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Dennis and Callahan celebrate on Parade Day from Fenway Park- Hour 2

Nov 2, 2013|

John and Gerry get live updates from the rolling rally including a moving moment at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Mikey Adams also checks in from aboard a duck boat as the parade rolls on.

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Welcome back my friends did a very special edition Dennis and Callahan broadcasting live from Fenway Park. We just witnessed something very very interesting the -- went off right on schedule 1 minute after 10 o'clock. The first five or six duck boats lined up on the right field warning track. In front of the Red -- then made their way out the garage door and on the -- and street when it came time for the drop kick Murphy flatbed -- To roll out apparently the -- in the mud got stuck. So they improvised it is now boo you could have dropped it Murphy's. Play their way through the streets of Boston unless somebody thought of something. And it -- the yellow duck boat up to -- it up to the back of the duck boat to the front of the truck and drag it out of the mud and they're all -- away. Wow you don't see that every did somewhere somewhere and -- -- when suddenly got a lot stuck out of the ditch somewhere Joseph Moody's like let's say all right except the big one Dave Miller is. Puppies down the right now to fix it but they took a huge dividends the the first base coach's box. But that -- -- running. And they're gonna catch up that it had -- -- get a -- wicket win if you're out in the street you can close the gap between the first six or seven and then he'll be one don't vote yellow one just bolt. The flatbed out of the mud -- and the rest of the behind got a couple of front office boats going by here and as -- -- -- Our broadcast site I've got home plate trying to distance which players are gone. Which bodes well last boxes that Andrew Bailey Craig Breslow coaching you Lavar and beauty she does not -- or all together. And by the way. This is good planning and sometimes even good planning. Doesn't prevent mistakes were snafus like what just happened. The very last duck -- here what do you make of that. The empty Willingham do you -- that's the one that was reserved for Josh Beckett Carl Crawford Africa ahead. And and Adrian Gonzales sink to spare in case one of the duck boats. Breaks down well you know it's volumes this one nickname be one guy on Jon Lester and Michael you get -- are on the boat in front of us now meeting in -- together. One guy on the that the the driver it looks like Bobby bell and seriously be under. The -- -- -- my -- Stephen Drew. -- -- Considering the big -- And we don't want to. 345. To go and -- and that's what I really don't understand is behind the last in the blue duck though. -- -- He's just a white -- -- it's up to pick up the impeached yet as we get I think that's a portable audio that a -- -- -- -- about ten minutes. What do they do because they. And and down the but -- It's going to be it took them. Some kind of toilet. Some of the quotes will middle Brooks and David Ross some of the boats that New -- some of the books have -- Like real. Real class that you take on the frontiers on the front of the bolts they all have them. Sponsors that -- proceed with jetBlue. And well it is with Ortiz and Ortiz went there and Shane Victorino with -- kids that were -- -- WW belt wrestling belt and and though he -- that -- -- -- -- -- is that some Indians beat. The trophy is on their holding of the crowd -- was the loudest roar when he goes by the fans. We're. That's going to be a big -- beyond what he's -- with the trophy on that that it says they said Andrew Bailey Craig -- Junichi ozawa and -- you Amara that's the quote we want the international international -- and what we want the mayor to have to reduce those tests -- there will we -- -- for the mayor qualities yeah well he's only has said he would have picked up the -- Gibson called at some point in the next hour or so. From the group operates in the sit on one of these probably with the owners -- I would think so good now. And then exploded Red Sox front office so well there you go underway. And they're trying to make up the gap between the breakdown of the tractor trailer what this does I don't know how many people here to say 5000 I'm not good grounds let's -- With the -- place holds 38 yeah that's about right by 56000. And write a resort itself. Very cool of course I was I stumbled across it because that was the look at for coffee. And that went to the EMC club this that -- -- nothing -- there big party -- them they go -- -- our invitations got -- that we look at -- these brave -- -- -- boat full of people that you can have a element I don't know noon we don't know. We -- secure here we're not worthy show appeared good luck finding markets plot but anyway. Cycle with the EMC club -- see. Few people that recognize a select area that -- you know a few other people that recognize it was a reception for. Bombing survival -- heroes and their family doctor Charles edit again and it was great I mean obviously they could sit the Pepsi club wants this whole thing they could go up and have breakfast in the promote to the stance -- it wherever they want. Usually it's at the front row. But that it was it was nice thick thick crowd obviously a lot of you know family and