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Red Sox Review: Everything is going to be alright

Oct 31, 2013|

Butch Stearns looks back at a magical night at Fenway that was full of special moments. The crowd singing Shane Victorino’s walk-up music in unison shows the type of special bond the fans have with this unforgettable team.

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Who -- want popularity -- buyer's regret that I brought that up. And Wallace -- they got three. Now Barrett aren't aren't these aren't -- that -- -- I'm. Well he's. When he went. Com yeah. It's not. By the way. And down the stretch run at all how many you've been at Fenway and heard the crowd sing in this it's really cool. I was there for game two and retirement been in the park. -- part of that much emotion and while and to everybody sing and when they stopped the music. Gonna be all right it was pretty cool 6177797937. You're Red Sox are world champions. It's one of those nights in the city of Boston we had a lot of them we don't take them for granted do week. I don't think we do. Texts are flying in tweets are flying around. Good run from Tom layman on Twitter Jonny Gomes was asked what poppies message was during the team model. Com's Gomes said quote I will tell you now. Q the duck boats. Good buddy Kevin winter also texting and so not only to learn overnight show on a championship butch. You get that right. Techsters on the eighteenth -- Tex point 379837. Best thing ever calling -- 82 year old dad for the third time. About the Sox win. -- Selz creek saw which part of a good question who's next. When's the next championship in Boston. Probably not tonight to do that. I -- most you would answer Bruins and a post tax compliant in that nobody thinks. The Celtics. Another instinct text here hey butch this is Jim in north. Com -- or two or three that was trivia question. Bush just dropped off my buddy at the game tonight his dad watched his team play at Fenway in April before he passed away of cancer in June. I'm my buddy was there would meet tonight thank you for helping me stay awake and getting home to New Hampshire glad to play a small part. In your world championships story -- my friend. Outs go to -- in Connecticut who's next fellow Jim how -- you. You have much -- excellent. Good and I was attacking one with my wife and I we went to game and I would begin tonight cool down it. It's what I love about this team all year. I like directly deciding it gave Iraq right when they kind of like you when it. When it first side about Michael and David Ross this -- -- a little bit pathetic idiot you with the guys on our news station and I just something I really like the bottom. And that are why this is the guy can root for and as I watched that he. Gel together pretty well April at eighteen and eight I think what ten games over 500 April. -- and they went fifteen and fifteen men. Yep and but it just sort of they sort of have especially something about the night. Especially want a lockout started it it started to turn to have let it gained -- -- Because go to know the games -- who's gonna win it's a matter how and that he sort of had to pack content watching these guys that they're they were never out of it. And until the last out was made I never thought they were there -- gonna lose the game they just since a lot of confidence and when I was at two games. It it was it was impressive. To me how the they -- physical presence on the field defensively. And how they just they just had that kind of like a bully quality to them. And he is the way they look at the other team in. Almost like -- tight in the reg affordable for the belt run Iraq you know favorite the other the opponent would target -- And well. You know -- Minnesota -- -- feel like that on the. I say yeah lately you paint a picture Jim. That they had a killer instinct and when you look at it they really did -- mean think about it there's two things that are remarkable we never had a losing month. Right they've played 500 may that they never had a losing month they also the only team based on never to lose more than three in a row. Right. Right and and and it but I go back to its something you set up the top guy can root for David Ross. -- say they're not -- sometimes that doesn't translate into winning especially in baseball 'cause it's such a marathon. But. Let me -- guys again and think about that phrase a guy can root for 'cause I would argue that these guys all. Fall under that category Shane Victorino Jonny Gomes Mike Napoli David Ross. Ryan Dempster every single one of those acquisitions. To me you could argue fall under that category quote I can root for. Yep and out you know competed here was it was the first it was -- and not and that and one -- got hurt I didn't think. I didn't use got to come back at all and -- just to get his feet and was over right but I give them give them a lot of credit for our. You know work his way back and being able to participate towards the end and kind of put the big world yet. The last couple -- like a couple of games. But but not that you know great break I -- -- not root for and Napoli was great I thought he handled the whole thing with this contract in restructured now that. But I just was impressed at how. You hear any. -- harsh words coming out from his camp from either from -- agent right. Just had a good equality about the machine like if this is going to be good mix of personalities. A great great guys in the locker room what guys it would just it would just cherry are on the. Oh well you're absolutely right and I don't think Pete thanks for the call Jim I don't think people give them I think they do now -- gonna say they don't him enough credit but I think they do now. This was. Nobody. Not many people