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Around the NFL with ESPN's Mark Shlereth

Nov 1, 2013|

We talk Patriots football and go around the league with the great Mark Schlereth of ESPN

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A source of football here at a moment march later at the ESPN will join us for the wanna give them away and we can do this. We'll do this now at 430 in at 530 as well given oil -- and just give away -- one way -- you to give that way you're peaking at the I am most certainly not. -- that I've scholar at 6179310937. To -- Boston Red Sox World Series championship app and teacher where the rally tomorrow courtesy of fanatics dot com shop from your couch at fanatics dot com. The one stop council pre destination for its experience everywhere in the ninth caller. At 617931937. Remember that actually have to hear the number. 6793109372. At a Boston Red Sox World Series championship. In future might be the quote that your what it is I'm definitely got to him. Oh it's a quote that you can put that right into the impersonation he put it right and I -- not. Just put it right we'll do that again at 43530. Who don't agree members. Of you heard this morning -- minute -- actually you know what I will say. It was a very good impersonation at least -- one guy sound money. Vocal inflections I'll comment more -- -- let's go to march whether it ESP and he joins us right now via the AT&T hotline -- brought -- you by DC -- digital federal credit union what can DCU city view mark or. Our great ravens aren't the throes of a World Series celebration. I you're you're in a baseball family your son obviously a baseball player what did you think of the Red Sox and their their little run here. I don't know it's great man I mean -- -- thoroughly enjoyed it speaks well -- -- -- enjoy the World Series. And I at this spotless. It was incredible -- thought. What the -- was able to accomplish was phenomenal about the pitching was great. There's a lot of fun and you know for the that it ought to -- so open about. He obviously the -- to the bombing and everything else just. I think -- year you know what you're yankees and the hate the -- ought. Or it lets you brought in Saint Louis in your -- corporal. On each court also I just think the rest of the country's kind of embrace also an -- I was wrong forum on it my wife was excited about it so -- count on just to be. It did not cover and yet they're rooting interest. But just that emotional connection to the city of because -- of the tragedies that were supper. In April and and to be able to -- fourteen just because you're at a remote -- involved in that so I think a lot of America so that they. And that -- -- that -- rested Red Sox in. You know -- a lot of father son combinations in the same sport and it is not a surprise and you think about. You know there was Bobby Bonds and Barry Bonds and even here we had Terry Francona and his and his dad Tito. Played a Major League Baseball as well. Think about your situation where you play pro football your son pro baseball's anything is there anything that. You learn excuse me that you are from him. From a baseball perspective or anything you gave him. From football that he could use in baseball. Well I you know I think there's always kind of from a mentality standpoint understanding how to deal. With via professional athlete but you know this or are always Ellis. -- what is first your Detroit. He'd -- broke camp and they -- in the minors. And he was really ticked off because he's so like you -- spot on the big league roster. And I went down just to I went down -- Toledo. Just kind of hang -- before five days you know I had this whole. At a grand plan of you know are you got to conduct is so special. And you know I was like you gotta get up early may -- get your neighbor as you gotta get it worked out yet you know I had all this this whole spiel. And he is looking at -- like you're an idiot you have no idea what this schedules like. And then I -- that schedule with him for three or four days. And you know it's -- up with a crack at noon you touched you throw something your -- -- out of the ball or -- a lot all of your. Do whatever you have -- to do -- games at night. And that it's you know your way to Europe now available and you're waiting to get over eleven yards shall regret having dinner at night. And you know you're in your room you won't watch sports editor Stuart out all down at. They say you know street problem where you were my doing not because Turkey go up and start and do all over yet. And at the end three days I was so exhausted. In pleasant watching you like to what I told you about professional baseball and -- It is not professional football you just have to survive. You have to survive the -- and people don't realize. How difficult that is disperse that people or 58 nights it'll also play the game. It is. Their schedule they're scheduled flat out stinks so wish it on Obama works. Talking remarks -- here in WEEI ire let's talk some football and talked about the patriots Tom Brady. Does not look the same this year now you can talk about injuries you can talk about the changes to his to his wife receiving corps and all the perceptions from a year ago that exited the team. But at the same time he is complete some 55% of his passes mark that is not. Tom Brady accuracy or Tom Brady decision making as we've come to know it. What do you think is going on him. Well I think there's a lot of frustration there and I think it is you know I think it is. I aren't the lack of section at times -- running game at times. A lack of familiarity and in losing a security going to loosening. Go to losing your move the chains got a one guy that you're gonna look for in those situations. And so that they wanted to happening. I believe is now all the sudden you don't have that same group or the other receivers there's been a lot of off target. Throws this year for robbery but I think most of it can be attributed the fact that -- don't have their god in the I think it. He's been a -- it's been a revolving department store -- host of wide outs and targets. For Tom -- so even when you start to get some guys you know -- elements that -- during the week in practice obviously. Are you are Danny Amendola has been hurt the majority of -- -- -- practice in develop that for the games and and I think that's more than anything I just think it's you know it -- those of talent at times. From a receiving standpoint in that. Obviously in the -- chemistry and nobody out there working together