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The Duck Boats are ready

Nov 1, 2013|

the guys opened the show discussing tomorrows parade in Boston. They discussed how to honor the marathon bombing victims.

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It's Dennis and Callahan. A worst to first championship. I'm not you know throw an -- but you know beer -- and -- -- are now promised to bring to -- real feeling good morning. Which -- Dennis wanna be negative or anything but the book though only. A lot of crappy. Gerry Callahan. No -- during an -- obviously. Gloria. Okay. Tom Brady looking sluggish again today but more. -- will not run. We're a. I click on Sports Radio WEI. -- is king in for a day and if I were king for a day I would like to be king for a day. Over two separate things that are going to happen tomorrow. I would like to be put in charge of two events and they are related. I would like to be put in charge of the rolling rally. With all due respect to doctor Charles Steinberg and I'm sure he outdo any idea I might come up. I have a hand in planning at least a portion of the ruling rally that starts tomorrow at Fenway Park. And goes out of oil and street the entire. Deal here. Rule you can root root root of out of Memphis are a surgical route a route around him co wrote yes -- World Series was the route this is and exact. Wolf all the same route as 2004 starting at Fenway Park. Passing the public garden and the Boston Common goes one boils street past City Hall. And on the rally will go to the Museum of Science with a duck boats will into the water. All splashed down and continue that way it ends in the water in the water. It doesn't make sense is the most triumphant thing when you hit the shores you know like. Nicholson he's a military -- -- -- the shores of Tripoli yeah your -- up a lot of water. Isn't should that be crowd when -- come out of the water yeah union like for baseball it's -- in the fourth and I -- Pedro -- but it ends. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's going to be Zain it's going to be as Zain is any whatever you think golf is just gonna like Wear a baseball now and you think. Ortiz is gonna do anything wacky you think Dempster doesn't. Just sell you another crazy Stephen Drew it is to get naked. And they'll be someone drive in the -- because they that you do that -- -- -- let kids do well once a lot of what you drive. Yeah depicted in the stopped poppy pieces let me get behind the wheel. It's going to be -- well. But there needs to be a place where it's not and I defer to doctor curls all of these things and I'm sure he has something planned if indeed his hand is involved in in in the match a nation but it's not great but it's not -- but it does CD takes over. I mean involved to some extent as to what well I don't like ideas I would want to do something. At the Finish Line store and -- what that is I don't know but something as simple with just pausing. A moment of silence -- what if you're gonna watch the rolling rally tomorrow and expecting a million people. I believe now take my lawn chair and tickle sleeping bag and I would parked in front of it's at the forum. For four or restaurants and -- are just or war room for right yeah. I would that's the spot that's going to be that is going to be a very popular -- exactly I'd leave now you can see that I think you're right they pause. Moments silence yes you know maybe a song and Namibia you know would be really cool song but bag piper. You know like Rory amazing grace or something which is haunting. Yeah yeah or or maybe. It is that we do where doctor Charles king for -- -- this is -- we began this program would you do it at the very least. There has to be a pause and a moment of -- how do you enhance this without it being maudlin. And all that taught us district and that's why isn't races to get it as you would need something a little more upbeat and -- is the whole theme here defiance isn't the one lasting image -- David saying. This is our -- Anthony sitting right. You want some level of defiance with the play you know some motion Austin Boston would be leveled define Austin themed song shipment of the Boston or you know. God -- sweet Caroline. It -- sings along that is that is Boston that is associated with Boston godless America is too generic to yes yeah -- yes your family -- -- duck boat. -- to the Richard family of a duck boat that right good. Of that related they wanna do you know honestly I don't -- what they want -- much sure the people. All -- certainly want you back in that spot. The drop kick -- on a deductible that meets them there and they pull up and they do ship about the Boston as the applause I think they are just they're going to be on a -- Bill that tweeted out that their singer. Singer as a bad back and will be seeded in other guests standing. But he has to sit -- his back is bothering him but there is not a slow them down there's still going to be on a boat as soon. -- Yes. Indeed nobody knows they are fiscal by the cool thing about the drop kick Murphy's is that