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The Red Sox win the World Series, Mut and Merloni react

Oct 31, 2013|

Mut and Merloni react to a thrilling Red Sox run that ended as them raising the World Series Trophy.

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Who would want to walk around Nixon buyer's regret that I -- -- And wallets giving up pretty significantly any sign out there and -- but these -- -- -- the fifth up at the we -- and I don't expect it to read. I don't think it -- not let's not. -- flyers. Three and to think that that's always there at those three. Lucky that it the air the cardinals -- -- there and there's yet we're having right. It through my drive right center neat that might go up there. That lets not thing. -- Big night and Stephen Drew. Two out two on black he would be owed to the holidays swing popped him up. Why did the right easy play for victory you know underneath the lazy fly and makes the catch. Then retired the side. One to swing popped him up. In the left field coming on Gomes he wants another one these guys. And in the ninth. No Red Sox over. Play for the championship. OG ready he turns on the rubber attitude to home so. -- world champions. And the good thing. The World Series and but the first time in 95 years well blast them. Vests they're Red Sox. Have won their third world championship in ten years. While some people have made this proclamation. Over the course of the season I wanted to wait until really important time I really want to wait until it mattered. I don't -- Russia during last year you know what mutt. Now's the time. Let it out I know it's entirely to -- you must say we're bad -- honest I hey this is your moment don't wanna say it with the mayor Stephen Drew moment biggest win of the year. This when. -- -- -- -- Biggest win of the year Lou. I have not said that all I saved it till this moment when it really mattered. And it was in fact. Biggest win of the year last night for your Boston Red Sox world champs. World champions in 2013. Still twelve hours after the -- and hours after the fact. Doesn't quite seem real base in the way the season's start. No -- a a. I mean. -- in the way the game played out. You know you sort of you had some meetings right to think about it and let it settle in -- -- -- up there with -- and -- and and -- -- you don't talk of these guys innings over in my Q what you guys do after the game it would Joe's going down Dave's got the call the ending. And let -- assumption to shut up. Right I'm not gonna have a I got the ball moment right not -- do it just you just I just unicorn I just wanna show you know none of that stuff and just. When I sit here. And a lot of it is they take it all and that's it. Some Amin what a ride. What a team. And they just won the World Series. There's -- I don't care how optimistic you are you tell me that guy. I heard somebody call up late driving all the 2:30 in the morning. -- Saturday out -- and -- butch in big first guy is just like at all of people that they could do it take Adam -- -- want to argue there. I didn't. Competitive. Right make arrive in the September baseball and an erase that make the playoffs. -- out what went home I would it would all bid five and you make me root for the team again proud. Play the game hard look like Kevin fund deep professional. Changed my attitude right about that team goal in March. Or even early April. Is gonna be proud again. You know -- never did you ever think you'd go to this extreme to win the World Series -- the year started with. My name is Bobby Valentine in my nickname his body. Why I go there today stuff I want you gotta go there today. It's not like somebody on the show said Valentine be happy to play from balance and I first -- that's ever happened Joseph Bravo to three days later back to your playing days of Bobby Valentine with your manager how would you feel that I thought I'd love it that seem like there's a hundred years ago. Really that doesn't seem like it was possible that that year even existed. After what we just saw this year. Does it know it seems like the so you went thirty and they go to pre world championships right pre world championships. In ten years to right -- think. You know odds dynasty -- dynasty with what happened he -- And that's -- -- just -- -- -- is they can include -- -- big opera -- had related that I didn't sports and Somalia. McKnight it's. Knew what an incredible run. See this team the beginning of what you thought of him what you saw on April in May -- happiness -- people waiting for the wheels fall off. In an -- tough stretch in the middle three and seven at one point ten games spanned. That it is never stopped. To get the Oilers take. Like Jack and they are the best the American League. Pedroia said last night ugly habit of the best in the American League reset in March. Joseph thought he was the one guy he did Joseph Don now Baghdad is going to be some special and -- up. When you said nobody believed Pedroia believe I would that tweet that he sent out before the year started. Told what -- category. But to the point where east nobody believes. This year started. It started with five dollar beer promotions at Fenway Park aggregate over the ballpark let's get some of -- -- -- The posters or not the beginning of the year -- about heart and -- they would not heart and hustle and about trying to win a fan base back not -- a championship. But that's how it started your promotion that way posters about my guys that delegate I don't that the organ. Is Asian. Like they couldn't get out of their own way. I was safe. And well as part of it through there was -- on the field and it was. Think every decision they made just backfired. -- it was. You know they gave away whatever was like you said free beer or some like that hot dog is that I had great that sixty you know -- pretty Yugoslav pull votes -- They end all right got it couldn't get out of their way they couldn't make it in this small decisions -- weren't good