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Week 9 Fantasy Football Podcast

Nov 1, 2013|

Welcome to the Week 9 Fantasy Football Podcast where off the top, Jim and Pete take a look at some of the prominent rookies that have emerged and impressed recently in the NFL whom Rotobahn.com scouted during the off-season. Then Jim & Pete have a deeper conversation about this weekend’s matchups, the players to start & avoid during a heavy bye week situation and finally taking a look into the frustrating and confusing Fantasy Football situations in Miami, Buffalo and Minnesota…

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This is the fantasy football. Thank you and Pete Davidson in the world. Does he flew home. Presented by a Mohegan Sun Bowl and don't. Welcome back to the nine. NFL season in this week's fantasy football podcast WEEI dot com is an -- by our friends at Mohegan Sun a world that play I'm Jim Hackett -- I'm on the phone. -- our chief fantasy football author and writer. In content provider Pete Davidson you've heard all bottom he writes from Audubon dot com it's the faster active as a football domination I don't pay. Author yeah well you are now. According to me. -- at at exactly. So we ought to catch start fortunately for our our audience last week we were able to get a podcast together we're gonna try to do -- next week to make up that. But on the gives us a lot to talk about and also gave. Patriots fans like me and probably the preponderance of our audience a week to hide from you after the jets this. Oh that's right you know. That is sort of a little window did too little downside of last week's missing podcast from his. You can get to brag a little bit on an -- seconds. Next. The accounting -- Actually way. I think it's better because now even if I wanted that person incident which has the world to win. Red Sox and yet did you guys are tough on them the truth about it's it's like object and could be an assortment and that's Roland. You're you're literally count on right now I think I can say it would not to smile. Roadster I went to bed at 4:50 am on Thursday morning. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you know I have been I haven't been able to celebrate a World Series. Well gosh you -- I celebrated a World Series win was really on my infrared that's right -- was that awfully 866. Best in my life and now open Red Sox fans can look back and -- bad. This happened. It's a long time to get there at 10 o'clock and just part of my history as a development anymore bump in the road. Whereas the two thousands of -- is the Yankees black spot on my part will be there for all eternity. It's onward and upward. Law. It stood at fifteen seconds and jets pats well I want to talk about that but it -- -- we're talking about because that game ended. Was just. Is that it's ridiculous it's the second. It's one of the two worst calls I've ever seen in my life the worst. I call I just think it was bizarre and I think it was. I think it was the right call but I think it should have been -- To an end to end an NFL game on Michael. Sure the problem is that these two candidates weird discussion about. You know right or wrong who got lucky and it's easy to patriots lost because one guy nicknamed the don't say yeah. And the jets got lucky yeah. It is jets didn't do anything to get themselves out of that jail so it was done for them. So the jets got a gift when and and that's the way it goes. You know what's funny about the play like that like I've got a basic rule in my sports viewing life and it's this. If if there's an infraction on a play in it impacts the play I don't care what. Time the game it is college -- a fraction of the play and it really doesn't effect what happened on that play yet -- -- forcing it to impact. I'll Cologne guy when he throws the flag bill. He doesn't know when it's on the flag it's gonna have an impact DC's ability April before. A split that -- -- As the end of that bullpen and reject it and I feel good about the win. Well. But we got a cheesy way yeah. But what I've preferred the politically not being called losing Google and the topic the -- -- actually exports says yeah I think I think it was. You know it is but it's because I was sort of put it's the right call picture fuels. Yep well said and we -- we gonna move on is it a lot to talk about so. We're off of that. As I mean if you go to it and -- I think now we've moved past it we've got Red Sox who got all kinds of other stuff we've got the Obama web -- it -- -- the -- patent with -- -- put it in the moment. Don't protect. Yeah no laws let those topical for a few days so. We had an. Yet that I know of its kind of the Boston. Actually I tweeted a link to a and he from. Talk yeah. But that people up in New England really sought but what did you and a -- patriots and got into a serious flight. I think you all and it was ugly stuff. And you know big big guy obviously catches adopted people would cement into the -- now dependent you know he. Obviously deserved it as it turned out the guys sort of a mystery in yeah and it's -- -- The -- to really beautiful park project finance but it -- enjoyed it didn't Google -- but today that this guy is a picture of himself with Woody Johnson. It can make and do and hack it -- Yourself. I like that all right. It all we're not the let's let's go the distance problems lots of times when we've did you expect. And able trial would do so it's it's week nine now I've got a couple things. -- like to -- on and then others and topics that you definitely want it on but sure. Some situations that will get into the starts -- and trade targets and again -- at the watch list she talked about several times. Yeah. Yeah -- what what will get to the stats and sets which are posted on W dot com right now get to some trade targets as we near the trade deadline. Teed up in the watch list and again more players that -- a bond picked up have graduated I thought. A good way to start is to highlight. Those rookies last week I mean a academy like you know. Is weird it was -- it's sort of like. A lot of the guys we like sort of waited and they all sort of clicked on the same team or something. Right. There on the local bonds on the -- -- rural Von rockers. There -- our team it's a good thing on yeah it's it's. You know it was weird I'm sitting there aren't so -- I'm just watching like all of the guys that we really liked. It's -- it's over you know unsung guys guys who win the fifth and sixth round. That just really had great weeks. And Corel Paterson to kick return. I want to see him play more from scrimmage but while. Yankees electric. Aside in this achieved Fiona televisions and boost optimism you almost unreal 108 yards but. I -- just you know just remind out listeners -- we're gonna get into a couple names that just are -- Hard to miss in terms of their impact. Arrow through the season but like really big weeks in week eight. That are worth noting but you know and I do it the you know. And -- some of these guys but Cordero Paterson Aaron Dobson Kenny stills Terrence Williams Jordan -- XTC Andre Ellington. Giovanni Bernard Levy on -- all guys that you can date back not only to August in in -- draft time but back in April. Scouting these guys colleges and let these guys have NFL football pedigree keep an eye on them. -- watches so congrats to you and and congrats to anyone who's been listening. Two Watson in looking at -- Obama looking at the articles in the -- come with these guys are legit. Players ago helping Tennessee rosters right now. You don't. We aren't in new week but it was nice to see those guys doing this stuff. That you know on some level we predicted they are gonna do and and really show off the skills that we knew that but -- it was it was a good it was a good week and you know and for patriot and I think at the top of the list. -- you know Aaron Dobson who you know when we've -- -- I've been talking about it prologue time EU is one of my favorite receivers this year. And it just Google -- -- -- -- -- got a report we wrote for him before he was a Patriot Act and obviously when Hewitt would believe that just. You know ignited excitement it is even more but I think you start deceive Dobson. Well what we saw which which is a guy who can really do a lot of damage against and can't read you a guy who can make plays on the football gold. Yeah he can last week touched on puppet of -- great example of that more of an example