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Red Sox Review: The 2013 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox have sent the city into a celebration!

Oct 31, 2013|

Mikey Adams, John Ryder, Rob Bradford and Lenny Megliola continue the party with Red Sox Review from Fenway. Absolute elation has taken over the streets around Fenway and all of Red Sox Nation.

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Red Sox revue with Mikey Evans and John Ryder. -- -- He turns on a rubber attitude to home. It's. -- world champions. And the good. And yeah. -- It's. Game series at Fenway. Years. Relaxed at best the Red Sox have won their third world championship in ten years. Now Mikey Adams and John Ryder with the red so true you on the WEEI Sports Radio network. Yeah. Why can't I hear myself. I can't even hear myself it's -- down David's crazy what's not. Rob Bradford just walked did bloody -- is here. Don't have any -- All my gut. -- -- to crank the volume up down here I'm really insecure and of itself through headphones but that's okay because we're live on the air right McCain knew every all of course loud and clear as always when you sound good. Good -- you sound like you know your. I've got guys pounded on the window of course there's still people here at about the police through all these people out. Just a regular ruled Wednesday night at the ballpark he just you know in normal. -- your traditional Wednesday night nothing much to talk about. Bruins lost Celtics lost to where you wanna go this -- Right -- wanna say this right off the Betsy you first well. You have been unbelievably yeoman like all year long in your your professional broadcasting of the pregame post game. That during the game updates and I got to say the after the game after the game stuff if there's anybody that we missed down here Fenway Park tonight which you'll. I'm sorry you couldn't be here but this is a tribute to know you did for the Red Sox season and all you've done for WEEI during the season. Ed day you know we -- you were here -- spirit my friend. Well to kind Mikey to -- just happy that they wrapped it up in the World Series champions they just secular interject John asked for cash and yet. Yeah -- -- -- -- created interject Bradford -- wolf Mikey and John Ryder you guys to the great job this whole playoff run. To the wee hours of the morning yes you you you help the the -- -- -- event and celebrate and everything else but you know what Bradford we did it without credentials which is even more and I've been told -- like it's our duty to. Don't get -- credentials. Protects it's too easy with it's even -- even weekends even weekends. From what Iowa -- -- -- job love Italian I I echo everything in my two cents one as well rounded out -- enough of these mats on the bag but rob you deserve a lot of credit he's great yeah. The -- well be offseason has just begun -- for current. Most important thing is that this that you know it's this season which started so weirdly ended so wonderfully and to to imagine that this team would've won more than 92 games which is what I said they would win and -- won 97 that's far beyond. Anybody's wildest dreams. David Ortiz. People said he's not worth it. Don't pay the money where the hell is he not been worth it to the Red Sox fans of Red Sox Nation for God's sake. This is a guy they gotten and a bargain basement closet in 2003. He gives it. -- -- -- Jeremy Giambi. Take over for the rest of his life as only the greatest clutch and postseason hitter in the history of the Boston Red Sox bloodied. What what what it's not proud of that but the rhetoric that's a little Claritin an overwhelming -- did a great job this year I don't I still -- what is the moment this year what is the big defining moment for you of this team. And don't tell me the last -- the World Series that doesn't count. Mike and Mike -- Grand Slam. In Tampa -- kind of epitomizes this could want and we haven't heard from them. Since nobody but but that's the thing about this team guys is that you can go up and on this roster even guys who were back home yet who were sent to Fort Myers during the playoff. You can go to each one of these guys and find something that they did to help. Did he actually can't win this thing yeah I mean that that is the complete mosaic right dip because everybody they brought in the new guys. The hole over his Ellsbury held up. Drew again if you didn't -- field didn't end everything's gonna command comes out tonight not yet -- winning every single you're right every I can't go find it got -- -- -- -- colds you battle and it is your name and IQ you only we can all go throw him in and that's why you bay but they end up where they were. And I just for one moment say this yes the biggest surprise. -- ball. Was -- gift we got from Japan named Koji go -- -- up what became this year. The greatest individual closer the Red Sox have ever. Had a year until it was from technology -- let let's get gobbled daughters who are different to read here about -- this year. He was better than any year -- -- ever had -- any year Mariano Rivera. Ever hadn't been any idea what it's or Bill Campbell ever had one -- freaking world. Wouldn't let look at the numbers numbered my I was never well I don't. But I said