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Dennis and Callahan celebrate on Parade Day from Fenway Park- Hour 1

Nov 2, 2013|

John and Gerry cover the celebration inside the park before the rally gets rolling. The guys talk with Xander Bogaerts, Ryan Dempster, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Daniel Nava and Mike Hazen prior to the team boarding the duck boats.

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Good Saturday morning -- somehow someway. Dennis and Callahan every single weekend morning somehow wakes up and finds themselves in a broadcast Booth. At a baseball more. Busch Stadium prior to that today we -- from. I -- could be best described as festive. -- yeah I'd say though that's that that's accurate to you know via via the the first base side behind the Red Sox dugout -- field with friends and family and fans I counted 25 -- -- that -- the ball mark on the warning track. One flatbed truck that is the yeah will be the rolling home. Of the drop kick Murphy says the either way around the city seagrams and amplifiers. And microphones and that -- is very good group. So they had the world flatbed. In fact the the ducked underneath. Meet at home plate and names -- Michael read this one did Obama. -- John Lackey and Matt Thornton will be hanging out -- that that's not predicting that's purple purple purple Martins all coral dogma. Is that funny it's. John Lackey clay buckled in the same boat and people will be that any -- that might be for buckled will be drowned out by the sheer there's a point that could be the last ovation. Other than. Dave Ortiz right he could be Lackey Lackey boat it's it's light purple with strikes. And it's called what's the name that they'll have mainly due. Can see the name this one. But it's I would say it's right in the middle of the pack them. I think that no one I've got loads of existence. But. Not to say it's the greatest idea it was just the greatest idea -- I -- out give the mayor credit. All all all insist you've got to be in the governor's conduct -- The governor -- You can look at the biggest joining us from now -- -- duck boats rookie sensations -- her book art center John and -- the WB broadcast -- how aria. I'm really really good -- what -- you what you must be looked at to wide body mean you know I've often told the story that Kevin McHale when he was a rookie with the Boston Celtics. 18 championship his first year. You asserted that department but I guess you think that happens every year where he doesn't it. I think Ellsbury also -- -- it's true that sure you have army. Are we surprised right now where all the defense that are here he can't refuse to get started you know I mean. He was gonna happen -- did so it's idol fans are going to be. What's it been like since these 61 score was posted and the celebration and the champagne what's the last couple days been like for you. Previews of enacting reforms that were in their good not because a lot of text of phone closed in on me and it does look no believable but. I mean this is it's part of -- you know I'm really happy love Lucy Johnson back home where kids to have some lookup to you know. Do you think this it feels -- when you look around the guys on the team your teammates that you could be doing this again. Next year and the year after and the year after is that the kind of feeling you have right now. Def we'll weigh in on you know I mean you know he's got great music great group of guys itself. All the guys who want to win in order to this game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who's on your boat with you we you'd sure I have no idea yet. I don't know what I'm really excited -- vote hate -- and there were a number of interesting stories about this baseball team and personalities and one of them would be the way you assimilated yourself on this baseball team and the stage did not seem too big for you. Oftentimes people as young as few people out with as little experience in the Major League level would you might have shrunk. From that spotlight what is it about you what your personality and your game. That allowed you to jump into some high leverage situations. Some high leverage games the World Series and perform as well as you did seemingly not even nervous at all. Physically aggressive those Lisa how how is that possible that this was moment between Hillary Clinton when you guys always nervous as the benevolent. I mean actual with a pretty good in I have to read the post season when -- -- when it was these addictive event is doing nine you know whether I gathering I want our. One baseball question for you wouldn't show up at Fort Myers at February are you -- -- -- would you be in your mind you there to play short. Yeah in my mind that burden on me the thought that dog in this -- in my victory over. That's where if you were happy. Yes. Shortstop is starting for the reds don't think you got to change that number. You know guys at the request. But I mean savage who brought with them block you know that truth -- also made me gambled on him maybe not but it's good -- -- are you much are you superstitious. A little bit Olivia that a guy like like me here I like to leave it broad indices that want to cut it off yeah yeah. Well what's your choice of numbers to give up 72 and I know you will what would he want. My choice my choice always unelectable to. But Ellsworth got you counselors and others -- Particularly for equipment and so. That that's that's my favorite numbers of them to fight between between passing you -- -- to get to is gonna become available so I'm pretty sure c'mon guys you know I don't know about that -- that. I don't know about is