friends of victims and survivors but it was another nice it's we still haven't determined. Nobody will leak the information. Exactly as to what is planned. When this rolling rally gets the oil industry and the finish line at Boston Marathon I assume it'll be something classy -- supposed to be something where less is more rights of due to subdued. Not bought and perhaps a moment of silence. -- which is that we I don't know they can -- that the -- but at the Boston no no this -- -- to solve them. So nice so appropriate. It's going to be. Strange because there are twenty probably boosted to 25 when he files flatbed -- me at the Celtic if they want with al-Qaeda strike under 245. Votes he can't albeit that aside the same time so. But they -- they stop the owners are in the first boat and they do some some acknowledgment recognition yes some honor for the year. But the victims in the heroes hello April with about five or six duck boats to -- departing Fenway Park 12 yes seven to go and the the little marvelous band behind it speaking of the -- they have opened the gates. Around the ballpark. And the fans are streaming out of their seats on the field and I guess based -- these drugs. Did to the turf down and behind home plate Dave Miller just look at Santa yeah but now we'll fix it I think the real six Atlanta -- -- -- play like a hockey team here in. You know some call it -- -- -- soccer game you know while -- the Red Sox are way that's going to be a lot of concerts but people are taking advantage of the opportunity and their condolences I think it knowing the field they know this feels good to get destroyed before next. April when they return the the play baseball 6177797937. Special edition Dennis and Callahan broadcasting live from Fenway Park. -- -- answer one question that commitment Twitter a few -- here and and -- -- -- is not with us today men and yes well at to be dealt. Do we even know you know you know it was a very Dicey situation closed was last week that. -- we thought it was going to be with us. He's not. Let somebody who's higher up on the totem pole and you meet pulled the plug pulled the plug on Manning in his career and we'll we'll see who -- this new. Where -- -- right term yes. A second afternoon it's like a business. 115959. He knows our -- -- there's shades are still gonna beat us -- lately get them. It back and date back in blanket bay but. You know I think of it and might be your new. Well we'll find out on the -- what well along with his arm and so. -- that's. Supposed that and we thought smoking was all about so maybe a missile command ahead of the that goal now I'd stick around the next couple days that if they're gonna make two lovers -- to a gonna make up and I wanna hear. -- mean it's all seven areas the minute calls them off the effort place. You're kind of pricey -- that you are obvious admin -- not listening device. But we'll find out we'll find out the truth from -- -- as we think today actually when when. We don't even know who's going to be we don't miss that we don't whoever -- up. If we don't you show up just -- that we don't tell you it's not me that's not Mikey that like he is out of a bowl and he's that was much Bud Light -- -- -- that you'll Lackey but it is what it really gives bison joins. I think he's as few. As if you. You don't -- I was watching as the you know it's not nearly as interesting when you see the boat that is front office. Go by baseball operate baseball operations people but I looked at them and you don't you know -- with a few exceptions of you know the same Kennedys and Mike Hazen and certainly the bands and those folks. You don't know these people and they worked tirelessly behind the scenes in terms of all the people. Players have the world's seventh satisfaction at their own dreams in the rings in the playoffs here in the world to hear all that. I can't even imagine. The level all of satisfaction. With a job well done would consider all the nuances and the vagaries. A College Baseball season -- goal. You know left at the fork in the road or right in the four of the road and it could've gone left and crashed and burned when Buchholz. Your early Cy Young candidate went down for extended period of time but it did not. And and and there must be some level of frustration -- in every organization or -- always the case may be. Where you do everything you possibly due to over every rock you turnover every leak you to advance scouting YouTube installed sleep rule. You deal with you know I had -- situations psychological thing is every little thing you can do to gain an edge and through no fault your own. Just the bakeries and and the randomness or you get some lap dog race business dogleg Beckett or Crawford it. And they'll yeah. In all right just off the rails so I it just it just looked like satisfaction. With seeping out that front office duck boat as -- if. Of the most fanatical fan you know him in the one of just you think of living and dying with this team amendment and lots of them you know lots of friends neighbors. Just multiply that times but -- -- and you have one of these front office guys because their plan put their lives their working. You know the careers are on the line right listing it in they went 69 again. They -- -- look at the workers they wipe out the whole place in the and start over and we know there's some tough guys to work for this is not. You know