that she if you paid attention dot. A coach these numbers were greater than any clue. Absolutely I admit I've ever. Mikey members decide I've never seen. A pitcher pitched like he did know where when when he stepped on the mound and about a guy in the batter's box it was like the -- was -- O'Toole. Before pitchers from right. Add to it. Tailgate that it. When you get to it alignment 211 and happen to have less bad idea by Jim had a great alliance -- right behind him. He says he hasn't been behind guys to drive six months ago I don't know if he doesn't know any NB a remember -- this week titled the fourth closer here right the fourth. Option I don't it's like okay throw strikes wait for cried out I mean this guy was ardent. Believable disease in and -- I thought. That salute tonight right now he's been he's been applauded luck and I games you know for ever since he turned it around right. Never gave it to the fans who wanted the tip of the cap right and tonight the volume when he finally and that was. I think give because he had a grudge I think yeah I -- that very question -- -- -- -- I -- walking off the field does it took a while it was right before the -- out yeah actually took that right and and I have to think that when he's walking he's still he's thinking that -- -- I understand we all understand the dynamic of how. -- -- -- But it public animosity there was too green to fans and Lackey back and forth yet but -- -- that's what it took. All the way up until that moment game six the clinching game of the World Series. Five feet from the dugout to actually have -- -- -- steps you can brag a little like they did that and also. I mean there's not this whole team -- and on the roster worthy terraces and there's not. A guy without a storyline there somewhere else -- steal on or did something. One -- -- Steve. Yeah I mean. You can even say Andrew Bailey in that John Hanrahan did traffic they cleared away for college he walked side you can just go back to game one of the the season. You talked about Andrew Bailey him. And Joel Hanrahan was the closure of the team -- -- comes in for the blast out the seventh inning when I think the bases were loaded. And let's go and I think he got to know how. -- it is it. And moments like that -- -- -- -- -- back I came through back I can't do that I came through so yeah I mean a little bit and always survive the season but at some point during the season they do something. Well you know that the fans have you know obviously you are slowly warmed to this team because they've been through such a terror last year watching. -- you play and I can understand that but as the season wore on the Red Sox fans started to believe these players made -- believe it all started with a tragic bombing incident. -- Boston. What the Boston strong thing happened. And they now you know rider and I both have been watching every single game is they they shaved at Boston's strong into the grounds as immigrants and I just want everybody to know now formally it would make the announcement. I have a new tattoo it's on -- junk. It says bong no it says Barbara when I get excited says Boston's strong battle to keep it there. That argument that the rest of my life I'm not gonna have that jets are remote because I listen as well. Unbelievable. Again baseball team like I've never seen before our. But goalies have missed the individual contributions. They have -- one day at a time job. He's like sergeant reconcile their run and as stable and nobody messes would have won the best I can't -- the -- And they've got all forms when you do are just not only hope they win so this year I don't have offered -- When you're 38477. People and newsstand. That's. I didn't do you might happen as well. The -- shot. To what. Juan walker -- Nixon buyer's regret that my body -- And wallets giving up pretty significant any time out parents aren't -- these -- -- -- the fifth up at the we -- -- and I don't think that Victorino. I think definitely. It's not. Somewhere somewhere right now Joker cigarette -- is driving home. In a mellow moment with the sound down on the radio saying. Shots. Shards. Of. Hey -- -- critics producing and I guess he says that can do we affair I haven't heard I could hear what during the break. But could you play the final call the last out again at some point in the -- whatever on an active because you know those are always signature they -- it was great -- You know I gonna say this visited what you guys on this team we just can't believe that they're yours if you're Red Sox fan -- they belong to you. Dustin Pedroia and -- -- If we don't even think it's what you have noticed most outstanding -- you are funny. Speaking of Pedroia got to let me finish well and not forget about the then reactors I don't remember I read it took their shots aren't used to being preempted by Bradford it. It happened all season about my wife sent. So. You know I read it to Pedroia is. Parents yes that's you agree and I tell you my story edit earlier notices well not a failure in Iraq made the cut. Impede our city had a great year whatever reason you they would know for five with a -- tonight yet. Well now there you know I was worth it for another open. Is this guy though is the best second baseman I've ever seen a Red Sox uniform