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Kirk Minihane and Rob Bradford celebrate the Red Sox 2013 World Series Championship- Hour 3

Nov 2, 2013|

Kirk and Rob wrap up parade coverage and look at the legacy of Red Sox slugger David Ortiz. Which moment of his numerous postseason performances is most memorable?

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If if somebody fell out of this -- throughout. Yes they definitely got. Problem now is a legend fraud but more likely than honored. Yeah I'd jump out them please why is your show reassured you're such those kids. -- It was going to be where teachers -- Twitter Twitter handle on -- Brad at Bristol yet that Rutgers. Now as a teacher and my Twitter. Where that what you're. Wife like this that he would be appropriate if we have to get things started -- tour. She gives -- direct message to a thoughtful thoughtful whatever the case. It's Chicago. Restaurants that that is like the -- -- until -- -- episodes about. Ordering it -- George's friends. You -- there was one joked Steve you know lost confines book which ones. Like you remember this stuff like that Bob Gibson -- it yet it was basically mistake -- Tuesday. If you're found that. On this little late -- here via the on call also now on the lead. It's legal. Fees based on. Our number three Turkmen and -- -- figured that -- park -- There's nobody left I see people now taking pictures with. Tickets and I I realize that crop took more -- people's opinions Ortiz is no question is gone. To doubt -- -- was like screw it. No more pictures did not hear hate this I'm going home service is really going to have to go to my kiosk lines downs trees this thing -- still -- fifty cents a -- every dollar this guy that's -- -- the -- this question -- talk about this week. -- John -- myself. We're over the days I if you miss those days of the sort of you know really chipped that one year the century. Would you rank this among the most unlikely I would still put 2001 patriots number one I'd put this number -- You know we were talking about that in the NASA sent to. And initially I thought patriots but then I think it's this one because. Takes a lot more. To do this than it does for the patriots and this is such a longer season there's so many different things can go wrong. Over the courses he did your best player not hurt the wrong time. With the patriots I was a believable if you're asking me which was the the most shocking or got you most of motion from the community is still paid no question even more than 2004 red. I think I think people first vote for Red Sox were really. Yes and they were great little mistake away from a pivotal win the World Series caucus Florida did beat. The Yankees that was held to Gerald loaded plus they added chilling -- going to those for a full Craig Gordon 2004. That team is expected if there were three teams and grocers that was one of those seven and other goods. And in 2004 you swept the cardinals it was like you swept the whole way right and it was like -- bull is one. With the patriots is. You really didn't think they could actually in this whole lot -- came -- five and eleven they were owed to they lost the one guy on the team thought they could lose well they were also going up against enormous favorite super. Right doses but you got to the Super Bowl I think people thought the patriots to win. But I think the moment Bledsoe got hurt they were -- to looking to a 14313. I think what you got there to hear this was still licences were a surprising remarkable stunning. It's still a team a year couple months removed it from the 35. Under I mean -- still want it now I think week we didn't give it proper credit. But different in the -- page to nobody thought. Well here here's a comeback the patriots where I think the biggest thing when you look at widely elicit the most emotion. Was because what was the last blossomed into a -- championship was 86 Celtics right so they -- -- something said that tonight right. But yeah -- this. You're saying with 2011 middle years of the -- at the very very. The thirty games or 500. This was would -- be turned over roster. In large degree we don't. Pretty much yeah I mean it kept the law the court guys won't -- you get the best hitter -- kept their best player I think you would say is the -- if not kept Ellsbury. You kept. Buchholz that you kept -- so he kept sort of pour. -- -- right I mean you're right in charge that is done an unbelievable job and he can't he can nitpick at close stuff but he's done. An amazing job -- great break from the Dodgers but you know take advantage great breaks in the citing the best trees on it. Yet as I wrote -- used to write for the site that wrote the time that this. The best you write that just free agent signing resorts mr. that is not the right I didn't I. That's not even -- says there's nobody else who else who else you got. I want Ortiz account Ortiz why. Because. Think there's going to be any good sound flippant. All the food and eco focused Koji numbers Ortiz numbers weren't good numbers his walk ration ratings -- rate Fisher went