there is that the right now so he's Lewis of also. Pathology today. Hey have you have you always been so disciplined at the plate and and been able to. Assessed the strike zone and not generally chase bad pitches because that's. That's an acquired skill with somebody you're at your young age doesn't necessarily have at this level so soon. Yamana mean the difference beginning of my career you know you're young -- you wanna swing swing swing -- everything you know. But at the more at best suitable pitches to phase more briefly made you. It's a senate hopeful that the senate forms you know and you can get you get this Gilbert -- Sometimes I'm a little over patient you know Saito worked on that. We'll Zander we will thank you for tickets and time enjoy the day analysis sounds and a Bogart's world champion -- -- founder and I enjoyed today thank -- -- -- with Dennis -- -- -- down on the field. Not yet I'm not regardless of -- routes. -- like that when you were 21 -- like it. So I know pull out of both composed of voices we're just cool yeah it doesn't seem cool luckiest year. I walked in here it's that this is overwhelming not only is -- one and twenty duck boats when a five but there's like 5000 people there's like ten million cop yeah it is just. It is overwhelming the whole scene and he just whistle happy do the work department does not plus without the right just it just just -- I like cool better cool. If that now is that just that cool kid. And he is -- shortstop you know yes and he's gonna Wear number two anyway -- -- says yeah I'll take a listen we have a podium a stage actually set up as an -- in the Red Sox dugout in the first base side. There are -- no fewer than three world championship trophies up there three owners. Champions of the Boston once again thank you I'll thank him that was the end of Larry Lucchino and Tom. Warner addressing the crowd could -- at that like. Two dogs -- solo. -- this'll be good debater here comes the mayor we've we've been anticipating the mayor will see him as you go through the roster. Good -- good Boston. Millions -- folks. We never really great team great ownership. And the best fans in America right here if you want him. Collins Susan's back and I read you're the one place. Bruins team exceeded expectations. Because they lose that T. Mat sore point in the sport. Claudia thank you wasn't for the Red Sox instead. Heartbreak they can't aren't taking ownership. -- -- -- And -- -- went up but never great spring and great sum up because these guys there over it made -- work. Enjoy the open. Well there -- better image did you -- fell right. I have a great day I could see a parade route again. Oh come one as just another man but he's healthy and you'll Horrow Horrow to stumble over that that. Statement through his advisors did what they should have done right just talked about the team and ownership and view John Ferrell that's an easy one but we do. I think we'll work -- get the mayor while he's out in the parade yet he's going to be on a boat gets caught up in the so furious advocates off script would work on that the next -- I believe assistant general manager Mike Hazen is down there in that -- somewhere Mikey in Paris. Look like my days and John Dennis and Gerry Callahan on the broadcast Booth looked up congratulations. Thank you. All your hard work paid off do you are you able. Are you enough not that type a personality to let your hair down and relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor for awhile before you stick your nose back on that baseball grindstone. Yeah we -- did that for the last twelve hours so. Yes it is this parade is over party started making phone calls 2014 the freeagent but. We'll never never not enjoyed it where it where we have the ability to have that perspective after. 93 losses last year we're never gonna take this for -- again. What this means the city what it means that the fans and all the other people. But we got to get working -- to start at 9 AM after the World Series. -- when that you look back at this year and this season and what this team accomplished the worst to first of all of that. What will be your lasting visual mental image of this baseball team what what what's the take away from his baseball team in your mind. You know I've said this to a couple different agencies have talked the last couple days but. And I don't want it to sound too hyperbolic. But this is one of the best collections of players. That I've ever been around club houses. These guys every day for a 162 straight days and never thought they would lose a baseball game I know that sounds crazy but every day I walked in the clubhouse at 12 o'clock in the afternoon. Dustin Pedroia is telling everybody how we gonna kill somebody that night whoever would be. Whether the raised the Orioles. The Yankees. Or the blue jays and and that never stopped from the beginning of the season all the way to the World Series and they backed it up work ethic -- backed up with preparation. They had a great personalities you guys always the beard and all that dumb stuff that happened during the course of the season. It was all real as it related to the baseball side of the that he enthusiasm in the -- we saw on the field that was real news there every day during the course of the season in the clubhouse. Don't like I'm not sure this is answerable but do you think the way you guys did it went and did it. Might change the way other teams operate the offseason and by that I mean I mean you had to do yet the toxic club policy it's bad that. Bad actors but you looked at character first that you put guys you paid guys because they were good character guys it would