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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 11/01/13

Nov 1, 2013|

We shall answer it all!

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It's. Time for answers the question -- answer the question which sunk -- how this is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question what. Our mikes all Michael. And as mentioned the -- previously the triumphant return of Mikey he you know baseball for 150 years now on -- 202. Years. And this was as as big moment. As the green shortly after. It was because -- valued during the in the -- knows -- it was -- short and long time after the with a -- from so it was just. Happy as you happy. And off the walls course because it was look at that little hole. -- -- -- Did you notice read of course India is actually sorry about that she has -- Europe and Speedo brand is an old -- cup game and I -- that -- -- -- the celebration the -- -- in Louisville -- -- in the World -- -- lost -- -- It's a citywide scavenger hunt which we will slaughter or -- commemorative Red Sox World Series 2013 championship bat and various landmarks around the city. Fans just need to falls longer. On social media to gate closed -- that -- to hash -- -- the -- I saw I saw when that article it is if the Republican interview I can't tell what it looks like plus if you get there -- that is some deals -- It's -- yes it's got -- -- as editor you know -- -- journal Kennedy checked -- well let's catch a lot of -- looks like baseball -- but it's the Old North -- he told an -- and developer. -- ago that your in question sponsored by -- restoration specialist if your property your facilities manager for an insurance for local heiress to injury of disaster restoration game plan in place. 08774611111. Or heiress serve dock pass from -- Have you ever at the house. -- -- of course it's -- people. Tompkins houses at pumpkin you throw him rated house. It's really now did you do it just because -- you have a beef with the body at a gently and if you expertise temperature. I've had my car over it but it an amateur I let my car definitely -- -- somebody's car -- jerk but not their house. I think it's a bit to do that so yeah jets screwed up. There's and his very acidic content. To the of the the embryo itself -- -- Unionists. The main questions now yes next questions. Like this. So walk yes I bet -- -- this on the air but here's -- question for you. Which you ever fight for -- efforts here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Kick boxing. I'm athletic I don't know anything about now now. You know how to kick argued yes but then you're fine I saw that movie was Jon Claude van -- I think that's my last experience I belong and you might racers values appreciated that. I could use them for that fight fighting dirty that's appropriate for the fight have you ever had a manicure. Never of course. Never had a maker had a panic. You have a manicure. From yours for men and women accurate for women what's your. -- cabinet accurate but I but the -- one thing you don't wanna do you get the manicure. Even if your man I -- -- clear. Applause enough now now but it's still just on the it would look up polished. At their puppet you know. Ago. Michael -- -- -- was different you know cultural and the public and the -- -- on vacation some people in the everybody. The hole where whoever beats him going to be yet everyone is going to be staring down low phobia about identity as. As you know ridiculously hairy feet I do while the -- I don't want all -- units -- of course -- -- of -- everything I would there there -- is just Al Davis toenail might my feet are absolutely and next question. Next question like it. They're note that your kid or why they're no payments rap artists from Boston's. It's true we have mr. and OG with the hit team and -- will we've got to have a famous with the first word. Of the biggest importantly they need this rappers aren't. Disease notorious BIG with a really aren't that many things mr. grant to close out. Common I mean that rappers that most most people sort of like rap could name. Maybe street life in Boston's just that good at the pitcher. I mean if you're any had a rapist or you know. I have nothing. To Iraq or -- they. Should. Split it greatly missed a lift back. Addict schizophrenics -- -- -- left when a boy XLQ. Course and keep going ultimately goes often now. As terrorists. So. Guys how do you get your girlfriend to stop cheating and Mike. Apple's front might take away -- condoms. Girlfriend. -- -- way to do that -- -- -- not as prosperous and more educated be cheating I think Wentworth answers you can -- evidence that I'm sorry I'm sorry but you're doing something -- got to -- got to find another girlfriend render -- -- -- Turkey. Along those lines do you think it's a good idea -- condoms that it would be involved in our commitment to an expert next question do you think it's a good idea I don't know how many people -- significant others slept with before the match depends how many issues -- -- but that's number I think it's a good idea appreciate it if you succeed significant -- you want and you just double the number -- never hit double double double figures -- is -- -- and actually you're screwed -- That's five Ted habitats they taught me. The question who's -- do you think Mikey Adams is cute was I mean cute apps handsome as they have got absolutely handsome guy. Either way I'm on TV tonight on NEC and IRS CIQ I am I deaf or over 68 year old innings Q so bright man. Next question Boston's strong call or -- or can't do -- then you oval event. Can you believe. Extradition it. I like our regular the bosses Drago. That total barometer what was the 07 call probably can you believe it. Yes was it also can you believe -- yes and they get progressively less excited her attorneys and I had to Google and you believe it. We want again. Charts. And it's the next question you don't have. We'll get by. What are your three he popped most. -- sports teams that just the Yankees the Canadians and that's the lakers -- yankees. The New York Jets ice -- is pleasantly. Real rarely rehearsal -- now that's -- because they're gonna say it's Kansas or something do you hate the jets aboard the Yankees. I think he'd worn any of actually yes I do while its jets Steelers yankees -- Lakers is the -- of weak but it Canadians. And can you not heed the Canadians as my new those teams but not like athletes that -- inventories stand by themselves to me. Like there's the Kenny has never been a team that to accomplish west's with a fan base at Texas Mexico border -- objects but there -- so pathetic it wouldn't I wouldn't even think and that's what they make you admitted to get a bit of the most pathetic French. You should securities that you should -- him in a way because they do suck that bad. There's nothing good about FitzGerald name. Why are people -- Beastie Boys as an answer rappers from boss and I from death from Brooklyn and they and they -- constantly. There like it's in every song they talk about where their. No sleep till booklets actually. Next court mostly to abroad and -- that it's architectures as you forgot guru might sit. Guru claims would not claim Boston he's here but he claimed he claimed Brooklyn we can say yeah big -- from the the militia group. To do so those balls and we. Next question we ever been walked in on. Or should we want to have you ever been walked him -- going to in the nasty don't stuff yourself with some audio either one. Multiple from both you have. Both yet. He told me the story the other day of what you were -- -- to balance life. Who we were walked in on twice. Once each yet and I school. -- for planning your listeners that I -- I get such -- sit down holding company with my girlfriend really -- that we got more of a sit down and the other via a well the it's natural but you know for the food itself. Whatever it wanted to publish girl I got -- -- -- to Jesus gave a really creation awarded to her -- -- -- probe were done on that one Mikey thank you for -- -- -- Portland and it's a bonus to our. Next question are. What have you ever sat on the radio that -- stop your significant other animals well. You've been a radio longer than we had been -- -- about 100 what do your children submissive my ex wife and was only kidding -- big trouble members that aren't reverend Martin apparently. It was a -- everybody terrible for it was your wife at the time -- now is to tell how did you get in trouble how did you get -- because my daughter was just kidding you know but it it was a funny lines if but I don't I don't what to say it again because then maybe because America out of -- -- we've got the whole process you she was fat and that's the job you so. He really wasn't she was always very very smoke which as you know -- with this -- Does that count I guess he's he's Davis out stuff but not rapper. More pop star in the Mac. -- -- my little piece of I never got an am extra -- life for some -- that she came on my show in Seattle. And tried that I wanted to say is that it will get -- doesn't leave jail little see what will get a buyer for optimism and some analysts. Those sent to have policy we -- to let you know I like I loves that she was library programs. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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