of him getting body position -- defender Brady making a good throw. That would Brady got I mean it. If you can remember that particular touchdown Brady got that thing off. I think just in the Nick Price to -- took a pretty good way and a well. But I think -- option is something we're gonna see a lot of -- before they stay healthy. It's funny let's -- a pot is a statistic diving for second is we we haven't seen is a complete. -- effort between Dobson and Tompkins in one game. Yet attendance they they seem to go off alternately. That's true and in the last couple weeks we've seen confidence perhaps get cut. It would be I mean I'd love to be on the inside and know why. And I'm sure part of it is just debate they -- like Dobson and it probably -- little more would make -- work came in with. With gronkowski to speaking to put the pitch it they'd probably get some predictable manned coverage that they can take advantage of right. -- Dobson seems to be doing a little bit better getting off to -- Which he might have you know -- struggle a little bit I think you know promote from what I understand yet he's struggling -- and and and that's definitely something -- excel that strong. Yeah -- what he's got incredibly quick feet he he's able to lose guys when they try to jam them you know I think it's a great skill. But yeah I mean I. It sure seems like -- sort of taken the -- a little bit but it's the patriots you know for all we know -- pleased when he steps this week and competence plays sixty. Yeah that's that's why it's that's -- dies and that's -- support to have. A deep. A log of players that can help is so let's look at some of these other rookies in coral Paterson Kenny stills tuchman Camelot. Huge and still think you know I mean patriots fans don't have to be told about -- -- He made a beautiful touchdown play on the Senate's New England people for aren't really. Could easily -- apple browser the -- And against. That could play last week -- remember. But I mean he was just the Miami that's my yet but yet play yet in the end zone. I think the second touchdown that -- that. Really. Is it to me it's sort of showed that the reason a lot of faith in him to keep basically just -- body position on the defender about. There about 2530. Yards downfield in the end zone. At least just threw off to his rights you know basically just and I trust my got to go get this thing and that's what's -- so that that's a good -- just in terms of -- like -- quarterback trusting the receiver because you know that in Syria should be -- more opportunities. And it's funny isn't -- I was at a slew of receivers in this someone that it's sitting on waiver wires like for weeks it was always a kind of a guided. He is iris is he always looks good on your bench Robert Meachem. You know I got lies a lot of having -- a lot on my roster just in one and a lineup in Armenian but. But the fact he's been out there aren't on wave -- -- -- leagues and on and I think it shows you. What's what's happening in in New Orleans instills becoming a relief. A bigger part of that office. I mean still Google is a little bit like Meachem yeah he's gotten better world speed and Robert Meachem and I think. This thing that really separates them is his work ethic your. We're at Meachem is always a guy where they were you know. They wanted him to be better with the playbook. He had a -- limited number of packages largely because she just didn't for five -- playbook and -- Devery Henderson was a similar idea certain skills that they wanted to use. In certain weeks yeah. Yeah but he couldn't get the whole thing I think still might be that player where not only can they use him in the situation of deep threat is clear out. But they can also get him involved in that intermediate passing game he has the potential I think over the next year to become you know complete. Chair and I -- that -- agrees that that's a good read about some other speaking of -- outside like Jordan he's a threat. I mean he's -- he's -- and -- now be enemies of the big part of their offense and Washington. And I think if you go back and read what we've been saying since about week two or pretty we've been saying that he he -- all the way through he he's just. Personally that good. Which I think we were pretty clear about. You know we're back with a rookie rankings. In Ann Reid is actually recurring theme for for us this year there's more than that's frustrated me. Not not to get into our personal stuff with -- Obama planning. 1 thing that's been tough for us this year as players we like having injuries in June. Which are gonna camp like Ellington had a ought an offseason knee injury can lead at a -- A degenerative muscle it's an -- hit in the muscle just wouldn't come back it is created certain open and its situation sort of like with. Britney and her. -- like well we expect this thing to come back and to be OK but. Holy mother nature knows what it's gonna happen kind of thing. It's funny as as as does a lot of that in in the league right now and it's I'm sure it's hitting and hurting. You know offensive football players. So you know -- the guy I think if you go back and read our rookie rankings were very I had him but we weren't able to jump ball in for a -- drafts. Ranking because we. You know there was just no reason to believe he was even getting get on the field with this injury but did he got sort of help in the second half Augustine. And when you saw him just in that first week. There's a lot of guys moving like he moved to Florida. And you know execute drawn comparisons to -- Hernandez. It's. -- -- He can't that's not a podcast on WEEI dot com and and and and has to be listening. -- to me to read it has -- feeling better. I was gonna say that -- -- is really a Minnesota just. Yet he doesn't have quite the physical stature of longer reference but he reminds me a little bit of Ben Coates. In terms of the I was watching again last week and woody gap faster but he was these can be can break off off of people in -- is known for having three people -- and they couldn't get him down and he's shown a little break ability like that. This distinguished Jordan -- -- the -- -- that really just just choked off the screen at me without scouting -- you know back -- you know march and April. Autumn is just the effortlessly. That he plays yeah how smooth he is in and out of his car for a guy that big yeah and he's got slow speed for a guy that size. You know we were very clear our rank -- -- you know right up there we felt it is I believe you're gonna force seventy with a come by. But he plays faster -- that. You know the progression of pads and shorts I don't know maybe it was that leg injury. -- him but he's not a force seven to -- and they use faster player than that. You know we we ranked them. -- that we saw not to -- to come by and said and you know. To -- injuries really the only thing that's gonna stop this kid he's a big time player. And I hope a lot of our readers out -- -- -- currently. Yeah he's that these -- the player to have them play a lodge and have yet. It's good dividend. Legitimately can. In -- you know the other guy last week in Ellington obviously a huge game. Which we basically predicted I mean I think it was. It'll really out there prediction I'll look at running against a lot of tough defense and at the falcons and I think the big game something missing coming. About it. -- it takes credit me earlier in the air you look at that back field you Mendenhall. All all Alphonso Smith did the Ryan. John Williams score Alfonso Smith stepped -- it was money knowing that lesson that jets its own beef soup right. Stew whatever just. And there are other teams are evolving in that direction right now but yet Ellington. Yeah obviously we were out front of Ellington but you know I think last week's performance somewhat predictable. You know now I think which just exciting going to be. How did it make this backfield work I don't wanna use meant at all area interest rates and in the -- money. But. After last week how can you not find a way to get them involved. I duties to navigate -- last content such as I think. I don't think that can happen again. Agree that another running at an important now the running back on it that we've been you know. Some X and not swinging for the rams to do to get the right guy in in India finally see yeah how exactly. You pick -- I was just I was going through that whole thing about you know having -- weird off season and you know it's just -- and you and I talked about it in August sure. You know how you draft list backfield and at the time I suggest we take the last one because that was -- And I could never understand why. They were so intent on playing the other two players you know -- it's. We've been very clear idea Pete we like him as a talent that clearly something's not working -- that ought censored. Maybe -- said you don't know right. We really like Bill Richardson from Abilene Christian -- He's a 190 but yeah. It's limited -- he's clearly a complimentary backwards backstage 215 pounds. If you know for a guy that -- get excellent lateral agility. It's -- it never made sense to me that they were gonna play and so it's it's it's -- -- finally got him in there and it's it's really not a fluke. It's if you go back if you if you Google wrote about insect species need to our original scouting report on haven't. You know we're we're very clear about the public why is this -- get the love. It just made no sense it's like you know you're from Vanderbilt in. We don't like guys -- Vanderbilt in patent. Because -- that we'd like Aaron Rodgers -- little brother from -- so even the guys don't get enough love yeah he had a better injury to pre season and I think he's freeagent again but. You know -- you know. Jordan Rodgers is the guy where he gets in the right situation and obviously Iraq brother that shocking. Glad I can't believe bloodlines. It's it's it's actually -- -- some extent and -- it but it's funny some schools really. Just don't get the respect at all and you know Cutler at the same problem. Coming out of Vanderbilt yeah. Now he's got a hold home -- problems but. So right I think I think -- -- those are some of the the people gonna pop off the page you're looking at the rookies. On this a couple of the guys who had a good performances. That a worth noting. For the short term and the long term because there -- varies I what I what I think a more stable now the most -- situations but. You know GO Bernard on the dangles that that looks like it. It looked great last yeah and to -- if you had a couple just like games based on circumstances. Yeah and an -- -- on BenJarvus is there to -- I mean his situations that'll rocker is nice to see him. We talked about it -- -- -- -- it just go away on the ball and hit exactly what we thought it would be just like a steady presence. You know he gets some good pointers he he gets -- -- weekly series to take the top off with regards value. But -- you know by the at this time next year I gotta think -- is really. The main focus of that back. Yes the other the other keeper league and you can maybe get him -- mean that it's you make a little late trades and them and be a bad idea. If you know I mean if you've got an overpriced player that might have more value of -- for the rest of this season and you can move him to a team that's got Bernard. Yes that's got so that's potentially powerful long term move. Savvy move into what about tell little but a Levy on adult elect is seen there a little bit more Pittsburgh. We've always like to Bellevue was one of if you go back to you know the data draft the article we put out wrote about guys. He was one of those guys and yet we we would. I think he's a very underrated back I don't think he got nearly enough respect coming out of college and it's Cheney had that September foot injury could I think -- You do -- the district he's out there and I think now yes. Yep and it he is -- that was kind of values is -- a wait and wait and see wait wait wait wait until finally get in their type of my situation was to me I thought that was just. The first six weeks of the season is kind of like you on with that. Those players were he was a guy that we were really looking forward to watch. Advocating for you know for people to draft him and then you get an injury that unfortunately we had the back off because. You can say hey Google always at a guy analyst frank issue. That's terrible injury that's the ultimate lingering injuries so. In other incident stated though it's not your world saying we expected back in a month or so but. You can put your eggs in that basket as the field for a second running backs so. Yeah he was another guy that you know we would love to push him -- in August as you know -- really but it's good. They're just bad -- Its biggest thing -- bad -- it's a good it's a good time to maybe. Touch on. The subject of of about buck's fantasy footballers this couple situations out there. On teams. Gamble on a couple just frustrating a case. Handle that means so so many guys that has been taken away from yeah -- that -- -- well. -- injuries have been horrible on the -- on the top end of the top ten talent that's always. That's a killer tears to your fantasy team and has been some people that we beat expectations for like the Wilson didn't happen at. The that's -- -- talk about which was I was gonna ask you which is there are also situations where like. Beyond injury. That you -- question the coaching and what what's happened so. Sometimes you wonder the team is on their own team yeah you know like with apple -- -- actually this is certainly a perfect example -- I mean. And I don't know I mean sometimes -- sort of sit there. And it's like politics with certain information comes out you know -- how can -- -- coming out now right you know and I was Spiller and -- it's. Middle of last week. You know morrow comes out there is a quote high ankle sprain. And you know we're gonna give them some rest we will you know we think he needs rest to get better us. And it's like it's high ankle spring. More room. That I had I wanna I wanna put different. I would take you -- but right now -- just more let's look at it I mean if you have a high ankle sprain an easy point yeah exactly. You know about it that you've had a couple of those and it's it's you can't. As a as a running back in the NFL how you expected to perform. Once we got -- initiative to work exercise caution. You know completely it was a -- and exactly. What is a realistic for two weeks now you can exercise caution right I mean it's right now and once you've been doing for the last two weeks. And discuss the franchise that's. Like putting an invisible fence up after your dog gets run over. In another and it's it's very strange saying I sometimes coaches you just wonder what's going on there had -- coaches. But -- this week we want -- picture Josh Freeman's where he has pictures offense -- -- weeks and about yeah. Equity. Have been there when you eat it that people like 45 minutes equipment and started a couple of weeks later you're doing it well we -- an extra -- off and -- analysis of his of his grasp the offense going week. Exactly have you wonder whether GM is on the Alec accused. Make comments like that it. If you listen to their game. I think -- this they have afforded and you started and I don't know about Josh Freeman he hasn't been around a big. Group Ian -- he's got it down actual coaches -- have no clue and -- Is the thing is a football with trade it is. It's up and this is where Majorly based buzz at all all over footballs because. You can plug and play a baseball player in a night -- we need to third base and we got one tournament third criminal lineup. Because as an individualistic quality to it and is also you know not a lot to -- the balls different but. Yeah but particularly the quarterback I mean. That's the that's -- engineer of the -- Back coming -- a half mental situation. You know who's -- who's clearly sort of in mental recovery at the time. It is still very odd moved and I can just I mean you know like it's a mystical on this stuff but. If you buddy -- -- the Minnesota -- -- don't say what you said this week just just put them laboring in -- adults and we wanted to or in the office have you played when he ability. And makes it look stupid. Exactly an excellent stupid and upon them as sort of which are not. I don't like social stupid because I want to thank my coach smaller. Could -- just. You know I suggest that a newspaper saying it is because he's so fed up with the organization he didn't care about wins. Just keep keep it -- just makes sense that can't come upon a time when your friend I mean that's yeah well I. I don't knock it away and the PG at least make it look like you know what you're doing. -- love -- I love is saying this right now because years ago who worked for professional sports