opens. And it just seemed like they did everything right. They stayed behind the scenes. And it just made decisions baseball ones in brought in baseball players. And it wasn't -- to please the fans it was the hopefully just win the game maybe part of -- bring some guys are pitching the culture. Wasn't the goal is never to please the fans have been sharing in the goal is to put a team in the field. And nobody believed that he did. Let alone a World Series championship. Everyone believe these were players to appease the fan base and to hostile. And play hard and maybe they thought -- the the beards thing just economize and all they're gonna suck but they're likable yeah a likable -- tag team. Turns out there -- likable. Best team in baseball. And that combination of the new likeable players and the court that bought in to. You what John Ferrell and those leaders on this team Pedroia and Ortiz. -- -- started selling in spring training that was a part of it and you know we talk -- time -- sports their teams that are supposed to win. A Miami Heat were supposed to win a championship their -- -- a championship. This -- what was supposed to win this year. Every -- last night where where is this on the the timeline of what you thought about this the organization going forward it's early for us. It's early for us to have won a championship. And that in probability -- It's just fact is -- openly debate. It makes a championship for a fan base so much better when you're not supposed to win. When the expectation is not to win look when you're really good team this distress of winning. It's not like hey you can. Is what we're supposed to win right to sit there and you watch it gave you watch and team watching a season or the best team on paper were supposed to win. Patriots undefeated. Reports that season that it was like yeah it's tough to enjoy as a fan because hey we all this talent everyone thinks we are. We are the best this team never had that NC decision is roller coaster ride of our latest good may be this good yes they're this good. Now they get to the post season and get through Tampa and Detroit and 97 when -- -- -- -- as many games that you did. And they and they proved it every step of the way -- that in probability. It to me no question makes a better makes it better when you win a championship that way. When you're not supposed to win and the fans that stuck around this team not the the fans are often on and it just bury the team early in a wanted Jon bon. -- you feel bad for them because this was this is an unbelievable ride from spring training on and it's. It's tough to ever say something's as a troubles at 2001 patriots. But to me this is number two in my lifetime of Texas isn't -- -- If I told you that the deal three loss not to -- Because Leo in three World Series the next ten years. I think of you response. -- up it was right after authored a punch in the face. That's probably would what you would America that's kind of like what's your field. But you look at this -- you look at this ownership in the -- of this team. And where and where they where they how quickly they got to the top how quickly they fell out quickly they got back. Right -- improbably there's no question it'll fourteen was built to win a World Series. You get that close and all three anybody Keith -- he didn't have a closed -- you brought in greater. I don't seventeen was loaded you know they would start to finish your first place right this team here. Of their -- had a fifth of people -- -- 775 wins 500 club. LA adamant ninety. Going into camp went down for ten days came mega city five. And I could not have -- More wrong in my reasoning. Series any decade. In April. How did you. And did you think this would ever happen. Not really but. The manager that I -- Industry trend. Showing. And sure enough the way. You must -- didn't give me a lot of cuts. So. I know that it was going to be a conspiracy years. And won't we start rolling. Know what it never -- to turn. -- and never come back again the reason one goal from 1985. Is because out that this organization has enough depth. Mean that's the reason why they won a World Series. Was depth. By the media platoon left it to left handed hitters start in left field. Union magical moment it back up catchers start and the most of the games in a World Series. 22 year old kids playing the appoint when he appears in double -- play third base. Indicated it was in double A came and affiliate. He it was depth everywhere. I mean you everywhere you looked instead of they would as they ever got in a roster. To Jimmie -- good players everywhere. And insists. It was amazing and I say come guess we're talking about after the game that just it was a hell of a bridge here. Rank and it was that kind of what we look oh no -- just bring me back again it's a hell of -- year. Imagine the depth and it goes beyond just the bodies right it was. And I thought we saw last night in game six you know when it came to big moments. This team was always at their best -- I go back the beginning of the year and will be it'll be intertwined in this season. The dvds they make and that the books they write the stories they tell. In the Boston Marathon bombing and misty went out to Cleveland and the 617 strong shirt and you know embraced. Embrace the role of we need to help heal this city. And never shied away from never once shy away from it handled themselves like consummate professionals. And wanted no recognition for players one of the hospitals without any media there. Without anyone over there at the fanfare what they do it without Bobby Valentine's NA we -- more than -- -- right. And they took on that role in the organization did that all year they shouldered that. They -- the brunt of let's help people recover from what was an awful tragedy. And a Boston event. And as the season went on as the stakes got tough for you to closers go down here comes Koji. -- third baseman you know starts that the fatal little -- it becomes an idea of the