is feeling so remarkable. He's such a feisty little hitter he will win another batting title before he's done that you know when he'll hit 338 when he -- as -- was hands okay. I -- you go around and I tell you there and whose parents had. Where -- shots at. I -- a statement I love Joseph Dave O'Brien what team they are the cause they made down the stretch here in these playoff games were remarkable. And it was just so much fun to listen to each and every single moment of this playoffs he has Roberts is a great unbelievable -- would you beat the tight. The thick of it to the pitchers that the Red Sox beat in the post season they beat David Price. They beat up more from Tampa Bay -- -- beat her lender beat scherzer they beat out of bell Sanchez. They beat wacko wacko wacko rocket tonight I. Adam Wainwright begged me -- the four best staffs in baseball of course -- -- -- -- the -- -- Alex Cobb Doug -- those guys are not chopped -- now doubt at all it's definitely admit they beat the best teams in baseball. And they did. And it could have said there's no there's nobody has an overall teams don't nobody -- -- they were lucky because you know what they struck out more than anybody nicknamed God's creation effort to aid. But the signal that a large huge they're winning LB games and let's. -- rob this is not viewed interject I. Let's see let bird brought. -- you want to help but look at that that. I don't get a handful. We need for the right. Rarely being near ground there are hard but it doesn't -- -- -- hardcourt. Hope that at bat that's the guy behind early will investigate everything that communities had to say about -- drive at all. You guys -- -- -- it is not a playoff record for most proposed he was so great at the whole thing was so wonderful and after -- what you let's grab some phone calls but promised to reduce debt. We start with the guy that's been on hold longer than anybody else just ask his wife. Steve. In Connecticut hello Steve how -- yet. Yeah edit the view Barbara from Litchfield county Connecticut that so we gathered -- -- yet -- what I thought well red dot redemption. I had a great -- can. That the quality at all -- It's 33 years ago the red dot is quietly. -- Are the Yankees get -- Tigers. We -- champion man yeah we dance we yet what would you like asked Pakistan to act violently. We re being themselves on the thought he'd get home run out of. Yeah definitely the irony that at -- for. About. I don't think -- he meets him then went and try new you know decipher. Some of the drug politics ninety guide to -- talking about winning and apparently well. Jarvis I'm naked ladies of the well aware I'm going to you know what this -- enlighten me might stick it to him it's. It's a separate notice it's hump camel limitations mentally that might you. You -- What it's. In the. -- you know this all ended on Wednesday now on Halloween some maturity and Mike Napoli birthday. -- -- -- -- white -- like the way you went through both got a baby Gloria are strapped for me distracted whose defense we go to had a pretty. Also in Connecticut that Nutmeg state come -- -- -- -- how are you Greg what. Guys. I love the show and I've been following this season all the whales actually in Scotland and at WEI. And ESPN game that's all I. -- -- Think it. Where where you sit on the body body bags of -- moments listening to the reds are actually in the same count my mother lives in the same town where Paul McCartney written Stanley. So I was in the middle of nowhere. And listening to tell -- she snapped power. Yeah I really actually special if you're -- have much to do besides follow them it was a very unique year. I got my content involved in it -- not shut out to make out loud and Jane. And Scotland and they're all like about the Red Sox this year. Here either yet we should get to the Red Sox in this call credit because as interesting -- your life story is there's some stuff going on here. -- -- I actually was picked I -- Perino. I I knew that they had a winner. And you know it wouldn't. Did they have a winning player -- away. They were beside big men inside victory you know which was in which couldn't. Early December great having you -- you said bid that is the missing piece the Red Sox at. After all happened a year before he did that was going to be the difference maker that you had finally said. You know I forget about 20122013. Is going to be a winning season because that they signed Shane Victorino. That's what you sell. Cannot use in Hawaii and heavy I'm nuts -- -- It's the end of April there weren't personally I guess is trying to -- -- -- -- victim myself. They have a chance. Why not. That I I'll -- Euro long. We get out there were pretty good but I'll tell you this. Even go through the first few months. I think some people in that clubhouse. Although they'll say all you know what we thought we -- championship team. It took them a couple months to understand that they were actually as good if not batted in some of these. Big big teams here. Client yeah well and Shane Victorino thing was one that you know a lot of people questioning that there's a while thirteen million dollars a year. This guy's a winner now he's not gonna hit 320. Is not gonna give you 25 home runs but every single day. He's gonna give you something