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Kirk Minihane and Rob Bradford celebrate the Red Sox 2013 World Series Championship- Hour 2

Nov 2, 2013|

The duck boats have completed their journey and returned to Fenway Park. Rob and Kirk catch up with Jonny Gomes after the epic celebration.

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Montage from. Degraded -- of the I would do I would say that show it's not the big showing more the salt in Pauley show. Thank you very much standing six point 777979%. Of parade day here. In Boston as the world champion Red Sox I guess they go by here for 2013 -- Is it too early to look forward what we're what people -- solution. And audiences. You know people looking for the race ten minutes after parts will start while the storm group will start was sure others who are where -- what does the next. Whatever it was like with the qualifying -- -- -- my favorite things to -- with -- well let's start -- where they gonna do it through which they do withdrew. I think the bargain I I think bigger offer offline offer. That'll be very difficult I think for him to find -- job because teams are gonna wanna give up draft that's fourteen million. Fourteen with a Red Sox are willing to pay Stephen Drew fourteen million dollars next play shortstop for one year. Yet you think -- were fourteen million the loss to I think it's worth -- -- what we'll do that. Because number one they've really like him they don't mind him be shortstop and number Tuesday might be banking -- forced to take. Okay what state does take it he comes back you have a shortstop -- Bogart he told John and -- this morning he's put shortstop from now that's is understanding. He's in the go play third base next year in what happens to middle Brooks has this would make a duty. Feared maturity rate you can trade through through trade Euro during the season. -- before the season but he ultimately free agency can't rate -- raised June 14 right -- but this doesn't classifieds free agents so you'd trade him early and doing their value would have to eat muddy but. What they're looking at is. It's worth the risk for them. Because they make it draft pick and they don't might have been -- around maybe the right deal for middle Brooks. I just think if they -- offer -- qualifying. If you've seen -- -- yet but I would say that what's the market for middle box at this point the much right. If you look at over the course of the now he's played a full Major League season it and -- -- -- people done this all over the place but. You'll get is why do you work over full Major League season pretty good numbers not bad numbers from the first Major League season. But I basement low into the strike it's under both the the group who it's like -- -- strikes out all the time to see the flawed player yeah I understand that. But you can't say definitely value. -- -- get some value bat boy yet so the Red Sox are basically. But there will be comfortable I guess he talked to Ferrell they would surely they'd be comfortable bring Stephen Drew back plus -- drew is gonna play shortstop -- year you don't trade him. 162 games for fourteen million dollars against -- -- -- before yes. Yes that does slow now over to progress to some extent. Pass play third race but he's here that's that's done that's obviously -- -- is like a start the year of the mine not yet so we'll play third gas. They want to be starting third baseman. That's stuns -- -- get you the truth come back next you're never cross the. My mind at. All if you might you should there is extra good about that you should you -- thoughts are that you about a month ago. You don't think so -- think I'm crazy for no -- god I I don't I just think you know I've seen nothing from the -- this just as were fourteen when I -- -- again I'm not saying he is worth fourteen million bucks. But what do they do they don't mind paying guys for -- thanks for -- right so. And fact I'll say it again they've really quickly like that they've liked him ever since returning it that's why he's playing throughout post season this terrible run that he was gone they really liked what he delivers. And the reality is that he's gonna play good defense we understand that we've seen that and it's gonna hit around 250 with a decent on base percent vs adjuster comes back with an -- -- during the entire point is a vote catcher. I Saltalamacchia is a guy I don't know figured offer qualifying -- now I don't think they're gonna offer qualifying offer to all these guys because if they all accept them but below that line. Saltalamacchia guy I don't think he will they might but I don't think -- the only way they would. With that you have to get the basket you have to get -- why are. -- so you need another year with -- another guy. I don't know if they believe they'll find ways that I needed -- Russell or we mix and match will let you get to that -- you -- right handed bats and I think they look at it -- a pretty big drop off in terms of defense of the -- right now between cellphone by the way. -- But. Saltalamacchia. To make himself a lot of money as we've talked about before if McCain and get to qualifying offer and he doesn't. That he becomes the guy or orderly and Alex fear reported this the news yesterday dead. So lucky -- got a call from got calls from about read and play. Well with a number of let's just say that happens you read you -- you pick up