they adapt on the the the the the strike me maybe I'm wrong you -- no better. Is it low maintenance bunch yet seen it -- that and so -- golf and great links right thing and she is surprised that go that high that that image you know they gulf the gulf weather invited where they get on. -- -- and there are a lot of divas in the music industry in the very successful Dutch get the sense from the sales -- at the pros yeah. Well -- club that America ever that concert as you showed up they were -- or Colorado or something that's right out of nowhere nowhere and a probable don't violate I've never touched -- never seen anything from that concert. Dane Cook won't let us know eventually maybe you'll soften his Stanley -- duck boats from Dane Cook I hope they run at -- animal abuse under one of the dark. That too harsh as marginalized -- -- was the -- out here drop kick Murphy Syria. I want -- the mayor says you are in this. Will be -- -- At this point to make -- -- -- name would you like to have him say the nominations. -- your heart rate. Saltalamacchia. Might beat that that's a little too long for the mayor Bob has lost her and breast see I think you're an apple ES now that you've reached I think he's gonna struggled through a -- and it released in April -- -- -- -- aren't aren't those really great. It drives. These games does he have to this day. He doesn't -- -- the ball well in the press conference yesterday he didn't see any name other than John Ferrell. And he just said the team the team to team to team. Some sort of like a -- exactly if -- I think he has to say -- you -- -- of -- of single a couple of colors going to be Ortiz not global quick thing -- Pedroia. -- the movement advocating. Has left that was Martin's wife -- and we don't remember -- So -- -- you Tara. This could be in the mix that have to give one to Chicago rolling. Rally he can't coach -- toxicology yet as a coach like I. I would media why it's a mayor just with coach -- -- and -- -- to coach you know what it will go Koji. We'll -- with -- so that's too. Typical won the Reno will mock -- -- loop capital we will. Napoli Buchholz could be interest -- colts sparkled this week as opposed to he -- yeah that -- the word in the English language to Gates's back to back. And great question the words I understand. It's always weird to me for years the -- that one right yeah -- -- tweet I just to collect. It is here due to ages. But it's it's I think the mayor won't let us down because. He almost has taken pride in his. You know articulation as a sad day laughs about it joke about it is mrs. Owns this -- I mean easily get a couple months left. I think. I think he made a bird at the and it's not leave. I'm not in charge -- him and John Menino it's not going anywhere but is time's almost up to since his last visit his last to draw his last big celebration. In question after this is free lighting that Christmas -- -- nothing. This -- is -- logical Harvard. Is that's right I mean that's it a dual I think you know I think Harvard I think Harvard professor Uga has always start -- natural transition. From Menino shore. Ago our political science lecturer he'd not. Run a city. Sure how to twist are -- Bruce well look -- Three hours -- -- -- -- fill potholes just transcribe that lecture in your dorm room late on the play that tape and Eric your notes from the mayor -- I got nothing I got nothing. I understand Ortiz it's so much and -- -- The ticket Fuji you aren't Wheaton when news at them look at your notes are -- -- gonna do it -- century. I think I finished one less is more out front show so show is -- true thinks it'll. Giles thinks minimalist there's never when we first started our commitment jones'. -- answer whose ideas. We I was amazed at how low low -- minimalist yet. They don't bring out the circus clowns most powerful and the supposed ever -- a flag you can't come up with a lot of products. In in all the presentation rights on the affair I don't personnel and it is an individual duck boat that has a whole bunch -- survivors that we pretty cool just has just been contacted I don't know we'll find out by you know I mean that if they want it to be pretty cool I really -- -- -- James Taylor and James will probably ride with -- -- he's sure he's got a connection with them he could do that. A boat with James Taylor with some victims and survivors. Some heroes. Its nose at -- rescuers a lot of pork and obviously by the Richard -- that would be powerful. And they couldn't be in the back him and have to be somewhere near the front right. If you are going to do a song and -- a good point Jerry. Boston defiance. Seems to be a theme here that would make everybody feel good however the most moving thing I've ever seen doctor Charles do. Was prior to one on one of the games that I was apparently parked. Where they play that hallelujah song Aaliyah and and and that may be borders a little -- Bob Marley is a little too but it is it is it is rips your heart you know does scripture are -- eyes fill up all that. It doesn't fit the things probably is just a