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Dennis and Callahan celebrate on Parade Day from Fenway Park- Hour 3

Nov 2, 2013|

Dennis and Callahan wrap up their coverage of the parade but before they do they check in with the mayor on a duck.

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-- this joining us now -- good -- -- as a rookie sensations after -- Alexander John and -- of the WB broadcast how are. Come really really good you let your -- what you must be looked at -- wide body mean yeah you know I I've often told the story that Kevin McHale when he was a rookie with the Boston Celtics. 18 championship his first year. -- asserted that department but I guess you can think that happens every year for you doesn't it. I think Ellsbury also wanted to present true that you you have army. Obvious surprise right now we're on the defense that are here he can't refuse to get started you know I mean. He was gonna happen is -- -- -- -- -- about -- going to be. What's it been like since these 61 score was posted and the celebration and the champagne what's the last couple days been like for you. Dude busy managing reformers who worked in -- good now because a lot of facts before closing on me and it does look real reform but I mean this is -- Waterford you know. Wilson is possible back home kids to have some lookup field. Do you think this it feels -- when you look around the guys on the team your teammates that you're going to be doing this again. Next year and the year after and the year after is that the kind of feeling you have right now. We're I mean he's got great music group. Itself. All the guys. In order to. They do respect you tell me for me colonialism. I've expected -- -- This doesn't respect them you know whose -- boat with you -- you she's -- I have no idea yet. I don't know what I'm really excited to be -- Eight days and there were a number of interesting stories about this baseball team and personalities and one of them would be the way you assimilated yourself on this baseball team and the stage did not seem too big for you. Oftentimes people -- -- -- you -- people out with as little experience on the Major League level would you might have shrunk. From that spotlight what is it about you -- your personality and your game. That allowed you to jump into some high leverage situations. Some high leverage game the World Series and perform as well as you did seemingly not even nervous at all. Physically aggressive those that was how how is that possible that this is normally played Hillary Clinton when you guys always nervous as the benevolent. I mean heck it's almost a pretty good enough I -- that we the post season when if that's when we'll see addictive about it -- -- you know whether I got the ring. I. Had a -- about an hour and a half ago with Dennis and Callahan as he was getting ready to board the duck boat that's gonna be a great story to watch going for yet but what to watch just see him. Just just function without -- -- and -- and and and Sheikh yunis. The enemy a pretty slow player prolonged -- and I and I think he said -- -- and that I think my next question was -- usual -- absolutely. He has no intention -- the -- while playing third -- plant anywhere else he's the shortstop. And he wants number two which we have available. He's not going to be 72 it was going to be number two was going to be played short that's his favorite number is badly Els has made you made the point. Els made up -- here is that I think it's fairly. Routine what did they would hear that led to go. -- a little -- ago. And Jackie -- it's gonna get the first shot to play center. If that doesn't work out they -- put Victorino center put someone else and right or -- the center fielder but I think. If you're sitting there if you were signature didn't haze in the Tutsis this was a plant you need some transition ever what told you that. You know the idiots they do that tackle list a year. Any team that the Bruins Celtics would think things all go right he can't just say let's keep everyone in the same spots and open happens again. It doesn't work that we need some transition and the transition. I think it's fairly simple -- -- gone over its short. Ellsbury gone Bradley and center the one guy we're not sure about all of -- felt that market. QB back well he said if they want me back I would like to come back let's over the phone lines and talk with you at 6177797937. -- is in New York City good. -- they guys had to go it's going great -- speed it's been too long I mean Mike -- watching the Red Sox here in New York I just was out that the parade. What you wouldn't you geared value would be alone we've via I'd they're a couple couple that they don't want to mention. I had children my body what what what what what watching both going and Saltalamacchia the sequence set in -- yeah my eyes to the finish line and I wanted to -- question what all our Rick Jamison. And Michael -- Rick Jamieson is on the -- we we. -- -- -- Those are -- I believe minority owners. Minority we get as a minority owner rights and Jamison is too. I know what what what. Which it is there any truth to the room right your roommate that that that the Red Sox but still deepen their pride in their farm system. Of getting bitten and couldn't stand in right field opening. Mean besides the Reno it's an appeal and playing Bradley is what that field. I bet they'll -- kicked the tires if Stanton is