your paper go online you -- Saltalamacchia signs somewhere what's that going to be three studio doing what. They're. 36. While that's a lot of on the road. The -- are power power rating power rating category you're in good -- that -- that you play defense elaborate you get sort of we get this peso -- heads in the playoffs Tracy and I forget the regular season yeah you know you don't Saltalamacchia was -- much money videos. Mean he called it. Music at 336. Oh by by your right though we see it all the time with kaposi's -- it's fair but it seems like even drew you think you know. Some of them did discuss fourteen million. Yet Bobby -- Smart guys make it out of money com well yeah. I'm trying to -- -- so -- this Napoli probably made some money for himself but certainly nothing admission coming on the regular season he made some money for himself. Ellsbury is a guy I think he probably middle but all of let -- was pretty yet again trying to push the guy made a lot from -- -- him later is Lester who I think maybe himself. Eighty million dollars I mean. You know seventy fighting ability to dispose of these. Certain that we talked about before if you look at the Greinke contract 147 million by that's how many -- 66 years six years 140 set and he's three month's. Younger ban. And Jon Lester so -- You go to there. If you base it off that plots now you have -- leading your team to post season that he's got to make more than cranky because he's your next. Here's the thing though you're eliminate the team that signed Greinke is gone from that conversation visit the site Kershaw that's what team it's going to overpay. The Yankees probably are gonna give Lester -- 150 thoughts feelings but I felt well how many different teams are gonna -- Jon Lester who lets be fair I mean was it is had a great run. Is as good -- postseason pitcher as there is in this generation which is crazy don't think of that. Is ever have what I would call it great great year right I mean to be fair Cy Young. If he's going to get on it it but the -- is it although I don't wreck or go back -- if -- Henry Jerry didn't you know these guys. Are you to give Jon Lester in his thirties under disciplinary -- As the you'd asked the rest of Red Sox does this -- card receipt right. What does Jon Lester getting in the open market and what to -- the -- we get it Sox -- right so the Red Sox have stated that they will only. Give long term deals to the absolute right guys it it would Pedroia and I think they might be willing to do with Ellsbury but. I don't think it's that happened because but let's be honest Pedroia hit a took less money well that's the thing and right -- is welcome -- it -- seven years ago well no Lester I think it would take what is less. If you said the -- Lester right now 5900. -- -- a lot a little less money. Yeah I don't either but I think he's a guy who might take less -- stay here that was one of the things that he kind of insinuated when he signed its other dealers extension let's go back to the Red Sox. You have to have that guy at the -- -- teach us anything taught us that you have to have that -- rotation guy who it's going to be able lead you through the playoffs right. And so Lester showed he can do it. You if -- the reds like do you you'd think. That after next year you can find that guy I don't think they're gonna go out free agent market ultimately gonna try to coincide David Price because. Go to their joint -- don't pay the money to have right. But you're right they learned that this year I think every -- you can learn to you have to have those two guys they have -- bishop Lester and Lackey. But didn't they learn the year before the year before that he can't be stuck in back on -- to -- out what Lester is going to be probably maybe not in the last say three years that's exude it's. It's it's all white you can replace it and absolutely tailored and they've said that it that's why they're going to be hesitant to do especially in regards to be a pitcher but. Who'll do they have someone who can step into that role where you feel when you get to the post thought Jon Lester. -- the face of the earth the moral -- and Carly. -- -- -- -- -- Maybe a buckles the -- building figures of the horses and be accountable colts right now -- so now you go to the next level like what the Everest base it. Fields who brought that went twenty games if he -- Right better -- who knows who knows your bread and Workman who knows you have Henry you know it's two years three years down the road so. Are you willing to take the chance at one of those guys to step up because why Lester isn't the guy that a lot of people want him to be still. He still is good enough he still is. But it was about as close is a productive people want to more than that I think it's you know the conversation you have with you. At the start of the year February recent you know on what. People want from me to be based the next level as it turns out excellent policies and it turns out that if the Goodyear -- the -- plus it was it was a round it was almost all the other lawyers Seattle is very similar to last year right very similar to the for the last five. Or let's go to our Brian Carr Brian good afternoon. I guys sort your mind. -- I just think you're crazy about through we respect now we we traded up. Probably. But tenured goal blocked shots. But Jake Peavy which I thought was too much. Of trade the TV and we -- old Larry Bogart should be shorting. -- so -- through welcome back. Figured it's a great defensive shortstop what is that. You know eighties these offensively -- but I think would be huge mistake -- -- besides David for one year. Belong here you -- -- -- got that was all it that was the. Well the play different theater progress should be your shortstop for the next fifty years. It's not the plant is in. That's like they do anything to. Deviate from the plan for the -- is better for. Not defense of these and much better off at the -- out well is it that you've got food yet at the subsequent. He's he's fine. A president who drove it I'm not saying don't argue it out of single -- -- shortstop next year beginning in that you're you're gonna have -- bogus a lot of one way or the other and -- the conversation is who would you rather have a whole line of movement Brooks Stevens. -- brother middle part of the month. The middle Brooks is gonna make nothing extra. It's the money for one year it is not it doesn't that make it different so they could make -- so that enters into the Napoli conversation right because that you maybe you movement -- first base who would you rather have a of their middle Brooks. Or Napoli and -- -- -- Napoli come back. -- please guide to break it off. -- he's gonna go somewhere else and what we get decent authorized this pickle around not just doesn't keep that Jerry was befuddled by my statement that it views artists in the fine explores the the final baseball as a -- -- -- don't want start that your notes -- their more guys in baseball who. Who are races and guys and we're real runs or more there are less guys in baseball at thirty or more home runs -- does that Napoli at the final month old on the the F thirty Obama told us. There's less guys in baseball who hit thirty or more home runs -- guys you ERA of two and after on. So yes now we did not hit thirty months but. Jon Lester also didn't happen to and happy are you. So it's -- the potential to have someone to do that that's my point. There are a lot of guys to do it it's close it's life are those two positions by far the hardest things to fine. The hardest things to lock down. It if you can do it internally it you don't have to go on a free agent market daily. That we 24 home runs last year 23 this year. Yes so we've hit thirty the last double what you would say that he has the potential hit thirty home runs. A lot when you would say is at thirty awards once it was all right once he's -- middle he also probably games he plays here. 140 139 but well against -- proposed display ones are far the most -- he doesn't and he played a 140 but the second posted but you're right that one into. By a lot that's the other thing -- and I deploy it it'll Ron -- it he had him. The other thing also in how the Red Sox look at it and why they target this guy for so long and why do you think they'll make a big push out of become a streaky as he is he takes so many pictures right and every -- half pitches per plate appearance. It was keeping close to the -- me. Could you potentially. Move -- first yes bile they keep offensively if yankees. He's. Even apple without the did you hear that that's all you want to go to twelve nautical club confrontation was right. But -- is that -- they're looking at that they value about reverses -- for the money it's a -- again the money SharePoint a factory talk about giving Napoli two years in point seven billion. When they were willing to give him three years that at 39 billion write off you're willing to do that out the gate then. You willing to go for another two years as -- said may be mediators on like that. Is another remarkable thing about this team this is the first team I think -- member of my life. Red Sox in many -- drop if you looked at the entire team. Yes there's not one contract and his team -- say is a bad departure is a contract they would apps we get rid of that they can. Now right now now not the now because Lackey -- all -- -- wouldn't -- -- Lackey anyway they'll even if that was me moment you know that's an option you're Dempster won years not great but it's one year. And is nobody could say while this is a terrific contract doesn't exist. It him before the year before the year who would you say that Lackey would be educated. Lackey you think Nike wouldn't you if Clinton is -- victory you know -- victory though. Yeah -- definitely that picture you're on the Ortiz Ortiz worth fifty year yet though because it was. That would have -- that horrific. But well the go to her victory you know terrific I think they over paid for this third it's like the hundred million. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- again somebody's got to those. Terrible and not really. Nobody it's it's Napoli side media legislators a lot of doubt -- -- doubts by -- say that there's there's. He'd go up next here right now in church instead. The policy loyalists also. -- admit it this is you just can't duplicate what you the -- That's it's if they'll people will people sale this bring everyone back and you'll be able to do the exact same thing but to go now and lab. -- -- cart backing up Napoli did it it does it all maybe you can integrate Jackie Bradley Politico real closely. Barca have a dramatically different book will be Ellsberg probably talk of the back but it's been really is that. Other than him which are going to be met -- Civilian curiously catcher might -- some sort of turn over there that the Satterfield up turn over. What else first base first base so that you'll have a turnover. You think it feel to be saying well yeah even if Napoli loses I -- leaves. I don't think -- the -- they find the right trade it's not like it's easy to find first baseman on the free agent market and -- -- this go another route weather moving middle Brooks over and I've ever. -- -- -- He -- victory they'll be back you'll have Jackie Bradley Center probably right. Yes and I mean blood is. Position player wise it's not really a lot of guys coming up Bogart's Bradley junior the rotation will be virtually the same the virtuous. Yeah well Libya Lester Buchholz. PV PV -- brought a lot Lester buckles PV Lackey you brought right you would think. Yeah who's out that mr. Dempster but it didn't work then you have worked as a backup plan probably -- -- -- their bullpen again Webster I think they still wanna see some more out of them in the game there. And that the target rotation next he could be pretty cute and -- -- and you very concerned -- big -- and -- that's what -- I don't know what we're -- -- Whereas with. When did you start thinking that this team can win the -- this. Only time I've asked. That you brass we do for him to force president went. Actually it was actually confused preferred -- earlier this is -- -- -- how many times you really I've just been four times -- won the 400 times of us this guy you don't lie it was it was it was so much of BP gas but it was like this is the narrative after a it's you what I thought was always in my no question. Is winless when they sign it and went went went went went Jon Lester to Liu who put it -- -- -- When Lester -- -- It's that way that team who are disabled in September. That felt like a post season -- -- it's like if what you can do that you get to this guy. You know that's my thought buckle to come back to be good lackeys oh I thought OK I don't think they will put this team to win the World Series. I think realistically. I think it was. When I got out of spring training I thought this could go relate data -- and it. I could see disciplined with potential there you get to the first game in a lot of things went right even that one game. He says all this work this were this where you could see that working throughout the course of the year. But realistically. You get to that West Coast trip because remember. They had a terrible road trip campuses Texas that was used in Kansas City which -- that I was in August it was all right -- AAF sixty -- road games in ninety days games. And so they had a terrible road trip then. At a big comeback after placing Cisco in Los Angeles. When they would -- beat the Dodgers like they did then. I think that that's -- the -- the conversation changed because you were free clear of that awful road swing and and yet Lester ago. But this duck -- back. He -- who's going back on the field right now I see another award following a they're returning their -- drops it and I was worried about that we -- -- is that you break your imagines he's going to war. -- -- -- -- Don't fire to suit a white guy as well as you have one that you wouldn't feel comfortable didn't really like satellite. The problem that. They don't -- the let's say that the crowd is less than there was wind. When they took off this one's a little less than. Game six affair I'm Mercedes. Yet a little. A little there we see Iraq. Sees -- Kennedy you know from -- -- leukemia. And and let's see any of them. We applaud during this as you said earlier watching on connected it seems like the steam -- -- little bit for the daily rejected the phones. We see them coming in the rolling in right now. That I can count the people as a forty people here left with the way. Way to go by these guys. Since then you're going -- -- that would give Douglas. Doug you're gonna kill. -- -- six what 77797937. The boats are back you're definitely go back for the good of the boat we should be able maybe -- -- to get that some players here is they parked we get back after Richard Saltalamacchia. Joint UC this morning talk to them will get that. All right live from Fenway at the raiders the boats are -- -- boats -- zero point 2345. Era. Now that the program that that's all the luminaries there is the World Series trophy. I see Mike Adams Red Sox -- -- -- and that's trademarks and he's. Advocate because that thirty years from now -- -- Wilmington people are gonna go crazy. See a bunch of players season orders. And her -- producers out there trying effort to get some of these guys on earlier today. I was like -- Let's move. It. Worked. Out rule -- figures. Earlier today John Kerry spoke to Jarrod Saltalamacchia -- played out later on it's the plays we'll hopefully get some of these guys to get your calls. It's 6177797%. From the players are real that's a good move. -- we yours is the players' wives -- their prescription sunglasses on -- it. That's like it was -- out at second base for -- -- sort of a second that's. -- Optimists. -- was trying to tickle Spielberg has kind of become. Vetoes the videos there via the -- He's he's facing Ellsbury back. -- as I don't. Andy you be more aggressive don't rob Bradford wants to. That's what I was gonna do that good news that's always the plan. Right now -- right now right now in right now. It. It's a lot of bad bad. Oh my goodness -- Yeah. In -- year. -- -- tried it news for you I got the -- -- infected -- I know. So who's next on the list to drive or we'll check back. She could be like like. Coach's -- now. I suggest -- John Farrell here on TV with Kevin Walsh I think that's. -- I'm -- -- the manager at some point as well. Is that the last -- proceed Jacoby Ellsbury or Red Sox uniform shirt good ball right there that ever gonna happen. Any chance now. About a behind. That is to end -- -- a medical school before you answer on -- Sat with Jacoby Ellsbury is definitely one of the watchers teams they said he wants to stay -- thoughts. To believe John -- Israel sources or so ago. Well now been approaching them on. Maybe next hopefully eighties with elderly -- John McDonald walked right lights on its. One of Ohio is literally. You can dig to turn that Pedroia for the second day of the day. Disease of Joey get to Pedroia but get on the breath for what's talked yet that right there. That he'd -- it. -- Bradford of Bradford yeah. -- on the radio. So off the blow off. If it's like if you like would you call some -- cellphone so what. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What -- got -- -- -- yesterday LeapFrog -- rocket that lovable it's amazing what your name. Guys say no is no chance. This and nine it means is that space station why are we hear all the -- but I go back to brighten. -- actually enjoyed the -- To. To set the scene eight the these trucks are. Ours while it's like -- Baghdad good job you know it is not to have Brooke it's just don't see those boats -- -- right -- backing. That spread throughout Fenway all the way out of their players all over the place with their families. But digital is failing miserably trying to get players you -- -- and in his life at and his wife leaving that caught just raises arms. I see what your players at a job fair will be interviewed them their -- just somebody else. That's what's going on here. But back to the -- that your real quick rob. Why do you say other than you know everything we've heard spoke to Ellsbury -- he. You know very much mindful of what ports once in -- It supports -- Jacoby no life. But he's very mindful of Boris knows what he's doing well -- come back here for less than some morals now. Does that though he's not a negative places -- UNC state Seattle as the play -- -- Guinea Wednesday when Seattle right. Having it makes no sense to bring him back given his age production this -- million dollar a year player as best throw it 2011. Yeah this this is the year it is number this year -- wanted this is what you. So Jacoby so I guess is under 200 yeah you're gonna get back -- twenty million dollars for the next six years ago that's. I would say we talked about arts the fine days while lead off hitters pretty. Hard things for their big twelve -- -- -- number Maria it's number three all right five he can't do that can you bump victory a lot is over the in the -- Yeah obviously agrees it's time. Place in the field lead off. The subject. Of raw deal or -- -- Betrayal stay right right great years there. Yeah. Yeah he'll hit the bottom of the order. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not out -- this year I can't imagine. The Jacoby Ellsbury for the Red Sox makes any sense I know he was good this year we have some good moments in the postseason but again the fan being fair knows. He's the kind of contracts the company trouble in the first place it -- it comes back the -- talk about last have to pick the right guys. Is that it's the right guys mobile right now you're the best 300 million dollars and those -- players. Oh after meals that's gonna that don't -- well if you want people climbing so I think it's. So if the pick one who has. John Henry pretty equal. We now that you are old. Which by the way I think it's something -- should. Have done. -- -- And I think that's who lead them that -- those guys why you'll keep David Price or -- don't know -- appreciate. The last I think you have to learn what -- something be said for. Be able to win in -- place in perform the big spot in the place in go to W over at the that we don't you think they'd undervalued the pass with no. Yet don't have a decent Posner a day that I participate. -- to be. Viewed Beltre and beat the -- -- to. -- Petri Gonzales the perfect. For me twice the price. Yet I think I think -- -- -- really well know in the club house and then. Haven't done that they whisper. -- Carl Crawford a 140. Million dollars a call Crawford he knows crop -- about 300 million dollars right there. -- Well they sign both Lester and Ellsbury would have thought that app that's YE. Keep doing -- the week the other guy. If we read. Your world. You know from him right tells you. Guys keep. These guys can use because they feel like be right now they this. Could win -- mobile probably -- the equipment that Jon Lester. -- the but he steps. It that's kind of tricked it means that happens but it didn't look out here where men over felt when I don't see any baseball players left on the others went over there with -- We had a daughter. -- which juncture and you listen that's -- -- It closer trying to. Like follow the middle infield. -- -- so. He'll. Maybe he hit the -- film office at the two bigger. Focusing on what people Hitler and it. I don't see any do you see a single wireless. Whose episodes Dempster and I yet nobody. Gomes. Was with Dan -- and that is have a bit left