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Sox are World Series champions

Oct 31, 2013|

The guys opened the show discussing the teams 8th World Series championship. They talked about the series MVP David Ortiz as well.

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It's Dennis and Callahan and John Dennis. It's. Before you Boston. Johnny congratulations. And on Sports Radio WE. You don't weather wise. It really began funny warm and sunny afternoon in mid April and I guess ended on a dark and chilly night in October but the emotions. Surrounding those two days actually reversed. That dark day in April last night gave way to the warm bright light of October. Accomplishment for the ages. What you will follow the road to redemption -- the worst to first call the beards beat the birds. Happy Halloween. -- more than a -- -- David Ortiz when they knocked on your door tonight a happy. -- -- -- happy Halloween and happy birthday to him to -- -- Alexander and and to Mike O'Malley big day for birthdays today. Local knuckle heads but. -- -- I was trying to figure out and the wind. What did you think it's possible because it's it's fairly recently wasn't -- when they won 97. You pick and they run through the playoffs -- for the play of some sitting here. On Halloween. And another title personally. In terms when you really thought it was going their way. -- say to myself. If they get the home field advantage the that would provide a home field advantage -- -- seems like everything of lining up got that didn't happen until late September. You're right right relates to -- there was a pennant race in May be that help maybe that kept them sharp. I guess when there when they're pitching staff stayed healthy and -- it was good act was committed. But colts was. Back and it didn't make any difference buckle was helped write and latch key -- -- act and and and peavy was here and had four or five start because god knows you need that. And they were reasonably healthy at this point and then -- -- -- so close which which is which you need by the -- interesting little fact I would. We a lot of those. Let's clothes are all free titles you know 047. And and this year. -- had the worst via -- rate of the three of them. -- -- Even better than cocoa -- so I guess there is a common -- different guys yes but he can't do it you won't he won't do -- clothes and in the end. And when he when he comes in and I don't like every what apple -- folk who ever. Ever felt a sense of the door has been shot -- the -- the other team got no shot -- Like you do with this guy. Why -- see it as I went to bed. After after victory -- -- in the game's over that's there was always nice nicely forgot totally got that. It out what's in the -- I was I don't know let's start -- via the Brad Stevens there's very very excited. Secret selection decision. Tonight -- -- in new game rise forfeited for the Celtics in the Bruins and everybody else it just seemed like bad timing. On their part weakened and dump on them another day but it truly and I guess it's probably another common thread that the opponent. Doesn't put up as much flight that you expect that's kind of -- workspace swept the cardinals and hope for they swept the Rockies in those seven. This cardinal team I said it before the play arsenals and again mediocre maybe a mediocre pitching staff shortly -- mediocre lineup and minutes right when the ball at the I should say when -- the wall cause that was well after the when the ball hit the bat you knew was over when the ball at the bat. -- out there when I really knew it was over when Gomes scored from first. On a ball off the wall. That the of those guys that they get a double -- ball rattled around the corner and they don't score you know they hold up a third Gomes. Give credit -- -- east's. I don't know -- faster than number but on the play he was pretty fast them on the pitch but. Ball off the wall -- the ball reached the plate from holiday there was no Colorado's great -- gunned it all the way home there. And Gomes I'm I'm Catholic and no chance no chance of that too good throw and he beat the throw and scored and that is. One iconic picture. We've seen it India you know the picture of four guys. Given the six and jumping up premier. That you know what they like you -- they like me and everyone else knew at that point it was over. -- because Lackey was good not great one not whites good enough. To get to the bullpen. And this cardinals team was just what was what's Schilling's term came all the screw up their ass -- pull him out of there and under the tractor app that. That whole team just about having them in their ass and you just weren't getting them out. They weren't scoring they weren't put together a rally that would just to have guys that line up which is gag. You like to give credit to today Mike Metheny figured out it's time to start walking David -- yeah how he he he saw the light of day. -- you know five games too late. But he decided you know what we can even Ortiz beat us well in a 33 going to be -- -- -- the issues and after the game all you people sent. If I walked David Ortiz we could win this