indeed available. It's the -- I mean they could do it that deep they have a position you know chairman Tim is. He's champ he can make a big move like that in it's got some -- now as they get get Shea they got money they could do it in the look at it. -- and -- my connection DNC. Guys -- me that question out of her contract yes. Awards where I mean are we all we all coop we put it all you know we -- -- between a Little League. Weeks we get into paper route you know maybe make -- high school will actually go to college college -- -- great we get second Gordon approach. Why would somebody. Even picture. Going to another team. After winning it from correct. Old shotgun -- World Series. You've got enough money if you didn't Wear the revolt tomorrow is gonna below or why would shall reward -- -- -- what to coaching went. All we dream about an 888 or explain exactly and now here at Wrigley and it's like it got up on -- and if you -- tomorrow or -- tomorrow. You know it'll have to you know about the actual. It's my second. It's what major league baseball players do when they reach free agency and it's really what Major League Baseball free agents who were represented by Scott boards do when they get two free agency. It's a good question. -- good question. Got we got fortunate sometimes it's like we we we establish sportsmanship -- -- what you poppy. Poppy take -- -- cut back in the day why couldn't believe it would won't let me give a little bit. -- he left of the get a better offer. It's the way it's just rights what players to and they do it because. Number reason -- the union and the agency courage in the there was someone has to raise the bar they have to keep. Price tag price go up to each years there has to be. Some guys have to. Do for the union do for the brotherhood here and go to free agency and raised the body can't all be Dustin Pedroia. And -- give the hometown discount state because that love it here I would do that -- -- Pedroia wouldn't move -- -- -- everything from money I never spend. But they feel obligated to the union and they feel like. They have to someone has to do this it's it's. Every as cosmetic created claims to be -- We that your annual and it retire emulated that when you went to our. Oh my god we can look at Yankee but it's like we did the sportsmanship and -- Why is that not sportsmanship you go play a part of the team -- lot. My -- like it's one of the ways they keep score they keep score on the field they keep score on the on the on the finance speaking of that. A very nice but subtle touch here at Fenway Park if you spotted Jerry. These scoreboard remains posted. Red Sox six Saint Louis one line score 68 and one for the Red Sox won nine and one. For the cardinals the Red Sox scored three in the third and three in the fourth. And Saint Louis scratch one across in the seventh inning the score from that night. Remains on -- blogs out in real what's it in the Red Sox were out -- out it justice. And Billy from -- wants to go yeah OK come -- get out hit every night let's talk to Mike in Boston my connects with Dennis Kelly broadcasting live from Fenway Park. It's military justice nit -- who thinks everything -- ultimately sold in cherries to call both the old Mary. Our e.'s earnings and prominently in front -- so your note it's an area. I think Richard Seymour the past when -- you're gonna get all around the -- that are in Georgia. And he like an -- They need to make as much money as possible in about five to ten years there. That it's terrible you know he can't live off of that for the rest of his party like being -- let me make and -- under familiar like. That's not true he gonna say it -- That's not true what do you think Pedroia should have gone free agency -- he didn't and and I. But that is -- -- right not a pretty sight you'll know -- -- -- -- Jacoby Ellsbury from here. -- Stop progress not from here you know he's from nobody -- Here you know. -- -- up and say that. All they need a hometown discount they need that they need and only think about themselves and what they want for their white mayor barely. -- Jacoby Ellsbury -- Racers you know what equal award in the net they'll actually I don't do well you know I think you'll go they wanted to go home and looked around like -- -- -- look like an idiot he's. It's all different situations that aren't wanted here you know so he stayed here it probably program so I leave. I don't think that do it for themselves I really don't know where he knows he could stay here make as much make more money could ever spend that they'd do it would this cause that. Is drilled into their heads from young gays that they have to continue to raise the bug that they have to continue. Two. It changed the that the market for free agents there. And -- recruit assigned -- reached free agency after the Red Sox approach to many times and he -- tied for 50708000. Million dollars he'll go to free agency. -- get a 150. And -- go elsewhere and he'll do it not just for himself he'll do it for the union for the players that's what they think I think. Baseball players more than any other. Walk a life our client to uproot and move even when they don't want to necessarily. But if you but there's that -- McAuliffe -- cells which -- at stake as he likes it here will did Napoli like Texas I mean didn't. -- Dempster like Chicago or whatever I mean has moved its part of the game you could sign it. Guys from other teams and they