be good clubhouse guys and it worked. Will that be a model for other teams and in MLB. I don't know that'll be a model I do think he'll be some value whether -- -- premium or not I don't know that it probably be some value to him. Recognizing what these guys -- the table and he looked. You got to still find the right down the players to have -- right next as far as you know Johnny Jones platoon with -- -- right you know ending up with a left field itself. RBIs. -- the find out about baseball it was going to be able won't play and play well but I think that yeah some of these players that have shown you know. A passion for a 162 games ability to we will sustain an energy level -- Two games there's a value in that you think by that that there's no I think it's a surprise that. Finished the way we did I think it was like 33 and eleven. -- and I think that was that spoke about it. Right now Telus. How last night or the night before how crazy held CD it then yet to the to lamp shade on the head -- we do it hadn't yet she can't a. And then Ben doesn't do crazy you know he I think he was I think there's a lot of satisfaction in the states you know he wore last year I think. More than anybody he never showed us you know through through thick and thin last year there was a lot of lot of -- You know he never wavered in his approach never wavered in his attitude that I think that's what we as a group underneath him respect so much about him is. He doesn't really ride the roller -- as much as some of the estimates made and extremely satisfied. I don't know I think the rest of us party forward. And -- Mike gays and assistant general manager final question here how. Complete and concise and was your advance scouting information on each one of these series to the metrics tell Q&A. You have a good feeling going in -- of the rest of the world just looked at. Up more and price for Tampa Bay Verlander insurers and Sanchez. For Detroit and -- right. Bureaucrats got to tell you what would your feeling going and every one of those series facing those kind of pitchers and. We knew every one of those series is going to be a battle we we knew they are all even. Look we haven't I know this team never doubted himself for second with the way you play the regular season we -- some of those guys in the regular season that we knew we had a chance to beat him again but we knew how talented they work to our -- got an amazing job in my work to -- the coaching staff prepared team. The look when you get into the playoffs at the crapshoot and our guys as you saw some of the numbers you know statistically through the course of the series -- -- and one person those ones -- three run homers. We made it count. Assistant general manager of the Boston Red Sox make that the world champion Boston Red Sox -- the lecturing to a looks under business guard Mike. -- enjoyed today. You might gaze at McDonald's and I'll I don't votes we're gonna predict. What -- what lay ahead for each of our guests. -- bogus social as the starting shortstop wearing number two. In February yes -- My case it will be the general manager somewhere somewhere else and I'm nuts and New York commences and somewhere else that made you you've talked to talk to regularly. -- -- sharp guy right guy I think he waging guy unless -- Alicia could hire them for another team this is the next best thing is -- -- you Brigham and you know what to do. Six due to what you did there you know -- -- -- stop fuel it was I'd. Do what he did it didn't work out but in the trough in Atlanta to -- they did there they gonna -- you do what you did there. Because. Well they wind you know but we're seeing that here people just love this yes -- love everything about this team winning. Is the biggest part but that love the personality that this is nine million teenage girls -- beards and most of them a fake I think and -- it it's. One thing to yes most of -- it is one thing to love of baseball team its one thing to glom onto the bandwagon of the duck -- of the world champion team but consider. The attitude toward and the -- in the dismay about this baseball team a year ago it's not like it took a team that was now -- -- mediocre and it wasn't just like this was a team that was scorn and ridicule yet the fan base here hey this was a reclamation project of epic proportions. For Larry in and and -- and Mike Hazen and Warner and and certainly John Ferrell as well. They came from the dregs and this is this goes beyond worst to first right that's a statistical thing that the number -- it's wins and losses I'm talking about in terms of a of about the hearts and minds being one over. Win win they were. He used in terms scorn and ridicule by the fan -- -- they just want it. Get past that -- wanted to get the stick out they want to fumigate the club yes and anticompetitive to pick and guess what happened while they were busy. Trying to win back the fans they -- It was. The most improbable -- least probable the most surprising the least expected. Title in my lifetime. It's gotten close -- compared to over for -- simulate the closest the patriots in note two. In the world and but think about it the -- is not a single week we talked in my Kia and there's a lot of guys like you who were hoping. You know that -- ninety hopefully it will play out but no once on this company which makes it all the more. Suite with these. With these fans these two million fans who have lined the streets momentarily. Jon Lester just finished speaking to the crowd and the young man that we just had on our air Zander Bogart's. Let's listen in and see if this cold translates into a live speech in front of I don't know -- opening night