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Red Sox Review: Rob Bradford joins Butch Stearns after a long night of celebration

Oct 31, 2013|

Bradford puts this current Red Sox team in perspective after clinching their third title in a ten year span. A tight knit clubhouse helped this team overcome adversity and come out on top.

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-- The line drive right now at. -- -- -- out very good start popping up for the second time out but let's not. -- that -- flattered if it is the head of the bat but out of all over the head of the second baseman in front of the center fielder. Would rather them the second not bad Mike Napoli. As he is fourth RBI of the World Series. Seven of the most cases I'm not the Red Sox about my -- who want it. That was the bottom of the fourth the Red Sox went into that inning against Michael walk a leading at four. And nothing actually leading 83 to nothing. Shane Victorino had hit the -- wall ball double. In the -- third inning to give the Red Sox three to nothing lead and then in the fourth. Stephen Drew first pitch leading off the inning. -- homered off of Michael walker to make it for nothing. And then Mike Napoli singled driving Jacoby Ellsbury to make it five nothing and and Shane Victorino singled. To bring in Ortiz. And that made it six and I think that was the end of the night for walk I will say this. -- -- talked before the game. About Michael walker and how this atmosphere was something he -- and a lot of pitchers would have been able to handle. Never mind 2122 year old kid. Even as Brady's been in the post season and a lot of people thought he -- -- he did not. He came out. And -- is remarkable. He throws all three pitches -- strike. That 980 sometimes 9790 mile an hour fastball. He throws his curve for strikes he throws his changeup. He drove like meaning that it looks exactly like his fastball but -- about fifteen miles an hour. Different times. He came out in the first inning. He struck out Jacoby Ellsbury blew one by him. He got Pedroia to ground out he walked Ortiz but they pitch to their first at bat to Ortiz. I mean they pitch to Ortiz in that first at bat we were wondering what they were gonna do that are Ortiz fouled off. A bunch of a balls there and then walker came out each struck out Napoli to end the inning and at least I was thinking at that point. Well as -- you longtime Red Sox him it will have a game seven. As I thought walker was up for the challenge so I don't think the kid pulled his pants by any means. I thought the Red Sox had a really good plan against walker and from what I could see. Several times it was. First pitch fastball go after it early on Pedroia. Would that foul home run was first pitched -- ball drew get a first pitch fastball and I forget somebody else wanted to first pitch. Too but they had a plan against him and I think part of the plan was. On to hit. You know his fastball was the pitch that you could try to hit. -- free rob Bradford. Early this morning late tonight at 4:47. AM hello rob. Butch saw a higher higher seeded Cougars head I can go. -- -- always got caught I just. You've been cooler climate a more -- you really -- PG a. I guess so. Do you agree with my premise there that -- I mean all the only lasted four but you know and they did get to him. But in all -- Dickey pitched pretty well for a couple of innings I don't think he was overwhelmed by the moment. I. It -- -- and we pitched really well throughout the post he's good. As he was appear to be roughed up a little bit the restaurant I feel really good about the second time around he's a guy like that. Especially young pitcher they get a figure some things out I think he'd -- talked about Pedroia is just missing them all run. -- good like I could tell that they they had a different approach they were a little bit more comfortable against them and it paid off. What happened at the park. That maybe a lot of us didn't see or will read about in here about. Or you know we're currently. Well around -- -- -- economic -- take stock so. So many injuries and things like that Mike Napoli. It turned out. It says that you want to get another shot and exploit. -- -- -- -- the admitted that he actually did get another shot. And his foot problem and he also that you really really rip you want to come back the -- -- -- year. Secret to Lito talked about you pack a little bit bigger rod -- told Alex beer. That he has the ball the World Series all. Yeah I saw that I was just got to bring that up. Yeah you guys are open for business are legitimate to ask you ought to you could you pick out -- controversy with Doug Mientkiewicz. I'll go you know little -- -- we're talking and go to cool we're -- us so butch because. Are regarded the American League about that all before today like everybody did you have. Great time good media. But he also -- you have friends and family and -- so you know what you're goal -- -- So this