could -- your guys I think. There would be I would I would be like you more of the Pedroia -- And it wouldn't be just because this is my home that would be huge factor in it and just because uncomfortable here like the organization in the way they treated me. Your chance to win would have a lot to do it if you missed me I mean I would I would not. Consider for you know 234 million dollars or a year over five year period the go to a team that I know has no chance to win whatsoever. But but that's just me maybe you know maybe -- can project what I would feel like if I work in Jacoby Ellsbury shoes at this point. But I think like I think I know about me now I'd be more like android atlas like I know I would be beat. That Felix group the union back. I wanna play were happy and that's what Detroit did a lot of guys to do with. There has to be a handful who get free agency if they all signed earlier a lot of don't know a lot of pitchers Sunderland but -- there's no Kershaw. Then the union is. Really upset the that the agents are really -- they need guys to -- there. And raised about raised the price and this year it's Ellsbury and you know what the Red Sox did the only thing they could do they prepared -- -- they drafted well they got a guy we think we've covered a lot bear. Hell they vote -- Steven Bruce Lehman yes are they not prepared I believe that it -- that -- and Al relieves we think Bradley will be okay he might not be what Ellsbury is but the he'll bring you know he'll bring different things that table and if that it's not the case if you make a trade for Julian Callow its -- and guess what pictorial slides the Saturday got a a new right fielder they're ready for this. Speaking of Pedroia it was interesting he was on the station yesterday and said he plans to have surgery on that injured -- Now he played the entire season with that torn ligament in his I guess buses left -- That that was injured win. Opening day right now I'm not sure this raises or rises to the level Logan Mankins playing an entire season and ACL. But for a baseball player who swings a bat. And has a torn ligament in her thumb and play through a 162. Plus games with that and now. The side you're gonna get it taking care surgically says a lot about your desire to get a feel. And -- only at the long term deal he got the long term deal and he stayed here and and I think Pedroia has it figured -- better than anybody you know. I mean he's happy tears families like his kids they're happy here he lives -- Hundred yards away from the clubhouse. He likes the park he likes the view of the fact that this team as a money and big payroll will compete every year practices. Wanna I wanna go somewhere else. And he has to -- make -- decision does that play in pain yet he does does he look of buckled say why can't he yet it probably doesn't solve it does slobs at Arlington before we take a break -- On your mind this morning. Lot of guys -- a little -- great. I am I don't know how would you agree -- you -- but you guys both spot on with this Ellsbury deal. In this that caller that said you know well we should -- you know not all play is a homeless. You know they they've got to watch out for themselves and this call got to realize that -- we're gonna get the money he will get. And get money he does it now because played prior to him. And on the same thing right now -- for the big money right at that's the only everybody's getting that money and I wanna get the money's going to get you know. And I'll -- the being close to Oregon has not. His priority here it is and he might end -- Seattle but I'm I'm guess and I'm on the predicting Detroit is the wildcard but there -- Know half a dozen teams that will be involved and they're Red Sox will say the price is too steep. We're moving on he's thirty year old freeagent who relies on his legs were not doing security and six years seven year deals -- so we do anymore and they will move on and you know what the move on great terms mean even people -- -- that when -- -- with whoever the -- and I guess it depends on Jackie Bradley -- Whoever's in -- field for the future right turns out and for what it's worth its oldest to -- on the air a couple of times I set near in the ballpark at pushed dating in Saint Louis. For game four exit Jacoby -- mother his brother and his cousin. And date to demand or to persons said the family. Would like -- Jacoby stay in Boston they think this is the right place for Jacoby they're not lowering him out there they're not saying eskimo please them all. At least that's what they told me my face we think Boston is the right place for Jacoby Ellsbury to -- now does he listen to them. Does -- take their counsel. Does that influence him anyway I have no idea whatsoever that badly the family is not calling him to come home with my point and you know what you when you sign one or should note that deal in you know. Where at least for -- That it's you know Stephen Drew same thing -- to the same thing when Europe Boras guy he -- when you're nineteen years older. Eighteen or twenty whatever you know that this would -- does -- say. I really don't need security and don't wanna be the highest paid guys don't ever want to reach free agency. Now David Ortiz were -- -- got a free agency you know 34 different times by now but he's. I think until last year he'd never been a free agent and by then. You know he was so entrenched here and they were they're