that we got this off. Nothing. Right definitely right. And there. It's his -- it's a whirlwind year for you started out double play and then he wanted to sock on the world championship team. Some fans what it's been like Mario. Very busy. My phone is Stuart in -- tomorrow. Who must xmas this phone calls but it's definitely worth it you know I'm definitely excited to fuel is going to be like today. That is -- Bogart's. Soon to be your starting shortstop -- appear to be nervous. You don't -- -- -- -- handling the festivities on the stage in front of the Red Sox first base dugout and how -- -- with any team. Even in a chip to teach you look ahead I hate these people OCK edition Hewlett. Majora part of his look at how to write and wondering what's gonna happen with this guy. And isn't that the most exciting thing that good of a young stud. Poised cool calm shortstop for the foreseeable future hit the second maybe yep hit third at some point plant short -- -- number to steal bases score from first on the you know hit the gap. In the anticipation that that he embodies is like I don't know I guess you compared to Ellsbury set. -- Incomes Pedroia just to here's a Dustin Pedroia beard still -- and Ellison where. Johnson. -- public abusive anyway please welcome Dustin Pedroia. Hit. On. We've got to do this every year every year every year -- not the what is it like to be back here this year on this news. It's it's that's -- mean the way we started spring training. Like every point us out. And they want. Guys got together we hopefully others we believe that we do. And it real hard. You know we always said it was when they close to upgrade -- here. -- does it used sign. A contact is here that's gonna keep you involved in different areas along. What does that -- It's an unbelievable feeling that I grew up here in this is my home. It drafted by the Red Sox finished as the -- A lot more years of this. It's going to be a -- Somebody -- who talked about the changes the club bounces here for the Red Sox. Your thoughts when did you start to feel that this group who had a chance to do this. I always felt earlier when the team got together. The way we approach the game. At everybody felt like even if there was -- spring training game. Keep myself on this I don't know how you do this you get -- -- But no we all thought we always felt that we could show up and try to win that day. And the many times the more times we do that gonna continuing games I think we ended up with a 109 wins there's no. That's pretty good. -- this city has been through some ups and this year. What it means you personally have helped bring this championship to the city Bachmann. It's a lot in our guys briefly for a lob or. Late. For the whole city with the city went through. Hopefully we put a smile on a lot of grip on everybody's face. The toughest of times and it was it was special we wanted to do this. And make it right for everybody. You know do you know. My question next is -- appears again. When users doubled off music coming off stimulated enough to keep it all want to. Whatever you guys think I don't know. I think mine's pretty terrible work. And my wife doesn't like it so that means that come and I'll probably save it. Lazy journalists are -- Dustin Pedroia. What's the big deal like growing back at what three days. Everytime I drive in here it's traffic and today -- was trafficker on the park. It was for just a little bit as a Pedroia is the smartest in this smartest athlete and close it if he lives like a nine iron away from the clubhouse walks to work walks across the judicial building. Want to work every day gets here early stays late in notes he lives it. And you know one. These Google figured out so long term deal could be made you know Robinson can no money may be public. If the played it out and shop has been signed on with the Scott Boras or Jay-Z. But he he likes it here like to -- the likes -- team this is probably going doesn't that make him really. The exception and not the rule yeah I mean by and large you know 95 out of a hundred baseball players who find themselves in free agency traced the last time you know what difference does. Thirteen million verses twelve million -- well the answer is it's how they keep score is one of the ways to keep score not -- it runs and it's an Ayers but financially I guess that's a a it'll a product of of the agents involvement certainly when a bourses and all that that. Kind of thought process. Seems to supersede everything but you're exactly right you've got to give Pedroia a lot of credit I mean. You -- -- -- -- bake sales for the guys on these 215 some of the hundreds and guy who has -- waited his priorities he looked at the situation. In which he felt comfortable. An organization that he just pointed out that he grew up in a hole that -- that he appreciates and knows his way around and they appreciate him back. And he could have -- The couple million dollars more somewhere else but then you start all over it do schools for the kids new house new friends new places. The figure out how to drive to from new teammates knew everything. And I give all the credit in the world he he he knew what he wanted. He felt comfortable comfortable with that and he was willing to give it back a little hometown discount to -- comfort there's nothing that Robinson -- could do it. In life that the Pedroia can't do you know he can buy anything can. Drive anything he can fly anywhere. And Andy knows it. That same attitude about everything you hear the other day in the press conference with some national writer asked him when you read the paper -- listen to talk shows gets under way in the work yet because. Do