celebration any different from the others any different from the ones we've had in the rest this post season. Now more crowded obviously decided -- they're very different because it was more crowded and I think the player so looking forward to try to breaking off. And at one point and went up to the weight room big -- maybe take a pitcher again and get together up there. That -- after over the wouldn't go to -- to do their own private party. Suddenly they were looking forward to that so. Yeah I created there was. John Henry Lucchino were pretty good talking about reflecting on the building of the team and and try to carry it had a one point debuted before. He didn't believe in chemistry but now he actually does all the chemistry that you are right. After a critical play although I go to America Libya as the Shell out to you at all. Publicly about. So you know there are still the traffic you're trusting it still gets the better everything is certainly but -- played it. Rob we talked about this during the season the question wanna ask -- was was there a moment that you kind of knew. That this was possible. To me it was the one nothing game against Verlander. When Lackey pitch and it was somebody other than Lester. I remember we talked during the season and you said quite honestly which go back to opening game. Yankee Stadium and now and I did in the look at that game story. And it's remarkable Jonny Gomes actually has a quote after they came -- says look how we won this game we're gonna win a lot of ball games this year. So while we might not believe that these guys did believe right out of the gate that they can be really good baseball team but it didn't really believe they could win the World Series. You -- -- great collection in -- out a lot of guys that exact question now I had to somebody else Sato. So -- they really didn't lead until lap quite a year when he started looking at the other team they're playing in the division and start beat a mile pole that. But a guy like Dalton says the same time. That when he walked to the -- us for the first time in spring training. He that I -- -- are expecting all these guys. Being out in. Still on the -- people in and he said he didn't feel good about themselves. Covered up pretty good you're BA's and you want people a happy guy in the event the club out for everyone else was followed. And he was so you walked David from the minute it got there. Everyone was upbeat every one would think you're gonna win it because there -- and a cast of characters in the we got through there before and I -- -- are light so what they've got a real -- championship. But certainly I didn't figure they thought they are going to be -- and Jake Peavy also got -- where you've got to argue. Jarrod Saltalamacchia hey Johnny Joseph came up to him after all I can do it thought. The girl I'll walk off Floyd in Seattle. -- -- basically -- I told -- look we're gonna win the World Series that you're kind of shocked to hear that so I think by then. People actually everywhere -- about thought that they are we internships and everybody. Rob I'm not gonna ask you -- surprise 'cause I don't think any of them are surprised -- your favorite. Post season story by player in other words to me Ortiz and Lester obviously performed at the very high level but that was expected. I'm Victor Reno had his moments Napoli had his moments Lackey was huge instrumental Koji was Koji. -- or something amiss in what was your favorite. Story are of the post seasons Bogart's in there. Yeah and I mean overall it at all look at Torre's good. We -- we talk Lowe was closer Trevor talk about. The -- fifth home run. And these these moments in the Red Sox history. But I think if we -- we take a step back and actually look at what happened. Been in this playoff triumph. There's a moment there or not equal Colts equal -- baby batter. Pure -- Korean slammed -- Marino grand. Those were unbelievable. Moment. -- and I know most people are putting goes in the same category of people at work and a quarter to the World Series. Well I think it's I figure -- into -- -- walk -- -- it a little bit differently. But I that the court he's Grand Slam. Was just unbelievable. -- Payton it's been more unbelievable. Carlton struck -- No way it is I mean in and let's be honest. -- when it's an in game six or seven it ends up having more significance because. You're close at the end of the series but by all accounts the Red Sox were done they're about to lose their second game at home. And they were they would if they were done they horse after that Grand Slam they went to Detroit won two games. You know I remember I remember it kept me after they lost the first game and to walk around our -- into those final couple you have -- I try to match and that's what you could -- a project well you know how good. You're going to be -- Hole what what they have PG how could I buy it because they'll lose. This season goal -- Detroit you'll