larry do take advantage I don't know I kind of brought aboard tees are now flying like a like a plane -- and -- he was like a -- any and all these team play right players on his back and it says fly united. And Larry I email Larry garrison himself and he and he said you love that -- maybe we can do something whether it and then he motivated me to do 825. Play year. Caricature of the entire. Team. It ran on a website yesterday so I'm hoping will be it would do something give some money to the Jimmy Fund whenever Rossi but it was arm like -- -- Time consuming countless well today well Red Sox weren't flying the friendly skies that they were rest certainly rolling through the friendly streets in. Charles River this afternoon early this morning as well you know the advantage irritated me was and how they can do it -- and on networks have deadlines and everything but it was like. Two seconds after UN Harris Krakow. The consequently. It. Team runs on the field the -- at media people of these microphones. A how does seeing how I mean it was like -- and give them five minutes to just. You play a 170 something schemes and strike in Marion Jones would not like with a microphone Aniston she still has that. It -- I I just wish you could Kim just give people he'd managed to chest. Just blow it off just just experience. The the thrill of just winning the whole thing and I it was just rush rush I understand as business but Shea won Major League Baseball. That these should be no freeagent seat park -- nothing like that into the at least. Two or three days after eighteen clinch his because. You know Scott Boras comes out -- drew had contacts because his eyesight that's -- study hitting battery and -- Barry in this and I mean. Sure wait -- to your weight like a couple of days enjoy the dog on parade so is it -- soon to discuss the future the Boston Red Sox now. Now all the upper right now. Is. Both the back about it are that Barack. Because of what I mean -- just give them five minutes it just enjoy the doggone thing. I was hoping Ben -- -- Ellsbury was down on the -- -- -- that many in many -- trying to get them. Because he is the the John Dennis had a great great that's why am Zaman says. When you send -- top people out. To Saint Louis. They compact with the information that's not just you know reporting stuff that you already know in Johnson he sat down at one point. There -- very sparingly. And they all said to a person they really. I tried to convince him to stay. Here who has more power do you think the -- very family or the Boris I I'm not saying I hope I was very -- to Fred Lynn and our Bruce terrorist. Not in any NN I this I don't know how much difference is the between 200000000. And 230 million -- it is how much differences. At some point is it important how much for keeping him from my money back is important to be happy also. According to those in the know when I was listening to rob Bradford and -- many hand to insiders. Who obviously have a little bit more insight in little Bolero are close -- view on what's going on particularly Bradford with the -- signed -- my hero but he's the wind beneath my wings no question about it. But -- rally starting -- like us a little people yup and weekends that young moved his way -- yup he stepped. Both of us on his way to the big time -- -- -- -- to -- -- -- people yeah. But anyway Bradford insists that unless something Rory only on for seen workers. That -- very will be playing somewhere else that you saw the last of Jacoby Ellsbury and Red Sox uniform. This morning with the Pope you know what don't want to do we get to the back. But it cannot be reviewed for now let's listen to me it's pretty okay. Have to go to how we care do the same saying. To protect you you can't put these guys but some -- -- I -- that I think he's a great sent a field nine years he's great outfielder. Very good -- stolen bases and -- -- which you can't packet to the same thing that you just go out right in car. The Red Sox. Going to. Be exponentially better. Where is Jacoby Ellsbury patrolling center field for the next four or five years I'm not sure about that I think sharing ten. Gave us all lessons sometimes. It isn't the guy that looks great on paper the guy that's had this tremendous resonate sometimes there are other things involved. And the problem is as we talked about earlier in the hour. Can you ever duplicate. This season. I hope it's possible wanted to give me some credit for change where credit did you and you predicted a World Series now in what I said do you. The biggest problem with this team is. Everybody's okay I'm happy of Ortiz in Pretoria but. If it it it's like impossible. To -- a beautiful. And people like -- why did you go to the next level and predict. -- especially after a yearlong association. -- -- -- rightfully got ready and called him today I mean my pants stuff I need to fix that and clarity on don't depress me seventy video next in Sports Radio. Regular -- on on Jim Jim