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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Stitch hates Boston

Nov 1, 2013|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today took his pent up anger out against the city of Boston.

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All right. Here ago from the Boston Herald here's more this morning's Boston Herald page seven. Police tweeted out there thanks. You brought such mr. keeping the post World Series rise to a minimum. But there was not it was not all the case -- and you look at this as well right. Yet there was some -- trouble makers and AM did you see the picture of -- was hanged from the wire. No the next. I it to me it's not a World Series title -- to -- a car an idiot tanks from a wire an electrical elect a actual overhead -- -- And he was -- like he was. You know repelling some -- -- and I don't can't really see how far had the drop yeah it now Heidi get up there. I'm Nicole -- and it was either climate report on top of a vehicle. Right and and reached but nobody died which is good that's good. And not a lot of serious injuries but there was some people who cross the line pressure yet there's eleven arrest now -- total of India there're people accused of -- cans -- -- cops defiant police orders not to climb trees are up guard rails and -- driver accused. Of drug to be plowing into two bicycles. Found themselves in court. Yesterday while ago for solo that's awful and -- of course for the book -- but why people ride their bikes at midnight. Or whatever you can blame them for that. It's taken you know when you leave the drunken frat party at NYT and you gotta get -- can Warsaw where I'm on a walk it was a don't like would you feel like you were -- -- your own hands -- -- I asked to of that World Series every car that goes -- I'm -- -- my dog -- A Saturday night and -- how many these people -- drawn them. And how many drug and texting and the answer that -- all of them -- right to all of them this is. -- -- -- -- He pleaded not guilty to drunk driving and leaving the scene of the personal injury accident he's released without bail but ordered not to drive in Massachusetts. To -- GPS tracking device to observing 9 PM curfew into remain drug and alcohol free can not be reached. For comic teach them star's first name is -- that and how the cyclists. They're okay. There right now not serious injuries -- -- -- -- -- -- it is is -- New Orleans. Passenger paid 25 year old Watertown man with a Colombian passport. He told cops they had been drinking and smoking weed. At an apartment and -- before heading to a club in Cambridge to watch the Red Sox. -- -- yeah -- I -- -- were driving around yet the area that checkup offend them where you're trying to do and Roush Fenway afterwards to check yo that's guys guys -- how would do that don't count drugs York driving around trying to find a way to get in to that in the madness is part of the celebration destroy your boss gives we yeah. But you know again it's terrible but I would say overall you'd -- pretty good job by the people boss yet until this past gases no one conference to override -- was so one car flipped over. And one passenger in the car by the way driver in the car that time. He was in the count it a little bit there. Policy he's okay yeah and then one knucklehead and from life yes and they have one or the Boston Police have one more. -- that they have to keep us safe after her will be tomorrow true all backpacks. Subject to search. Plainclothes. Uniformed officers. Places -- Rollins and I with the law enforcement -- says it's part of the reason they do the ten and start is again yeah that's a good point if this were 3 PM -- -- -- point 45 whatever and that's what we Alston where -- had not good for us now but it's good for it's to be beautiful say right. The sixties talk about this sun and clouds surprise on Nicklaus fox -- -- in American go to 807 PM you predict if should. So -- did you read the story. This F boss what sort of that's because the F Boston story myself I harsh. The harsh I thought less of a -- it was a desperate story gawkers to rationally and -- bosses in the same thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- Commend the guys at those brilliant and I thought that it touched a lot pictured are heard about. Well it's something ala -- the rest secure is your guy in Boise you read this elected him right writes to me. Is this a badge of honor or Boston and we some people thought that the rest of the country was rooting for Boston because of the bomb plot structure that's not true that is aptly enough to know I think there is some element of that that -- this guy just decides to be the -- right now to play politically out liar I think he's I don't know I do. He's human. Majority out of any mr. equally -- -- -- -- column and it's called F Boston and we have the and they and we have the audio version yes from our own resident Barbara Gator hater but short although I have to -- -- wouldn't do that descendants of this guy hates Boston everything about Boston and everything I think he sums it up nicely in one how many. 1800 word yet know that if 6700 word column Bill Simmons could never get this downed tree -- -- -- economy here is yes kind of anti Bill Simmons and every way just brevity efficiency and correct. And if you're in Boise or wherever in Cleveland at Saint Louis New York buffalo -- in buffalo. This is how people think the -- -- out there might be some people who say you know it's nice that the bombing victims and survivors connected -- this moment. But you really think the rest of the country wants