up. Yeah but with Koji nobody they think coach used to be really good picture of the -- in a key part of this team they signed the sixth inning on opening -- All that but do you think they thought it was going to be good of the patrons. He thought he could be a pretty. Guy six to seven thing that you worry about it. Right -- they have higher expectations for Cogent 2013 Red Sox. That -- expertise in 2003. Who backed up derby G com. It. It. Still feeling out Ortiz but they didn't obviously didn't think. Oh yeah so those that goes right those -- the two best like rising -- Or the next one a couple of championships she's she's got a brain that's fine. Count that one right Welsh one. That the with the Red Sox before. That Epstein all the great free -- drop in the early days of free agency. What you titled Bill Campbell guys like that we're gonna say all the guys ever -- not great the eighties would bring. Oh Tony Perez. -- that big trade for Baylor. They did -- my keys right. You're right the 8060 who have been free -- suburbs. Really the biggest. -- -- Jack Clark that was a big well nick sassy. One good year vertigo at social. I was -- vertigo. I've -- David -- I would say frank viola was not a great free agent -- now now. -- coach is right there you put Koji Ortiz and you may also have to deal with you have to deal with if you plan. This -- another conversation speaking of Ortiz yet Ortiz whole thing. I woods. I could be fair about this if you can -- if they didn't vote. If you -- LeRoy Gadsden. And based on his numbers and -- -- postseason stuff now he now has to going. If you asked me two weeks ago so pistols and now. I think he's actually now dumb enough where if you're gonna be the guy you factor in the post them much I think you have to. I do -- -- does that mean Schilling then I yeah -- I would vote -- Would you I missed those columns of you'd predict all of them get those. Negotiations it -- get there thank you -- what you for a -- you problems. I think you know and he guided -- -- all of would you vote you can put them and you get a vote. Yet I I agree with the post thing I agree with the chilling. Conversation that you have to factor that in past it really is. In this World Series was incredible sorties we wouldn't even though he reached Marty Barrett stats getting thirteen. It's right well -- -- times that. It is big it is the greatest World -- performance by a Red Sox player ever. And now he's won three championships I think the conversation. For -- becomes this is he. The second most important player in franchise history Williams my answer that apple bought is all I answer yes -- wanted was more important. -- -- -- -- -- all -- right -- and I think Williams was such a great -- numbers are so amazing you have to put him. Number one but in the -- if steroids wanna throw that out right now put that aside. I think Ortiz moves ahead yet moves ahead yes it is. Second ally or player yeah I think it franchises. And people leave does a better player. All right baseball player obviously means a great to happen. You know these these people wanna hang on to 19670. That's -- turned around. And win right they've worn out three times the Ortiz. By the way as a court he yet indispensable player yes yes and that the Grand Slam. Is that the most dramatic moment in in team it's about life yes mr. history. Depth yes well at that time I would I'll receive Fiske but they didn't win the other way. Immune against Detroit the gap probably because I -- that you know when that series without it. Brian on last hour -- eight. And the last week you know as John Jerry that was support moment post season to me it's -- no it's its first bite. By secretary acts I mean if he doesn't have that home run. We're presuming. The Verlander is going to be Lackey and they are not coming back foot only it was a Grand Slam down 51 after losing game one with the series is over right there -- -- five game. Games of course in any of succeeding in the World Series and we did nothing else in the CS. But that was the most important. Most of the World Series in the -- the World Series and in it it it surpasses risk because fists get into the next game write what you didn't win. This got into the next game and then you one -- I have to be. I don't -- -- that victory knows Grand Slam against Detroit series clincher but if and when that series and maybe maybe not. Without -- -- when there's no she answers are put that number one the budget David Ortiz questions on the docket your sixth -- seventh. 