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Jonny Gomes joins Kirk and Rob to talk about the emotional tribute at the Boston Marathon finish line

Nov 2, 2013|

Gomes explains how they planned the tribute at the finish line and gives a behind the scenes look at the team’s clubhouse chemistry.

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I'll wait for the wings to instantly and Jonny Gomes here's Gomes makes his way around makes where Oprah thinking oh goodness. Give me your ego. Well there's ego blow Johnny yeah everybody. Going on throughout -- -- I'd give us your best side -- sign in the parade route. That's signs. Guys John Maine not in our joking around actually ever and the science they where's the first worst to first. Mean -- myself double the other guy we were first to first. But we do it and it'll last business I don't know. -- -- where that started was the it was tribute the finish line guided marathon finish line was that planned out was an impromptu what was what was going out of that. Yeah that was. I -- I mean a little bit planned out in right on to where you know trophies on our -- and we had you know six and seven -- -- strong jerseys. I mean who would have thought you know when that tragedy hit. That. You know couple months down the road we're able to go back in place the World Series trophy right on the finish line. Down -- I don't know who wrote his book but I kind of think this you know pieces like this happened so I'm just going to be part of. Was -- -- you talked about the duck -- toward that was kind of the rallying cry. But it did was this parade what you thought it would be like what is what you envisioned it would mean I'd I didn't want to think about it I didn't want envisioned you know I mean. Trust me I'm not be disappointed you know but I mean I just want it all that happened you know I want to go. -- in with open arms open eyes open ears and just so you know -- and that's what I did knows -- on the man nap on the vote mean that the Stanley and the -- Whose judgement call trying not to get in the water I mean we knew where you're almost don't care anabolic for a minute but -- -- and -- got Dempster is not this morning -- -- -- this -- the first team in his life where there wasn't -- a -- on the team. Everybody in the on the team all the guys were good guys at the same experience for you first time everybody bought in. From day one you just just Dempster is the only impact. Not that upset but I yet sure I mean. -- you know like every team you know others we scuffles inside the clubhouse here. You know. Disagreements. Here you know not doing this not doing that showed me out here show me up there and -- expected you know on the net -- -- -- competitor stuff but it. I mean none of that happened here definitely have to deal with any negative inside the clubhouse. Such -- clean slate -- I think -- -- the reasons that you know we made a 162 games in the game -- and we never lost you know four hero. Just three in earlier would -- -- -- you know -- -- back. -- it was a behind the scenes moment that you'll remember the most. We understand the Grand Slam tournament and a great place in the playoffs -- what did you -- behind the scenes moment that you'll remember the most. Okay what I guess it wouldn't be a moment but. Underneath the behind the scenes of the superstars on this team. The behind the scenes of David Ortiz the behind the scenes. Dustin Pedroia. The -- he's dealt very last year mean you know -- don't get the opportunity to play with these guys and you definitely don't get to to see them you know off the field. And how they treat each other inside the clubhouse and what goes on. But what a breath of fresh shares share work place with these guys. It was it would just -- on and it just to see you know how hard David Ortiz works and how hard does -- drew worked -- other guys. You know that they just you know set the -- traffic and we followed. We're -- -- you go John you last question here's to you first got to do this opportunity like to guarantee. Workers -- -- next year being -- first got to do that set the tone right away let's get a guaranteed for next season -- -- -- -- he's got to cross off worse right now being insurance first of first to first. You know but I tell you what I mean I knew you know inside you know that. You know this was a championship caliber team I really did. Mike mentioned him first in spring training you know look at our starting lineup in a disparity in a playoff experience. It's not like we have experienced them from one team in Arlington next. So and I knew that time was now and obviously the business died steps in all the free agents depth in. But. Super that. We you know we knocked out here right John thanks for joining us enjoy the offseason. -- that's Jonny Gomes -- the -- members of the Red Sox may be robbed the biggest hit of the world -- Made the game winning home and then you know picks bought one and I think it was a coincidence obviously out right after Ortiz speech speech by it did. -- home run -- thing you could tell there was confidence that wasn't there for whatever reason and a half leading up.

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