organization and said -- our on -- argument. With the general manager believes only the the brand out but. You know he used to say as long as you win mean now the fans will be then it's a snowman you have you have to have a plan needs articulate your plan what real. Fans are looking for. -- and they're making the emotional investment they wanna do it knowing that you have their back that you're gonna you have a plan can articulate that plan and anyone can. Every squirrel finds an acorn once -- -- get -- and have a winning season you need to have a plan that's the difference in the in the most able teams. But the most loyal fan base is have a plan bottom line. Yeah its usage grows they -- -- I immediately thought of Jim Irsay who's in who's out there complaining about the treatment and giving him only one title. And I just thought it was funny because now he's talking as if we've got three coming in the next couple years you know you've had a squirrel well but anyway exact. But you know it on this team. Track. And we talked about this in in recent podcast. But he. Now if you watch the dolphins against the patriot Ellis and then and last night. I don't I don't wanna hurt my shoulder try to pat myself on the but it. Competitive. Finally looked at the stat -- says oh my gosh our quarterback is getting its act. And David Carr can act which has competitive about it and finally somebody in pensions and -- it. This guy is apparently that the key to it opens feature and they're they're they're treating him like that tackling -- but. But if you look at the last two weeks when they finally done and submitted to the ball into the running marvelous city -- -- -- -- over 100 last night and look what happened you were competitive against two good football teams and get knocked off the Bengals last quite. So I think for future beat the is that as you angle. If your regular -- maybe. Finally. Figured out what they should've known in August. Yeah and that celebrity -- and a pleasant surprise and it woke up you know this morning look at the stats is that Mike Wallace. You know. And if you establish a running game. And in Q did you know that the opposing defense on its you know keep it honest you can have a big play guy make an impact and yeah hands -- Say that because if I'm not mistaken on -- one of the CDs was not a win win win Wallace caught that he -- from room to maneuver in the middle field picked up some extra yards. It really goes to the primary point. Exactly so that some maybe maybe just maybe maybe -- Dad and get their right over there so on but you know it's NFL and there NFL coaches and so whenever now men and when I. -- -- -- and it's funny you know me I'm I'm very hesitant to criticize NFL coaches -- -- I think there for a reason they know what they're doing but you know sometimes. Do you really have to scratch your head and -- -- gotta say it I don't I don't -- call it out you know also open but gosh what would do. It doesn't make sense to -- and again we've talked about the half pregnant thing like if you can't make up your mind and not make up your mind the right way don't give like one guy to carries -- the other guy won carry and then it just made no sense. When the other and an even like what we're saying I think two weeks ago if you could put -- -- and there. We're gonna get him to write -- -- -- the -- and end -- actually so you know I think. And I think that was -- once they got lost in the CJ Spiller thing a lot of lips which ultimately Daniel Thomas. I actually understand that part I think in a -- that a little bit underrated. Yeah as -- Penn State. No I mean he's got some things to his game that a positive. -- record and these big guy can do little pass protection I understand them wanting to play in -- you can't play him. As a you know it is just dead weight if you're going to put him in there vs Miller you gotta use and you gotta get involved sometimes you can't tell the defense. -- promises in the game is in 95% chance -- the principal. Actually lie right I don't -- fact that David Carly. That's exactly right. Period gonna add something but still it's not. That's -- lets you know what I think it's probably a good time we're. But halfway through the show so while we look at some starts and sits this weekend is a new article up on WEEI dot com today peeked up provided does this week starts insists his interest. Indians who ended portions of that I apologize to anybody was looking for quick. Read the insights good and we will look we can go three hours and of one of these podcast live at. A three hours just to agree yeah let's he's such an intriguing things to me. This year it's -- like the patriot root for the patriots but something about it irks me about the way people were attacking breed. It's just uncle Floyd -- that strikes it strikes me sort of it opportunism. You know election people who just waiting -- -- -- carriers which. I suggest a knock down the prom king of the prom queen. Exactly and this feels -- If you really was playing bad bad. Like -- I believe the charge I'd be like that do in the you know in the Lord of the Rings the collapse but he sort toward the large splits. You know I don't I think he's actually playing some decent for all it's there's a lot of ugly games going yeah and across the league. And last week to cut the guy lost his right tackle he's playing with a couple of bad and yeah I mean I couldn't have been easy to play -- and I understand it was like the activists and but it is what I mean just. So people understand when you have swelling in your throwing hand it's it's well. Because what happens is. If even just a little bit of swelling it's in -- from the upon him yeah. It's part of sort of football with with the correct speed and and so I -- you know I took a lot of props for just staying in that game hanging in there and and and get the job done it a couple of real good -- that. He did and the reality is they're six and two and it's been a little bit ugly. Amen to come through a really kind of tough patch I think in terms of defense is a dad defaced starting with the Bengals. Yes and as I mentioned the shorts and -- it doesn't get any easier. These guys have a tough schedule in terms of defense is right you know I mean. It's. You know I I think what I say basically you have to look at from Brady to just turn it on and suddenly go back to being in you know three touchdown Tommy I don't think that's gonna happen -- But but I do think. You're gonna get better. You know out outcomes and we had the last month I really do think you can get back to being a steady fantasy quarterback. Blood you know those -- that huge games. You know I think it's going to be tough with this defense it's gonna be tough with the injuries and it's going to be. This issue USC's defense I mean the defense is on the schedule yeah and it's going to be tough with so many missing parts and I have to assume. That between now and into the season the patriots will have another inferior to. That happens. You know that they've got the top player Aaron every level of their defense is out and selling look at their defense. You're having trouble stopping people it puts more pressure on the offense. One -- stole -- -- yeah I was gonna ask you is you know as pitchers and you're more than a -- -- -- -- patriot story right. It's weird I sort of see this it's it is a way that it's sort of like. It's a sucker -- season for the patriots it's always hills. You know because they've done some great things stick it to six and two or maybe maybe some great -- -- keep things -- -- call. But you know it's it's it's it it's sort of feel like one of those typical patriots season where you connect you they're gonna gain momentum and it could be a really topped out at the end yeah. But I wondered if I mean I don't know if they can actually do this with the defense of injured yeah. I don't -- have -- horse is reading yeah when it that that's what's missing is do you have the horses we need them because. More than running the ball in December and January it's about being able to stop the run and have the threat of the run and one -- the patriots have done. Brilliantly over the last decade plus under the Belichick Eric is stop the run in the cold weather games. And missing Wilfork and missing Mayo. The yet it's at those tough losses -- made if they did some gap filling in Tommy cal limit becoming back and -- they have shown this history of being able