well. I want them and we didn't win you're on I was right should approach to see that. They walk four times and they get their asses and and troop we scored a couple of runs -- a never ending the game was over after that double there was what. Minor drama. With Greg against his out with the bases well yet but not really yet not really hit the ball OK and once that happened the game was really over minor minor drama my I said that you have said before the game Wonka. Was -- -- walker of walker -- lights out. They got a chance well walker needed to shut them out and on one -- needed to completely shut the BD -- As good or better as he's ever been in soon as you saw. That walker had a few chinks in the armor there on on the walker Marcum made some mistakes he knew it was over packaged with the the cardinals they were gonna put together a 345 run -- I don't know if the old adage that pitching trumps everything is going to change based on what the Red Sox were able to accomplish in the postseason. But consider the task at hand they'd be more. They beat rice they beat Verlander they beat scherzer they beat Sanchez baby went right twice and they'd -- they beat walk. I mean those are. A new commuting like three or four better pitchers go in basically our baseball belt and -- beat them all up now I'm not sure that that. Pitching is important. Think it is this. -- -- -- -- worst impressive the saliva just doesn't in -- and I hitting you know. And ninth inning -- of its starters -- 5560 pitches in the second innings seven pitches in the fourth that's what they do they Wear you out I mean there is a good lineup certainly a super team when they locked in a look back and teams have. In the past -- 75 and 86 or better teams top to bottom. And it's hard to give. The offense. A whole lot of credits the beaten and the Indio office non David Ortiz and -- it's a lot of credit when the team -- 211. When the team that will be appealed to an ID one. When the teams -- 330 when the team other than David Ortiz was 341. Step in the it's hard to give offense a lot of credit this game series was won by David Ortiz and the pitching staff and bullpen and the starters. Combined ERA at one point eight toward the bullpen CRA it was even better than that. -- know the start as he ERA it was even better than that the pitchers. And Ortiz at first duck boat Dino. Should be David Ortiz and the whole pitching staff and bench Harrington. He would he be in the OK -- wanna put on receipts and -- Coming -- don't let me think there are probably. One. T. Who were wonderful just sits on too many. -- and half via the semi -- and they get to bring their wives and kids right out right they'll De'Angelo Ortiz these zone duck boat. -- don't like one -- I'm of the -- while he skit where he was Rudy Giuliani's kid base jumper yeah that's tailored to the Angel Ortiz. It's like is always -- little -- room -- -- in the death until he steps up and looks like he can it clean -- Saint Louis. But first duck boat the -- of his own. Six people on my first duck boat but he -- six people David Ortiz and John Ferrell. Ben Carrington. Dustin Pedroia. Koji. And -- those are my six win his last ago and I get -- to slick wears Magic Johnson. I -- -- Money players will figure how many players figure it would be totally just don't take cherry took off Betsy who -- Lester in his place that you shoot six church and wouldn't wanna be on now so low key so Ortiz Ferrell Lester Pedroia Koji and -- either 61 half dozen -- -- -- -- And we don't we're gonna get to logistics the parade to Saturday. But we don't know what time and the time or place. A lot of credit goes down boils lottery sure what to do the parade route but that's too long. It will go to blows the street. It's slowly stop at the finish line absolutely yes and we'll put a stop occasionally anyway -- have to stop so yes that will stop yet in his line. There will be certainly be -- there will be plenty of acknowledgment. Honoring of the the victims survivors. Off from the players that was last night. Regis read it to. Johnny comes just left and wait to see that miss them just hours ago or 550 young. Just left them with so we've probably probably it would give McCall and our dealers who we get Jonny Gomes on. You know how I knew it was over and when it was over when John Ferrell. Tipped his hand because John Ferrell told me -- -- is over when he said good bye to Tim McCarver in the third innings yes and no there wasn't going to be it's strange sound -- we enjoyed it. That's that's a good barrel -- was over we're not coming back seven game. The night I enjoyed your career yet -- cardboard box. So I'll -- it doesn't set ratings records that reason when Victorino at the wall yet. If -- in middle America from somewhere and or even here gotta get up well that's that. A series ratings were great anyways it was a consideration to record whatever Red Sox record right yeah local record and now I'll send us a -- -- storm and all the championships. Right there's -- -- Three for you patriots reach for your Red Sox won each. Of the Celtics and Bruins Couric reps when -- titles no I don't know. I don't know sure -- -- would have it today did in the finals a few times. And they never want. Not to my knowledge they could have won five I've enjoyed so there's at least eight detective egyptians to play dates in the world they -- Right this is in my mind. The most improbable. To most impressive what. You find yourself thinking about if you let your mind drift when she realized that -- victory no it was enough to clinch this thing. -- -- think about different stuff did did -- to give up your mind drifted to Wear my mind -- and that was Fort Myers, Florida. Our new set. Ominous stage when we brought guys up there and -- call each and every one of us the theme about chemistry the theme about. Good guys being overpaid for short years was. I ruling inducing was not mean we we we. We get -- I -- so that they have a clean and disinfect that clubhouse we understood that they had to change the character and the nature of those guys but nobody nobody. -- be on the shuttle the delta would bench Harrington was doing was going to well I actually. Does this mean and I went back and -- things they wrote and house had predicted 78 wins. You're wrong wrong that's the wrong but oh yeah we're gonna get to my prediction from last night. A good parents and number and so right in -- somebody such joy in randomly picking something yeah it's like -- and and let me tell you this if I'm wrong. Much heed to it always Jerry you like are you -- -- to Jerry take for being wrong so -- But -- -- victory laps either way I imagine you right. Centers and it got that. You get that thing where I was right on victory lap that I pleasure myself and not with us that you sent out of the digit lead I don't think I've ever score in my life acts. I mentioned occurred let's talk about the -- predictions that she -- let's talk about get the day they can't beat that pitching let's talk about al-Qaeda again try to get back to gotta -- accurate and on -- Chris -- I sit here on the sidelines and a sheriff's -- that's the thing that's the big portrait -- -- unions doesn't matter to me so -- it's random. If you get it wrong you get beaten about this. That's fine. If I get it wrong I forget you -- by sure sure they're -- different -- score. I just wanted to mention it at the exact score right. -- anyway anyway first of all you guys just blow up my question my my point -- -- with the agreed or not. Eight titles this to me is the most impressive the most improbable. I put a number two behind the first patriots deal. I think this is it yes I really do I think it's and obviously that he writes more impressive than -- the -- -- because you could see the patriots coming. You can see the Bruins coming you could be a thousand well the -- -- reality of it you know it was the first guy survived an eleven the year before you know obviously they lost brave Brooklyn right. Bledsoe and Brady star but. There's also 11 shining moment one game you have to put together a brilliant game plan you have to hope the other team -- a little bit and it all comes together. Sixty minutes you win it's -- which you can argue also makes it tougher -- -- -- like one bad seasons over short but it -- what. I think. Moore is up more is left to chance when you have one game and it's under that kind of pressure and you say one big play you know one big play can change it. This was. Three wins against Tampa -- Detroit -- that's eleven. Wins you need for you need 97 or -- in the 97 in six months a good baseball. And then you need -- rotten that lasts along that this from lasts five weeks. Yeah you need that kinda runs sustain that kind of run you need more than one or two big plays more than one -- two big games in Munich just to me. I don't even think it's close it's a much more much less probable much more impressive. Achievement then. 04 or Josef all the things that had to go their way and did go their way I mean I just I was look into the notes backed up all the notes I've taken. Over the course of just the World Series. The drop ball. And a call reversed you -- obstruction you have balls being thrown. On consecutive games into the stands at third base all this stuff just somehow some way filtered out and -- -- the Red Sox went. Another reason side Ferrell thing about it Tim McCarver. An authentic at the moment and -- Potomac but Stephen Drew hit a home runs hit very gets out of our rundown for God's sake. The hosts and hostesses I mean it was just that. Herman won the jury was right about you're right about the shared is that Saint Louis was not decorated baseball team. They just -- regret your your right and if if if -- and market don't win. Bill should if you told before the game started last night the final score can be six to one -- -- government that aren't the drama -- -- gonna win the game. Just exactly what I told anxious as -- as they -- -- only one team could win without drama you know if the cardinals and -- 2132. I -- not that even that was the only way a team with that line. Together and big rallies score big rounds and a touchdown on the board the way the Red Sox occasionally do you mentioned spring training. I'll say this week we gave -- credit for doing the right