Boston to -- a lot -- say the vast majority of the rest of the country would be ambivalent about I think so not well enough and well I think -- heinous. Do yet but we're kind of become the New York once so much more so much post -- -- lots of movies actors in the Matt Damon's in this. And the that I have flex in the drop kick Murphy's and I think they view. Boston with a people will 6% to -- Belichick every right hey that was -- they have Belichick and Brady they probably. Right now hate David Ortiz and and Dustin Pedroia called -- -- it is that's a good point Colin Colin coward. Speaks for a lot of people. Because they're looking for something to. Poke holes in the our success -- -- to David Ortiz on steroid issue they love the fact Celtics suck right now of the fact that who. Celtics -- struggling. You know they hate the feeling that we have yet this is the epicenter of the universe relatives. That that's the kind of experience accumulate arrogant is siesta key which is that knowledge that's already Sosa -- doesn't like that either this is that your social self important you think with the center of the universe -- That's what people hate about absolutely and is TARP they know -- this. That's sick we're going to be. Right if you wanna get educated ready wannabe. And put -- schools here it's actually -- want to watch high quality competitive sports on a regular basis. College football and by the way we -- to -- Right OK and I both make good movies this where they'll want exactly about music we did the music comparison between Boston -- -- -- yes in not good. That was a -- -- for Saint Louis and Louis is a wonderful city all agree right. -- why would we wanna live. Traffic is better. We should tell that story about what we let you get to that later it was the morning's -- effect of the it was a Monday morning fifth game. Right yeah this Monday morning we broadcast from Busch Stadium and decided to walk the six blocks back to our hotel. All the main streets. Monday morning rush hour. We could lie down in the middle of the street and not -- run Obama's victory Mavis who went past you know people about the train -- all -- -- Yes you know and the audience like 66. People six and it -- anyway what was Russia Russia and it felt like I Am Legend in New York yes three -- -- here were running around and nobody was -- -- by the reports. It's it's -- so they have no traffic no crowds people organized -- beautiful -- -- to clean it great restaurant. And yet you would never -- wanna live with a dual. As Jeremy caps -- it analysts as you guys would be complete failures here that -- What you do wouldn't work now is no intensity no end up. Dirty laundry to -- these places like -- -- Cleveland Milwaukee Minnesota Minneapolis I mean that -- people friendly. Easy in and out the traffic is much much like -- here. But has -- its. Here we need this entity which at that bothers this guy from Pittsburgh and nobody from -- spin would write a piece called. Philippe Saint Louis tonight ever police -- -- I'm sure they would do about anywhere else -- New York, New York. And New York right now -- LA season mark with this thing or Miami Miami to Miami New York. That's one team that's just -- team and -- -- yet but anyway so statue comes from buffalo and Boston well of course you know awful what's your. I don't know like -- much better because of comments like that America please -- a brilliant. Marketing dollars plus ports to achieve what I say it was such as commodities. Is a wonderful time you know what if you were taking the temperature. Of the country with a rectal thermometer. Now here's the thing with stitching and we we like him to find job on the board rooms but he. Doesn't like no it is right this place why should an -- free time the only thing. Like that than like he. And sleeping. Is watch in the sabres. Twelve and one baby. At this neighbors see here's the problem when the problem here is that -- about being from buffalo. You are immediately. Acquired a built him. Inferiority complex and it is absolutely it's part of your DNA if you're from buffalo -- got it you've got an attitude like -- does QB everybody else because -- city socks and you have an inferior or eloquently island but Cleveland dumps on you when you're exactly buffalo some nice -- it's. -- -- -- What is so good about both fabulous event of the boss of the motive yet that is buildings. I had the space the food the people the food that doesn't cost an arm and -- -- apartments that I can actually afford to women get -- savings account on regular salaries so I mind my asking what fiscal discounted them because we only have one sports station they weren't hiring now -- today. Does this and you know such a good attitude -- -- it real yeah loading up corporate ladder here in the -- and this is called leap. Boston it's the F word and -- you know. Still do we tweeted out Chris. -- -- Last night for the first time in 95 years the Boston Red Sox won the World Series and hold in Fenway Park. The city of Boston in general Austin it's not a good city. The Boston Red Sox your dirty beards. Your script beat the Steelers persona. Iconic little ballpark. All in the outfield. The people wearing Red Sox -- particularly. Ones your undeserved underdog attitude. Celebrity fans. -- fans. -- rightists all the races. All of New England but in particular. Boston. Your reputation as a center for learning. Your colleges and universities actors swarms of students hyper intellectuals Brett -- ever wanted to between. MIT. Because it got cal tech where it's sunny balls. Harper. Your cozy bookstores. Bridge the bridge after across to get there. -- in