to. Patch it up but you know I don't think. What's. There's any -- it should be good to the questions and wondering about what mr. what's the possibility that you get into the you know that's. AFC semifinals sort of the AFC championship game and stared down Manning. The odds that's in real property game like that. Still about it yeah I mean without mail without afford that -- stuff. It is because what happens is like. In the yeah in the top schemes that they wanted to nearly got out that defense has been gritty and dares seek re okay. Not that these holes in the defense in the most important areas you know when you got to stop the run late. And the offense and has a lot of lot of chatter about it and it by then he may be clicking. But I think -- gonna need that Kenya and a little bit and I I deceit that is a bit of a whole non -- Any offence -- it's so good that they can carry defense it's going to be closer to average being good I mean I think the Patriots defense. Fully healthy had a chance to beat I thought they had a chance to be. Dominating I thought I I would just were dominating and in it usually takes a while offered up a defense to gel it takes. Its just gonna say that because what it. He doesn't know he's very is not very trusting so like what what what what people couldn't get over the last couple years is. The patriots would run a very Vanilla defense until the moment it was usually December or after Thanksgiving. Where Belichick would start to throw wrinkles elected people would call WE IT she's never blitz they never do this intimated that. While he wasn't trusting that if he did that that the other players got the system would know what to do well enough so they winning games and letting people compile. Points against them. But the winning games and he was a very. Two -- -- really good feel for which quarterbacks. You need to pressure which quarterback she conserve can sound. Yes I I honestly think I think like the last 67 years. On defense. For 8780%. Of the games Belichick hasn't really won on the defense that you wanted to run. He's won what he thought he could use -- had to -- -- in the game and for the first time in a really long time. Talking about the 8030 forcible team's first I'm really. Long time. Early in the year like in September the first few games of the year I was watching a ballot -- defense the way he wanted to run and that was very exciting. Actually you're talented can be more top down yet been been have to be more reactive. Yeah -- -- what you know -- -- -- -- -- -- as fully healthy you've got five or six you know we'll top flight talent out there. They're all first and second round picks. -- want everyone regardless of whether taken I mean you're right like that and so whatever you know. -- first insect that -- -- they would teach it to a lot of flak for their -- to which I mean books I guess some of it is justified but. I mean come on look at the talent and attacking. The -- at the end of the day the proof in the putting you know putting extra. Think that's ultimately -- but you know nano isn't that you know. They're averaging probably close to twelve wins a year you know so it's again it to us tonight ridiculous -- -- A well what took one more question on that -- issue but having said that what you know you've got you've got Brady as a start this week and just. Clarify kind of like why is it the match up with -- -- -- Great -- Brentwood saying Brady -- the start this week is really just my way of saying I think he's in the top. Twelve QB so relocated down week. Yet that's I was looking -- from. Yeah I mean you know there's there's there's been a big quarterbacks missing -- even about a week -- -- if there are 32 quarterbacks playing this week. I would have pretty in my top right but it's big biweekly deedrick six cornerbacks playing and you know that moved them up a couple of and I'm not looking to get Brady in my lineup. But I'm not afraid to play that that's probably the best way out put this into -- prospered. Yet it is an in that same game and he's also. Quotas is a star at this -- so a couple people that maybe wouldn't the top of -- starters. Well you know Terrell Pryor might be when you wanna look up on the rattle off three Terrelle Pryor Josh McCown and Chicago in Jason Campbell. -- -- Should be that Iran. -- you know what he has my dad yet so McCown and in prior to starts with the bye week in Campbell though it looked all right last week you would trust. I don't particularly against court I don't like against the ravens corners I don't think he has enough I don't think he can have a good in a few weeks. Just counting important to beat his man and getting the -- Cameron. And that's really all they have the right that's the thing I think the Baltimore has the ability to get to the quarterback and they have the ability to clamp down outside and it. I you know I think they're better chances to take this -- and Campbell even though I agree with you I think -- actually looks really took last week. -- and I like more just because. The -- have so many different places they controlled the football right. You know I mean there's you know that's what about Tressel and he really designed the offense well. And you've got -- -- downs and you got guys running routes to complement each other night you know there's there's open guys out there for the bears. And I you know -- I went back and watched all the counts snaps. From week seven -- like I -- type of and I. And -- -- starter but it can play he'll -- complete some passes until apple all right so you -- you know what do I want people starting to count this week. Since the I. If you're sitting there in your editorial team leader fourteen -- with deep which is huge and that a lot of teams keep three quarterbacks maybe -- teams keep in for that and -- looking at the -- I don't know man. And I really didn't start like Clinton. Don't play account. Yet public geno Smith. He's not on the list but this is kind of comes to mind is that. -- -- didn't strike it's not a thing if you noticed the last couple weeks I haven't actually put in multiple sit right just because I felt I want to prioritize guys you -- start vs telling you who not to play. Targets in Florida six good quarterbacks on out you know -- -- that. It was more important to try to come up with solutions purses you know at at and we do we really need to tell people that geno maybe is risky at this point. On because -- -- I didn't put him as a sit because he does have the ability to -- so close and points this week yeah. In other states or not. You know to be as tough as the Bengals were. Or the patriots for that matter and and you know I think you know -- producer on this week if you -- I -- play now. Prior. You know he's the guy where -- prior sort of still between the cracks for -- Obama because he came out to his you know he wasn't a guy that we were able to -- The first year he came in as a supplemental draft pick yeah. So we can have a great feel for him what's actually got my I don't think I have to say they sort of popped out of my head and it is. He is quite an athlete. And he has. Improved like you know just incrementally each year terms thrown before brought to the point where. I'm pretty excited about what this kid could be in a year and yeah and now from a fantasy perspective. You know and and I would I Wear this out and I apologize but I Wear it out because it's true you know when you -- quarterbacks who give you those. Five to ten extra points a week with their feet up. And just make such a huge difference and fitness before. It doesn't go back out. As a says -- -- just to add to your point go back a few years ago when Tebow is that the Broncos. No he was huge I mean you know they were they were -- -- but -- -- -- yeah if you eBay he was. -- weeks where he was a top five producing Tennessee football quarterback. And quite frankly if a team was willing to deal with all the work -- he'd probably still. Could be I don't think that's what different NFL team to stardom but he can be fantasy producer in the right off again because. You know you can beat you can be a fourteen point quarterback but it -- -- intently to defeat your 44 point back and that's. -- got and as suppliers essentially that kind of guy he's gonna give you -- last week for example if you have a good game. No he didn't but it's a monster and put up fifteen points to -- just a -- yeah so yeah that that gives you that. You know it's