gonna pay more than anyone else because he means so much to this team this organization. It wasn't really a factor but you were younger guy anywhere sports guy he got a free agency. He left the rate is making its way through the City Hall toward Mass. General down main street left probably lost -- -- it goes style -- room that it does I just checked. Processed -- it does well so does it well. Goodness well take -- don't call us right here like that you would too if you want but it looks like it goes right there. Once that rove for a little it is yeah right goes underneath -- the low bridges now now as there -- eleven feet nine inches that's got the close of your articles that yes that could. That wouldn't be good. Hitler elected rattled hangover free gifts of the way it started watched that great worst movie ever seen in my life turned off after 35 minutes I you know appreciate sector -- -- -- I -- -- -- sat there and and and that wraps up early in the movie and seeing those cops -- as they. Art so you don't appreciate it's acting like an office is a great article I thought he did not -- not store. For thirty minutes it's updated 310 below. A level of freedom and over -- I'd love sick you'll see great Caspian. Also bill called the worst movie ever seen these secret jets. Part fault lines open where Fenway Park 6177797937. It's the homestretch DNC special edition at that way. Rolling rally dubbed blue parade we will take -- -- -- and what happens and I'm not sure you know -- do. Not everybody you know I have no we think -- minute hand his commitment. To. That momentum. Oh and we're not sure what's -- up to today -- some. These things roiling behind -- -- yeah. -- -- We're gonna do it and so is coming in. -- -- troops will be interest to see who is. Mike Adams on his old. On Saturday morning we get back. My friends a beautiful November Saturday morning in Boston two million strong Boston straw lining the streets. Watch the 2013 world champion Red Sox. Socks make their way to Charles River. And BP. World Series and beat the big board with. The ownership. The number one. With pomp and on and Larry in the World Series trophy and wives gone through City Hall. And making it down past -- general ultimately don't care which treat it that left him blossom and been in the river for mild mild. Joining us on the AT&T outline the -- -- Are now Mikey Adams Mikey. Out there. Yellow -- what's up what -- you know I don't know how many people looked -- so -- a god I don't just just by hot women allow it to be 500000. That -- guys and everybody that reds -- side. At Boston's broad and feet behind it ought to be very arbitrary and report. A lot of it -- but right now allow me to. So but it really unbelievable to be of great it'd be like it's my like it -- but -- -- -- great up and the other thing it. They let you get appealing a right eat duck -- The threat are they now know exactly what it what would like to be like. A beetle or something yeah. I -- Kennedy the United States right. Hey Mikey didn't like it behind you after you went past the finish line. The duck boat that had -- and Saltalamacchia. Stopped. They got out they took the World Series trophy they put her on the finish line. Of the Boston Marathon and draped the 617 strong Jersey that's been in the -- all year long over it and they had a nice moment. Where they hugged and shook hands with first responders. And victims and saying god bless America so that was after you went by what happens when your -- ball went over the finish line that they just keep what was or pause what happened with you. While we ever -- stop the senator from those guys that we ultimately you've got what America we -- -- -- right right but that was the real bite while the -- out. Didn't realize that we're doing it at all there but how I mean it's not like Johnny go out there that stopped by with -- -- -- like that out here and street receive little. What happened let it happen and April 50 -- he -- huge paper out here yeah -- -- we've got there's nobody that pop up popular rugged. And don't get booed today. -- and I I guess and Mikey would know this fungus and -- here and as loud cheers as any one of them poppy. I can't imagine anyone here in more low get more love -- -- Oh yeah and buy side you know. The city of Boston College. You'd. Really. The building. Look at. You know what -- -- be -- It is it is it is a argue with Mike are you within earshot of the drop kick Murphy's. I didn't shut up -- the drop the bad the bad I don't know what they're they're pretty are behind. Again it up. Predator brought. But. Apparently got that when you got the periodic. Rate -- -- book but it will have video that we did take your report to be different everywhere. But when a basic date but he -- aren't like you don't what did you like best off before the river I -- really bad happened and you. Oh yeah out of nowhere about -- I'd -- well. All right Mike you out of a duck got a Sunday morning thanks for the time Mikey to address your day. All right 6177797. And 937. Let's talk to let's talk to nick in Beverly you're an actor Dennis and Callahan on the special edition Saturday edition -- Gentlemen I don't look great start India right on the opening it up enjoy it and you know we -- that -- on their pictures -- hope they never do. At least seventeen -- couple. Highlight this season there were off deal that just trying to symbolizes all seem. Personal incomes or