I block -- I don't listen or read any -- theater. The play ball let's take a listen Clay Buchholz is on the stage with dollar -- engine ego. I hit a long year for you started off so hot and getting injured. Wondering if you've -- to be -- it's again this year we'll look like for you to help contribute. To this team and a World Series. Well it's pretty easy when you got a group of guys that we got and you watch them go day in and day out and John Lackey come back from not pitching last year do what he did this year Jon Lester. And Jake Peavy in the next. When everyone's minds and it's it's when you lose it's a little harder to not be out there battle the guys but. You know it is what it is then. Found a way to fight through it was. You know really off and get the -- to help on the World Series and at least go out there and throw one and it's so technology also. Yet clear what was it like -- -- John Ferrell back here no it was not pitching coaches you but to have him back as the manager and have them back. As part of the coaching staff here again for you. You know just for the I don't like to speak for everybody but haven't past relationship with him and knowing that he was gonna run out relaxed clubhouse and and just let the guys go wrong don't do their job it's you know that's. That's that's what pro baseball's all about and that's -- the Red Sox are about we're gonna take care goes on the field and at the same time we're gonna have a lot of fun and we do it through zone. It's it's been it's been all season. That is everybody -- get that displays alerts on the dais with. Jimmie dale and on for a -- and I'm lecture that was. -- shot -- that these that we knew he would run a relaxed clubhouse -- and yet that's just let us while on the field and do our job that's what Major League Baseball. Needs to be about. Those that appeal you know it was nothing relaxed about now I don't know -- He'll be a lot of revelations after the year's over sometimes. You get. The real story you know the inside story is C. Bob whole story -- Tomas and chicken and -- story or Shaughnessy book. Do you think that will be any of that this year if there is will be directed Valentine. Or are guys who who are gone but. You get a sense that generally they genuinely just loved -- loved being around each other. Hey Jered Saltalamacchia John Dennis and Gerry Kelly and up the W media broadcast -- how argued this morning good ideas and good the last couple days bits into put down the champagne just sort of let this thing soak in in in and walked around town and text message your friends all that sort of somewhat the last couple days been like ultimate it's being crazy I mean it's been so much fun though I mean we see each other every day so yes David -- we are all you know directing their families and trajectory and all that so. Let's have a -- -- they were back together today -- is the realization of the dream the actual accomplishment what you thought it would be when you dreamed about starting in spring training. It's way more than -- I thought it would be you know I've had a second sit back and just realized what happened you know let. Just I think it means more than did cities is getting this World Series come back negative because what they've been through they supported us. Can't say enough about these things what they've been -- I had you as the most likely to shape but things he you have not -- -- were wrong. Is it stay in exit exam in I -- looked good and never catches never are so McKee that has long news. You know I can't and -- -- -- your daughter lecture that question about it looked up at the bottom like -- that's -- -- state -- demo that slows the beard and the hairs on the keep her from her and now lives than do it -- your leadership now when you look back on this entire you know six and a half month seven month eight month ordeal starting in spring training. What what's your take away can it be from this literal overwhelming kind of you know looked at this baseball team the 2013 world champions salty. You know let's take that I learned a lot from these guys and how to win in -- mean I've been on -- we want but we haven't gone to this this level. Yes I think a lot from these guys that come with a field every day prepared to win knowing that we're gonna win never give. You have to have that attitude that hey you know losing is not an option it's what we're gonna do we're gonna win. -- always got to -- and that's what was so great about this team and everybody -- Do you think he'll be back -- -- resulting in and is this a factor what you go through right now let's just make you more likely to return. Wishers look to me they -- -- to me we here but it is not to me unfortunately. You know that's something that gets made it benefits talk about him as the -- You know the Red Sox want me wanna. Have you back you know I can't control that so it's been up to them right now so if they want you what you want them exactly. I think they want. I think it went through May enjoy the day it's it's going to be a fun day in Boston the sun's coming out that you're going to be look at that two million people the next couple of hours I can't wait entering today thanks just Jarrod Saltalamacchia with Dennis and Callahan. Down on the field. The successes and we've seen that this is the only city -- a -- -- -- quotes anywhere else I don't know. Probably not immediately exit the rights to the department of forever but it means there's lots of rivers Pittsburgh has three of them that stroke. In most cities do like Saint Louis got a really big one you know the big -- relatively big money -- -- lots of boats in the I don't know if they have