7797937. Let's go to news first or island Jerry Brown what's up -- They circulated don't that I. -- -- Completely probably. Kind of a baseball -- and that like every bit larger game. But it was so -- on because in the beginning nobody thought that Obama. This restaurant located at last plate and Abdul waiting in the -- -- and it was just for letting it but -- a lot of home. It just -- -- you know albeit old -- -- the order. So what's on Oglesby. Really -- -- -- bridge you can but I -- practical point com. And I -- I would really it is hope that they would sign him and really care about the you know quite secure whatever. I'd order a big gap that we -- into the you know World Series in the player. And and they don't -- that talk about it and now all of the book the Clinton hit. I want to thank Libby -- point because it wanna show that he could not want to get down the first baseline. You know what I mean -- didn't want it. Schultz -- he didn't have those still anymore right maybe doubts that acted like yeah and that is why he wouldn't want to Cabrera ought to look at. Later Prince Fielder Cabrera we kept asking that so the report from Rosenthal rob was. Ellsbury arms opening. The result I was it was it was baffling where. We're all. About to -- note I -- like dead but also the flurry of Scott -- -- excuses. Did you think others are. I think I think the idea -- a lot of guys I think the idea that -- One I think it was reported dusters beauties. Not tough these away supports the which I thought is. I always thought. It was two fluke injuries and what my big fear that same guys tougher not like I think that's gone now and I think that. When you look at Ellsbury here in the last caller made the call a point before there has never been. A guy signed in his thirties Ellsbury is -- 3030. September. I've got a hundred million dollar contract problem justify that contract in every -- player missed theirs it's never happened put analysts this five million guys. Carlos Lee pulls out Rodriguez and Ken Griffey junior. All these guys Josh temple tonight in the -- is it never works. And we come back -- -- -- guys are these guys with their peak I think you say are great players Ellsbury is not as good as any of those guys is peak. All developed very credit for coming back at it use year but -- to a year ago before. This isn't as -- he did a very good -- -- an important part of the holes you absolutely. It was great for half is great for half that's you know if it goes to Lester conversation if that's all Lester -- to do. All all Ellsbury had to do. Was do what he did he do it right and he did speak on. All -- asked to do next year. It beat it does speak it right -- you'll have to do you didn't play when he goes yeah if he goes to the unity with a 34 ERA in there at such missed the playoffs he's home. Yeah its start 33 times against the goal for two orders still fairly young QB 31 time that to the team to start those serious injury history now seems like guarantee for something I think the Red Sox. Won't beat a team it's two. But to go Fall River I would rather 008. What's up. I don't know why there's an oppressed minority -- the right Jacoby Ellsbury they -- -- -- withdraw. A little bit some people what I -- -- April quite a bit compared to what is numbers. And Abbot Hugo MVP season is all that the production. Probably never got to be repeated. Just like Jacoby -- -- and all thirty all whatever they what is big offensive that won't be -- He he may not be and -- home market I don't know but. -- stable at a moderate Steve seepage in my 150 million dollars. I wouldn't give a 150 million -- I don't know that anybody else's -- we know what we've got all the same thing not all of -- Not that play that he's a nice play to go to bed at night. Very could be a very good player Steve and I think that. You know I think. If on the Red Sox by offer my drop dead offers probably I -- for years I was 64 -- every one. I mean that's that's fine -- overpay by 10% for four years that's fine where you have to be careful. It goes back Josh Hamilton conversations that last year. Which toys. If you can make a move doesn't matter what you pay but if it prevents you from making a move that you want to make. That you can't do it but the position now where that should be the case right financially if you look -- right now yeah I'm just saying that you only goes to victory no contract. When he side that didn't feel like that was -- hamstring them from going out and try to get Cliff Lee right or make you run it Josh Hamilton. That's where you have to be careful don't make the movies it that's it for us and all the Sun Bowl that's happened with a lack. -- -- -- Lackey now it's worked out for them this time Lackey and then some other guys come on the market probably be better or Cliff Lee was one of yes I'm right yet and so you're locked in Essen in nowhere to go. It was must have made this much financial flexibility and -- -- lasted two but I mean it seems like. They kind of do is always -- Smart about ball the next next year they have financial stocks Lackey. No no lack of a Lackey drops down from -- They keep pictures and that's a five year deal he pitched. That's a yes vote -- an option yet to dubbed -- the right so but you're you have you lose. -- use -- used last year potentially right. -- -- year wait a year away from victory you know you presume Ellsbury is gone too which is little more flexibility so you you've integrated Bogart's integrated Bradley junior. By that time you figured that the rotation you have a couple more steps -- -- Buchholz is under the buckled contract. It's it's a -- Is due to be under contract for two through 2017. You can -- Wesley what