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the Voice of the Red Sox, Dave O Brien, on the Red Sox winning the World Series

Oct 31, 2013|

Dave O Brien joins Mut and Merloni to discuss a thrilling Red Sox playoff run. O'Brien talks about Ortiz, John Farrell, and the rest of the World Series champs.

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Butler not 37 WEEI your calls until assault and -- at 2 o'clock. As you pick through not only last night now with a playoff run but in improbable. And memorable Red Sox year 2013. It's gonna. Wrap up on Saturday at least for now duck boats 10 AM in the city of Boston. A lot of good moments during this playoff run a lot of good moments and would -- enter some of those AT&T -- line. 379 the 37 you Gaza continued -- those in. And and last I had some good moments to -- that it was an honor to sit there. The last what five innings or so. It in the radio Booth and watch you Ngo and Dave work. You know they just to watch the of the professionalism that you guys put into. That broadcast and to watch those final five innings knowing the Red Sox are probably going to win. And to see it happened for the first time since 2007 for the third time in a decade. Was unbelievable and it's always a pleasure -- watched Dave O'Brien. Practices crap but the talk to here. On the eighteenth the -- Dave -- Lou how -- you. Gentlemen couldn't be better. Just flying high as we all art today in just it's a wonderful wonderful feeling. Lou also you know I'm not sure motive for the it blew enough. I didn't -- all really. And it it last night but it's starting to now and you know the -- highlight them and talk the more more people and in Ireland congratulating everybody -- really starts this book yen. What an amazing remarkable baseball team this wasn't a lot of great -- was they gave to. To all the books written explanation really really structural magical year. -- -- -- You know we I talked to guys before him some does between the brakes and it was -- and on and be up there must talk about professional my shows you guys and it got to be up there in -- spot like -- been recovered to be part of it and talk about it and it was it was truly was -- on America's it was. An amazing team we're we're talking about the out all four. And how special that was and people were crying and going gray stones and leaving flowers and and the -- grandparents. Different emotions this one here just seemed like it came out of nowhere. I don't think anybody anybody could just sit there and rip somebody for saying you didn't believe in us and April because I'm not too sure how many people that. I agree who -- particularly picking at old folks out there who could afford to go to an all. I saw this coming. It's not a would be good baseball team blew an end model artistic. You know the Sox could make it one of the wild cards he everything broke. You know if everyone stayed healthy if the pitching were able to -- Lester Butler presented here click bar colts. The so I mean. To win this many -- It to be sitting here on the 31 -- -- brutal rebel in a world championship and that would apart a little that's also that -- special via the whole thing actually that. You know it will defeat them like this is a meeting of the war is to finally win one in our lifetime. He's in Park City in our ballpark that the ballpark we -- and it's just astonishing to me and and that's the part that it one of many partnerships it at all. I'll hold onto forever because just being such a special part. The games are so tense and Saint Louis Dave last night didn't have that same feeling once they got the three run double victory Nolan and Stephen -- Home run with with bowl -- Maloney voodoo up in the -- -- he gets thrown out of the park and invective Reno on RBI. And so. Is sort of had four and a half five innings to lead it. Had to let it settle in did you feel that way you guys were were calling the game that. Yeah it was -- you knew for a couple hours that there were gonna get this thing done at Fenway Park in game six. Yeah it's it's a great observation because. And as broad as the speaking from our angle that you really can't sort of relax and settle it and it's not. It's like it's necessarily anymore that the -- -- like it's the adequately. From the typical experience on. And you can sort that sort of look after this season and and and breakdown if you -- that's possible explain how all this happened you know one. And I kind of look at -- in the most of the public what what do we were speaking to an impartial observer and trying to eat -- Okay it's -- championship is created or at least this particular structural moment. How did this group of guys get there and we had that opportunity because the game what Clinton and -- I wouldn't say it's over at Fenway you know -- -- to not think it. That's all all for you you just had a great confidence with this group of guys that there's always that slipped away. It was similar and in polygamy. After poppy that the Grand Slam against the tigers. In the game -- -- you know it's a -- In Google and salt -- Somebody look at a couple of -- to indicate it was sort of a physical league at that point didn't. And that's a lot I didn't and that that's wonderful time you know for all us. I felt that in the stance to let people were telling me after the -- in the post so we're looking into the game it was a wonderful sense of community. And do what potential poll Nolan felt pretty cheerful -- adequately. 