if anybody. Ever said when they went up against the team that there more talent. I remember it's September doing -- -- radio show here. A Sunday afternoon and all I said was the Tigers are the most talented team in the American League. And -- line. And the calls lit up. We talking about K I've been to watch him with the Red Sox are doing Bob Bob Bob on and on and on. Some would say that was an accurate. I was still say that today it up and down if you go man for -- the Tigers are more talented. In the Red Sox but now when you win a championship. You put that on your mantle. That discussion gets a little different doesn't it. So. Maybe -- your other people didn't get this team enough respect they certainly respected themselves and each other and they won the championship because of it Walters in a car hi Walter. Went out. Well on the didn't and I won't grow up my friend out. -- -- And -- print it out here but I guess you could imagine. My good but my good buddy well McGraw long time veterans bitty dog for fox when he five as a field run -- around in the locker room. Yeah I just Odeon -- -- goggles on or did you. Now -- -- -- -- let me sit here and really. I. You know and I got you know the public -- -- not be sure. And and that the real long time that I enter every I eat a lot like. I don't if it's not great for. Yeah turn around and active -- And you know I'm real happy -- or real. But city. John Farrell without doubt. David Ortiz you know and I'll -- you wired back to late at night. You know what -- accomplished. This year. Now I would let you know -- he's been speculated it. He went back up come out and yeah intently and those guys great players they're obviously well it seems like like he. I don't it could then went into accomplishment this year. Somebody brought that up early on his sore right when I came on around 2 o'clock I mean I think with three rings. It changes things its certainly changed discussion for Brady. And and everybody else and you know what what would let me ask you this what what is David Ortiz. What is Tom Brady have -- David Ortiz doesn't. Now that David Ortiz out three run he's as clutch he's he's considered the heart and soul of his team he's a leader. He's performed at a high level he's won three championships so we bring up a great. Point -- he's in that discussion now for a and one of the greatest Red Sox players ever and in the discussion for the hall of fame. There's no doubt about. -- did you get it up this year let it loose and don't doubt that story appeared in you've got to pick familiar way. I'm real happy I am I have all those guys. Yeah I don't really go at it and it professional baseball career in the stadium where he didn't contribute the way it is all season. Which by the way I beat was more exciting postseason -- seen it I've been out here. And bought in. You are not real happy with Daniel. Well I'm happy if you were all nice job you in the Fox25 is out -- I missed being out there with you but excellent job again my friend. I'm -- you have a good night man. I while drive safely. And I Bob warden all the good guys over Fox25 doing a great job. And that's my boy well McGraw -- a lot of battles together at a championship battles go to David Connecticut who's next hi Dave Oreo. Well he had been around the world -- Steinbrenner. I think that was -- mean. I still have period stretch -- -- to drink. Okay. Were you not be holding up well in an hour from now. Now probably amount like last night. Okay I don't want not a macho gonna be on the phone for two hours below what you talk about. Well all. -- an incredible season form. I knew I would put it this way I was starter. At the beginning. I didn't even pay attention and ankle September. Yeah I think you're in a group of a lot of people I don't think. I think. We said you didn't pay attention to them I I would that's pretty accurate and a lot of people say whatever I'll get to them later. Let's see what they do in the second half let's see -- did let's see where they are they're in first place some Memorial Day while wait till the fourth of July. Okay they're in first place on the fourth of July well wait till Labor Day. Well they're they're not gonna collapse in September or other in the playoffs but they won't win anything. I mean there's a lot of people didn't buy into them until they got to the World Series. Let you know I like our current workload quite a few coworkers of mind. He its it does actually get to see him in the postseason and in the World Series more than they ever did it. I'm just so close I just wanna -- -- and be like here to watch it and I. -- -- she will do that. I can vote here. I are -- -- I'll just thought you know the you know hung over Datsyuk that. Your choice now did you can be obnoxious champion or you can just sit there and you know sit back smugly and say. You know I can't hear you -- one of my eight championship rings on the Boston sports scene in the last eleven years stock and one year. And the other ones stuck in the other there any other six are on my finger old ones are my thumb by the way too. You know Sully you know that that's what I would say that's how I would handle -- So and enjoy your beverages they have. -- well. That it would come down to wish -- had just gone up there into it but oh well. I -- it's that type -- -- that if I'm out we'll take a break Greg saw mistaken because it's six on seven. 7797937. On -- A late night early morning with a Red Sox have won the championship if you're going to bed when you wake up you don't have to pinch yourself. Either when you go to bed or when you wake up they will still be champions and the parade will be on Saturday talk about that and more we come back. Here on WEEI.

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