just the country club yes they get there early they stayed -- much is demanded -- -- -- -- windows you know -- had to prove that it raced there in the dungeon this is a quite the spectacle we've seen we're looking at right now the little people lying down. On the on the on the outfield to -- -- look -- up and like make it snow angels. -- the -- is gonna get a picture tweet tweet out a picture of this and answer here and lots of me in the hundreds and hundreds just leaning against the wall touching the wall. Taken pictures of their friends and family in front of the wall. And look -- Robert -- into the bullpen that's pretty wacky looking at the other going. Google alcoholic and color and all oriented job -- -- -- that all pretend to be officer of Morgan. With the arms felt it in that very spot. This is quite a lot I pulled all those right edited it over everybody has a camera now because -- and -- -- them or whatever so. Everybody's getting pictures is well and if you wanna see this and literally you can barely see the grass if that report barely see the grass are so many fans from home plate all the way out of the garage door to 420 foot mark. But the -- with the -- looks like yet checked my Twitter account now at John Dennis WB EI a just we you know I think it's. 61777. -- 7937. Special edition D&C broadcast live from that report. The -- rally is under way miners now who with the band up and running the flatbed. The fault lines and talk with you we'll be right back. Welcome back my friends be rolling rally is rolling the duck boats are all gone but the bands are not. Somehow some way there there there there. Having them migrate. They're asking them to get up off the field and then not less than the you know -- -- -- assault weapon they did get them out of the opens the cops. Kicked them all the Balkans but. They're not moving too quickly of the field now estimates are what hurt turtles here. Couple lines and talk with on the special Saturday morning in Boston 6177797937. Week off we. All the west -- good morning. -- more Indians you know you don't fine. I don't enter the announced record this is an actor. Were re funny quick short version of -- question. 91 where I'm Kelly went to poach what he hurt your quote. Was and we got a record. And record what. Where from works it works here and coach it was this person with the team and I'm Kelly. The issue came up with writer might. Actually. What little has lots of first year coaches who won. -- -- went from worst to first as the first Turco. The a lot of first two coaches might go -- Then in the team got rid of the manager you so and other bad baseball team that won the world championship the year after that -- If you think although we would over the sea of the day it -- a handful Campbell's right but whatever. Art and realized that so you can see let me ask you real quick via. Record -- -- You know what that is involving two other. Players -- home runs in the post season he cut himself and Todd Walker. And one more doctor -- had to do with bonds and who wrote. Most intentional walks exactly. -- time. Ago. He wasn't close to bonds for walks. Because. -- -- -- -- but he that fifth if he he made a nice run and I can't get it to do over again he would he would be he would at their regular -- ends up in low light. And good morning good morning gentlemen how are you were great. Excellent I just marker but would you know. Fourteen -- -- -- that from the start and I just wanted to say a lot of people know that. By all those negative things in baseball these days this World Series -- meant a lot to him and -- him. Teamwork and every you often we watch a lot of these weather stocks were down in the seventh and pinning them I would tell him that there is a don't worry they're good at going waiting game -- out and run that you watch. And you know pianist and what the World Series means you're just -- -- looked at him and partnership worker will. Good good for him good for you you're good -- use it as a teaching moment not just watching sports that's great. That's right in the -- you -- brochure your name. Hey hey how -- yeah. What's your name. Who's your favorite Red Sox player. My -- apple would you like the beard. A budget that's a big -- Yeah in our. It. -- -- -- -- -- I'm glad you enjoyed the baseball season the world championship doesn't happen very often so enjoy it what you get my friend. All right evidently and have a nice afternoon Andrew -- The hotline. Mikey on -- -- -- -- what's that calls greater Mikey on a duck but the first thing that I might have a look at a. They got through our repeated rate but it. Unbelievable report five Berklee college community and to capitol -- out. Now I don't know that you know is that it unit but he -- before it went last launch party. Mikey how many deep on the sidewalks can become a force on on either side there yet the street. But then the bury it is that it Hewitt in your seat as many as you know when you're thirty while our society how work out if you're spotted a watch on the it's great you know I haven't seen anybody not smiling except that one guy that with -- to work. That event because I was looking at -- a lot of -- people -- start out here were brought over that -- You guys a -- when you guys appeared. At the like -- that stuck on a morning like. Mikey have you gotten any word -- any any rumors about what's gonna happen on -- street