that he would care and don't insult me. We're -- Toronto -- and I guess I guess they are popular a lot of -- -- you mentioned that. Phenomenal and they are not accurate these sports -- reflecting receiver not barrel in the right off. And died I think aren't satisfied into the -- as I -- like having him in the dugout and in the case. He hit that. Read it he did but in the end of the game now the up and it loves to play baseball -- his first one here last in the league. Absolutely. And I make my final thought as you mentioned it the votes early in February that. -- Lackey who says McCarron to say it is getting its huge apology from the city of Boston. How many blue and -- can't see that you countered that. I'll tell -- what they reported that they were proud are you even pulled out so I'm I'm I'm open -- some sort of bomb. Facility onboard is gonna be on that duck duck boat for a couple hours. That's right I don't. President -- and Johnny Pesky little problem when we were in the water and -- or. No Pedro Martinez got hit by them up moral baseball believe it'll force that richer yet in the -- poured it right right right well. Somebody's here will facilities here and they might salt equality axle and witness it's it's a champion it's his protege. Yes. -- had just arrived police sting you rattle him from Lexington. How far. You know when -- about or T with the remote Pedroia. And that power was down. Would that be -- -- wouldn't that make cents or nine homers this year 84 MB. Let the American League plate appearance with 724. Had a good year at 301. Recently two little -- but if they can. There was a flaw they would be year three hole hitter without a home run right. Wouldn't let me say nobody's gonna say apple wouldn't that be she'll rectify it on opening day where -- ligament in the fall -- with things so could be like no Marty never gets the power back but you know they'll they'll fix equities and then the surgery this week now that Vermont I felt good morning. You know what we're doing great. One value that my daughter is not one of the stock all the she's texted me some pictures. Of them -- -- What server out what's your affiliation with a team to get on a duck boat group -- but she gets you. I'll get. She does a fine job she does indeed. Agree and that. I can't go to. The CI. NG game but it is good for you -- this morning else. I want challenged -- that you write about Ellsbury. Hit -- I didn't wanna challenge. One right here or what it is all going the way we agency wasn't -- -- agent or do indeed yeah often. Can't you can't compare that to really can mean off. The -- -- in governing other offers first while he was swept the horse needs with the union needs his marquee free agents. Lesser lights that's all well -- good they want them appropriates too but they don't need them. Alec Ellsbury raises the bar their -- that the frequency -- no other -- right. Well I mean I don't know I just think that it was early on EEU and all -- -- in the Urquhart we -- would -- It is your lead encouraging. Him ought that you just don't know. You don't know but do you think he means is certainly history -- history -- -- that's lately on if you think about what's his name in. In Anaheim Jered Weaver Jered Weaver. And guess what. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Forced to select content summer real Tom. And and great great great day thank you get for taking my call. Yes -- without pre I want him as much as anybody I love the guy three year he had that was decided in the marketplace. I understand what the stock is about Red Sox ownership and this guy clearly is worth top dollar. Well they know may have changed that they have changed their remote to a certain degree Tom in -- Larry Lucchino was on -- yesterday I said does the success. That you experienced. With. Paying a little extra money for much shorter contract period. Providing a template going forward he -- not necessarily but I will tell you this we are now as a result of that success. A little more reluctant to get involved in long term 567 year deals and huge huge money and I think that's the case I think he's telling the truth they are reluctant to do that. But again though this discussion should be about Sox ownership who are unwilling to pay the guy but he's proven his work we'll let you know this is not about. This is quite publicly everybody's now you know making Ellsbury the bad guy. Don't make things that got no one not at all -- mean Ellsbury. And -- was thirty years old he relies on his legs. If he is you know like Carl Crawford -- would you give it got a thirty year old guy doesn't hit home runs. Leadoff guy would you give them twenty plus million a year for six years. As a valid question I wouldn't wish I wouldn't do I I would like them to find a way is fine him because he's. An invaluable I. He has a well way it would if you its side -- and put Stanton and right he's younger I mean would -- look 120. Some million a year and he said that at this is how we want al-Qaeda are a resources would that make sense. Yes yes and that I agree I think we're saying but it's not quite the same thing and just. I'm defending -- because I think he's been a great. Attacked the public antibodies attacking -- and -- and economic -- -- maybe will be some sour grapes and -- some you know discord. But hey this is in the day for that and be -- -- anybody would blame him for taking a six year 120 million dollar each