a duck it's a miracle -- you can check it out on my Twitter account at John Dennis WB EI -- -- -- there are 25. Duck boats it starts with the the last one. Is under the be strong on the affable. For the right and point of the green monster. And then 25 general all the way around the goes out the super fuel Rod Stewart -- the giant glass line. Industry's war it would be very happy -- on which one is Mikey ends in the I don't know where Mikey is. He's got to be on my back once get in the flatbed with the yes that's true that's true that will be invited him. He's gonna be the back as you know. When the first bunch of votes you know drop yes drop the -- that -- wrote that at these things you know you don't wanna run for Mike he's gonna be on one of the votes -- -- checked in with -- right we will during the parade route which should be fun. But the thing -- For the drop kick Murphy's. That wasn't here in 0704 or any patriots ranked Bruins Celtics right right. This is the first time I believe also that brought the house band with the correct their travel how spin that is very cool. And the going to be playing the -- -- -- shipment to Boston right well the budget I've just like those Christmas parades yeah they played you know Santa Claus coming to town. All day maybe it will -- what do we take a break mullah stand down for just a second back with more interviews live from down on the field that doesn't tell him broadcasting live from Fenway Park in 2013 world champion rolling rally on WB -- -- FM. Welcome back my friends Dennis and Callahan added yet another rare Saturday morning broadcast completely live from festive Fenway Park 25 duck boats. All the Red Sox to the -- 5000 fans dignitaries. All orders back always instead it's shortstop. Popular -- Obama joins us. It's a job -- the broadcast who did congratulations the son Daniel Obama and world champions oh minutes and real got a nice ring to it doesn't yet that is -- -- me playing source. It was the -- -- cliche question that was finally testing. You have to realize the dream that every Major League Baseball player. You know knows everything you do that again is the realization of it as good as the dream was when -- anticipating it actually happening. Who requests if I you know. Maybe. A week from now it'll it'll it'll settle a little more right now it's so weird that you label season locals if Walters when Walters that. To what else the thing. Season's over. But so far I mean there's still so what's happening obviously we're here we're happy. The -- everything going on and I think that. Once everything slows down I think that's where it hit me right away hey despite training to spring training seem like a long time ago your time ago I'll react long time out you know what you're that was. When you realize this as a specialty or could be. You know ever says -- betraying athletic creed is because out of how we're on the business and other teams have been around and do things the same and you realize that. Beyond baseball that people to think typically there's a pretty good chances -- -- -- -- different results could agree to -- -- of this kind of results right. Yes did you ever go home and tell your wife or your billion text with friends say. In game 56. I can't believe I'm not starting I -- a top ten hitter in the league. Now just now on nine I never did I mean I tucked my wife about noticed that hey you know what. -- -- -- -- about because either way. Where -- to give this to win -- I said before and Johnny and I both felt we both talked that we felt that. Because of with a put out there without good option. But we both here when title and a fortune that's what happened so people can make even more an issue of the that's what we're here we want to win and we we got that win. Do you think next year you'll be more you'd be assured of starting at maybe get a much tattoos no longer be updated as. So many I don't think that was back. -- You know he's able to -- right now that the case. Whoever wants you like that preserving -- in your mind I'm happy that I said that's. Yeah I did because at that what at this point when he told me learning of -- -- there's -- -- themselves left. I think you would applauding this team that really do it that you are you even represent personify. This team deep at worst team first you could have pitched it could have made an issue but you -- -- I commend and thank you guys appreciate a final question Gary -- -- spiritual -- in your view and I think anything about high order at work here all season long your mind. I always think you're the higher order word so whether it's baseball or meet me. They get a -- in college and not not -- but if I don't remember that at the at the blood -- because of all the film -- Worked out well that I didn't do well enough to actually view it based all right but the. Well congratulation a -- world champion you're gonna be looked at about two million people over the next couple hours. Due out today I think very much Daniel -- but that doesn't Callahan down on the field as the rolling rally starts to hear appeared Fenway Park that you receive his wife. Yes there's a higher order -- -- easy on economics is he called that he wouldn't get offended we -- married probably not probably not the drop kicks drop kick Murphy. -- some of the sites. Oh excellent. An excellent we have Ryan Dempster. Ago. -- -- -- Mr. John Jerry Kelly and for the WB broadcast California are doing -- guys and doing -- academic thirteen year old thirteen world champ. We would take it took a poll who would be the race is on parade day which player would be. The most likely to jump out of the boat into the water into the