the Charles. The past aren't better -- time jerks. Boston the band. Regional food specialties. You're tend to claim all the Irish immigrant culture as your own. -- your small regional city. Accident. The securities. Samuel Adams. Paul Revere. And clarity of your celebrated colonial history although -- go. Race. The Big -- Already so sick of hearing about these stupid hole. Or talk radio station at all Tom Brady. Your -- and that's winters on the port bastards at all of the surrounding states were forced to rely on you all the that are close proximity. Eyes -- for that. Museums. Station aquarium can leave you imprisoned based awful now. You're putting -- or vehicles while driving on the road what do you drive in the water what you always. Making things complicated. Cheers. I have some dear dear friends from -- great people I love them I would not want to revisit at the wrong idea. It's important to me that -- take a moment to make this point to then. Bought today it's too cold their needs it. What -- people get mad when you see these things I said this in Boston I would probably get my head unit. They're violent tendencies that mean I personally don't care denial might humanity. Other people in Boston tried over intellectual -- it you're not even giving any real reason they weren't gonna say. Maybe you don't need to experience. Jesus the whining. Always the whining and arguing from Boston people that we have one conversation that doesn't have to be all about you. Yourself -- inability to admit that your enemies are correct. Tries from the perspective of the rest of the world wants put yourself in our shoes now think about Austin. C'mon seriously. C'mon really. Come on Boston really now Boston -- Boston it. -- I would always say to that. Jealousy is such an ugly. -- -- -- -- -- -- that person truths and things of that many through just splinters with the the at Cambridge -- -- you know regardless of the trio of Harvard in the -- you're violent tendencies that's -- different country and a mob and say that at your violent tendencies and it is always good from a -- -- at your -- Whether yeah I wanna say I actually really like cold and that's when -- so well I mean if I had written and I would left that out and -- -- Tom -- -- do you agree with. I'm buddies on the show but as the bills they -- you agree -- Libya gave the rest of it though. Oh we absolutely. -- it all just go into those cozy bookstores. In electric goes bookstores now know who wants that I do agree it's called the Internet. 9% Boston movies -- terrible. Horrible 90%. Target or caught not a cause that's just so I hate to face exit -- It's reached comic didn't do it in camp and it's distracting necessary. Mean obviously stories. From the media that. And now I'm gonna want tonight yes. -- review the rate program doesn't annoy me excellent from the home. Like with the perfect storm off with a well definitely yeah and -- player that awful -- goes. Mean and why is that -- applicant that the government Damon Mark Wahlberg but why can't they just speak the way they speak one and most people have that kind of the Boston accent really I mean really no. -- Would anybody sit in the theater -- it themselves. Bostonians if they just spoke in general American speech in -- movie. It's like it department Matt Damon and all work do they boss what's a Good Will Hunting accident which is really bad to bad accidents it's like Matt -- never. Years that its course must be right Matt Damon coaches I grew up toys. So I what he goes with a pitch -- Uses vocal coach just crazy -- this -- -- which it Tom captain Phillips is from Vermont right. Yes yeah right. Is really necessary for -- Moments that same accident. You know DiCaprio. The FBI agent that seem to have Boston X it just you know beating them a text machine -- from awful why is able working eighty EI hire somebody from Boston -- the shows it. Because the guys from Boston couldn't Hackett. -- the guy who wrote this is from new York and we never steps foot in Boston in fact he would come on the we call them. So no name Hamilton. Hamilton Nolan Hamilton Joseph Franken -- I I think he didn't fight on this call what would make it on. It was gravel. I don't wanna take a cell phone with you after you might lose -- erect with undermine. I -- critical decision got a date at a lot of it I bought vote every year a lot of after the direct reference to see that it's. I got friends who -- out there and I gotta say one thing about. They had the best tilted it on a plan yet like these are very UK and the -- and the -- lot I'm like are on our. Bob Kraft wanted to lead to mental outlook. And I will say that they've got ankle are. They the most typical sports it's in the world they hate that they -- their own team but that date but they are one of the best built any -- on the planet as want that in. Mary goes to -- an -- got your car's total editorial -- -- -- contractors don't be -- the guys call on the scene next things Byron about the marathon I thought it was the really nice wheels said. But after that -- was fine -- it's like it's like -- without the charm it's and right at -- -- nicely you know in an awful lines opened 61777. Point 7937 Larry Lucchino joined us and it'll Bible where a 1000 dollars at 9 o'clock when we come back. -- -- Something happened yesterday. That it's almost as one of the great fraudulent airline rules all all. Fine and it was act in fact something that Callahan. In forced on Aniston and flying back from Saint Louis a couple of days ago and this is fraudulent. Degree and I'm glad somebody. As exposed us.

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