different atmosphere he's so it can be crazy people -- Eagles have not yet. -- do you -- have to do something and go by you know what you have to do -- in and you gonna have to does -- have to -- fake beard you know you know real true you don't you don't get me. Edge Elizabeth Hasselbeck now where every one of the today shall call Al Roker what I think Red Sox I think they'll -- Kelly Preston -- it's. Well she she she is a fake beard she isn't she -- Lehman. She's a fake -- she's appear. What do you want my implication. Institute a vote Jay Carney were being against an all knowing -- hat hat that's made me sick I haven't read tweets that so proud that the country's most preeminent lie -- stands up for the world wizard Red Sox. He's useful in Jakarta is for those who don't watch tonight on nightly news he is the spokesman for the Press Secretary to the president on that it's it's Barack Hussein Obama. It sure is yes it is -- while he was he actually was it. Employees at time magazine at the same time he worked for Obama which Vegas goes -- him. -- us and he stands up there and tells lies on a daily basis that's what. Most press secretaries do they have forced to do with his joke was particularly Dicey one and the like. Did any boss and I just last I looked him up so I did it with water out of icu at the school in New Jersey -- broken. It's just such pandering it's alarming. Alarming tests -- to -- it legal won't mean. I don't Obama's huge execs and put the company is well I guess. If that group Washington. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes name 111. Play any player and he couldn't put up job Georgia economy. Knows all about -- you're tolerance. But he goes way -- run here in the post season ERA yet the controversy on you know Bogart's middle Brooks rue knows all about that he never missed. A quick trivia question -- speaking of knowing stats and things like that I'm looking at the final don't look don't look don't look. Final Red Sox playoff statistics this is all three series which member of the Red Sox struck out. The balls. In the post season. -- giving him. In eight J. D. Drew Stephen Drew. -- -- -- And one other guy. Both struck out nineteen times this guy superseded. Pilots say map so what I did -- play him before breakfast apple -- and what he wants strikeouts since he set the record for the French as salty nineteen. Drew 91 of the more amazing stats in the in the world serious -- believe. Two historical ones. In the World Series there Ortiz struck out a total. All seven times in the playoffs this -- this well this you will never again. It was the fourth highest behind those guys -- number one with 21 strikeouts salty Andrew with nineteen. And who do you think was -- you'll never get this in a million years. -- -- From. Not go across. -- ninety. Delta salty isn't there it's it's not only when he won salty and drew ninety miles an hour this guy correct at fourteen -- restarted gonna get up a lot and he struggled I mean they all struggle that the plate even. Copied it for awhile after all series basic put. That's a pretty amazing World Series when the guys start. It's six what is against session -- six -- eighty years. 353 for the entire your wanna play K. One K and -- I mean works in that with a and zions. The focus you had. In the in the five in the same looser yeah. I don't think you walk the -- nine times and four in the last game I was 88 record is for them for for the first five games for the last game. A school that not only are the fans the Boston Red Sox and the observers of the Boston Red Sox amazed by David's. Try your infant play. His teammates are blown away about what this guy did Jonny Gomes couldn't get out. Just didn't even get out you know I mean. -- that no facts absolutely unbelievable last night you know in the when they -- -- human just intentional walks but I -- you go back look at those hits in me they weren't pitching trio. You know I mean goes up and down down and inane they're bound to stop any changes lawful and it I don't know what you do little man but it just seemed like he was. He was just really really acting that resonate to. Go up to Cooperstown as funny yeah you know big be -- time all these nicknames him. We had a nickname Cooperstown throughout the year and I mean I might -- -- their stories knock. To go stock at about David Ortiz now I said what are things for -- -- on two separate things right what was. Helping Charles plan what happens on the rolling rally in particular at -- street on the finish line of the Boston Marathon. The second. I would like to help. KG. Our boss. Program tomorrow's. WEEI. -- of the ruling rally and the -- everybody who's around. Is involved. I think he needs to be creative and shake things up I think he needs to have men hand and salt. A couple hours -- -- you -- and you and me and -- into a couple of hours to put it -- yeah. I was like I'd better. Reward I mean it is rule I don't want to do tomorrow slate. To sleep tallest -- exactly what I don't know I don't know how long that was going to be I just wanted. Not