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The "mayor" calls in

Nov 1, 2013|

The "mayor" joined the show to preview the parade route.

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-- -- saying 6177797937. We will be doing the broadcast more from Fenway Park starting at 9 o'clock. Unless we can come up with -- excuse to get out of it somehow Hawley has managed to come up with something. KG our boss except it somehow Maloney came up with the excuse that KG our boss somehow accepted. Comedies that may be deviations that you're taking -- SATs tomorrow bit. Little old take the SATs I won't be wanna call -- there and aged woman on the SAT I don't think so -- just doesn't know aids among -- backed college right. Bob Greene wrote a column through wind took the SATs and has -- -- everything in the number two -- Had to wait for you know who's degrees comeback in Africa we did shore. I would barely be above 200. On the math yes virtual boy I doubt that. Out of that whole thing rightly feel like how to practice. And -- struggle another day has gone by and I did not use algebra yesterday that's right they don't deserve algebra on the -- -- member. I think so I don't know adultery I couldn't I couldn't come ward about that would make its causes few years away and I'll be totally useless. My kids were in the fifth grade those -- felons. Yeah sorry I used to -- this package is a medical excuse with KG. Thank you for your interest in the -- Fisher clinical study all operators are currently busy. Completely. -- -- that exist -- they do priced right right god this is the site. You decided. To be a man of faith. You were no longer going to be an agnostic either right or converting to Judaism it's had a moral right Sabbah. Go about it. How -- a bad idea they can't question yeah that's true at all Tuesday it's going to be deterred my faith and my family do not. Do not. Question either one of I've sold a year left him just about -- attempt onslaught to BA justice of the peace stones to the -- some bills it is that go you're negotiating with the city's gay -- OO hey there -- watch yet they went on gays. That that such an idea why don't you tell KG that tomorrow. Girlfriends getting pregnant and you wanna be there when he has got a tip that tape. That bright. Would that they were very pleased to have the mayor the outgoing doesn't -- that the outgoing mayor of Boston. -- that justice hiring retiring. -- mayor of Boston joining us on the AT&T like good morning mr. mayor thank you for taking a few minutes with Dennis and Callahan. Already. -- a lot of well. -- I'm sorry. Sorry I didn't get a bad connection there mr. mayor would you repeat that. -- -- allow our right a lot of -- pad dead all right. So why are operate. Well well well well -- earlier. It will be a great day now let me ask you this -- is very speaking role for you tomorrow and I'm wondering and I'm gonna try to say this politely. Are there any names on that Red Sox roster that you're going to have to put a little room extra preparation and practice. Law are before is it. Sir Trevor. -- -- Well well well. -- o'clock. Or are there are are not up. Mr. mayor I'm sure -- left is the color. Ring around a woman's that's correct is that right decadent and yes yes yes -- You've been mistaken for aerial airy feel like it's so assault the you can -- to salt Saltalamacchia can Jordan assault the that's okay what are. -- the cat just to -- how you handle you Holler and is now -- missed. Our our -- hold. Right Arianna you'll hard and I thought I can't separate. Well -- -- aerial. Are about -- proud -- Robert -- -- our -- around the world. Sure yeah. The rule will be the seventh -- of a -- hasn't been sick and I can. Does not apply there are put on their drop out there -- the -- who are well. There -- several. They are very rapid. Do you think you'll have an opportunity to drink out of the World Series cup mr. mayor. Or -- aren't our dirty. -- -- out special our regional players who are. Or not most. It. You're expecting to you encouraging people to take public transportation and not bring their cars to get there early mr. mayor. They're plot. They'll -- go to New York ticker. Record straight. Take a train that's a good idea or mr. -- we're trying to figure out -- you're gonna do when -- dot on -- -- great question what's the what's the next step. Yeah coming out well moderate. That -- offered -- but -- park. -- of Fenway park at six Lavin bubbled to give give us a sample call maybe. Are. Or or not -- not so black ops. -- are -- are. Are well the on lap which are. Just not -- -- are part of our cargo. There are rubber court there. It is its turn by acting on it tomorrow or are -- -- -- mr. mayor thank you particular time today. We'll see you tomorrow at the rolling rally mayor the mayor he's gonna. Speak though. There's no actual spot to speak. And it ends in the river you think there will be any words spoken at the at the Boston Marathon finish line. If it isn't a guy with less is more idea it'll be a cause it'll be silent. Who have that is it will be you know that's not going to be him Ortiz know the crowd. They do speak at the starting line and we were there in 04 -- when -- at the starting line at the at Fenway with a think starts. They have some setup. But it's intimate you know families friends important people yes you know drink water. Kind of thing at least Jessica -- noticed since two nights ago. But