like a poker player you're playing Texas hold them -- your counting your -- Terrelle Pryor gives you an extra out. If so I -- this week. Again as a guy word you're looking for options in you know I think he's actually a couple of quarterback this week I can't remember exactly where local body is ranked. -- I'd be shocked if you look in the top twelve. LA's probably mental and yeah he's probably appease public QB to RQB three bomb almost rosters so. If you QB one is out there is not -- good alternative. You put it the exact right way on most roster yeah he's -- he's absolutely. Borrowing QB one but yet because. Because he wasn't a high end draft guide because when was the starter for so long during the offseason yeah. He snuck -- -- people I do have -- the tenth quarterback this. He was my last -- He's been asked yet as my last -- so that's that's why he would be in that position so get a minute you need to. Let's look at some other positions and and people that you may -- like again another tough by we we nine always. It is tough and this on the list that's intriguing. Which is Pierre Thomas because Sproles and a lousy week last week. He's an expert. Yeah I lost that it's able to again that threat up the middle like how we said the notion of green and the patriots against the jets who would Utah warmup Sproles can be at a great play. But you know the saints have always had a kind of a mishmash that running backs do as you like to say but Pierre Thomas is -- kind of come to the surfaces. A consistent contributor. A tendency to do that so I mean you know it's if history is against. But it is an indicator. You know Thomas dispute this week but I just I like his matchup against the jets. He does a lot of things as an individual that the jets tend to have trouble with particularly in the screen game yeah and nobody runs screens better than Drew Brees Peyton Digisette postings up beautifully. I could see him picking up 4050 yards just on screens this week against the jets. You know who lacks speed in the front seven and -- -- very disruptive in the front seven actually hit they're not real fast. So that yeah and that's to get them off kilter you can get big gainers. And that's good news is brawls. Yeah I think so I expect. You know -- expects to do -- this week -- you know like I I like still chance to begin to make some plays and -- -- of Jimmy Graham is is playing even have to snaps he's gonna take the jets to clean -- Let's psychology Ingram from an -- what do you think. With his injury in in his situation. Any any. Specific feelings either way liked is he's a guy you have that maybe can you wanna move to hold on and on what he can I know it's tough to forecast. The only way I'm moving Jimmy Graham is if I'm in trouble. You know and that and I and I -- -- I need to like win out by needle -- maybe one or two more losses but I can have all the rest of the year maybe and I. So right and weaknesses don't -- except maybe -- Jimmy Graham the. He can hurt journal lineup right now -- just don't know how much. That's true he's limited snaps last week to scores yeah. I you know it is the fact of being the fact that they let him play last week. When there was really no need for them to do so yeah. You know been there and pitched very good shape in their division -- you know to me and they're pretty Smart organizations to -- the fact they let him play yeah. Says that he -- and they don't feel that it's a degenerative. Condition and to know I could be wrong but I mean it's just sort of straight logic. Right yeah and I agreed to be looked pretty good look pretty hobbled the patriots game a few -- few weeks ago. Well the world watched he didn't do well against pitchers but you guys were you guys were W memorial autopilot yeah so you I mean you were double -- and you're you're dropping guys on top of them. You know so you know kudos to new England and into it I'm not mistaken but that's the game he got -- yeah might that's even on the side by getting worked -- an acute. And I don't know I don't I had a comment in the -- deflection. It's so you know I I I would say. Hang on the Jimmy Graham is probably finish the season very well. It got them lots and -- I don't think what you would like to adequate spoke about this last week yeah I think it'd deeply. Where you know you look at the -- of -- like -- that pick up I was aware yeah or should I hate you or anybody and again assuming you sort of a roster spot to play with. Grew to -- of a -- -- Watson I would pick up Watson because. Well -- like playing and I'm playing in the gray and doesn't play if -- doesn't play I think Watson is you know the real strong. Second tight end or maybe even a borderline first -- and out of that we've six point patriot fans. I hope you Ben Watson is that it is very talented guy. Can't help it. Absolutely -- delivered here that can help to show that he had trouble staying until the -- that hadn't -- a big problem for -- the last couple years has been pretty -- player. Intriguing one that that the category. Yet. But it during the bye weeks this is kind of always the way I find that one of the most intriguing positions and it is anyway every week but is wide receiver because. It's it's that it's the position in Tennessee football that does. I think the most depth like I'd like a guy who's a wide receiver three or borderline flax. Or bench where that keeps you a week that he can be a wide receiver trio of our super two in terms of production. Every time you get into the big bye weeks there's some names that let -- that we -- week. And if it. Can't you see people line -- this week that you know if you told people in August but these guys would be a lot of that with the -- cross right is that -- there's definitely something to that and I tell you right. You'd think receivers -- -- now and you think there's a lot of options we -- next year's draft class it's the NFL I mean. They're just so many good receivers out there right now but yeah it to a particular place on Saturday when you lie about changing things I mean guys float around -- get elected to Seattle I -- I really like Seattle and export to protect Chris harper yeah. The king yeah. You know they were to first Cody he could stick -- -- -- I mean these guys just move around there's so many of these guys were in the nation developmental prospects. To insist that the roster space for -- and that's you know I hope Padilla held goes in the direction -- drivers speaking of -- more -- gonna extend the rosters expand these rosters you know because that the -- it's. You got word talent you have enough players out that it should be somewhere. Working on their game. I think it's good for the sport if these guys are with the organization practicing learning you know. I agree the and particularly if you gonna have Thursday night football. And until -- ended Saturday night football. Well no because I think I I'm a firm believer that that's aren't watching it all but I think it's one of the major contributors to all the injuries that we see in the effort to expect. It's just. Who is irresponsible. I mean I think I -- if -- -- but I think what you're talking about and I just -- totally cut you off but I mean you're talking about any injuries and they're telling guys you've got a couple just a couple of -- Yet -- You you know that yet you know that one of those is a films anyways he really not it's really not you you not. And taking away like a day of rest on the practice field just turn right around it's -- Yeah I mean it's you know I -- we talk about this but it's speculation to me it's actually not I think expanded rosters are coming it's just -- -- how. To happen it's just question went -- -- a beautiful Smart they'll do it as soon as possible because it takes itself so many of the problems we have now. And also just eat it it's like it's like anything like you can have this but you have to do that -- yet is that you can -- you can answer -- but you know what at a -- on first like. You know you you can't have Thursday night -- actually that. He can't. Write you can't have there isn't a football football on Saturday for bonds and if Obama Monday and then not have the rosters expand its crazy. Yeah it's it's it we -- talking about. You know guys who used to do it they'd be out of the game attendance and then they'd be back -- we're losing those players for the day now. And I'm -- you know -- I read a lot of articles and what I'm not a I got