river and you want to -- congratulations and that's. That's awesome and here's our profits news. What do you make this -- what do you make the still around as to what the last couple days once the ship it was but the way it like. You know what it's been amazing you know to go through cities like that you come all the way through the battle at get a bit. The team let stand and hold the trophy and you know this group of guys doing what we went through this year and with this city went through and to be able to. Help this city -- a little bit through baseball has been incredible. You're walking down street ever gone weather's been restaurants or whoever replaces sleep. No smiles here a year that you're experiencing congratulations and we're just so proud as a team that we could you know. Win it for for the city of Boston overcome help overcome some some really big -- you submit what an amazing feeling guy's incredible. You you had a number of teams that do that countless teammates how is this team back to what a world championship. Different than any difficulty on right I've never been on a club where we didn't have one bad apple. And you can win which you know with a bunch of good players or -- -- guys have you guys maybe don't get along every time we had a team dinner everybody showed up every time we had a barbecue. Everybody showed up and we wanted everybody to show up it wasn't like. We had a you know a couple guys -- it's been an amazing group of guys to be around. We love each other like Brothers and this just really really cool about what an experience that. I don't ever think guys you know would think that sixteen years in my career would be the greatest team ever -- has -- do you feel like he could do it again next year. You have absolutely. I mean I was just thinking about that. You're the chances everybody's got knocked you up I was looking at next your schedules and we can be about ten and one by this point. So did you think when you signed here it's a two year deal cleared it up their dates. Do you think I'm never gonna with -- make a lot of money and have a good time but never went right now that's why I -- here is that what is the best place to win one myself realize that were common and and I knew and the moment I knew we had it was at the beginning of spring training would -- barrels out of salt down and he said welcome to spring training guys. And we all looked at each other with as to -- a World Series still. This is. It's been a special group and you know as you come to -- in the business when it's incredible final question for you run and you get the boat sixteen years you dreamed about this is the realization of the dream coming true as -- -- thought it would be. Yeah I tell you what I. I cried after more times that I ever regret on -- baseball field I think your last democratic that it was probably six and struck out to people if so you know it was just an emotional feeling and and that's just. -- -- did it just it took a step back while we're world champions and just given everything that happened this year in this city. And that for this team to do this is really really special enough stuff that'll never ever forget. Congratulations enjoy the offseason and enjoy the -- two million people are going to be look at that to the next couple of George Pataki was retrieving it February down in Fort Myers thanks guys right center with that Santelli and getting ready to get on his. I still maintain he's the most likely that up while the vote what do you think. Now I've -- well well we did we do -- -- now it's as though one buried bearded first baseman showed up with a Bud Light and yes so you know Bel Alton. Alex -- tweeted that I think just after nine well. That's early and it aggregates like Terry and -- to -- candidates that. But maybe it's late I didn't get a look at his eyes that was felt by the guys but -- police here with a -- -- and Depp as always that the goal is now performing with the drop kicks. -- -- -- -- Mike I don't think those the world you don't know the words they give them -- physical -- given -- I don't think anybody template -- had Casey I don't want. Wally the green monsters you know -- -- my face the whole thing is that feasible but always with the drop kicks. And he's saying that Davidson -- particular. Music at -- and green monster on board flatbed 25 quote what flatbed. That ruled rallies and it depends all the way down -- street. Became urgent Ray Charles great -- is I don't know that the that the Amazon associate with the team in a season like chip up the Boston. Is with this team that -- one of the most amazing iron and I guess it's iron. They're drink -- floodlights the right there on the Q which player that is that that forward. Guess who John Lackey at this for irony do you know who we are on November 2 yes almost 10 AM. And John Lackey is standing in the duck boat stripping him about life. And nobody could coatings -- not well beyond that they think it's awesome awesome he will get nothing but cheers nothing but cheers. And just applause. Plaudits all the way through this parade on my senior got enough power. Play buckled and John Lackey all -- -- victims -- their arms around each other I had a hot out there -- the bud lights. But there's no one has a problem with John Lackey goes -- spotlight at 10 AM you know. Two years ago that was oh lord that. Still people that one year ago. People went in and around the baseball team but he was doing is Tommy John yeah. There were people that. What he's doing great right it's true turnaround team or the Ethiopian and -- -- on average you could never -- which it was based with the in the spotlight. Or any easier