42 degrees forty degrees no insult because. The war coming out -- you'll just just was created it and it's it's match equipment appetite I don't. Mean people can sit around and try and tell you well there's there's nothing to you that there's nothing to intangibles or -- or chemistry. Baloney -- and demanded that baseball and sports are loaded with those things and take its citizens. The -- Douglas being magical moments this post season and kind of thing you look at that when you think back of didn't. We look at the offense and we probably shouldn't ignore because really used the pitching that kind of guts there with a was to Zobrist Cabrera whether it was Lester was Lackey but. You look at Jonny Gomes is three run homer in the chain victory in -- Grand Slam in the one that signifies that the mean. -- is just because your call I don't know because I don't know what you're doing down to nothing going in the face Justin Verlander but that Grand Slam by it. David Ortiz. Me symbolizes this or that that's gonna be the warping our member to go with that. You go and David Ortiz three times on the. You -- -- I think if the Red Sox don't have that that moment from being an incredible. Clutch. -- that he that that no one else seems to that he many apparently if if that doesn't. Come to fruition there and you're going to Detroit down to nothing you're facing Verlander. Your world of hurt in your play up front probably happens. But we would as threats are even though he's never a breach. It never felt over the cliche even that is. And you know this is True Blue and you're in that if you believe that -- that -- -- team that you guys and those kind of guys. That makes the difference is that different. You have to look at all the -- that extraordinary ability and a lot of continuity that great talent get that. But there have to be something else and they had that something else all season long all the little walk softly into -- compromise went that's luck. -- -- you'll get lucky there's also believe in your own luck you know. They -- Rod Stewart says what looked -- it's believing you're lucky and I think that's sucks. By the advocate for truck Stewart -- It absolutely has confirmed this market down 1239. October 30 and it. Honestly that truly mean athletes if you if you think you're lucky that you're lucky you didn't. An -- and really good to it and believing. All of this is not just a cliche it's. It sort live at the moment. When will poppy did that I think signified that didn't in spades for all of -- for a. We're -- the voice of the Red Sox Dave O'Brien he's joining us audible text he wondered summit Dave's call will are popular poll question includes. Summit Dave's call also hold on again to get those just a couple of minutes. We talked to -- buster yesterday. And buster said he saw something from the Red Sox team David he's just not the other teams and that was on the off day between game five in game six they showed up and they worked out and he. He mentioned us on the show that he not other playoff teams do with Tampa to -- day off when they you know came back home Detroit to. Nobody's -- -- this team more than you. Is that something they did all year did you see that love of baseball and being around the field was it. Was that abnormal based on other teams that you've covered it in your baseball duties across the country. It is. We all remember. When they're up watching the Toronto ought to take off. You know after clocking -- that -- from Iran and then it'll also see Jonny Gomes and consult the media in Spain and our whole plate. And it was but they couldn't do it to get on television they got because that they love baseball. And it looked to sit watched baseball would love to play the game and and I think -- and -- deterrent then in the ownership group who -- in those kind of guys like the people. Who lived at -- and they would go out -- today if you told them -- were -- they even believe premiere party debate last night. They would strap on Wednesday without a second -- and you have to love that. Yeah outlook and we need. In New England Italy where it's actually should we immediate group of guys like and and we all reflect a critique of the championship and that's something extraordinary that a boat. The characteristic that went into it because by -- it will also try to replicate that now. There're there are 29 other Major League teams are saying what today that we don't have. I don't know if anyone else will be able to stick to grab the same group it's the same mentality. Just who ought to play baseball is desperately. Didn't need to -- that's expose this -- because these guys took. This is the -- collection of human beings who weren't complacent. I'm just so fortunate then. By the -- a working with Lewis was such streak report go to he he I think star was born -- people -- -- analyst at louis'. Are running absent. I troll. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in trying to convince of becoming beating analyst who want the analysts and that's -- I think that the networks are going to be looking at him execute you are running to agree courier. But I mean he's he was able elected in this city early in the east and because he played the game that certainly helps. But I think we all got that feeling you know it it's on point it has to Qatar and this is the special group of people that can't do something extraordinary. And an eclectic and eight year old breaks too and I talked about it from day one have ever seen the team get as many breaks cigarettes. Maybe as many breaks over the course of one season as the Red Sox ridicule and one little window. It would have taken advantage of it and it -- more than -- club recover. On -- if you. He gets our bottle my boss is tweet me -- tomato and going nowhere son you know -- them all fired up they try to break up the -- just vaguely thought all right here shell on the shelf and veteran move day eight. Obey reflect on a high level -- I think you can Google. Oh. Dogs -- died right now I don't know. -- I don't listen John -- last now like it's standing ovation well deserved to Leone have an hour and twenty minutes left in our show so. -- -- a trying to you around that team last year around the team this year. To maybe just a couple of minutes in -- compare what you went through a daily basis. Last year with the manager believe it that compared to this year which Joseph Ferraro. Well if it's exit -- I don't think Beckett that could possibly your explain I think last year so -- are. In so many ways and I like goal on a one of those people who keeps everything I'm Bobby Valentine -- I think. Some of that stuff was done before he ever got here coaching staff decision things like that that that didn't help at all. You just speaking to the difference between the two more profile and -- they did their job and probably so all emission laws and John it's such streak for. He is what you think he is exactly will be present. He's honest and loyal is that it is well and you go to go to Stephen Drew -- that it didn't talk about loyalty to them in future. Look at me and I'll that you offer guy. It'll -- so all groceries home run its christianity and -- directly to make. Musical -- hot and but -- didn't give up on people and and he will throw her under the books and I just I just think he was the perfect choice. I knew he'd be good choice. I didn't realize could be as good as he laws and I think. It will all the all this and you'll probably trying to the expertise in the last few weeks. The ducks are within the John Farrell manager in the game and -- to -- And that he says several producers and again last night and I know every time he says it. Yeah he touched on Earl Earl a couple of times on the brink of -- listening to -- poppy praise him like that. Is -- -- title deserved that it's it's about the players. And he has so much true. Kurt Frankel in him in that regard I thought you know look at the players the guys who -- The -- -- on first and should always come first. That's a big difference from last year. At least for today the show is still -- -- And -- -- -- that -- -- -- and a bowl question presented by pop -- geno this and this is a pretty simple one today Dave we're gonna include your gonna make you pick. One of these were asking people what their -- able Brian Cole was during the playoffs let's start Jolie with the David Ortiz Grand Slam. -- in -- tiny -- my -- goal of the night hunter. Racing back. Torii -- hurt. You -- that Torii Hunter at the at the end it. Detonated if that's your favor call text Ortiz. Just the name Ortiz at 37937. How about the final call the ALCS -- or by. OG ready here's the old soon. So it's. Let's get -- World Series the Red Sox not -- in the American league championship. They have beaten the tigers. In a plastic six game series and Boston wins the pennant. If that's your favorite text AL as an American League to 37937. Hop up and a final call last night World Series -- OG ready. He turns on the rubber attitude to home so. -- world champions. It's a good thing. The ball. But their part I don't know that. The World Series call what's your favorite Texas W asked the 37. 937. On Tuesday. We lost David there. Heating get a chance to vote chilling text -- I don't know what to -- It's Ortiz to 3790 threesome of the Grand Slam AL for the ALCS WS for the World Series titles publisher -- -- line. But raising WEEI dot com slash Mott and Maloney the Motley poll presented by pop a -- is pop geno is now serving buffalo chicken pizza boss barbecued chicken pizza. Rather small party platter with wings toasted ravioli twists and more. Call or order a lot of puppet used dot com let's seed. For me would be. Ortiz just so busy I'm with you and I know the World Series calls great call -- -- a great call but you know those things were sort of coming together you can sort of see it. The instantaneous reaction. Of David Ortiz Grand Slam. Offer Joaquin Benoit when the Sox really weren't doing anything for two nights in a row. Just it was just natural reaction you know let the other -- work to elect able Bryant thing written out either -- World Series ball. You know and so it there but -- you wouldn't think but this was just. You sit up there and it's well at -- as in David really hit it Grand Slam crack in the -- the emotion. That call like to say that that some mom never forget 6177797. -- double keep an eye on these votes with a call the other day. Alas the instant -- a little bit loopy. He said look you get -- Dustin Pedroia a lot of 500 dollars for the is beard hair a little repeat our buddy Joseph McDonald. The cost him. San -- Red Sox fan you might actually have that opportunity we'll talk about what the Red Sox do what their beards next.

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