too much. Unlikely to sit there and look after every guy takes a big hit in the -- that they went through the proper concussion testing. Procedural. Yeah. But I read -- articles that say a lot of teams are not following the protocol closely enough as far as -- know of course that the competitive again. -- -- But guilt for the benefit of everybody involved I think we need the protocols to be followed in all cases and I think one way to help teens do that. To help them fight their own competitive impulses. And I don't begrudge them for having those impulses competitive game. But if you have the right amount of spare parts right you don't have to put that -- that exactly. Exactly you have to worry about it you'll look let's test about -- you know. Have everybody have election running back compared to what they have now have another available receiver compared would have to go to these cockamamie rules about the third quarterback ever to quarterbacks give him enough quarterbacks -- What's the big deal. Yeah I agree the thing I can and case in point in the basement he -- a football has all of a baseball from TV perspective and how people consume. Media and stuff I loved Israel opposite scenario is that baseball has -- on football want we talked about trades at the deadline -- 'cause of the oppositional. You know it's easier in baseball to do it -- -- in football we have to kennel on the whole system to a quickly and at some point. The trade deadline articles that you know felt more like urban legends. Yeah exactly and in the second the second area and give your tangible example what the Red Sox in the World Series. With the -- Added but but what the rosters you know I was thinking about this -- -- David Ross the backup catcher was out for two months. With two more. Yet Gray's disease and time. As it's easy tie up but like Keon. But he he was offered to almost three months with concussion now. Did you have been -- stepped out of a bad spot it's been the bat. You know they spend the guitar. Exactly and hopefully that hot that kind of let -- It's international legal question you have that -- and have that red car at the hot chicks commodities and -- the video anyway. So what I was gonna say is like you know with David Ross he was out for a couple months and that he was you know. They might not win if he doesn't play like notes Jarrod Saltalamacchia -- album but he has had a rough World Series Ross came in destabilizing a couple big hits. And guess what. He got to arrest when he had a concussion because in baseball you can. You can add depth to your minor league system you can make you can it -- -- -- expand -- September from 25 to forty aiming it just makes sense that. That's -- there's a -- -- it and the other day and obviously and -- New York about the kind of harmless and in. You know he's freaking out about concussions he saw that they channel thirteen and didn't like the it keep yes but the big concussion show on weasel worked up about it -- -- talking about a psychological. It is they're talking about you know how concussions -- and baseball basketball to -- it's just like. Not -- not to -- And it went to the that this is the problem particular culture sometimes people don't think the problems everywhere I now you know acknowledged this -- football. He's got a smashing heads to each other -- didn't you can't compare baseball you can hit -- Once or twice a year right there and not not once or twice -- series. And yet and yet roster lies they've got a condition they handle it which is odd but that. Let's -- let's get off of that that we hammer them pretty well but. Let's give a service to all listeners where we we started at the top. Talking about wide receivers in in with the depth -- position that's how we kind of got there -- -- couple names on there and you said. If you ask me in August of these guys -- -- you know starting opted -- crazy. There -- three to pop off the page in -- I -- that with thumb with starts and sits for this week on W yet dot com and -- is absolutely -- Dexter McCluster Nate Washington David Nelson. You know three interceptions but it dissing means -- -- -- extraction drafted him in the league and he did not things like Ottoman periods. Yes well you know I -- think it's key is that the perfect example of why Andy Reid as a better coached and ideally yeah. You know in -- it's like OK let's look at this -- he's got quickness he's got good hands she talked. Smart to run. He generally nobody does a great street lights -- can make the first got this. If you read it continues this guy yet where a guy like Caylee is just all concerned about what a cluster can't do -- So so I think that's. Two people sitting around and why is the cost is certainly worth something that's why. You know as far as what he's actually work. It's tough to say we'll see how -- finished out the year but I I don't think that this is the typical. One good game from cluster and he goes away from month I think he's going to be a little bit more consistent force -- -- -- larger particularly good again the guy he's really developed a lot right now. I also think Alex Smith Jamaal Charles and to involve help them. Alex Smith he -- you know I think McCluster. -- yellow McCluster -- in the clusters. You know lomb. His strength. Or half 450 but done. -- class district of catching balls like you know in the shallow as I think lends itself to Alex Smith and Jamaal Charles really helps open things up because he's such a horse and you know. You know clusters better perspective convinced that this from a cluster you know maybe it's just a perfect fit but you're right he he likes to run the patterns that Smith throws well. Yeah and chat. And there is -- up all of -- -- he stretches the fields of the kind of opens up that -- him. Point you know he's really I mean -- now he's banged up he's got injuries in and you know from what I've seen on tape he's not structured much anything. But yeah I can keep it there's one thing into the city that's not adding up. It's doing well and -- start to have my doubts about. When and -- it will add up you know we'll have to see what happens to me it's to full health but that offenses. It may be one of the bush trained offenses in the NFL yeah just in terms of it's it's it's it's odd but it's working yeah. This is typical injury he's just such a good coach. At Citigroup did well with Chip Kelly I think to prove to be a good coach but. The way they were I think and I you know united expert about this cluster of -- natural -- -- -- have surgery to get rid of and you. Yeah I'm not sure about that. He uses is talent no doubt about that he's had success and he's got this -- that she steam roll it. -- -- -- and -- now on. Biodiversity -- injury to the the punt pass and take -- He's like -- like Sewell says like six foot 244. Tackle and act like he's like it's like Kramer in the karate class on science and. It's it's kind of person myself and I honestly it was a group. Honestly I'm definitely gonna put on that stuff like a week before confidently field at it's such huge. It's ridiculous he's he's literally more than twice the size of laws and accuracy. And the reason alike. -- -- -- So a couple other guys so titans got that you and I got. Titans titans that the rams Nate Washington is a potential bye -- filler as is David Nelson a -- a relatively recent pick up for the jets is involved. -- you know what Nelson I think and I think you know New England fans to ensure note David Nelson is a pretty good player with a built. He did well against the pats when he played for the bills. The bully and he did what it suggests to me to good football players -- -- -- a big guys who have bad ACL injury. I think the browns did the right thing picking him up but you know I don't think he was fully. Ready you know what to do everything back in June and July and they let him go -- and he's been great for the jets and it's it's not coincidence. He's you know he's fighting his -- he's running well he's good for published it could head to huge target and Gina Smith -- certain -- you know guys get open so. Death I think keeping with Nelson. For this week is its Santonio Holmes -- play against ranked and then the jets are going to be played a football game where in the second half. You know it unless I miss my guess they're going to be multiple scores in -- before the football. Good insights is coupled by games this weekend that are just in we talked a little book