young rookies probably ahead of time in his scheduling -- him -- -- play. You're catcher in the post season who was great for -- all year. You able to -- taking a backseat to a veteran. And I I just felt like we say depth Lou. That this team was just clutch from beginning to end. I thought Gupta Michael walked -- -- I got to the carnival but when the crowd went -- Nothing ever got to this Boston Red Sox team yeah nothing. -- it froehlich that they work they were immune. To the outside pressures. Of dealing with stuff that just on and off the baseball field. That is not easy to do in this market we saw how would -- state team a year ago we -- question team at the end of 2011. There are guys are still scarred from that Ron. And like this team this make up any talk about depth. The guys that were ready for the challenges. That laid ahead. -- is sort of a perfect fit of these players. That dealt with the beginning to and it would be it's the best treatment team that their clutch and in the biggest moments of the best. Of the -- -- -- of on the Victor Reno double that scored all three they get that still -- Jim Joyce -- safe and every sing all full Rhett so. Jonny Gomes Dave were tees in to Bogut Jacoby Ellsbury all given a safe sound like together. It nets that's what made it great he -- Michael Lockheed. It was so we've talked about before red and the second time. You see a pitcher that could be skewed these guys go to school -- that team again this is the the best team we've seen a championship once in China that is they're all special. To what a World Series to be a special team that there's no question about it 0407 were special. Notes delivered do little Ford did as far as reconnect curse and all -- 86 years. That one. Now on we'll always be an arts -- we look at that any team this will define it right the Red Sox team yeah the worst team and just everything everything a bottom. And -- a last night was was OK that was Alex Sanchez you know that they the second time they faced him. You know at a Red Sox got till we simply wasn't as sharp. Authorities are right it is that there it sucks. And a completely different look to him you know I mean is -- the comparable swings. -- -- went through all these change of what they were like Obama got a -- to brilliant pretty good and they also came on some light knowing Tony 3% first pitch fastball sororities. What action 82 of the game to bomb fall. You know it and also Napoli comes out it's not the first pitch fastball that a middle follow Nelson is a problem in America. -- -- -- -- -- You know and -- that change ups. You know -- -- Bogart's got its struggle so much the changeup in game game game two against this guy struck out twice on the changeup. Tripled the -- his 62 that the political one changeup lying drive the third base just all over like they were just the swings are different. Because when when they -- archive for second time whether it was Jonny Gomes who faced a guy out of the bullpen he comes in a dugout. He's got eight other guys it is a year the what did you see. The award he show yet what was the -- really like you and and they fed off of that into the second time everybody saw everyone. You have to be the same guy twice -- a bit different team meanest. It was special none -- this that the whole team really is that the combination of the guys they -- it was the core guys that kind of turn this thing around. Right -- need to find one thing. It turned this season around I would say it's pitching. -- starting pitching was outstanding. Written last year in the post season can be. In order to beat the guys that BP shares their Verlander six or whatever was yet a Mac had a match pitching right Wainwright. Locker whatever was you had to go up there and matches. And they did. You know the it'd be as good as last Lester and Lackey weren't regular season this -- a post season unbelievable. That master for everything. The pitching was the number one reason but it is the attitude and of those on the court guys but -- the attitude of the guys that came in. That's just put this team together my opinion well. -- combination leads you to to meet the second most improbable championship in my Boston lifetime because what Brady did in 2001. Because they beat the rams. I gotta have that number one but this amigos ahead of the Bruins it goes ahead of the Celtics it goes ahead of the patriots other two they were supposed to -- nose and it goes ahead of the two Red Sox wins all four like you said might be more special right because it was 86 years and it was a it was this weight off your shoulders as a fan. But it turns from probability. This is a clear cut number two and I can be spies and people it suggests that its number one. Suggests that its number one based on what people thought about this team before the year. And where they ended up a 108. Freaking wins. A hundred date I asked for 79. You -- for 85. Vegas -- for around that area. -- sharper Droid tweet up for the year. A lot of people -- how the high expectations for the student and the probability of it is unbelievable. And it adds to. I just what was an amazing season for the steam as you expect we're talking about you guys. All day here today it's 61777979837. A phone number 617. 77979. B 37 the AT&T text line. Is there for you guys all day at 37937. The Red Sox win the World Series. We talk about what you guys next on 93 point seven WEEI. Series champ. How would you define his team. Special. I mean we got together and spring training. And everybody cared about one another. So much in the minutes. Though the whole ride all year -- -- that the the stuff that happened in this city we wanted to do something special. And make everybody. The happy and proud of their team. In the toughest of times and hopefully we did that. Do you remember next week you put out in March. March 27 actually. What was it. That's a -- better jump on now because we're gonna do some special we did.

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