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John Farrell: We're ready for the raucous atmosphere that will be Fenway Park tonight for Game 6

Oct 30, 2013|

Game six time, so we checked in with Sox manager John Farrell this afternoon to find out how he and the team are preparing for it.

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Well was it. Say this to go at least five. You a little bit of break. But that such as struggled now Smith who walked the worshippers Robby drives what do you for the gap -- -- -- this is -- backed by the -- there and god. Two run -- -- that the second of the year. And that is now -- nothing athletics. She. I don't know but go into the upper level there seem to be here. A lack of focus. Given the way operator was pitched this year force and take his last start pounding it it wasn't a good night. -- Barbara up Alfredo with Davis today I forgot about that all that. Talking about some of the challenging things that John Ferrell is that the deal that's going to be pretty high -- Lister and yet you know he. He recovered from that situation as well he bounced back from that. Took distinctly his candidacy Seth Smith islet yet he handled that though. He had that's anathema -- that talking about but the barrel fairway and it bang up job. He handled that situation. Because I remember we were here at Fenway talking to him about it and we were saying oh is he going to be. I think we said he's going to be DF fade and he still had an option so screw screw it we've got -- but he was sent down. And John -- refused to say that he was -- and be a part of the organization and the Savvis came back in the hope the Red Sox went some key games. That -- September games big games and you know a month later a month and a half later. He was back -- contributing so he has he has dealt with. I McCollum brush fires he's -- them pretty well there have been many of indices have there have been I'm not naive so naive to think that. Now nothing has happened this year he's just. Kept it quiet and things happen every European when he -- things things that go on behind the scenes and and handle was good with good leadership and and in good captain. It's one of those conversations that we sort of got into a little -- the comparison with him in and Terry Francona. And and how what they accomplished here in Boston has been similar how it's been different they have a lot of similarities just to their personality. Their best friends it makes sense that they would share a lot of the same philosophies. On the other hand. I don't know that John Carroll had nearly as much talent. As Terry Francona have I also don't know that he has. He's had as much challenge in terms of the personalities that he's trying to corral and keep ball in the right same direction of the -- that the deal with either as many brush fires or allergy brush fires as Terry Francona -- -- waste your jobs easier in other ways it was much harder. I have been accurate you're right think about some of the guys. And and I've -- a bad guys. What they had their own they had their own issues and you had to make it work we think about 2000 -- yet Schilling and Pedro on the pitching staff. You've got Ortiz. You've got Manny. And I had Johnny Damon in -- to it not because. There they're similar to Manny. It Manny and Pedro because. Johnny Damon had become yet hit the whole rock star thing going -- at that time so that that needs to management is well okay are you. Our target rub people the wrong. Just brush -- listening -- that guy that you creating waves in the clubhouse and the alarm would talk and talk -- went and maybe this is after -- in 2005. So. -- Was he -- to talk and surprise surprise you on TV now. But -- are found out that Schilling was gonna close. It's only. Talk with the media and you know work this stupid or whatever analyzer to it was a mylar or Damon was Damon was talking about that Damon. I'm stuck at work I mean was he doing he's just arteries. What I am closing. So Tito came in the next painted. Hate comments made him well past that it's just so it was just his way dealer okay before you go any further let me just sit down and tell you what we're doing. And why it why don't eat it ended up talking but not -- -- public -- problem until that later 07 under the heat dealt with a lot of challenging. Finality here -- I don't know that John Carroll has that much in Albion you're just a moment museum on his way over right now. You're about to be he's dealt with some difficulties I don't know that he's had as much talent. As Terry Francona has so these things sort sort of even themselves out regardless you find yourself here and historic moment. Fenway Park the oldest ballpark in the country for games six and hopefully not in game seven. -- nine and that's -- we find John Farrell manager of the Boston Red Sox who joins us right now how are you. Greg guys are you do you feel -- around. We feel the energy outside of you been at all. -- you know what I got here at the ballpark about 11 o'clock so the streets relatively calm at that point and insurers each passing hour. It it'll start to build which we feel like going to be a great environment here and I are so let's let's let's start off okay John Farrell wakes up this morning and and does well you have an opportunity to. To close up the World Series sleepless night to wake up at 5 o'clock in the morning and and -- mean what you do. You know what I did what I typically do I'm I'm around my place for a few hours in the morning. Make my coffee at home until I don't try to do anything different from day today in and today was no different. We all recognize -- here tonight. And I think to -- to a large extent that is the same thing that's going on inside our clubhouse. And what things to talk to me the other night after game five and Saint Louis which almost neared. The environment or -- or the way things were in the clubhouse after we clinched a playoff. Appearance back in September it was in the division at the time. It was business as usual guys continued on their way and it was a quiet clubhouse -- wasn't. Much fanfare of any kind we're basically get our stuff together we can banker the Boston and Anthony and I want our guys know exactly where Iraq. But the beauty of what they've done all year is just continue to focus on tonight what else have you done so -- you've been here he sits at 11 o'clock that's about what three and -- half hours. Even doing during that time or you talking to what sort of stuff for you working. I want all of us trying to get -- You know what to. The typical routine command -- meet with tour for quite awhile to stop -- talking about different things with this -- -- goes there's there's a conversation with our pet trainer Rick Jamison. Just to get some status updates on guys and and things that you know everyone is well aware of between victory and it was good to go he's in right field tonight. You know as you mentioned yesterday impressed comes Jonny Gomes is in left