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What was the signature playoff moment for the Sox?

Oct 31, 2013|

John, Gerry and Kirk give their signature moments of the 2013 postseason. A couple of grand slams were noted.

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First go to. ALC act all the pressure BT wanna -- Grow up. How did the pressure of the World Series. Feel less time almost threw up. This time I almost right. Don't -- Translators have foreign languages. Post game interviews are always awkward at Erin Andrews to the next inning gets awkward error yeah. Since what 777 -- 7937. If you put your signature moment -- looked -- what the AT&T text people. Signature moment ignorance and disrespect pitching to poppy but poppy continuing to hit of course slap at the -- Signature moment but not a -- run vs Kansas City April 20 signature moment Dempster drilling. You. Mature adult and held them to this the smell lofty perch -- he knows this first. Last. Are you ready to -- From me be. -- -- -- California but to go first job to make you -- the super. -- I know what you gonna -- steal the US -- deacon monogamy -- right over the desk yeah it would be in in Saint Louis when they. -- huge future. Ahead I got my own guy. To me. The post season what. Over the Red Sox were done when they were down 51 in game two against Detroit. -- -- back to the -- CF it was supposed -- yeah right -- there were gonna be down 20 and they were not I didn't think going to come back in win that Ceres. Until Ortiz came up to the heat have been down boat to going straight -- excellent risk in that time we thought they were no way didn't vote. They know we think Lackey was going to be Verlander. -- and -- drive right field. And hard to argue with that. Yeah and part that was that was the clutch this Sunday correct that was the I want to help raise Allstate yes. On the same day that pick only O'Brien calls that you that was it and -- -- anxious. O'Brien but the good calls O'Brien will be on one of the floats -- tool to. And don't write notes and we will be allowed a couple of them on the parade excellent and hear that voice one more time but my signature -- -- Obama -- say I'm also go all Grand -- me on Canada and say -- game six of the Detroit series. Seventh inning 21 score its books and mountain. And my man victory now goes yard another Grand Slam that's when you knew. It's. At this point he says no sums going home this team. But you know I heard they'll break this down to one key was when he went right. He went right -- he became a threat in Fenway Park yes against right handers mean even on his good days a lefty he wasn't you know -- on. Or David Ortiz complement to the seats right he -- one of these classic Wade -- types who just banging balls try to walk he goes righty. He's hanging over the plate he's looking for a pitches the biggest turn on. And that's one and federal broken down baseball terms and says that. Gave us a real threat at home with that wall when he went right -- soon. Victory. Hard to argue with that. But I will. I'm taking you to the World Series game four in Saint Louis. Red Sox trailing they end up winning the game 42 but only because. The captain poppy David Ortiz -- little impromptu dugout session got his guys fired up. -- it's a two run home run they win the game and never looked back. Yes we come off the field in the bottom of the fifth and I mean it was -- gave pointers. You know kinda notre by the waters and just got to register -- ending any time this guy opens his mouth -- music. Locked in -- whatever comes out of his mouth is going to be meaningful. Priceless and I was in you don't know so with that being said he would everyone's attention pre quake and -- Gives will kick in the butt. -- It's. So David Ortiz talks Jonny Gomes listens Jonny Gomes hits the home run. Red Sox win the game that's so it works Kirk that's how old were you give a pep talk and a dialect Gomes listens and he gets. More focused right and more determined it goes up -- at tighter helmet I get older and I went out there mired in an awful slump. -- Jonny Gomes came up again last night when you -- him on the bench -- but -- -- -- but. I was and mentioned that some. Gone he's -- he finished and they won eighteen a good enough -- a couple of times good about what is it like it doesn't seem like it a good World Series yes a couple of diving slash flopping catches him above three run homer got hit last night which was -- -- Ends up in 118 and it seems that one of the World Series heroes. I'm now for your chance to win 1000 dollars go to WEEI dot com slash cash into the code word loan you got ten minutes to enter enter loan. WEEI dot com slash -- now the pages mobile friendly you can enter with your Smartphone your next shot albeit one TM. Fourth -- final hour Dennis and Callahan on this very happy Halloween I promise you collars we appreciate your patience. You have the next hour Alter yourself fault lines are open get -- right now.

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