you want about their ability but to have that type of pitcher. Under your control but through 2017 at that rate. It's the same thing with Pedroia and honesty from Fall River dislike him but it's still you're not killing yourself. In a V8 yards. -- -- 23 he's 38 buckles is one guy that I think a lot of people out they're. Feel maybe not less then. A year ago but that's the mature I think they still look at this guy. -- -- -- Atlanta civic they'll put the that's the thing with the idea that -- communities I don't think when you're close. Question the -- to. The sparkles and you the kind of guy who carried -- to -- yes yes but after the rights. Of the kaposi's though I don't know policies on May. That's yet to prove exactly but if you ask that question in June. Yes but but if you have a -- your next year again in June nobody's gonna say oh he's death race this late yesterday at the same thing with you -- you on some. Years and everything else -- -- rotation next -- Last well last Lackey. Lester lucky dog brought up holes. So Dempster which -- Yeah you know I'll be surprised if if they flow PB. Because you -- you'd -- he might get more for people in Dempster. Yes I -- gas well it also is strong likelihood. That at the trade for PV and I actually -- good enough you for all. So oh well that factors in cute I don't think it was offered them off. Six what 77797937. Ricks of the car TDs in Bellingham all your calls immoral we get back -- -- for along with -- and the -- Fenway Park. By the Fenway Park Turkmen and rob Bradford six what 7779793. Said we're here until 3 o'clock and then after us of course his -- Somebody. Probably by themselves and it was somebody else on the Wii goes on next Greg. Boston and Johnson other -- struggle aren't they -- mustered just say no. We've always -- and you've always wanted to on the basis. I have this run on the -- yes I do with this on pulling back medals. You know you're in sixty miles an did you in sixty -- beat the traffic beat the -- -- -- It. I looked at at nine you know me I am now 39 years old. I spent no time blocking it poet running for a third of about that that's pervert you -- of -- -- randomly I mean my way down there. I would never at that point with the women my age mechanism. Built a public figure out via campers just a case is what falls -- -- scenario that. Also here so obviously. I don't -- of those things where we you know you start -- -- -- -- -- you're probably underrated corporate cases packets to you like Eric Davis. Yes a lot of people today I mean a lot. I think people compare him Magic Johnson but the Magic Johnson Johnny -- that but it it. Imagine what the other way. -- here Gordon wrecked car -- what's going off. I'm not too much as one -- -- point -- sure. Greater part where where I know there's a lot of comparisons about. Could be the best and there are. -- -- -- -- In the town Williams in baseball but. The one that what David Ortiz is at this point out who won three world championships. But he didn't have a law the world -- -- our big states like. Elway are far are pretty hear an -- and and. Well Rick yeah immediate penalize Brady forgetting so yeah. On the -- and land on. An up or Brady spent the five Ortiz spent three of the -- and criticized. Ready for being ones of us be fair here about Ortiz who it is been a great -- for this team. May very will get the hall of fame well depending -- people think of this stuff. But David Ortiz out I mean Brady is one of the greatest quarterbacks history. Ortiz is not one of those guys. We're talking -- portals here. You'll also factored. Albert play most important. Close. Respect sports these plays an important in a hitter by. Do you value. Compared. Apple -- He lost also interesting. World Series of the world's David Ortiz. Read. -- where one player. Them to victory. Ortiz was the central figure of this year's pro stock at Leicester yeah yeah yeah yeah secondly obviously if Ortiz. -- jobless for the kind of roasters that wins and -- Eight times. Mean you need crazy. The -- point -- and the MVP for the this maybe was not where Ortiz walk -- actually -- yet. And I mean there was no doubt Michael. Well but only because Davis let -- -- literature a -- to. You know BV. Beaten -- the birth of that has that happened. What I get what are we gonna do read the book the world's there's there's no -- Where is that the Michael. -- -- write a book about the Red Sox. 212 pages on -- this. Week. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's going to be at the summit right Ortiz got all. These. Are the book -- I think we get a -- -- will be like ball for me by -- it's going to be like the -- And be well you'd -- -- -- game in the market. OK that's good -- and I think Jack but it Japan. You have those globe -- oh these these. Scrappy -- -- rule that was all it was out by Christmas right ankle he -- -- -- -- He's crazy. So the answers yes -- for the the book with the working. I'm working with -- This story or two of our product. We -- the audio. Audited. Audited -- if it heated bolted. And -- Freeman -- law. He -- isn't. What's up. They -- it. Yeah I was just wonder what you guys thought about -- they're all event this morning in the stadium but what. On the spam going out on the field. I was an outrage. Wouldn't. Yeah I was upset about it like that I -- upset about the -- What's going -- and I'll rubble -- left field. Right from the CBS. Couldn't do that. Concerned about the whispering. We -- Raucous rock rocket people like yourself it was pretty crazy. -- and I didn't seem to be honest honest at all last good -- finally have some ups and I have not seen the field worksheet. Is right now. Pocket right in his November what you. People second degree at times like it did donuts in the million feeling you know he's just hoping it would it would socket -- -- What. Others. -- got to write a book the groundskeeper what's -- what's the what's the big deal looks fine I. Vote playable right now -- at worst condition. It's true -- look at look at them look at first base all the way out there you know to right field looks like regain her distraught and Joseph Wilcox Rangel. Security was on NASA did everything that extra -- every week not to mention -- -- in. He started he started going down that. And look at Satterfield through your right. This -- looks like the apocalypse steroids thank you thank you for as a naked woman that left -- take a picture that. Yes easily fitting it's all falling apart. Let's do what Peter caller hey Peter. Hey guys I gotta disagree with you about the Ortiz Grand Slam -- of -- I would submit that it's not not only did not the greatest postseason read socket. It's not even Ortiz whose greatest postseason read socket. You gotta give it to go home run in game four against the Yankees because it's that it all of -- won the game. And it was against the Yankees and at -- thirteen from elimination because that was the fact. That gave us that first victory in court. It's about the guitar but the the walk off the 2004. You gotta get it memento and I wouldn't -- -- excited about this series because out that was the third Davis that I went and yet. It was tied in the argument -- definitely applied you have not all of run down you got to run down. You you hit a Grand Slam to tie the game slip notes if if the Red Sox have won these basics they didn't. They've won and 86 -- you put Henderson's home run but Ortiz. It was. Refreshed my memory did you grow up what you grow up -- remember had a pretty high priced. I'm headed to -- front with the game either -- that courts -- losing. -- Donnie -- whatever happened. I. -- -- -- -- It's a dumb question. But that was a great and that's it that's the covers keep combat sorties one -- would not have won five of Harry Hooper. Team to 1912. So this. Stuff or 67 this generation apple. Thought. I understand -- -- young kids that point. You know you were 1111. Young kid in nineteen. Well you're gonna get 75 you're a but the fiscal know. A fourteen hour. Negative -- are I'd go idea it's. Five but people covers you can -- The 67. Red Sox who want to find it hard to talk to people six would be the best example from. Right yeah so oh if they won. The first live it was a I -- but didn't win 67. Write it -- I understand it 67. Was so beat because they had won anything special law yet. That's made it so important earned the round nobody deceit and everything else. They did not win players promised 67 rub is that group. Yes they do they were gonna get to 75 most of those court. Yes -- 67 lead to entitlements of -- sixty -- That is fine but it's probably happen and then it went away. When people talk about this team -- and quick to jump on one. Re world championships now nine years in. East is not -- this golf course I -- I -- Assault and all the talk about the history if you can't coming. Going to this year -- -- won a playoff game -- four -- giants dynasty. Users which they want to -- well. If they want what next year we can talk. But you can't go forty point 49 at 1112 human uplift. And they -- 69 games last year. You're eliminated -- congress. If they wanted to if they'd better way team which I think for politics of the best teams in the book. If that team won a championship -- -- what I think diocese I think if you do you win consistently every single year. And you at least get into the car world the world's next. Man this news. Four years with a three week it's just being good being like the patriots art -- absolutely. Just because they keep winning they went 1112 even bad years again. It's -- the the Yankees were done even though it took for -- Bartoli won again -- -- -- every -- -- years you can -- three years. Three years. Within went uplifting and nine they -- three years ago making it 10111203. Years ago playoffs and Alston and you guys that -- Six -- 7779. 