lose your country -- doesn't -- all of a sudden momentum switches. The whole narrative they've changed and are typically took Victorino and I couldn't wait -- appetite just -- although I understand but it wrote you -- trumpet. Well yeah I think you're right I mean as you're talking and start to think of all the moments in this post season and they were numerous I mean you had those two grand slams. -- lackeys performances. As well as not only out of the bullpen but that one nothing -- game against Verlander. That made me think anything was possible. And then you had goal is home. I mean that's another one where they had I believe I'm correct on this that they had lost back to back games in the post season until that point. So they were facing a third loss in a row and and a change in the series in Gomes it's a home run that changes everything. While all the moment right or all the -- you went out there ala right walker had to go out until. And it's. Got a good team victory he'd be higher here the entire year. Commitment that he needed. Everybody from the dugout and what took you know. What do you call it a momentum of all Robert -- go so. Yeah there is no actual moment or stripping about it and -- games were close. These games almost all these games -- close. And they were great chain grew up pretty down -- I don't know I know -- get out of the locker room just a little while ago orderly and Fenway so I don't know -- did you talk to Gomes did you -- According somebody asked him about what can you tell us now what Ortiz said net. And he said Q the duck boats. That's it he said anyway. I'm always. I don't go -- -- to -- yeah I didn't do. Yeah he said that already asked him what he can you tell us what Ortiz said yeah I'll tell you now to get the duck boats ready or as Mayor Menino says get the ducks ready. -- -- it's been it's been an improbable run as it's as any EI dot com I love that headline. The improbable dream you guys have it all covered there. It's been fun for you covering it has and it. Yeah it's -- -- -- to dominate your it's. You go through what you do throughout the year where you came in right about baseball because all you can hear about it -- he's on time. They're actually talking about baseball again. Big breaking out baseball team contained the good -- -- a bad move. That's what made it's far and and you know and you're all well all the way November you don't get it -- Around -- early to go the -- you know baseball's 24/7 around here the offseason is already begun. You know got several calls and I didn't lit up since acumen or 2 o'clock in. When Mikey and the boys had him on and several people already talking about. You know qualifying offers in what's happening and had deadlines like less than two weeks away is an. Yeah I could hear beauty that Bianca you elaborate November 11. And call fight are gonna be fascinating to really yeah I mean I agree with. -- It took a good. By -- appreciate. The free agent market it's only times Jared Saltalamacchia could actually lost money here quick highlight. You go even through a Wall -- but if you are we would call our dropped off. I think -- for all our -- -- old very doubtful he's improved Chatham I don't know Saltalamacchia does. But I wouldn't be the worst in the world Saltalamacchia. Did you pretend it's -- call or -- and -- -- but also a -- probably. The most highly sought after catcher. Well I mean clearly they lost faith in salty. The to a degree I mean they -- they gained faith and Ross they needed him on that wall. At the end there but what does that mean that they've lost faith some faith in him for next year. I thought our guys that situation I have to go look at -- kids -- look at -- streaky player he hit a bad streak European -- -- -- what he'd do much improved. Of course year. -- -- And that dynamic with Saltalamacchia -- -- ID be like that tied it. Dynamic. Offensive catcher Saltalamacchia got better currently. Go out. I really want proper call or -- but it very well life Ari age I think we call these guys aren't sure how it -- approach and it worked. Short term deal that a little more money. And that's what he called -- Brodeur. Irabu left plenty of time to talk about daddy's gonna get any sleep at all here. I call it's okay our people are. It's another hurdle and try to way I'll probably stop our -- to write more but -- It's it's OK it's all -- you all year due to the public but world -- yeah today it. Great job you and Alex and everybody nice job. Closure to a great job tonight again -- Orleans here for a lack. Hi rob Bradford you can catch him on WEEI dot com and all the stationary at different times again. -- off season is already begun but not yet. Not yet let's continue to enjoy this for another hour to go leading up to Dennis and Callahan and many and I -- Butch Stearns it's EEI on a championship. Overnight here where the Red Sox as champions once again.

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