Arnold's gonna blame him he's he's a one time all star. He doesn't hit home runs he doesn't have the power. Good base stealer but he's thirty years old he's got is that -- and if you gonna get better rebound more quickly from injuries at 31 of -- 32 and 33 that he did -- 2720 point nine when he's got a seven year deal correct when he million probably not -- well -- in Boston a -- good morning. They want to -- on illegal or bad -- -- he read -- the into into every light that the U. Had to listen you don't asked him you know and that so. Olympics so maybe all his friends and gambling duke -- they're big fans -- to me hey Scott what's up. Hey Heidi good doing guys at one time -- -- -- -- think I have my my. Sister in law ran the -- America policy was Corcoran sister and her niece is in that matter kids my nieces and nephews were standing. Where efforts explosion went off not ten minutes before -- And you know it's that the connection that the whole city had and that's -- -- personally -- that and make Tuesday even more poignant I think a lot of people like to talk about you know just became in their spoiled athletes and they're out they're playing a game right I do think. It's not. The hyperbole to say that this was much more than that became this year in the wake of the and adopt it and it could only get. -- a lot of people sort of put that aside and feel better and not forget about it but. But just give a reason to celebrate this city of Boston and a good way and -- scope of that I think. Well so grateful for the scheme in everything that happened this year and that thank you guys are repeated their bringing it to us. We're glad to do it's got you know -- seems to me that you can have stories like this in other cities and other places -- -- and yet the teams cares about this that the other but don't get the says there is legitimacy to -- that there is yes he -- connection that this isn't something just made up that are saying it. And -- a company line I think -- really get that sort of emotional connection between. This team and that's what what that we have the. Just I think the fact that Boston threw in the history of Boston in the go back to the founding of America and everything that that means then you know Paul Revere ride through the city and that. You know all all mistreated in that city it's it's you know they have all come together over the celebration like that -- did it doubly transcends the game. For me. It that I am an ethic even if they didn't win people would embrace this team like this team. I thought it was interesting with Dempster said to us this morning he's been around for sixty years and years he's never -- a team that in that one. A -- a home at one not won a hole and now they all went to dinner together and they all got together went to the barbecues that the and Ortiz is host together to baseball games with off days together if you win. You know inevitably of people like -- right yes but I think these guys taken a step further even if they didn't win people would have liked to give the mayor credit he told us before he got on his boat here at Fenway park at a certain point. In the parade route runner -- -- minister himself he compass opal you know hotline number. And he called -- Forget about it right. Just get too caught up in the moment and the mayor joins us a line for mr. mayor how are you sir. All I'm ready. There -- children and help our rail. Are you you're in a duck. -- well. Oh. How or how Europe stands a fair city comports himself this morning they they beat it themselves on the streets mr. mayor. Great partners but there are sort of short. Prior art that were one guy. We're at a currently. Yeah police troubles are. Well yeah there. And the -- is in the building that these other Europe's player. What they're part. Aerial. Every illusion and Nicole -- Oh are you afraid these guys were ranked game they would drink and and it 9 in the morning made you afraid that things could get a little crazy. Are attackers are Clark. Or they're like they're having strong. -- -- -- -- -- Hey how's the crowd response been to you because this is probably your last hurrah. Last big city event in your you may oral career are what's the response been to you mr. mayor. Lost sense both sides what do it again I would arts are rattled foray. Who -- confidence. That they are out regular. Old great when you retire where you. Florida. It was very. And I'm -- happy court that. -- All right mr. -- any any interest in a notable signs. That you saw because we heard them. -- like Mike Adams told us that somebody help a sign that said the city of Boston apologizes to John Lackey did you see any interesting signs out there mr. mayor. -- aren't out there a lot so I thought there I'm I'm aquarius. That -- that's -- surplus does everything right all right all right real. Mr. mayor joining Denis and tell -- on the hotline from his -- ducked into the belly of the man of his word is that it would probably did an advocate com and chicken with a let's talk to let Johnny -- up in Nashua -- Johnny -- good morning. Good morning guys and a great -- it is yes it is. I think it might mice mice are dramatic and let the sister -- away from my nephew might get at the British library across the street from the first explosion. And we got attacks from a mirror real time and you know. I just can't believe. You know from idol from then until now yeah. You know what what's gone