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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Craziness on the streets of Boston

Oct 31, 2013|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys talked about the wild celebrations on the streets of Boston after the Sox championship.

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Let you guys -- here today -- special World Series champion headline addition do you want celebrity updates you want. Idiotic Saint Louis fan update yes I won it yet all all what you first usually while gossip first. But inside of -- gossip if you don't you know there is some good -- there is some good good -- to -- or do you want the inside track gossip and excellent this year segment of this for two cents -- throws out -- out -- -- work he's got a plan the next segment got a mom and work -- here nobody can make up after Vietnam are also you also with the arrests in that we expected. But I expect I didn't expect to increase us and there really wasn't that what crackdown though they wouldn't let anyone near that neighborhood. Closed the bridge bridge closed down it and it was at the do you bridge there closed the bridge. He gave him because they've figured college students -- compiled it all right all those wacky MIT parents would head into the city. I I do understand that and to understand you know people there are there -- game haven't fund the troubles that's when they convene outsiders can Gaza all the nor right Easton punks come -- like. And then in the BC VU all the colts and say hey -- it's a party can most it was at nine bucks a beer it's hard to get really we've faced in the -- -- Right after watching it in boxer and the warm yet parties and they say okay. Game over party on and they start coming -- more square and they weren't allowed into the neighborhood night arrests and totally distraught could hardly nothing really -- public urinate -- talks said. For car last night we see cars flipped we saw that me. I I lose I wanted to get the better it was Solomon like the seventh inning and burn the car is an element in your neighborhood. That your neighbor's car part of the fun -- -- or an old car we don't you -- reminder I mean does not part of the experience. Some people go. Put like a -- on their grandfather's grave -- -- took my shirt off instant top of my cars jumped up and down and -- be releasing the notice not on the officer's defense. Talk about being at this moment to. This history. -- announced that you and not a lot during -- fascinating obviously. Who's -- more. A shuttle metadata bleep them. I don't think they believe them. We did. -- was us. We did. Was live on channel 70 yet so many college kids last night opening at lucky in the if it doesn't happen feel last night to that is yes it's it's it's it's nine there lots of party girls out there alone -- -- shirts being -- which is really yes a couple of those files and those just Bradford. As a road and go -- here's what some celebrities here we saw obviously checklist was there. Lenny -- what might have been you know I don't play out some at all and I didn't notice -- got facetime still paid him 300 times -- -- Dennis leaders they're Dane Cook was there are now well raging Corretja. Just the seventh that he not be shown cove on up Doug Flutie. Ken Burns was there likely. When and. I think its socket in World Series game and less that -- the wolfman. John Forbes Kerry is in my house and our secretary of state was there and give you the creeps and carry with Mike Barnicle and like Joseph Scarborough and girls he was and the girl Nancy Pelosi was at the game yeah sure there yeah. Wear them. I don't know we saw tonight or arrests are really didn't see that she was there. Try to match you know the channel special master she -- god I hope none of their share. Drive Steven Tyler there obviously. Eric church was there. -- -- my two favorite literature to Kenny Chesney don't know celebrities in Saint Louis. Not want to go to Saint Louis not even Jon -- -- the big cards and -- of the Saint Louis drop kick Murphy's National Anthem I did not think was great I'll be fair like abandon him but I like -- affected there there again it just seems appropriate -- like they're. Nationally wasn't the best rendition as well what they do -- sock -- -- crack of -- on that -- of uses Twitter count. Baseball's best for the three of us have been paying attention yes we know we wondered before the series who we could hate on Saint Louis complexities as the season. Teams can land. Even seen -- main east to Hanson right it does no one. Eight on the team in that cigarettes are making -- -- decent -- when he showed his reaction to the game in the last night he just kind of kept that disease the game's over just given that it's going to dog watching TV yes did you ever. I think that maybe there's more life and being. Really really. Really ridiculously good looking at -- and sent home walked Ortiz -- we have been told I'm. Just says baseball's best -- desist order -- take this compilation of rural tweets sent toward Boston summing up -- against saint Saint Louis you know racist and sexist and almost -- all right I mean just the worst things you can match a hot. And when. We're suspicious and nailed the brits -- plane crash I ask you rooting for more bombings these are like that the these are real cardinal fans who we thought were all. Pure and then Bobby messenger was one of them we found out he was arrested over the weekend -- police and charged with. Making terrorist threats against the city of Boston from his Twitter account. The thirty year old former UR professional was -- highlighted by Saint Louis TV station for having landed the job because social media skills. You see is Marge -- she right now bar stool. And he's got some pressure -- sold separately he tweets -- Boston now and to Walters will be another finish line -- crossed by Boston stuff like that. So I could get arrested for terrorist threats -- making terrorist. Or -- -- a specific one that got him arrested I mean I wouldn't think that the finish line and line even the there was a lot of cook a lot of tweets Aniston knows about the -- Baghdad us again and all that stuff. It's just you know the worst -- to think about Ortiz and victory when he never happy that would Georgie yeah right that would never happen here now now now detoured off that. Their -- about that we gonna save the gossip fictional. Want to gossip we need some gosh this is equality Gaza from resources. Three -- three. I don't have any students sources and sources I know solar -- Ultimately what I liked when it's attractive as a what's that were synonymous with the call details the details from the area residents in that area we play game every time they do right acres of -- we try to figure -- which one -- the you know right it's. It's this. And analysts for this. 22. WEEI. On air personalities. Were escorted out of the -- ice we know last night the -- -- Sox game. Neither of us really experienced -- say he hit one of out of the EE I sweetest personalities. -- -- A core of what drunkenness not in a disorderly. Leak in the popcorn -- I don't have the specifics yet but I will say. Two men personalities mail. They had the same name. Asked to leave can't all be excited about it it's all gonna say now is a lot of people -- -- yeah they're a lot of dogs and you could figure out what name it isn't needed escorted out by home. Police no no no they were they were asked to leave by management what I do well you've done many things to us. 44. Misbehavior in the I don't have those yet I don't know what they did not hesitate to get an alibi didn't go I didn't -- didn't go I chose not to -- you had gone that's my first guess would be John that source. Personally -- -- in the Italy lightly in this week. Well digital schmooze up yet watching these guys wouldn't schmooze I don't know that dominant men worked to to do they'll continue to further the stories -- -- -- -- -- my journalistic. Were asked to get the hell during game six the World Series why why some. Big goal. Mean the question. Stand outside the -- Alec I don't have an answer seats somewhere we're gonna figure that out though we're gonna get our guys on on the border more. Interest. That is a solid. All right that's headlines at 21777 point 7937. Fault lines are open jump back in DNC the morning after. Happy Halloween the Red Sox are world champions.

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