whether it's base running a good throw from the outfield being in the right place right time have a -- -- Gordon baseball player who is he winning -- well. -- it still might cap you know when Farrell signed on right. Now what epic Friday when you're in the sky Bennett do you YYC it's the absence of bogged down time throws it was OK right -- when they -- those play is. All of them right. I don't think anyone's said I have I get to reserve two weeks in October that this team's going -- Its spring training in. If anybody who picked them over 88 wins -- shouted out the public also look at he's. Are a little look at the April 1 look at the players though he had no one thought that but one thing I think ventured to do thinking that you're doing all of those guys that -- side did a post season experience a world now. That's about the meaning they -- it does mean something. Our backup job on this is that -- as one big Jodi Gomes and after the game tonight if yes when did you actually think that you had a championship. Caliber team since opening day when I look at the line up. Eight and nine guys have been in the playoffs and it means everything but that's when he said. You know we did before these guys have been every. Well you know well why not also each of those guys including you know that the ace of the staff Jon Lester and many others had something to prove Lackey. Pat summit -- about themselves who they were what kind of players they were right at collectively that attitude. Combined with maybe the inspiration of Boston's strong and and all that that made his team cohesive. It just put much over the top much better than anybody thought from there are 600 club pretty much. All year. Well it could put that Mike -- and David Ross is the lesser and of you know the excitement created by -- -- the car that's a huge we have for a both Stewart would you -- growl how and when do you follow assign -- to be even create a -- -- right nobody -- and to be honest. They really wouldn't say we're targeting -- you are. The reliever mark it was so absurd he felt comfortable all these teams thought he wasn't adorable guy 37 years old you are coming home runs I think yeah I had to -- -- and evolves based always had its deal lefty or righty they even know -- we now. We got to take a break now because we're -- behind -- just like the butcher who backed into is so low meat grinder were little behind you know work. -- -- take a break live from Fenway Park. Where all kinds of great stuff skill and I. And the best things in life and choose we'll be right back. OG ready. He turns on a rubber attitude to home so. -- world champions. And the good thing. The World Series at Fenway for the first time in. Five years. Relaxed at best the Red Sox have won their third world championship in ten years. I -- we're back and -- out and live radio that we don't believe. We want to thank. We want to thank all the kids outside the window. For all their support or lack thereof. And -- here at Fenway Park with Lenny megs. And John. Exactly ten unbelievable. And John. WEEI. It has probably been at the station since what time 4 o'clock John you know arouse something like that you and Syria are almost 2 o'clock in the morning and riders still hanging in there. I feel great and non-GAAP things are good down here we did John -- two later -- for drinks and we're gonna go to New York I just about the Michigan -- this time tonight we'll find a place I would get so much callers -- -- we get to us about right now let's go with that Mike in New Hampshire hello Mike. Well Boston's Mike that's always know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know just got back from the -- doesn't -- and now Zander Bogart's. It was wonderful wonderful we already. Are aren't happy at the watched all the except for the it was great it was great. Yeah it was pretty pretty unbelievably great down here at Fenway park -- -- what nutty nutty place to be and hey you know first time in 95 years they can celebrate such a thing. In the in -- big Boston proper it's big it's good. Security and no I -- Right to say congratulations. And everything. Right H did hear from -- at face of -- call let's go now to let Joseph in his car somewhere hello -- I don't know not that it up pretty good night forced out there -- you do it. Aren't you know what they're up at 10 o'clock in the morning we're getting -- -- waited for an hour to get ticket I was able to get home. The crowd was electric in Scotland -- -- Unbelievable experiences up and I'll never forget in my life. Yet I don't like anybody here is gonna forget being here tonight and by the way I usually don't say this but. There was an electricity. In this ball in and around this ballpark starting when I first got out but I couldn't believe. It was an edit edit it energy that was hard to describe. You know we don't want a -- cocky because that sounds arrogant but you wanna say really really confident but all the people around his ballpark and it stayed the whole night. It didn't matter what happen in the game everybody kind of felt like something -- was gonna happen and indeed it did getting to locker and up putting a Red Sox over the top of their eight. Major League Baseball championship. Let's inappropriately at all. Yeah oh whip or