and he quit when he tried use your name. It failed 6177797937. As we wait a year -- period 5000 players on earlier we've had zero -- -- for the first hundred minutes of the show is okay. It's -- people. Celebrate a year now they have put they have a bit about on Ray Allen back it's everybody we get -- but he. Just read what was just -- had -- the table -- you know. -- settlement look I see the same -- -- the same -- about -- the same attributes islanders and what's going -- -- the Euro -- out and spend approach ago. It's the only. This is like it pants. You name rob Bradford today. Today. Up a little bit I didn't even need to say your name actually. The -- they don't wanna talk to you that just wants to hurt us so it's fair point. We got. -- you're -- away from I don't know if I do because it's up talking to me -- argument job -- -- -- let's do. I'll wait for that -- effectively and Jonny Gomes here's Gomes makes his way around makes where Oprah think oh goodness. Give me -- -- Ringo. All ego -- Johnny yeah everybody it was going on throughout Bradford Berkman and I don't. I'd give us your best -- best side in the parade route. That's signs. Guys John Maine not an -- joking around actually ever and the science they were the first worst to first. Mean -- myself double the other guy we were first to first. We've deleted it all last in business I don't know. -- where that started was the it was tribute to the finish line guided marathon finish line was that plane -- was an impromptu what was what was going out of that. Yeah those. I -- I mean we'll have planned out in right on the were you know trophies on our boat and we had you know it's excellent seven -- chargers he's and I mean who would have thought you know when that tragedy here. That you know a couple months down the road we -- able to go back and place the World Series trophy right on the finish line. Data out of I don't know who wrote his book but I kind of think this you know pieces like this happens it's going to be part of. Was -- -- you talked about the duck boats toward that was kind of the rallying cry. But it did was this parade what you thought it would be like what is what you envision it would mean I'd I didn't want to think about it I didn't want to envision you know I mean. Trust me I'm not be disappointed you know but I mean I just want it all that happened you know I want to go. -- -- with open arms open eyes open ears and just so you know land and that's what I did not pot yeah I'm a man nap on the -- mean that the family and the whose judgement call China to get in the water I mean we knew we -- here almost all -- -- -- for a minute but concern and that's tipster was off this morning John says this is the first team in his life where there wasn't an a hole on the team. Everybody on the on the team all the guys were good guys at the same experience for you first time everybody bought in. From day one you just just dancers you know and -- Not. But I yet sure I mean. I tell you -- you know like every team we know others we scuffles inside the clubhouse here. You know. Disagreements. Here you know not doing as not doing that showed me out here show me up there and as expected you know on the net Wi-Fi competitor stuff. I mean none of that happened here -- Lou we have to deal with any negative inside the clubhouse it's. Such as clean slate I think bells or the reasons that you know we 862 gained in the game -- in -- you know for hero. Just three and earlier would -- -- agent you know -- back. -- it was a behind the scenes moment that you'll remember the most. We understand the Grand Slam tournament and a great place in the playoffs there it was to be a -- behind the scenes moment that you'll remember the most. Okay what I guess it wouldn't be a moment but. Underneath the behind the scenes of the superstars on this team. The behind the scenes of David Ortiz the behind the scenes. Dustin Pedroia. The Buckeyes who felt very last year mean you know we don't get the opportunity to play with these guys and you definitely don't get to to see them you know off the field. And how they treat each other inside the clubhouse and what goes on. But what a breath of fresh shares share workplace with these guys. It was just draw iron it just to see you know how hard David Ortiz works and how hard doesn't -- knowledge other guys. You know that they just you know set the flow of traffic we followed. We're -- let -- go Johnny last question here since you first got to do this opportunity to launch a guarantee. We're officer's chair next year -- the first got to do that set the tone right away let's get a guarantee for next season means for you he's got to cross off worse right now of the insurance first of birds to first. You know but I tell you I mean. I knew you know inside you know that. You know this was a championship caliber team -- really did. Mike mentioned you know my first spring -- -- -- -- starting lineup and a disparity in a playoff experience. It's not like we have experienced them from one team in Arlington next. So and I knew that time was now and obviously the business died steps in all the free agents that in. But. -- that. We you know we knocked out this year all right John thanks for joining us enjoy the offseason. John that's Jonny Gomes within the key members that Red Sox may be robbed the biggest -- of the world's yours. Made the game winning home and takes -- one. The with obviously. The -- speech speech by it did. -- -- -- thing now competence it was there for whatever reason -- Six -- 77797937. Rob Bradford here till 3 o'clock picking your. Calls that Red Sox victory parade. I don't know -- -- on. But I tell you one that's at least 46 headsets that aspect of that department for a rob Bradford WEEI dot com Berkman and from WEEI. If that -- market report in the top. Whereas if Oden posing pitchers -- as fans updated on the they're you know this closely I've suffered a heads up. -- -- -- -- If you do it again. It's like the rocket -- robots to be running over. I'll tell you what some guys my -- there'd -- this guy's achievement as Vietnam is not -- his look now here for its part time exercises all lost. Let's get. Let's get some of these calls. Today when the day -- take first. Let's make. Jake and Manchester -- good afternoon. Great a -- great speed and. Thank you very much equal in -- Ellsberg. And all agree that all real great. Ball player. Very good right very good not great very good. You're right and going over all the players and based on a -- -- between five and as -- -- -- player. All brought -- and Julie now. He's in the top 38. Right rob -- point five yup off final on a bit players the major leagues. You're your ticket the ticket and Jake Jake Jake for personal look at this. Detroit is a better player that's one would rather have Pedroia or Ellsbury for years starting tomorrow. -- -- -- It -- Miguel Cabrera Miguel Cabrera you'd pick the best player for beats me doing my out my throws better. It's what did you -- pretty quick to point. Anyway so anyway Jacoby Ellsbury could play the player we just -- Huckabee -- a player. Pete. And well Jake Jake -- wanted to Jacoby Ellsbury twenty million dollars or 36 years old. I'm not -- -- that's not exactly. I would consider giving -- like -- -- you're ill you're from like. Eighteen to 42 point three million just don't like at six -- like Omar look for your yacht but I'm I've got -- all the. That's really right that's that's we -- they guys we want him to attract Jake and I think that's. You know I didn't think the receptionist I'm Pedroia a year ago that they should look to trading him because I didn't think he's gonna take a deal that was. He friendly he did it Ellsbury is not going to do that he's not gonna. Take a four year eighty million dollar deal because he really likes the fans of Boston shirt like that you -- sure likes the people but he's waited this long he's gonna get a swing -- he's gonna get. Some huge offers these -- just doesn't make any baseball sense financially for the Red Sox to start the put themselves in the position. They had the walkway from and I don't stop fighting get seduced I think that's part of why. They talked to Hamilton robbed last year during the winter meetings but you know the work -- kept using over over at that press conference. After doctor with discipline and this is another test. The best teams are the ones that set the limits and then they walk away when -- -- pass a climate that's exactly what they did with Josh Hamilton and and it'll be interesting to see what the Yankees do because this is going to be ultimate test you have. The biggest market team in baseball with the most money with the player that they need more than maybe any player that they've -- -- it and -- long long. Time I'd be so impressed with the Yankees if they didn't while I -- heroically a lot of guts a lot of balls I don't think they're gonna do which is -- it's gonna set them back. They're gonna give they're gonna pay can though 2830 million dollars when he's 39 at least 37 but these guys with the proof -- why it doesn't work on the wrong. Here's the they're bigger issue. If they order it paid their money to one person mission peak you know should be David Price you should do whatever you can -- because their pitching is the biggest problem. Kuroda is a free agent this year maybe they'll get him back but he's not the next forty years old sabathia is nearly applauded if. If you're Brian Cashman right how much control as this you ask yourself -- that -- four titles in five years. You have wells who had grown adult in -- you -- -- he. You have starting pitching a good line -- the question what you want because you're picking us that if you -- you know that the money they have tied up the next five. -- -- Chris your quick before the break acres. The which so. I just wanna talk we'll -- the boat like. This season so far I know a lot of the -- boss and strong and everything but just -- baseball perspective. One if you're like follow Bradford -- You know quick summary of all the events have taken place. How would like to hear that actually Chris the point -- quick summary of the season let's start. Third because for interest. Jon Lester threw a strike yeah remember that that was a -- -- the united insurance that can make anything jump boat with members if you want the synopsis you go through you go to. You jump to August and how they got through August. That was the biggest thing I think that they had to go through for this team that usually hits bombs October fairly healthy. And you get through it that's it. Six was 77797937. Jacoby Ellsbury Jon Lester what the Red Sox do next year brought call and talk about -- while that's on the table. Rob Bradford -- him live from my part.

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