down for the city of Boston it it's just fabulous and I came up with a particular headlines for today. I hope you guys like get duck boat dynasty. That is could you have seen that a few different places that my -- -- entry of the Boston papers and a -- Odyssey that boat and no one is three. What has shaved that we saw. Two good points all the social -- -- devastated the Geneva. A lot of people were behind the scenes and that the house and whatnot although these guys don't -- -- You know all this but -- that he would. Says what it wants them to use of salt they said no Napoli said no Russ huge -- great opportunity. If you -- to twenty years younger. True to -- -- -- and prized by that that he achievement. -- -- to three of the big star like Gomes was a lot of guessed -- old beer yes and -- video take it you. Happily apple should do -- is the most famous beard. Trim and it takes the whiskers and little. Plastic masters I heard sell for like fifty bucks I heard Dan Patrick asking David Ross he could have some as -- -- trophy room although I heard. He said you can shape he's. And David Ross that he is he said he would. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't believe I think he's keeping it for himself and he should but he said put Workman nine million people want the ball well he said the orders or bad or. OG. Farrell if they come to him say I want the ball he will give it to them is that. In his locker room Michelle. But it was authenticated. So is the ball. He put it in his pocket there in the chip on yeah fortunately celebration. That he put his luckily get back to Fenway it's here so on -- -- -- -- and sneak in and grab that things weren't like a man came Richmond kept pistol that that's right -- -- it's that that's -- got to -- were some real money but I I think it's appropriate to cross. And he doesn't make as much money is a lot of these guys the only he should keep it speaking of getting mad at each. Shall. Shall emotionally is going to be here or not. Crossover as we transition from these special edition of -- Two special edition of me and mystery guest. So Thursday's spring part that's on ready to go to work when I fly ball -- and even arrived back in god stood up. It's. Hey hey. That's -- -- team through. One more strike again -- Here's over the -- flag and -- second out this summer and a Red Sox are headed to the American League Championship Series out. Tested about test is time for your heart -- on. He knows boys' club men's leagues as a little word play and I. -- -- -- -- -- Well. -- I can't go home. Every. Code you -- your field. Yeah. I didn't want to say one thing. -- -- -- -- -- base -- the it's gonna save the on the we'll call off a whole lot about things we. 100% sure if that was not a -- my job -- beginning right plan. Kerry and he's doing good drives. That's one high end here. Wallet getting off the brain. I -- very important I think. I admit that I don't think I'm up he. Before you Boston. And the bank news. To the Red Sox from the fans of Boston from Fenway to beat Charles and back are underway separately two million people. Saying hello and -- -- the 2013 world champion Boston Red Sox. That wraps up the DNC special edition live from Fenway Park and we're going to stand down. Originally -- if I'm wrong did the schedule -- have minute hand. And salt picking up the -- At noon and going forward until 3 o'clock it's our special coverage originally thought it was season winds down many -- with us rapidly the -- but he -- some advice and that and in the changed his plan in. I don't know what happened Kirk -- -- hands here but I see -- salt. The emperor's -- It's unique human tour here any instrument and -- I'm lost without. What's up -- -- you don't ask what's up we -- well. I'm sure I don't understand where's your stuff on to read that says you can fire and old spin off fire -- outlook the brilliant -- out notices you've -- fire. This is what happened and I don't break confidentiality other people might. I have a radio mentor. You might say is if -- or -- who had a lot of success in the city now. John Dennis -- now Gerry Callahan not a Dale Arnold yet. I would not say the name of this person because I don't break confidentiality this other person might but I would just say this the end of each of our conversations. Which happened two or three times a week. I would do the confidentiality pledge and I would say deal and he would say. DO who's now. And then we -- the phone and I'm again I'm not gonna do so. I'm. Did in T get advice. From -- -- I'm gonna say who it is but -- sure -- and advice consisting. Basically -- -- -- on a show notes urged I mean a lot of it was in he could tell by the way I am with you guys on the -- -- was just you know stand down. No confrontational. Lot of conversation. No revenge. Plea that it -- dirty laundry zero dirty laundry. None of that. In just you know if you want it. More fun is anywhere in your brain always you give -- this -- -- -- hammer. In squash yet. Again. And again. And again and a young enough now to deal with on but again I'm not. In the business of -- I don't don't do that so guys it's been fun. And a -- three months. On this that. We've -- conflict he knows them mentally to the bright. That was good. You don't most of it was terrible. The price do weekends yeah right. -- I don't blame I don't want either I mean you know you guys. The numbers are up is because the -- problem is but