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Red Sox Review: Butch Stearns has taken the reigns and looks at what this championship means

Oct 31, 2013|

Butch takes a look at the significance of the Red Sox 2013 Championship in the context of Boston’s decade of dominance. He also continues the celebration deep into Halloween morning.

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Never has any Red Sox player. Had so few hits. In a World Series that meant so much since -- car ball. Shane Victorino. With the bases clearing double in the clinching game six that basically put the dagger in right away. In this game. You'd like to call up and talk about it its past 3 am now leading up to Dennis and Callahan they'll start at 6 AM on Butch Stearns the number call is 617. 7797937. If you are driving around in or pulled home finally like texting and the number to taxed on the eighteen to text line. Is 37937. Holes or couple things on Twitter wanna point out. So -- -- go to text line first. Babe Ruth butch and I'm sure a few more 13 rings of the Red Sox and 191516. And eighteen and I'm sure won a tour around and twelve and just won four rings OK your probably right. So I'm probably wrong when I said David -- the first Red Sox player. To win three championship rings in a Red Sox uniform so I'll amend that in my lifetime definitely and in modern day. Since 1918. I would say that David Ortiz is the only one I know it has three Red Sox championship -- either way I think raise. Point is a good one is David Ortiz. Go down now is one of the greatest players in Red Sox history yes. He's sitting at the table in that discussion of who's on the mount Rushmore is no doubt about it in a Red Sox uniform. Debate that he'd like. On now it says I asked if if I'm missing anything with -- The crowds celebrated. -- says I'm an officer who just left Boston we worked on Brookline have the crowds were great no arrests everybody was lost. Great to -- By the Texas can we lose move on to football and basketball season now Lee's really. You're diehard. Football and basketball fan. Gee you'd like you just Tony -- celebrates his championship. -- Texas or shoppers cafe and walked him says good morning butch yeah my good friends over choppers cafe we do our Finnessey. Baseball draft here the year. It starts like 10 am and ends like ten -- But it's always fun. Odd couple of I tweets I love Twitter for so many reasons here is 3 o'clock in the morning it didn't even dawn on me because. Seems like such a lifetime ago that I was a full time member of the card carrying member of the free loading media but they're all driving home from Fenway now on their -- out before they leave unless they have other follow up stories to write. And so their tweeting out Mike Komansky still up celebrating a Red Sox World Series win at which turns taking your calls -- 6 AM. Thanks for getting us all home Blatche. Tweed -- Mott said look forward to listening to your show tomorrow. You guys will be bleary eyed and -- to DO. Kevin Paul DuPont kind of humorous tweet he treated out earlier Ted delighted to hear total pro Butch Stearns wrap up the Bruins win. On WBI overnight. Any it was a two game series when he said that he was amiss tight or miss tweet. Because somebody -- bag instead I thought they lost inning Kevin treated exit wall I meant sox' -- Bruins did lose by a score of three to two and then -- Interest it also Michael Silberman tweet notes and pictures. If you if you're just started to join Twitter. Just search hash tag Red Sox or star following some of the local guys and you'll see videos and pictures and all the stuff forward he can't insist. Really the only way to go he can get and all the publications but. It really is where it's that. And who treated -- so I'm trying to find Scott -- over I believe. We did out at 2:48 AM. That Ryan Dempster was on the mound at Fenway pitching to family members. How cool is that after you win the World Series. So read back to the calls we go lines are lit up let's go to Jeff -- Attleboro Jeff thanks for. Hang in on what's on your mind this morning a lot but they just turn your radio down. And asked -- on -- just hung on a long time let's go to Mike in Connecticut hello Michael. I did our area could I just uncalled for in my driveway it was that the game tonight possibly the greatest nights of my life he just drove home to Connecticut. Yeah not eastern Connecticut I'm losing my right side I'm excited that they're actually a girl I gotta be -- to a go to each school. While we're at where we wouldn't want to grade would where he tees. Great six down and not north don't think Connecticut their foxwoods casino -- -- my kids tonight and they stay up and -- -- game no matter what the parents CC and talk about the game in class tomorrow you better. Yeah so I'll lean in that he's doing has to understate the most it. Ambien no other and it adds an education my friend I'm yeah I don't get spoiled date. I grew up in the eighties so -- suffered through Buckner. I suffered a Grady Little. And these kids don't do that my student these days they don't know any other -- dynasty reds are right I have. Seventh grader and she's twelve. And she's you know she's lived through she was too young for some of them. Think about twelve years she's lived through twelve championship runs. And she's out now about this year