settle our arm and that apple no -- OPM's. See what happens in the -- all we need him by 83030. That's damage to be. What youth shows are tonight right will be there at 815 well. You really think of Fenwick park in the -- -- -- -- -- mile run tomorrow morning I'm running from the house that I am in the run home. -- -- to -- -- fifty mile run the show opened them really you know you sort times you have to. Six. You're gonna run to Fenway Park tomorrow a force of premier roster that way. Slobodan ten miles below master elements have no you know be no I had to write papers -- -- bringing it out on taken over -- not taking this series tomorrow correct so you need more time. You could use more time how do you know what she wanted to leave. In my blog. I'll do the ball to map to figure out pretty easily minute per month he pretends he's just -- -- please -- this you know I don't rat out on in and yet. Output to -- leverage certainly you know 842. Guys besides that the you know he has to -- -- correct view. Need more time you could probably use more tournament you Columbia house six adult cell -- got a solution. Was solution guys with what time -- -- -- right. Run whatever you want to show up at what knew what time missile he. -- well I just well he's only -- are right after she asked how will love it cross over Kosovo taught tiger he's the I think you should cohost with Saul he's starting at noon at which to sleep -- -- -- He's our doubts and -- tomorrow -- is not work wail all you Robert hall behind all -- -- the day. Honesty I hate that does -- Pull rank as a child yeah I first -- because -- worked his ass off to a lot of the broadcasts when he was done with his artwork she's sat there and you know it is an area where I -- -- -- -- said a -- and you'll secondary leads laughed at -- jokes that wasn't that's. I don't I don't blame anybody on them. She has -- -- yes I'm jealous jealous and I was hoping look really looking forward to not getting up was it this is the last. The last this issue. You think you're right I was an excuse to tell KG. -- anything. The old got a really -- software to get I was say that I was winning. They wedding party outlet to go to bowl winning that would be it weren't for those total -- called -- -- out lie you know liar. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We -- won -- Olympic their outlook and yet bridesmaids is in the public it was equipment and India and the bride bridesmaids all line up even. We get close and it looked like -- workers. Blogs yes they all workers not pork is just. -- -- -- -- sort of yeah he'd stick you know in Egypt but you know again Michael pitching wedge from 110 yards and everything else is at it closer brought that. They've got ready for six months now today -- that's as good as those bridesmaids and she -- on a diet and you know blasts last February to lose fifty -- to look that bad and -- one album was that keep winning with a guy had a hat like it can't argue that Micah. -- my hat is cool. Adore your travel it's travel. Again elect a Fedora and if this Dugard is a guy guarding someone grooms men Hopson tries too hard you quietly to our viewers that -- -- sun so we kept it close to each -- -- -- pictures all by the -- -- And it would take pictures we -- close it's anything in the tests one more -- The pressing. We never it's good look at bridesmaid what you would really mattered we've seen -- -- -- -- -- if you think about it -- -- doing it. It's true yeah yeah. The SATs or tomorrow couple weeks ago that's right take in the -- system. I consider it. That would work excuses as to why we're not gonna show up tomorrow morning we wanna be it's the last day yes it before this team that dispersant yes -- exclamation point on the end of the redemption LC the last last day of the schools Jacoby holes three year I'm not so sure about the last day of this I'm not so sure about your -- last day as you're -- for Jon Lester never -- again. Guys like that it's over but. I like your idea will talk to KG we get some I'm not I I am not Kirk Manningham and and -- you cancel. Would be the whole. Two to ten people excited I'm excited because something happened in the last couple of days between our show and our show that is. Ugly yet. We are all about airing dirty laundry yes they are not -- you're -- its error the salt -- minuteman. Dennis and Callahan -- -- -- all afternoon drive time morning drive time food. When we can and and and on the special feature special guest we've been trying to get discount the last couple days may here. And Jordan's. And we'll talk to the mayor took him there about -- -- and as you're at Saltalamacchia. Threw a talent I don't think he's company's attempts went through whose name you watch. But Elissa. Accused of some special. Twists and tomorrow to the -- -- -- those -- some surprise that American Phyllis. Will join us at 8 o'clock giveaway 8000 dollars at 9 o'clock. Dirty laundry next with the UNC we turn -- to spreader dirty wander over the air like other shows.

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