what's gonna happen at the finish line. Well I -- -- that we the the war will stop Bobbitt -- each dark smoke -- alternate silent. At the British slide that's still -- -- -- but we're we're but I respect. Got back from the front right and we're right when -- -- -- -- doc and right behind John Farrell. And so while it has -- great spot for rock and we'll keep you posted on that development as we get the that is one of the better. Now Mike you what you probably don't know correct me if I'm wrong the drop kick Murphy's flat that is behind you in the parade correct. Are there were behind -- yes what you don't know is when it was time for them to pull out they were right on the first base coaching box they got stuck in the mud. It's -- the tigers the tires what kind of underground and they had to bring a duck that was behind it. Around the the front of it. And the -- dragged the CEO and the semi. Out of the ditch and got it going to there was a -- outlook the gap was closed but there was a significant gap between the last duck boat and the drop kick Murphy's flat -- because they actually got stuck in the mud in front of the dugout. But you know I I understand the topic -- up at Stanford. We're picked it up but light here starting at 4 o'clock in the morning they played some of the but underneath they're they're. Hey Mikey all we saw a lot of guys stricken but lights to they have a cooler on every boat in that one -- -- you partaking. In. In that. You know I knew -- joke -- they noted it'll Bryant and all we inhabit is that -- -- the guys guys. Now on our god -- I know who enabled. Suspect that your legs -- where he got that -- insert -- -- and -- bullying and I that we over a billion people here but when he needs radical while. And into the skies have cleared it's nice and -- couldn't get better day for this in November if you think about it -- to get the proud to say to you guys ready all right. That the hey Mikey. Oh thank you hey Mikey get -- a logical question if -- got a goal what do you do there on the boat. Russia where you're like you're doing what I respect the dignity and I think that a lot of that a little lucky duck boat in the Napoli duck boat. I'm like you care -- I got a world -- flattered thought about it and if there aren't like -- check in with still a bit later on as you make your way toward the river. Guys aren't they care. Mike Adams on a duck and I'd say that was my idea I don't know -- and went -- sleep in today they told me they told us that. 20 in the Dave on the boat and a lot. So it will be column them enough that nothing against Joseph -- but. We need to have a social -- like Mikey yeah I mean you and -- shows up by the way with a Red Sox game Jersey with his name on the back. And ready to go I don't know -- he has. You know his -- in this early morning -- easily. As we know via -- -- -- -- -- Don't -- -- it would be good morning Chris. And -- -- Callahan -- doing great. Are accurate or -- street did not crowd out there who -- very -- -- and -- the -- spot correct -- it is. How many people on -- street deep route it. And it -- he really. The New -- would or and and it and human outlook. And tell me your location again -- -- Okay and more vocal with the people around YouTube -- with where I'm most excited about seeing in who they would vote of the most look at -- us. Well one -- these. He's he's way in the back you gonna have to wait -- where in the probably the third -- the last boat but he does have the World Series MVP trophy with him. All right and today is not where it is -- Jews so you got its British insurance is tough to spot and does she like it looks like world wrestling federation championship. Belts around his stomach and back that it's at WWF one. By the way I saw PP carrying the cigar store native American oh all right yeah it run up the clubhouse there's -- Jersey on. And he put it in his boat so we have a boat he beats him he's with Lester -- -- a -- -- laugh a minute that's a -- -- Lester and that BP -- as regards to her since we got stored native Americans yes Washington -- Yeah hey good morning guys boarding. Which everybody up and Syria happy as they celebrated today. And John wanted to ask you you vote he kept it as we ended the. Yeah I did I'd hate did not see last night and probably go see it day that this afternoon or tonight -- is it. Well yeah I was in I was on at by somebody played in the -- -- -- yet you look closely -- gamer the man. At major it only put it out on the actor though that while so the so the guy in the movie with the Red Sox had his -- your character. Correct you change or is it change or. Shane Murphy. What did he do a good job -- did he do it did he do you justice. -- drag in on the typical. How accurate how accurate word the of that it's as depicted in the movie to what happened in relaxing. A pretty pretty close to communicate if you think but you know -- some of -- when there is a real good idealist when everybody went through and not. You know the captain myself both from the area right. You know part of the whole lot of strong mentality got a group that put it's -- to also mention that I last. Give these kids in 07 I bought on the you know which he passed that there can be still relate to bring in Africa. On my trip though there so there's there's. You know 5060 -- an African run around a bit. -- -- -- -- got it. I'm gonna ask negotiate them look at foresee