a parade. These kids respond to the you know what I'm I'm all right or month old son and I'm article stating that they are. So Mike let me ask -- -- you -- to have a good perspective on the -- -- -- in touch with young people -- teachers sixth -- what what does this this one. Mean to you for someone I can understand -- that lived through it the Bucky Dent all that what does this one. The Red Sox winning a third championship in ten years eight in their lifetime what does this win mean to you. This is. You know a lot of special to go out there but he and I went there. It's special because it's at the first time that I have been able to relax. And like what music come on victory now comes to -- everything going to be all right. Like a Yankee fan. Now it -- I don't I don't want to offend people but I mean I feel like -- -- and so lake. To their dynasty years where it hurts that in the nineties or all the guys at or that where we can just relax we know things can turn out all right. It's strange -- But that's a that's a big -- tonight and he turned to me when I was six not been. And he said. I think they're gonna win that's all again oh -- -- that way you know of course we're still learning to feel confident that Red Sox. And that's it to be very interesting perspective on your part I think it's very perceptive because I'll put myself in that category I'm still learning. As a guy in his fifties. Who I'm still -- at least -- -- just thought I'm still learning Mike. To two it's not that I expect the other shoe to drop that that left you know for. But I'm still learning to expect the best to be the eternal optimist. And expect the best in these situations I did think once Victorino hit like I did think that the Cardinals just wouldn't rally. And come back and I'm by secret as it longtime Red Sox and I couldn't say it was over. I couldn't say game over not to look at me like 6 not now I am learning that yeah. You know a moment maybe I had a little -- up tonight when. You know came out and we saw Lackey was in relief and it left I I I Grady Little for a moment there tonight when -- Lackey try to finish that inning. But you know but no harm done. -- but yet that's that's what I wanna do. About -- you guys are talking about the mount Rushmore. Red Sox players were about mount Rushmore. Of Red Sox manager said we just witness the best men season -- outside. Who. Stats -- good question. I would think it has to go up there Dick Williams and and and even though they win it Dick Williams and 67 is always considered. One of the our greatest because of the impossible dream but again Farrell in his first year. Does with Dick Williams does does take a team that had the very low expectations. Goes from worst to first and wins so. -- he's on the mount Rushmore. You know Terry Francona managed nine years took in the playoffs what six times won two World Series. I know people immediately want Francona fans want to discredit that you'll all -- I'm sorry than what you judge a manager. Winning and losing and winning championships and getting to the playoffs so. Barrels in that discussion I don't know but the greatest ever. But I don't know it's -- -- one of the greatest seasons ever that's for sure. Robert dole in Springfield how -- you my friend. I've -- good golf course you won the World Series. Blatant than that now I know. I'm glad that you have a quick question because I'm I'm I'm bitterly so young -- That I watch sports on 992000. Old are and that I thought about it but. I'm not -- -- I want that you. What the Patriots are I don't. Aren't -- and that was gracious and it about the third -- you don't be a special. And -- their best but I don't have to believe in my art of the trade is run at everything -- -- and I got you. And the beginning of the season. I'd really -- -- and battle for second -- -- division -- got a soda sugar -- it you know I don't lie about it. I'm really thought about that and I'm really that are really not ever going to be. And just now right now great natural I don't I -- no doubt about that don't well. I have three I have three thoughts about the only one Patriots to your question my first one is for you if you're 25 you were a lot like twelve. A thirteen when they won that so I don't you have to have any memories about the one Patriots coach Kevin and. Oh yeah W all of never got that -- I think in the -- it wouldn't call what I am what they've -- -- -- and I. Jamal Lewis on Mo Lewis and and yeah so but but if you're asking me that so -- let me -- let me just turn the question around what. What was the only Patriots for you all about as a teen age. Honestly -- all the pictures. I mean -- on the plus side he's been a that's a bit. They are and arrogant and special the year you know I don't watch them and then lastly we went thirteen and -- -- -- -- it -- what else I'd bet a lot you know all my Boston not knowing the teams and I didn't and they're gonna. Your -- -- 25 year old now on a decade later and after watching all these championships. Your season ending you're asking me my perspective on whether this was better. That's for your hand okay so I'll answer to your allergy to this way. This wasn't better it was different for me and I'll tell you why the reason old one was better or was different was because it started at all. Like to pick the Patriots just like these team we didn't