or -- I mean just. Talk about full circle they're all. The -- hold him up probably you know post in the fans post of each other. The long line of Boston Police officers is making its way out the -- or in center field and Yzerman -- moment -- -- And they're better than me they're better feel like I was and yeah there's a cooler yeah they're physical or. There getting out of duck boats now they should be momentarily under way let's take the brakes on several people want to talk if you if you like 6177797937. That's Kelly at a very special addition of UC live from festive that way market sub out. Welcome back my friends -- special Saturday edition Dennis and Callahan broadcasting live from the WE DI MM broadcasting Booth at festive Fenway Park. -- Davis is -- 125 duck boats the skies have cleared. The clubs are moving off I'm looking at three helicopters. For helicopters. An airplane -- aside. And a bunch of very very happy players and family and friends and fans in the stands I I don't. -- the attendance in 0407. The Bruins Celtics parades. I don't -- -- get bigger than this one because. It's beautiful whether it's Saturday -- That day as early if you got you know things to do you do later and if people just -- -- of this team that -- them they want. Give a hug one more time to you know the first blow. About to depart in any minute now is Henry Werner and the -- all in the same boat -- and their families and there. Friends it's a pretty GM. -- we're sitting high above home plate so we can't see the names on the sides of the 123. IPods exit. Twelve duck boats to our right to go down the first baseline and -- around in front of the bullpen this we will see the final twelve as they go by we'll try to give you some sense of which players are gather round which both the one directly in front of us we conceived in a novel. Matt Horton Clay Buchholz and John Lackey says they make their way past when people roll call those days ago. The second one is who Mike Hazen and sharing ten. Sam Kennedy that's a good one that's the front office quote. The next one is. -- front office people that you -- that players. I think it really kicks in in the middle somewhere you can. The players is supposed to Wear the uniforms yeah some of them that rebels you know David Ortiz -- -- figures I don't have to. Jonny Gomes right and doesn't. Don't shoot though Gomes I think even notice he's got a ski hat on sunglasses and some got a coat. So you really can't pick him out of a crowd maybe it'll make him take is that code. You'll be -- but most of them have their beautiful -- jerseys bouncy it's either numbers. Have a second vote is the the minority owners -- on him. Mark trust they'll -- people that's success -- -- that is going to -- them go to boat number three -- there's Mikey it's WEEI crew. He's on the blue boat you're looking for Mikey to Republicans he's on the blue duck boat third in line. Oh there's smoke coming from the poacher would go with that well let's -- it's one of refuse to you know the WE. That the sort of the deputy boat and in the we had to -- I guess Joseph Castiglione. And Dave O'Brien and Mikey as a sort of fifty people on that boat -- friends apparently now the third vote comes iPhone on 123. Or. Thought fifth vote the blue witnessed WVU -- six boat he has warned. And we're looking. That. While. -- Ellsbury. John McDonald. Dustin Pedroia doesn't -- Pedroia and Ellsbury on the same boat yeah and then that's that's what effort they. One where people go crazy. After the done in electronics yeah oh definitely cheering and happy to see Dustin and I do think. There's a reason they do this you know the general -- yes. But they didn't like three. Comedy but let's go -- -- that definitely -- war that we have laid out on the floor the -- Albany. But let's would we be it to this yeah it's nice touch they have produced those gigantic sports camps on sticks to see it Arenas. And every player on each boat has his own. Big huge -- or it. Plus the signs of the names of the players on the side of that is well cool touch. But and then that dropped six what ten -- in and go flat -- you'll be -- -- mistake them for anyone else the only Wallace is on there with them. Always going to be on the whole time look at the entire thing -- your entire year. On this gigantic -- which includes amplifiers. He boards. Microphones. Guitars. You can draw the senate boardwalk on the mixer -- -- back back. And Fort Drum set as well got to cop and a coffin won't. Not that that's upon boat that's on with the girls oxygen tanks are in front of that last mr. Frequently the case. All the symptoms are confetti cannons. Clubs -- get out of the canal. -- -- You know it that's -- -- -- is that a tremendous job this season he has this radio station and covering this baseball team to the -- to name that's stands behind the scenes but but this happens you we're not of this plus if Robert Dudley lies and -- effort. Retreat and the world just that. Grateful that his cheery personality -- it's the smile and we show up. Did I would tell the driver of the truck picks. Duck boat that he can't go in the water and a -- oh yeah they should tell the -- guys that electrical shock. At the drop hair grows -- but that's not good that's they're gonna happen to -- left they have to peel off one when the duck boats hit into the water we're gonna deal for just the second and take a break -- -- -- specials Saturday edition Dennis and Callahan from festive Fenway Park the duck boat -- the rolling rally the 2013 world champions. Are headed your way Boston 2000 strong degree them. We'll be right back to Fenway Park.

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