in the movie too and we'll talk hopefully we talked you have to receive but. -- I don't like did the did you still read the New York Post story that that really just. May criticize speaker it just picked captain -- part says that he was -- total fraud the did you read that story. Yet. You obviously you disagree with the with the shipmates who kind of a claim that he that that's not really what happened. What are you -- you know I don't think anyone claim and that's now what happened I think that the biggest promises you know he ignored warnings and brought should pay close at road. To where it should have been and that's really the number one problem that but I think that event since. How Tom Hanks played a pretty spot on it. It I recommend anybody listens to make a check out. Red sox' ability to attend notable -- That's exactly right all right chain. It and they -- this week we'll talk okay. Art all right chain from -- joining us and who is in who was on the ship captain -- Williams played by an actor with a Red -- to about that -- it's pretty cool art or take a break it is our -- put together -- a compilation. A montage. If you. High points and low points and big moments small moments. This -- 2013 championships season. I'll break double play that for you don't always go -- -- -- got to play our guys -- -- month we'll have a montage off fool you -- yeah -- because everything with a cup competition everything's a -- did so we'll see who did a better job of the month has to get -- Joseph Zambrano or comments that your show is our bottles compilation enjoy it. -- to fifty pounds. You. The world simultaneous explosions. Occurred along the brutal Boston Marathon near the finish line. On these explosions occurred a few hundred yards apart. And die each scene. Resulted in multiple. Casualties. It's. -- can have. You know I couldn't be more probably some guys have responded quickly you know in this information age guys -- you about this is a very resilient group -- in the city it is. Particularly heartfelt. Voice and knowing that the Red Sox are such important. Fabric of Boston and all of New England. That the feeling around this team was certainly one of concern yeah we did. It -- in my -- own second unit. Investment we've -- when do to help them do anything now. Okay. We build and we work and we -- and we raise our kids to do the same. And we come together to celebrate life and to walk our cities and it cheer for our teams. When the Sox. And Celtics and patriots are Bruins are champions again to the chagrin of new York and Chicago fans. The crowd will gather and watch the parade goes down boils -- And this time next. On the the war. And took -- -- America and good. And that Kerry. And include. The first indication that this is a special group first start rumors and training but it was in that. Day after the bombing here that there were some things that came out that indicated that this was in the a team that. Got off to a good start. But then had a chance to do something special and it wasn't because of something that took place between the lines it was something that we responded to and how we. Kind of reached out in other ways than we -- we typically would do on the field. And everybody loves -- post season baseball Red Sox the first time. The amount of time -- the policies. American League division series. Against Tampa Bay Rays. Were delivered. And I did drive. I sent him out but active along all right the other buyers any bit play. Yeah that Brandon. Donnelly was right there. What happened. One more strikes again Koji peers over the glove he rocks and attuned to. Slang and -- struck him out this summer and a Red Sox are headed to the American League Championship Series. Like I'm -- It is -- I don't know that's the thing. That does. It back it up bobcat at. At the end of the Red Sox bullpen Mike Napoli. -- you really hear the old soon to ask. -- World Series. The Red Sox -- and in the American league championship. They have beaten the tigers. And -- classic six game series and Boston. And who would love to finish it off with a strike down. The bearded lady -- routine as well. It's not a Red Sox to win game one of the World Series tonight photos that were affected in this it -- He would hear wild on them now. He hit his home. Created a boat that you felt that the city by the way to get people together and behind it it was just a special special -- -- -- just appreciate. -- -- Circuit City. And I think we just sit there on our shoulders -- they -- you know obviously get them all over the week. -- here. Get this city something something -- -- a -- Grammy. It's. Champions. M okay. -- -- -- The scene is. Quieting down near Fenway Park. -- long blue line. Got all the fans it's 567000. Of them covered the field. Off the field back into the stands. And even as we speak. The ruling rally is crossing the finish line. Of the Boston merit is -- street. And -- line cops on both sides of each vote. Matching massive crowd. But it doesn't appear to be does appear to me that they're all gonna stop together you know like -- thought that might have. All the boats stopped together and -- up in line again and have a moment but I don't think the the wanna do that. The first boat dealers stopped -- pause and reflection let's suppose. -- -- -- -- Police and and city officials estimate crowds I -- to have probably some sort of formula based on the