thing right yes look we did go to guy worked well good character guys. For trying to clean up the mess that -- left for trying to disinfect the Brighton. Nobody but that would transfer translate into -- correct. Com unless you talk about more wins than last year everybody -- to win more than last year echoes -- -- Senate predicted 78 -- I heard -- Maloney says he predicted ninety's but then went down the -- and it took a look at the team and change its like eighty -- -- -- that there's just not that much talent. If this team that the talent they had lost their up to close right you know. I didn't like any of the more or member applauding approving. Of any of them use you use view chided him laughed at that Napoli. Rough is hipster falling apart people who did that and a victory that was the worst signing of the offseason by eighteen baseball I did. You know worsening Hamilton took house would that would keep blog Colin. Matt his pants he called. Quote mad at temple pants that you opposed to play a 39 million dollars and he's not put two players the senate for at least -- common -- say. He paid 39000004. -- Jonny Gomes is 32 years old against first blog don't multi year deal. He's played it a hundred different teams because he's just the guy -- -- just that. Hell even up to yesterday we didn't Kirk didn't think he was a starter you know a real widget starter and -- ten million bucks Napoli as you say. Bad hips catcher. And you sonic catcher in saying what. In the first see what happens. That's written and Dempster who definitely big for forever and was a 500 literally a 500 pitcher exactly 500. And they -- ponies and -- a manager who people were happy came in your district -- down -- so bad it was a disaster in Toronto manager who won. The only reason he didn't finish last is about our time here right he finished second the last and -- -- -- last if not for Valentine here's. John -- reflecting on the last year and a month and his life no it's been it's been incredible. 1213 months and I'm forever thankful and grateful for the opportunity in Toronto. Things. A unique set of circumstances took place to to come back here to the Red Sox. And a lot of changes that I said in -- and deserves all the credit for bringing the players in here that he has in to see it culminate in this tonight's. I can tell you this last October we probably didn't know we'd be sitting here but every effort was made to do just that most. People most observers most talk show host most writers most observers of the Red Sox condition. Watched what -- sharing and put together starting back in February in Fort Myers there was a lot of -- of the guys love to know whether ownership. Whether the baseball people that Tom on these ownership -- Werner and Lucchino and John Henry. Looked at what bench Harrington was doing at the time and said. Yeah that seems like the proper formula for success. If you think all in on this. All -- Did not look at this -- -- way up yeah -- yeah chemistry that's comic which is Charney say while Jonny Gomes is a great guy chemistry yup that's gonna win now. I don't think they don't think they had lunch with Josh Hamilton the winter meetings because. There was some dissension at -- some people say and we're not gonna bring back -- -- ratings and obviously we've signed some big stuff isn't going Dennis and Callahan but. You know we did our part yet bring the Nissen brings back. But. It was enough was enough to fill the place in the stores about the density and -- 5000. A -- all but given -- away early part of the -- I -- over -- to ask is because they had a chance the senate TV star and that would be Josh Hamilton and that I think someone out there someone at the top wanted them to -- -- the with the ones I -- to. -- could get a could be ownership group they lectured to do it his way I think. They said. You don't wanna signing big stars you wanna put a catcher first 1% of field and right you wanna journeyman. In left and that your who's your answers that's how you building a winner. And I think they truly a -- the first priority is his character guys we need good character guys. We need good chemistry we need whether they win enough we need people like them. I must whose idea was it was a bench during that idea he said when he got the job is gonna put the focus on the field they're going to be the best prepared team in baseball. And his ought to be about winning it's easy to say that in February. So hard to pull off and and he did and his staff there and there's just a lot of fun lots. There have to be a voice in the room a voice in the boardroom among management and ownership and general managers and assistant general matters. Managers where somebody raise our hands at this is the formula this is the pass this is the who's a year ago road to redemption. Was that -- -- -- the -- it's all about character guys like I do think that you know these guys never thought this team's going to be this good and they said we're not going to be that great next couple years but people will like yes yes and you know if we win 8485 games great I'm sure that his conversation should never. Was this ever match