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Salk and Holley's Answer The Question - 10/31/13

Oct 31, 2013|

We are the CHAMPIONS my friends, we'll answer your questions til the end.

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It's. Time or answer the question -- answer the question which sunk -- how this is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question would. -- is the question brought to play air as a restoration specialists that your property or facilities manager -- insurance broke call heiress to venture that you have a disaster restoration game plan in -- only 77461. 1111 or go to a terrorist serve dot com and you're -- no Mike Adams. Maybe last night was too much for I don't know where -- writer he's trick or treating as -- trick or treating. Actually retreating on his don't know actually -- is youngsters was excellent I don't want to -- it right the first part of the world you'll look. Because it sure his town has one of those dusk world really yet where the kids have to begin at -- -- -- -- When was dusk that just yet I think it's dusk now -- just great you know it's about twenty minutes at dusk issue right now is to media and just a -- this year. A lot of creativity. Outlook John -- is with us we just have one great. Great month Indy put together went up for come -- -- five minutes in the meantime answering some of your questions the first one. Or new York and hate new York and ticker tape or duck boats. -- -- sports. Wire they've forgotten it. Much revenue hello leaf cookies injuries he and introduced the team to the very good -- is what we did the 2009 that. That is clubs in New York watching from the 2011. And 2009 in the last two championships are -- slow -- when dirtier came out to the very good -- it's really. Claudia Adams whose bodies. But it -- give a care package to you that he gives them after nine post nine yards there where there are all that. It was an actor Jeter and the next question it's the question what is the bureau report which those things -- -- are we have to wait until Saturday. You think -- wait before shooting off to that -- -- -- it in good. Fun yeah Jimmy on one on whatever it is that charity yet. -- after the afterwards I think you have to wait. After the parade had this idea. That -- -- what you may be incorporated. Kind of see some people get down let some fans got to give them moved -- to appropriate that -- with the economy and geared. They didn't know. Like if you were outside at the rolling rally that happily work by -- -- his beard for eight would you wouldn't you would is BIE if if that environment yet from grown yesterday -- -- that reality out of his -- I guess that's dangers that I think jobs. That's going to be some do. -- at least she now is poem -- Libya. Mr. -- -- was what they fall into the new event Charles is crossing the line. Ahead of it appears on the news about it. For the year ago but the -- that we are best -- Exactly a couple of different animals that has depleted the night formulas and some was -- it's maybe more it was a a couple of hours those years reek of champagne and. Yeah. Let's see if you read -- O'Brien's job and -- to call the final strikeout of the World Series of what would you have said instead of Boston's strong. -- accident and letting us know. Criminals I -- it perfectly won't put into the fabric of terrific terrific final I don't know what it InterDigital. -- fearless leader -- little -- -- I tell you what I would be sentenced in Boston. Do you ready he turns on the rubber attitude to home so. -- world champions. And the good thing. The World Series and. Anyway whenever. Five years. -- last at best the Red Sox have won their third world championship in ten years. Well you probably doing better by an alternate ending because it. -- -- I think that's. -- little little casual male are there drugs well last night every damn that is that green he has. It's that pretty much on them. It's worth it for that ended Boston's that is what you possibly -- started it was dark. Well you'll have a question. From the Twitter. Are you ever intentionally to oust somebody with alcohol. Yes yes. Like I was like oh yeah it's what you guys who -- in young and we guys won in Framingham like. The -- that 2001. Super doubles each quarter rival Natick Natick. It has been Natick high school kids were -- -- beer. Single question was have you ever doubt someone was alcohol. Or you bring that into the relationship. While there was no relationship for the 19. -- it didn't so. There's really. Like that also sort of an effort to get to trajectories. The public good thing it'll it was. What was the most and knowing clean -- first time long time or hang up atlas. Neither either an idiot at that date I'm so sick -- dollar and no matter most for callers heard Oprah collars you guys you had. Don't let them guys but it is it is about Mike Napoli if that is it by -- and what will 1000 kids in the moment to drive whatever -- -- at all. Our way to listen you guys go to school like the under. That's for sure. -- These companies -- -- -- you -- the game last night in and exaggerating. And were you guys kicked out of the -- last one time this is in a while I'm only this is the most repugnant believe that ever. This story art of compromise I don't know he's been tweet from the -- woke up this morning per minute that we. All of the things that they weasel move by a -- had a particular. It is not a surprise to me that his birthday is apparent that I think we have entered her my gave -- -- -- the -- I was lucky that the sweet. I -- normal amount last night or have gained some weight seven months that I've been terrible and admit that publicly. But the idea that there was any sort of an incident last night. Is -- travesty that anybody would cite him for her if it is that you when you're on Monday or tomorrow morning on your show you can just feel free to note that I figure -- are in order shouldn't they issue -- at this. If they feel like me here that don't don't. Don't replace the truth. Like if you don't somebody was kicked out of the -- State -- -- -- you're about. And say who was kicked into the building -- -- this sort of made up. The tubes like well might have in this but it might have been that alluding to the fax her. I had it for me out for me -- moment. -- I don't know how scam it's not my deal barely know the guy but I'm not surprised born on Halloween as far as I can tell to weasel will play that we. Andy I hate to do that stuff which shouldn't have been on. And should have been exciting moment the Red Sox -- in the world Sawyer's move on past that and end this show with a great -- you guys put together catch you guys tomorrow. To.

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