7037. Per minute proper effort by the Fenway Park. The parade is over we're still here few minutes ago before mustered out. OG ready. He turns on the rubber attitude to home so. Okay world champions. And the good thing. The World Series at Fenway for the first time in. Eight years. -- last at best they're Red Sox have won their third world championship in ten years. Dave O'Brien with the now famous golf. You go to the fitness -- that read. Not luckily it lightly at all. You know shore yet. Here's the pitch popped up. Shallow. Shortstop -- third -- left field to crash into each other all down. Blob on the field. Rounding third Satterfield there waving him paramedics. Third -- holding shortstop is dead. There is no throw he is safe it's inside the park home run -- -- the paramedics. It would appear to mean all three gentlemen are dead. They're being -- off but the game alas listeners must go on Berkman and. I love each and every one. -- -- Recite the -- So. With his name your call that number does. A great the past -- it is called. What -- What is posted. Like what you want as someone who's the major broadcasts. And now. I've -- with the third. Most at the third most violent right the radio broadcasts where do you get your I was close to number two who is number two. -- it easy rhetoric I don't know campaign. Would be I think I -- station to hairy situation I hope we gets. -- really early on the very very. Often with great. Sporting. -- -- -- I agree -- was great ever urging -- it was great I've receive your tree that's saved for me. Here's a question for you that you do in this Ingraham you went back so. Well. I don't think I mean addictive and a player. That question. Is about don't care don't bring -- -- They'll bring a tricky one another -- the murders proper care programs or October 7 next year. I you wonder if you about it. You'd be part. Sure yeah. It's unfortunate for him as the Fort Lewis -- it's strange that the people sort of on the outside -- I wonder about -- It's being able to come back I think about this and it would come back. The sort of yuk it up with torso and some -- in Toronto what was it is in jail for amber not that it's his fault. For for murdering a woman. It's a disease is. I don't know I don't know if I have a good answer after app on answered couldn't quite hear it could have need to have a report to demand. All I want from you wrote -- opinion on this -- stimulus to stimulate the that operate after the customary we saw before the break which was. Two women lying on the ground right by the pitcher's mound in the girls sort of and he describes the header hit the entertainment who's -- Eric's daughter they were -- were both on a stomach facing each other ovals to account like the middle Brooks. Late in the air sort -- they are well they're coming up but there are facing each other. There were facing enjoy it there yes where there wizards in Compton and it seems like I don't beat those because of cellphones I understand but just people take more frequently -- your picture moment right. Right right. Yet like anywhere about the public -- yeah we -- it seems like it's already done it it seems like a -- as a cellphones that -- pictures used. You know what more you know when you use I'm sure your kids to right field that cellphones. Yes that's but I mean what what. Six years old. We look at -- picture so are on my phone for this season this season will be known for the world championships yet but the the fact that I got my picture taken with offering -- that is a fact somewhere that Anthony Weiner. It's that's -- -- that's -- itself he's in the I don't. Yes. Com. -- acute and analyze. The truly cared. Yup that's. Trio -- there is -- I was that is it was a good. The wells. You miss that you missed the completeness of some grants Lebanese can classic record wasn't a couple months ago. Well it was in the Georgia all -- judge I take a picture it now with the united. Is it really pressed and pressed them the best beer in the park. That job. -- it's. That's what the question -- You've you've you've heard our conversation about all of doctor -- Not the just banging into the kitchen German -- your mind that the body double if not after it's. Twins -- rechargeable tickets to enjoy her all the time he must be insatiable there must never want to -- now he'd. They must really enjoy. With her physical. But it. Let's get back to the calls here and speak. Chris at New Hampshire let's go. Hello what's up. Oh and -- it's going really well W. Denigrated. -- Big -- -- contest -- that little David Ortiz. Record during. Now with talked about that will put the hopper and see what sticks. I don't I don't go off. Well now -- into the contest was it means a with a these kids have people saying and then whoever says that the best. His favorite team target French army -- we both people know addition of John you talked. If he's elected he reminds me of another good so owe it to those that Bill Murray. Over the locked up with twelve minutes of talk about issue. While we wrap this up its support its. I guess that's that -- -- not every day you -- show the broadcast Booth and that's true we're gonna handed over that -- professionals who can upgrade here as -- mustard and Larry Johnson will take over thanks to rob. Doug lane -- kitchen went down their goddess who got homes -- As the Jonny Gomes. Enjoy the rest -- Saturday and that we get everybody -- Johnson up next W yeah.

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