and I can't believe in anybody's while. And -- boss not even if they said Lester comes back and lackeys -- -- -- And we have a good closer they still thought will get above 500 will be a progress will be baby steps. And maybe two or three years. You know win win these guys that we -- -- victory you know Gomes had done -- bogus coming up yeah young pitchers coming -- maybe. Will be back in contention but there's nobody. Anywhere. Anywhere who thought they were gonna actually win and even people you know like whatever Mikey atoms or even people fans who say yes. It really think it -- hope and. I just think the -- the player personnel pay off for the Dodgers trade has really get to manifest itself dollar rose and Webster right are still in all. Stars in line stars in waiting -- -- will be or not I don't know he could argue personnel in some ways was dazzling victory you know because they can afford to bring in November with the dodger money yeah. And and now -- now. It's funny because you think of the Ellsbury is gone we'll Greer and Ellsbury is gone -- but to think of a garlic salt the Oregon like. -- Well not Ross Ross is here -- time but it. And say they don't -- -- I'll watch it yet but now we kind of -- -- and how well now police have free agency wants to stay he could leave. I don't think he I think his first I think he's telling his agent I wanna -- make it happen he'll make it even know that there are people out there a verdict and think. The Red Sox made up this hip condition that he was negotiating ploy because they wanted. Again I'm at one years that the theory that it was just you know Larry playing hard ball. I think which is nonsense I believe in and I think Napoli will tell his agent. I don't wanna go anywhere in -- probably do get thirteen million. A year for. Two years do you think that might I might have 1112 million for two years I could see that we can take a pay cut open I think look at -- two years ago. Two years at thirteen when they signed up to three years of thirteen bright and it and it's see -- hips were a problem. Even on the that they going to be all take that contract now but don't you think everybody. And though just about -- drew would like to come back. Yeah he's not going to but he would like to -- When when Dustin Pedroia stands up there and says on two or three occasions to the brilliant Erin Andrews we love each other. I don't think that's just words now you know I don't think it just worked like there's a bond there that these guys and whether had to do with April -- had to do with you know underdog scrappy which Larry scrappy underdogs all coming -- and I think there is a bomb there and you're right I don't think very many of them would like to go somewhere else. Arum was disappointing me -- last night there was no real you know gas that you can play all day which is -- you guys. Fox thinks it's a good idea -- you -- -- comparable watch it sounds terrible microphone but it's not what the -- hand to head combat the commissioner everywhere. John Henry is one of the old we got to play that it's one of the most on cult and he wondered who's gaffe some warming will get out again after the other but you guys weigh in today and you'd -- time to stop the would souvenir tickets coffees and all of that is in store you can sit -- -- get some coffee and -- and some lottery tickets and souvenir yes. Was not favored by the energy drink written in the county yeah that's what I like my first interview that moral guide the tech probably Billy -- Red Sox ticket out to do you know yeah he struck out struggle. -- -- Eric what's called the twins souvenir shop -- mole run its bid their average Elmo Iran of its. But. You're right I I didn't Warner have a gaffe last night I mean if she did. But you kind of feel like it was a big moment in history and they sent her up what the South Carolina was busy yeah. Fox at -- post game. Not not Rosenthal how we wanted to put you down on what about him down from the a broadcast like to do in the Super Bowl not. Erin McCarthy. And congratulations. To Boston joining me right now his trophy presentation -- the commissioner of Major League Baseball mr. Bud Selig. Also I'm here on the stage right now is Red Sox team owner John Henry. Check on my notes as it expands -- point award which he says that what it's like you're watching the ESP and spelling -- He Disco located just make you just don't think it's -- -- -- -- -- plot changed regularly do those book reports they do oral book report to the book she read you had read the book golf the next Amy can fix it feels like a -- and -- -- just The Great -- was. Great if it. Which you play that you get political we will look at some point put holds on and mean when. He starts in the -- and fire it looks like this is all smoke up here this topic is some believe this. It's easily. There is. That Obama I hear about that the producers invoke. At six. What 77797937. This as your phone lines are open we'll talk with you your take on out what you have just witnessed. Starting in February and ending last night all lines open will talk with you.

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