that's what ever actually Democrats except for. A few boys like today to go on the boat on your role I'll miss you I want an answer on Monday. A serious answer because I heard. -- -- Say that you call him for my -- -- I'm not denied my entertainment. -- much tonight and I denying it wouldn't it and I sent it can't be right. Through well again. There's some vehicle for those who it is but that's what it's out of the -- that Holbrooke thought there was some of the business one of my life is lived anonymously and I respect that coal -- for advice to him. Never leave it over the coming Monday and answer some tough questions is -- you guys -- I want here Monday like. Missiles to write a -- still call I mean this person of course it opened last month. Any budget to do what today quit. Quit the business so where it over to do right. For the moment and seemed to via Bradford I saw was supposed to be here with them insults coming. But he -- excuse he needed to be anywhere from a little absolute tweeted this month -- -- -- right. But without the month but is it a the with the racist as the Breeders' Cup this -- -- -- is that what is that right yeah you're one of those -- -- posting I think it's our horse racing deal -- of -- yet -- part of the younger generation. That's why we brought among the station younger yeah yeah dunks yet. And so they have -- good excuses. Yeah what's the one -- and I created by the ID's I use all -- for the us open round tables would -- with -- excuse you heard and want to talk to I called twice this morning. He would not call back. I don't know what is excuses but I'm sure whatever it is it's perfectly legitimate I would have among them question the man's character -- you guys in the business of doing that I'm not. As a civil were you working there a -- who worked with rob Bradford where's -- he's at on the -- Roberts today that he's doing some of the stuff -- who's going to be casino on the boats. And get the -- Record player after not to have that is getting a -- that joke of the state. We'll be -- area well I'm I'm by myself I think for the for which is something you know again. Like Julia Roberts in the Eat Pray Love you know yes it will be kind of on my own I was -- I was capital items it. Would he told me who it was I'd I'd say they watched Jerry's favorite movie and over through -- how -- -- pure awesome if you if it was a terrible awful -- I don't like. 35 minutes and it in that there's not -- my style that you don't get sick of Wales to like I personally don't. I don't jets held its first the first one that -- and now this that's like these same choked slow start. And that we should keep in practice work. -- -- -- -- -- I saw another couple homelands the show is just completely lost terrible it's offering half what do. I -- three that your -- so -- I could not sell watches to Africa next you who literally ran from your home to -- -- -- and that's a total how -- ultimately it's about eleven miles that whole thing to me -- 1616 -- yeah just sixty -- work yet so great I -- blisters on -- ball back to fuel -- -- -- the -- you're gonna get -- juiced you'll also use all the shape shape and to illustrate particular bit -- -- every day. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Did you run in the crowds the -- and it happened as -- big check in Puerto woes don't listen you -- -- on the I was going we'll check Twitter like you think you can listen to us and WEEI dot com W -- live up as well as the sports reviewing 53 point seven has anything you want yet have you it's a whole world. Trying to get march Lara to call in today hopefully beyond -- 46 minutes. We'll think we'll have not -- then -- with like that would that excited about exporter it's funny but really excitedly the past couple days haven't. Super site Gerri it's unbelievable. The director. I don't also probably it will. I don't see what you didn't have to get out of -- would you honestly -- last two weeks. Your eyes as I said -- myself this morning self I'd pay. Thousand dollars left -- It's -- to order. To work with that this is a double stack up at 730 where it felt like for them to go to bed. What to do something. That you -- -- -- -- what. And missed it to every night insists. In the blood like -- but they were away over that time all right so what's gonna. A vision of Dennis and Callahan is over the weekend but on Kirk and and at some point. Rob Bradford would join him high above all -- at Fenway. -- come on Monday but it's a no we getting it going guys and you know no rush to get home but -- don't know if I come in Monday -- -- ground rules OK okay I want. I want to -- was a four hours -- I want it -- have a good offensive line talk to be fair yeah. To 24 segments on the Bruins -- power play. With that it's raised some concerns. And I would like and what this would -- them. Tomorrow. The thing that stuck -- thinks that scares the death jobs don't be scared on my -- is certainly true. We can get and I want to do with. Eyelash oh I want to do nine and I think that's that's I -- -- there are thank you -- just. Done done deal anyway -- answer any questions you're going to do that I have a new one it's called respond to the query for. Forgot what I am I'm really look at Ford anatomy introducing it. Somebody told -- it was a great idea as to whether it was all right have been -- somebody next on W ya FM 93 points.

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