what's it always has already won 58 the morning she's a curfew here to. Because we just opened up a bunch of the -- behind this bad this kid and I wish we could. Thanks for the call buddy appreciate hearing from you and all of you folks quite well one way to know up programming note we're going to have. What she Stearns the one and only live from our studios in Brighton Massachusetts he's gonna stay on I'm I'm being told this. All night long and we're right there with ready -- states. I don't know how about this race for the first time -- you know and I don't know how does the first time that I have to do an all night for Boston championship whatever sport it might be since you know of the due to losses 2000 civil whether it's actually trying. Oh and I did a little -- you know I was there and after game three Red Sox lost game three you know we -- until 10 in the morning at 3 AM to ten. Done talking people off the bridge and had you know we -- know what's gonna happen of course that time right you're obviously well versed and -- yes. George will do a tremendous job John well is that outside Vivian in the game of course last would you signature moment that tonight watching the game. But I didn't look there's so many I I. No Lackey -- the performance that he had Davis had I don't Stevenson drove putting with a home run -- victory -- start with a 30 and don't but I agree with if you say it Lackey threw it to me that that performance in that moment when he tipped his captors reverend I'm talking about just reports like. I was watching intently because. He's been applied -- like that original joint coming up TO the number times this year even and especially the playoffs. But never gave in to the crowd that liked Edward -- right and. Yep boy you know what the thing is though he didn't have a -- eight total re emergence in this up red lines led by the military knowledge -- -- until tonight well I know but you know what and I understand that. And here's the other thing about him. He came back at time after time after time -- in a classy way after net after at least five shut outs against him. What -- -- -- out -- -- guts out to the Red Sox were unable to score and that was more of the an aberration or anything else -- and and and you complain about it make any big deal about exist out there and do what is starts every single time. And pitching very very well and and now have never have to buy another drink and in doing and again an ideal. Some made individual history first pitcher ever to with two different teams win a World Series clincher clinching game -- unbelievable. For him let's grab another couple -- ship before we yet. Meander on NB equipped for that one and only Butch Stearns let's go to what Dennis in Georgia hello Dennis. But -- -- -- -- order now yeah get rid of him about it but Dennis went down to Georgia or whatever sold steel he's live and it's not true cause. I don't know now and I'm here. Nobel. This talked. The one in -- -- does count on every morning you know particularly younger and through. Going to get beat up every morning. I'm good I'm shocked that they perform or. And particularly for me like. I'm allowed through a lot of room and it does for defense Brooke and I loved it all day but I was shocked that. He had a Eric. And -- vacuum because the animals or at mid -- -- Obama but it is not like well I guess trade hit bird. An error on through the Andean pact and that that think that that time -- keep her out. I can't remember through throughout this and I'm better than he meaning credible player on defense. Don't know well yet and remember those bed and not to take it from the -- microcosm to microcosm here ready you know here we are Red Sox win the world championship and we're talking about. You don't drool and what he did or didn't. During the World Series or what he didn't do -- an individual game yeah -- -- a big part of his team all year long -- tonight's game and a big -- tonight's game as well and you know he had a very very -- series but you know -- champions they don't have the big Miami little. Little incidental detail. Along the way now they don't have who fret no operate think salty just have to worry that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The Boston Red Sox -- Detroit 13 April world champion so people can really sleep well tonight Mel Brooks and Jake Peavy. Yeah and and John Ryder when he finally gets old after a lot today. And stellar work for you writer thank you to my fiftieth -- and Bradford Patrick -- Dae -- is the executive producer Red Sox baseball pretty. -- that job but you know early in the season. After suddenly be good and what a great job he did. -- congratulations to everybody for all. You've got to come up with a sign for patio because you're good at best have you got the U -- won so. You have to think about it this weekend. Web patio patio caddie no patio -- patio. They had Mayo did a great job and we're gonna make it they're gonna -- the tickets out here because they're realizing that we have tapped into the main beer line for the clubhouse. But what they get realistic -- I don't forget what she Stearns could take over we're going all night. It's WEEI. Live from Fenway. I hate me I cannot.

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