expect anything were five and eleven under Belichick -- questioned whether Belichick was the right got to take over anyway. When he stepped to the -- press conference we -- like wives. Business around the same time when Rick Pitino took over the Celtics in all my goodness they brought the banners down stat read -- a lower -- the coronation of king Richard that was big -- is the next -- of the championships in Boston and -- so so that was totally unexpected. Is 9/11 but to me it was it wasn't necessarily better it was completely different because it started. This whole thing so this is a little different. Because. There's been so many runs but that doesn't take away from it from me this was unexpected. It is baseball. There's always the baseball football debate in this town but I think baseball because. There's a 162 games it's a longer run and you're always say -- on the next road trip they're gonna lose it in the next month they're gonna lose it. Yet at the downside coach of the debate about me is that. I would stop for some reason and I'll I'll let let it could be stopped you know that the Bob Papa doubt that they can appeal the fans reacted to our baseball season went down a sudden I'm in no way. This is always going to be no matter what I think it'll be a base -- top. Well I'll tell you let's say this for -- although in the argument of the baseball or football town now it's three to three. It used to well all I'm I'm serious think about it -- -- -- for the caller -- used to be. They had the football people would arguably you know they've won three. Championships and now the football people would argue had been a five super balls. Well from baseball person I want to argue that this is a baseball town. Well they've only been three championship because what they haven't lost any. So. I mean look nobody outside of Boston wants heroes nobody. Mean please you know we don't just use the expression is saying our first rodeo guess what we put on the rodeos. That's what we do we orchestrate the rodeos -- in a car Joseph what's on your mind this morning. But that's not the guy YouTube where -- you drive at all and I thought I'd like yeah let me up. And -- go back -- hit it you're not around a great my goodness with the stars in the back. Talk about politics don't know you are promising me so cool all. What are you are you going on your way to work are you coming home to where you -- my body to go Lugo might. Well yeah but I mean I get -- it just. 70 the right that would change. And that's about eleven really shot in the what I read the break on a blog and I really clean out what that -- an apartment that Japanese. I couldn't believe I pulled him. And don't wake me up the summit -- during. It is like impossible -- got two guys. And you know the world is. You guys all you got Napoli and it got that victory while they. The sick he's seventeen. In the chemistry that it. And you know -- I don't want that on just one thing. In not once but. That's a good perspective I like it joke I'd give him my perspective since with the same meet somebody asked me early this morning. They said. What if they win it tonight. What will how you know how do you categorize this one how would be different and I said well this is my answer is sort of the same thing you -- a little differently though. In my Red Sox lifetime. I was seven in 1967 so like I did live. But I didn't understand it you know I I just knew my dad took me to like five games that year I remember being -- and the first base. On deck circle and senior as his number eight and was bigger than life but so -- But I didn't have the misery that year so in my Red Sox life -- the defining moments there were five of them. Leading up to all four and they all ended in defeats 67 was remarkable but they lost. 75. Was the year you know pudge and all those guys -- on Dwight and everybody. But they you know pudge this home run was the final and they lost seven -- it was Bucky Dent. Right eighty Sixers Bill Buckner and then all three was Grady Little and Pedro so here's here's how I look at characterizing this championship now. -- four knocked off all three. Right 07 knocked off. -- 86. And Bill Buckner. And this one knocks off Bucky Dent so right now we get two more to go to get rid of the reds 75. And get rid of 67 okay that's life. All adults and wanting to open up -- shelling. It suddenly -- Well yeah I ended tiger's round in the. Light on what your record it. We get that would develop but I looked well like I bought it not. Yeah that was a hard eight but I don't know off all right that we got no right. It actually got to win six then how's that. Drive save. Drive saved my friend. If it's not celebrate its championship. I mean anything we say isn't right or wrong it's just it's a championship. And what they do and New York right now. And a New York my -- dryness ultimately used to record fox networks of fox five in New York. All of them pretty nasty message tonight he's been avoiding calling me back and I said look. Just because you're avoiding this phone call doesn't mean you can avoid the inevitable. -- Sox right now. Okay. And we're about celebratory parade in the last eleven years is always the Jets. And is always a break in here is right now and we go right back to your calls Jim -- -- Europe next on WB yeah.

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