so. I think -- -- the biggest things about operating the watch and the reason is numbers so order now from what or you know used to watching him. Why would you handicap a few teams forming here. -- look at the chiefs obviously undefeated and you're here in Denver and you see the Broncos. More than we see the Broncos. Chiefs Broncos compared to the patriots is very huge gap between those two teams in the patriots is at a crowded field what do you think. -- I think when you look at. Or when you look at those two teams I would say that the discrepancy obviously -- the Broncos offensively. They didn't they can -- juggernaut it conference. But you know I think everybody has some weaknesses you would advocate the chiefs. There it -- it's not -- sort on the football field there -- being condemned offensive best. They don't turn the ball over that you have a pretty boring game. They're just not a real battle over the top big play typed -- -- office where it ever brought that certainly strike from just about anywhere but. Their Brothers had some some issues there off the line. They're running back position is not great and from Texas import extra little bit so everybody it's law you know Everett got there issues. -- even though the chiefs are eight no I was still based on the the offensive efficiency in the builders more points. The brought those I was still with the broke out -- the better team it's city and and in both the broke -- -- to be a little bit better in the -- The pitcher's defense you know we we watched that game on Sunday and in in the midst of all the World Series stuff and found some time to watch the game. Got away from them early the offense really never got on tracked against Miami and yet. Defense pitched a shut out the second half made the big plays to set up the offense they've been missing atomic guys but. When they go against a a premiere offense like Denver's. How do you see this Patriots defense holding up. You know it can be interesting because you're right they have missed -- got that -- guys step up and play. Pretty solid -- law it still think in the middle there -- little challenged all popped -- persons and ordered the sending Iran's standpoint. On you know once you lose this -- or you lose more inside that -- typical. For the New England Patriots they haven't played the lead group. But shortstop as one of the great you know whether the better or symmetrical all that -- our guys now on the job he did it. On -- earlier in the cities and being he -- he's drawn up on -- being great but. The thing about him -- they just play they just play really well together and they had this propensity to make the big play when they needed to be like the big stop the out of Miami game and indeed the big stops so. That support them and -- deter over the created with that in the audible drill. On the order of the New England Patriots have me. It that'll make him great ability to kind of step up and make those plays where it -- you know Burmese wrote US orders is really. You mentioned those interior guys in the defense of line and I know you watch the film which wanna ask you about this -- Are they actually not that good or are they actually challenge there or they challenged in named there you know I mean my Vince Wilfork is a big name. -- is obviously not a big name nor is Norah Jones but how those two guys playing. You know I think they're playing I think they're playing well on I think both of them are part do any good job on the inside. Put -- -- or not. Mean you those guys becomes down -- but when you're playing against wolf -- and I know he is big game but still when it comes -- the sending the wrong. The guys who would she did run to center. And it got you got to contend with and the thing about this thing about the guys at replacing they play hard. And there's no substitute for guidance -- go up there and you you rate -- let our. But you're never worry in that scenario when you play those two guys about double that you know the running -- Like how we get over this country -- or how insecure this battle perhaps Hershey import you're never afraid to go long -- props or and that he could pick and choose. Don't wanna go on double the image you know wanna go out and and double -- with secure it circular did you tell him down there. -- not to Wear while wanna throw much double team because I'm not afraid who won all warm inside. Would it in my tier guys and that's where you're defense starts to get. It has that because now we go. We'll -- in rural wanna double team and in just single block those guys -- will hold a port on and that's it that's the real difference between haven't. You know guys who were great effort guys that aren't necessarily great players yet. -- good stuff always good to talk you'll do it again in four weeks. There are they are -- of always like talking to him he's brought you by DCU digital federal credit union what can DCU -- view I do wonder about that with those two guys in the middle. We have had too much of an opportunity to talk about them they're the unsung heroes right now for me this patriots team what won the -- and Jones have done. To shore up the middle when Tommy Kelly's been out and looks like -- may be out Vince Wilfork obviously done for the year you're missing the middle linebacker. And those guys have have held their own he says they don't command double teams and that's true right but maybe because they don't command double teams they're able to actually get work done against -- double teams are right. It means somebody else needs to step up on the outside because you're not drawing another defender to you but if they're able to do what they need to do inside. It seems to be worked -- I don't know I think there's a reason they went out -- acquired Sopoaga -- the Eagles and -- need some help at the position. And I I don't think. Analyst they can't they can't go out and and make another deal put. I think that's an area of concern meant vacant if there was somebody on the practice squad to -- it they can elevate it to bolster them. -- in the interior line they would do if it's a concern. Are coming up here -- shipped back to some baseball Bobby Valentine. It sure sounds of David Ortiz was written him when he talks over and over and over again about how great John Farrell was this year but Bobby Valentine. Is trying to get his words out their -- wants to have the last word on this thing and what he said is unsurprisingly completely insane or play an -- -- Ali. On WE.

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