and and in 049. Years ago and now we were there in the studio and Manny kick the Dorian. And an occupant had set and that against -- are only if you man well and the fact of the matter -- he had no idea who we -- no -- -- no -- but he loved us -- -- of those and he had a blast these guys have a blast and and you'll -- it'll -- If you're of the Red Sox or even the mayor of -- cut you will you are worried about the kind of encouraging. The lunatics -- yes yeah lime light poles and strength from Knauss went from wires and jump in the river number all the people jump in the river. In 04 yes yeah. It was dirty -- than that and is now and tomorrow. Will be -- all dead now kind of sunny. Three night stay right -- yeah nice day away. When you wake up and as the mayor points out it's still dark look outside your house look at whatever foliage is left on the trees. Because -- when you go to -- it won't be there. You know that. It the people racist and this time it disappears today. Your foliage is gone as of two days -- did you wake up what -- talk -- never heard of such that it is totally disappears fifty this hour winds. All right it's all get blown off your trees by mid afternoon. So tell us about our guys told the paper it through and all the daughters trees on just blow -- a little -- it rained overnight to the leaves are wet it's gonna blow like fifty miles an hour all the leaves are done after today -- countries did you basket. Zero they couldn't get to the gate of the -- The no no light to two -- -- -- -- -- Bizarre I don't know like. Stay Ehrlich parties -- those schools which you -- vote. Re c.'s. Recent -- -- the PG. Cups -- you know wife gave a couple of to a -- for fools bags of gummy worms although she got she had them for -- care package -- -- it. Kids at school yet. Aunts and left over I mean fools like yeah big ones the kids. -- kids who came just one not so all the recent used to it for me nice and big gummy bears or listening to bag this big. Well that costs like five dollar war. And they went. -- and they mean heavy real bag of them -- brother one reaches about god do you still very nice -- sick and they just who has who in your neighbor to. And street with houses all lined up what were you I don't -- -- -- a minivan and dropped thirty kids off yet nobody. Zero Jeff can be ready. No question of it and nobody. -- they did what you've done a -- -- to block this deal in the -- -- only episode audio what I condoms. Well I was Smart of the episode of everyone loves Raymond. I've never seen him is when that Raman goes Peter Boyle as they be certain rate on Halloween and they couldn't find they can be found on that were like whenever and candy and he gave on. It's sounds pretty funny how -- Is the worst night of the year for dogs in the house out of my house now. Did Kobe not go nuts every time the old times the normal times and it was a slip my dog used to go east I don't know and -- It's we mentioned on Twitter and some people said that it bucket perpetrators anymore and that is the -- and they all the they still level wicked -- the peoples -- the 200 tickets extra to a seventh -- -- 400 -- traders. In my full size candy but I'm -- your house in a load that -- suburb of -- you -- Lexington Lexington couple dozen. And -- it would just got into it you know the given the Al Gore's book if you go yes you look -- as a group we did that yeah that they would have a -- cards. Rachel mad though is by tense. Up during would you give up. When we have a couple of things we had the paper cups we and handles all readings and understand we have Eminem's and we had to miss the crunch. The bars op that's. -- -- -- Salvage deal insult these guys are breathtaking and -- Dirty laundry that passed the -- chocolate that's the only rule has to be chocolate. The -- hopefuls coming gummy bear -- But in general when you're shopping for -- yes. And and -- probably stimulus sweet -- a cut off and anything could figure out what the next morning we left -- -- house was that the treason for tires for slash. How puppets were smashed. Mean that's how it works you can vote sweet -- you have to pay a price correct it is that they're not many things in this images and progress. With kids -- other factors. Lot of issues with video games and no texting and all that kids these days. The vandals we once were you he leave did you see any of the paper and he egging -- smashed pumpkins no rule. I'm zero gate keeps them out Gerri I mean a new way to were all -- -- -- drive now today now. Revenue and I don't see any well I remember as a kid you leave the next day you know go to school in his seat in the paper yeah -- probative doesn't it does like borderline Leandro by the way we -- mass Brady this we have in the past he told the press on my Wednesday yeah. And -- that he used diagnosis. That's bad -- Well the Brady -- patsy did you guys again and the Judy giving house structure really apologize for that you. I mean -- and he said he never killed anyone having that that Greg no I never again this toilet paper thing indeed -- house's. We never once beaten -- house which -- huge rocks. Yeah picture -- cheaper. Are at 61777. -- 79837. Larry Lucchino joined us at 8 o'clock would give away a 1000 dollars at 9 o'clock and we will unveil to you. The minute hand salt. Viewed that is roiling in the halls of WEEI. Next talked -- he's the.

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