pats Steelers and jets saints and gotten a lot of press. Public Eagles raiders. To -- and a presidential. Yeah that's just a fun game profanity to actually a lot to talk about you know I mean McFadden is looking healthy right now he's going to be a factor. You know the Eagles a little soft on the and did -- Morse play well we heard spoke about prior and you know you get over the Eagles Sidon -- you know you feel some opportunity this week for McCoy and and I economic forces can be back in there again it's going to be interesting to watch falls. Isn't that the game you know -- maybe I'm just football -- Maybe maybe the rest of the world doesn't care about that game but that's the -- I'm looking forward to watch. Does a lot of fantasy action there's. A lot of value. And I that. It was an area smaller guy -- really like him in violence in all of them for awhile. Yeah and he's playing well and. Is it took me a good matchup tamraz's as a said the Eagles corner as I can be beaten and he's -- I go -- a he's got speed he's producing which I liken. There have been -- does some good -- the other stuff that we saw what he was at Tennessee he comes back to the football you know he's he's got. He's cute little understanding of the quarterback position you know we've witnessed -- So he's a good fit for Terrelle Pryor who couldn't you know you get a lot of broken plays and you see them looking up at the end of those plays because. The various understands what's going on in in any reaction to his quarterback situation and not all receivers do that. Very true and and another game that. We've spoken about -- in preparation that might be. Worth looking at is other charges that the Redskins which is interesting because -- a lot of moving parts of both scenes the Redskins seem like they're getting a little bit more solidified. With Jordan reed RG three seems to like him. Still a lot of running backs they haven't yet got -- you know looking good dive -- that a little bit where you see that and best tennis opportunity to price. Same kind of game you know I think both teams have a lot of guys who were there have been sort of fluid fantasy assets you know having read. You don't read a guy where I think our listeners know about a -- -- barking his name you know for a couple months -- rest of the world is really just -- know Jordan -- yeah. So I think it's a tough matchup for instance -- I think this is going to be for me. It's a different game to watch because I wanna see how -- plays against the secondary that's really been handling died and well you. I think we'll be OK but you know it's it's you know if you rights of the chargers. Looked out. That's the look for anything in that game as well. With the with the Redskins as part of the Redskins in the charges. What do you starts this week. As Ryan Mathews is a guy just I am emotionally committed to never draft. But I. -- but should be thinking as a potential. Winner this week as a Cuban. You know Matthews is one of those guys where I think you are one of many. Where there's a lot of people with a -- by yes yeah and I can't blame them because judges let people down often in his career like get a but I know you'll understand there is if you've also got a lot of talent but the reason everybody -- in the first place. It's still a valid saying he's still a big back with a lot of agility and he can he -- Buick it lowers as it sees good player. You know but can stay healthy that was the the question well he is healthy he's playing a team -- that actually has a little bit of wind in their sales. And while he was desperate time it would that's not gonna change I don't think would have its values gonna get lost to -- but I also think that these guys gonna get lost. To what had the other flex level RB to double back because they. They take this feeling away from each other tonight. But in the game play you know with the Redskins I think I think they're going to be overrun the ball pretty effectively and it would not shock me at all. If Matthews was you know fifteen to twenty carries for 8200 yards and -- All that good -- could -- reason why can't I guess is. There had a good week -- and that's well put it to good week to get -- season they're just they're back. -- -- back if you could about put him in this week. That's cool yeah now that's Smart -- -- public time to wrap it up there any other little nuggets -- get to that you wanna kick. A problem. She can't work where an extended time as they say -- -- this -- -- soccer exactly. It was suitable anymore. That's it. But that's what I was really looked outside -- -- we went through everything really well just that you know we didn't actually specialists would have been. Well let me just -- Pakistani army sent -- Audubon for that -- is where. Not time to go all the way through it but you guys have. Listen I just -- -- is that we have a lot of people out at a 100% 90% 90%. And you know Marvin Jones backstage seeking -- Terrence Williams Jordan he truly is -- And you know what there is some pride in that because basically that's who these two guys who were really being drafted in on itself. Yeah it's yet check out the watch list I'm actually adds some players to watch list dot com over you know maybe this afternoon into tomorrow because quite frankly. Solely because of moved up I think we need to restore the Bible. Yeah and I think that's a point and we said that the watch list again. -- is to keep your eye on get them before the Tennessee football waiver wires go crazy every Tuesday after the big game in Pete's graduated a lot of these players. You know week after week after we keep an eye in the sky than he does something well so hopefully w.s that -- managed. And I think it's a good way to kind of close it out so what -- but -- listeners need to know is that on the doesn't end here on the Friday podcast which shot. We do every week he has been listening week have a conversation Pete Davidson he's our chief of Tennessee football got free I. And the chief -- football writer for Radovan dot com and that's a place you can go to right now we're -- bonds got. Updated line up rankings. Quarterback running back wide receiver tight end for you every week they'll be updated again on Saturday as he gets more information. He's on the Twitter universe getting getting all good insight on who's recovering well from their concussions and their injuries and all that. In the world there's been a couple of sanctioning and it's Thursday that football is pretty huge I know I'm not alone here. I know people wanna complain about it but it's so much harder to do weekly rankings and you have to get rankings out before Thursday night football yeah. -- there's so much partial information when you're writing Thursday morning -- So that's one of the difficult things and how we do the rankings -- we do provision of football and in the real rankings are Saturday were. We have the Friday practice ports it would and into the Saturday rankings are fully integrated. Totally and so that's what you get it's important it's important to the audience to know why that and itself. With brought upon checking out its -- -- dot com RO TOD a each and dot com so opted to line up rankings again. Quarterbacks running backs receivers tight -- will be an update tomorrow which is Saturday. And it's a great lead in the Sunday in the bill live chat as there is every Sunday at 11 AM to questions in early -- does a great job by answering them as best he -- it's a great way to refresh. And feel good about your final decisions that we all have heading into 1 o'clock on Sunday so. Thanks for that people look forward to that. And look forward yet I'll keep an eye on WEEI dot com with the -- -- today. And then the final. I don't think you two are presenting sponsor -- been with us all season long we -- them up and down Mohegan Sun. A world that play. Again other website on the throttle but to define what size the people as we close this out but WEEI dot com. Slash play has a great doubt Tennessee football presents all yearlong weakened when a weekend -- steak and Mohegan Sun and I stayed there Pete stated there. And in their few times to great spot I would check them out wholeheartedly. -- like action and that's where to go. All right so calls of people see you on the live chat Sunday morning WEEI dot com. Thanks for updating the stats and -- we'll talk again next week. -- -- --

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