how I -- Jim Mac. -- has surrendered siren had to have according to this and already it has so much talk and Virginia as David. At this Virginia Tech was just ridiculously local O'Keefe and. Yeah our all our hockey fans it was a pop finally gets the -- talk college sports though Jeb you know what's his glory you know you've. Got you know I got into one of my all time favorite personality encourage your analysis -- in -- -- This has timber are -- game. You have a guy who sincerely cares about the team I love the guy taken PX and I was great Jim as you do when talkers who do play by play you know. What struck down there yeah. Greatly it would work because he was sort of pre arrival for a few. Yeah a little bit as -- ever finished apologizing -- I know yet or apologize thousands I would take a long time and I I love the guy art and not a bad -- a -- but it's funny you should mention that we just talked about that off the -- happy you know it's that is working because he's one of the all time special characters no question. -- -- -- -- Wouldn't stop right suction appreciative to -- -- -- to accept a 2004. Of those speakers took a third in the dark at that -- at how little thought that would have been great Larry. Yeah that's true you think about that. Well you know lot. The patriots have had their chances they've been to a couple of those calls as you well know good point by you and if you think about it and this is the other thing is is much as you wanna say eight speaking of -- Iran as that was his favorite number eight. Com. They could have more. Pedro easily -- won most of Super Bowl finalist could easily have beaten the blackout of August assigned -- last year it caught that ball right. Which he shares of well -- I -- doesn't catch the ball or Manning hand Manning and doesn't make game miraculous -- on the sideline all those things could happen. We have been incredibly blast yeah I've got to ask is I know -- one of -- show things was -- to really truly. What if you Wear a new England sports fan and which one would be a favorite. The Vinatieri is still my favorite -- for Super -- I hate when we agree now agree that tomorrow repeat Sheppard -- there was is apparent front torrent broken -- the -- out of there just think about it the previous championship was the Celtics 86 championships so that was it was February 2002 as she went from. June of 86. To February of 2002 that was almost sixteen years. It didn't look Reggie Lewis had died by that point it didn't look like the Celtics gonna get better anytime soon. Certainly no one predicted the patriots when they lost to saint Louis the -- the five and four. On the season are actually thought -- just five X I guess you remember Santo Santos who loved not a great guy his booming voice. It's it's -- the picture to it it was it was a moment. You just never -- between now that it's so hot is it you glad you mentioned this is my entree. I saw one of the best of football lights in the NFL network Pat Summerall. Who died this year he ate field goal -- got a giant and of course the great announcer John -- for CBS and fox that was last call. Very last -- we ever made with the Vinatieri field -- he did that feel. We all remember John Madden imploring Tom Brady to. Take it and go over tied it or Kerry and John actually gave you compliment the other day again this means that the ratings are going to be on again and I haven't. Date Jerry said that you said about my copper you said that he changed -- the waiting on that daddy happy with a graduate yeah I am. He did. Because when he came to he did the Mets broadcasts that time I was in Long Island. Up until that point you never got that kind of information from analysts you've never got that sophisticated complex. It was a two it was a clinic each and every night just before the Mets were where they were terrible -- the last place team. But I would watch every night is that -- so much from carver kotsay watt. He can retire by the way pushed out the door by fox. -- who's going to be that Aaron -- I I I would I don't hire Aaron Carroll I would -- -- jumper and Harold Reynolds and really -- -- think he's going to be the guy I I hear it might be John Smoltz. Garcia heard him -- -- My he smoltz. A much earlier showing us in running for ES I initially would be terrific as well. But you know -- -- They give people what they want I'm serious it everybody knows what you want in you want somebody who's not afraid to tell like it is. Not to be controversial win mediated. In two it to second guess it would appear that's the greatest part about baseball it gives you moments to second guess -- We gotta -- take a quick break we're here for another couple hours to 6 o'clock -- crystal Lonnie taken over these airwaves at that time. We're still talking Red Sox -- basking in the old afterglow. Third World Series championship last ten years 6177797937. Mustard and Johnson on Sports Radio WEEI.

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