length. Of the parade route and what day. Tabulate or calculate in -- league given you know half mile. Area along the -- but they're saying. Maybe two million people don't want this -- and whether -- certainly just distract and help them. Boston only tests that you -- -- 600 yes it is yes I realize there come from whole widget traffic and document -- metro Weston and gets the Weston tolls. It was built is because the when it went 2121 which is not the way you be going. That pork was completely gently into that aren't going -- -- -- stage yeah Westwood but. It was bad. When you get close to the park at the to a lot more people near the park this time and they have been in the past. A mature wise maybe. I don't know but Jack in the back way from beat you down boil it right in cat or square and got a -- it goes through all the stuff on the other side of the ball -- drove right into the Lawton was okay. Talked -- in this line. That box which Flickr started charger to get an arsenal. It that your -- hell the guy in this blows -- -- a success the league and James is gonna call the next week but. It was crazy around the ballpark a lot of people I mean I guess they invite a lot of people here including bombing. Survivors and the families in at a brunch for them but a lot of people come and watch. Them set up but it was pretty that he around the park and he think we have to -- people all spread out yes. Too many people now. Are spreading. To etc. if it's a lot of people. I -- that way -- I sorry aid convoy of cops on the -- -- -- and swat teams swat vehicles that one after another -- -- it is it treatment not sure where they're set up probably is the finish line via a tremendous police presence throughout the crow both uniformed and non uniformed and all of backpacks are subject to search for obvious reasons. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He holds the record for most make -- guests. Appearances are. Most make -- wish. We issues that he grants. I think it's in the hundreds hundreds and hundreds of kids. I've made there make wished things to meet your unseen makes and he always chose them agree. That's an interesting scene of the -- at all the people off the field saved. Five young ladies are all female. He has five in the up by the wall and look look look look -- with -- play by play we have monitors -- Jonny -- got off the -- at the finish line. And place it 617. Jersey the trophy right at the finish line and then -- the 617 Jersey that they at the -- well a year. Over the trophy so clearly the boats stopped. For the little moment. And that's very cool job as the -- -- Joint legal standing -- finish of the Boston Marathon World Series trophy at his feet and the 617 Jersey that was. President consulted for many -- when he every single in every single Red Sox dugout and every single game. Is now draped over the World Series trophy sitting them that is adamantly right now it's nation that -- that -- -- the opposite through but this is what Colmes there's doctor Charles and there's solve the subtleties. Involved. That stupid and also you know. And -- meet some of the families some of the victims I guess some of the first responders. There's only two players as far as -- can tell right now right now eagle Saltalamacchia maybe they'll each take turns in the presenting -- -- rats -- 617 to somebody. At the finish line very -- rate -- And let you know who you knew would be low key. It would be minimalist -- subdued would they be very very classy and appropriate. Magnitude six point seven years -- home and away. That's at Boston's strong and they give them to. We can't quite -- responders or they don't appear to be. Visibly. Victims. Of the bombing that day. I don't know -- those people. We'll find out we will -- well this is the Boston athletic association is buried there. Com. Seeing -- Jonny Gomes. It. It. -- -- -- -- Godless Americans in -- very cool now. Salty on latter. Later yeah duck boat so like half of that to have I think half of the group has gone through yes and they get to the middle home in the middle of the pack. Maybe this was the plan all along maybe Gomes system that he insult to do this but. They sang the other -- god bless America with the people here first responders victims' survivors family members. God knows there's a million people around them so it's probably some of every every group and reports there were gathered at its. But overnight. Really like overnight like midnight to get the spotlight at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Well very very cool well -- area very well done. Let's take a break let's -- the fault -- and talk with you 6177797937. A special edition. Of Dennis and Callahan broadcasting live from the rolling rally we are at Fenway Park. The ducks are on their way it's Cambridge street itself into the river at a certain point. They go around the river for a good distance C that -- I -- they go in the water they don't just go in and out yet. Take a wrap -- and I assume people are in the river on their own votes. To see them but that's pretty cool the whole group. We've got to -- take -- spin around Charles River to finish this thing -- lot of tears flowing at the finish line of the Boston Marathon efficacy of godless America and the World Series trophy very emotional day. Will be respectful and open let's talk.

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