field tonight. David Ross upon plate. And so once we get to lineup and put that together posted now it's a matter of some individual conversations has been the case every single day this season with individual players. And just get ready for our early work on the field today we talked a lot about where. Tension in the turn around with this team wants 69 games last year. A lot of fans had some issues with the way the team a faded especially in 2011 down the stretch and in 2012 just felt lost season. Is there any redemption in this for you to to be in this position -- have one thing yet but. In Toronto there was some questions about -- you know it's either right manager. You guys didn't make the playoffs there the fact picture in this position do you feel any sort of vindication or anything of that sort. No I don't and for the for the reasons -- are this that. You know obviously after game three opener in Saint Louis where you know we're in a position to be questioned second guessed. Full exposure to hold league get. But that comes with the territory so there's no redemption and our mines or in my mind of what's happened in the past that we live in a world that is. You know on display -- and you know what that's what also drives us -- it to be in these types of positions as well it's humbling it's an honor to be here. What I will say this that as this season has unfolded. I think fans are really liked the way we play the game. They understand and I can see I sensing can feel that they have. More of a tangible feel -- of how guys care for one another in our clubhouse it's demonstrated you know after home run or just the way guys talk about one another. So I think that they've been able to identify -- this group and they appreciate it in return I think our guys have sensed. That there's different energy protecting the freedoms have come in here the guys tomorrow for trade this is wouldn't the new experience for them this year. But -- to feel that energy in the ballpark in somewhat whether it's through the the marathon tragedy and things that have. You know transpired after that and that the link. That has forged even greater between our guys and our club house. This city. This region that has really grown to really become something extremely genuine. Heartfelt. And that's something that motivates us as well how are you different from the guy that you weren't Toronto. Well hopefully have learned a lot along the way if I haven't than I've always felt myself so who later came away from a World Series when I'm imagining that you did well. You know what this is this will always be about the players and and you know what I'm fortunate to come back to a organization that. We we are in lockstep. From what our owners John Tom and Larry have supported and in his decision making and the people that he's the player she's gone out in acquired. And they've been in full support of knowledge of players that were. Target but how we've gone about putting this together and and that has been great so there's that Lincoln is that you were the top to bottom from that standpoint and it's played out. With the guys we have an uniform and how to go about playing the game so. Know that -- maybe that's one difference and and maybe that that is certainly made my job a -- -- a lot easier. At the same time this is still about those guys go between the lines and will always be so. You know there was a question yesterday have you been able to reflect back on this last year an honest answer is no happened because you're entrenched in what you do. Maybe a month from now that we kind of think back of while it was a pretty busy thirteen months. And were over here live and written and thankfully -- and with the guys and are you. Well speaking of the guys who were between the lines you're starting pitcher tonight John Lackey. Goes against Michael -- pretty good matchup. I remember and maybe a listen to radio station too much need to get a life but arbitrary -- just -- did an interview you did -- -- With Kirk and hand and rob Bradford in the offseason and you were taking calls from people so one of callers that John. Who's impressed you the most or who couldn't we've looked for a big season from where you gotta be surprised who we gonna be surprised. I'd use it without even hesitating he said John Lackey. And I think it was in February so even earlier what did you see from John Lackey or what kind of conversations that you have with John Lackey that made you so convinced. That he was going to be a guy who could be relied on the hill Michael. Having been pitcher and one that had Tommy John surgery myself an understanding. What John Lackey had compete you know had to deal with are content with. The two years prior to that ultimate surgery it's hard enough to can be idiocy got sixty feet away from -- batter's box when you have to compete against her body at the same time. That that that can really drain you -- where it wears you down that's obvious. And I think once he had that fixed the part of the protocol for rehab is pretty straightforward but then after seeing him in December seeing how he reshaped his body. And kind of there's a feeling him out in the baseball world that Tommy John is you know it's going to be successful he'll come back from. But when I saw the way he was sort of ball the time and the way you reshaped his body is like I walked away like that and this guy is clearly on a mission. In it was gonna have to start with how he performed on the mound put it -- all the -- aware of maybe some of the perception that's been out there in last you know the three years prior to this year. With John. But it would have to start with a consistent pitching on the mound and he's done that and I think more than anything you know hit his turnaround reflects his team's turnaround and and they're in lockstep and maybe it's the baseball gods that he's on the mound here tonight. Well it does seem to fit so perfectly you mentioned you mentioned it throughout the season the way he reshaped his body lost some weight. Do you think that it was the physical action of losing weighed in and getting into better shape -- helped to pitch better for the mental commitment to doing that that helped him focus and maybe there's no way to determine which is where well and I don't think there's -- we can separate the two. But I will say this with the reshaping of his body that he went through. It in allowed his body control to be much more consistent which ultimately translates into consistently points strikes -- and you look at the walk totals they've they've been reduced. So they're all linked together and I think he. There's a lot there was a lot of motivation for Johnson to rewrite its own story -- culmination of the two that's where we sit here tonight. He said rewrite his own story that's. Externally internally even 2011. I think a lot of people wanted to hear some story about how John Lackey was a bad -- didn't happen 2012 we didn't pitch. But he was still with the team -- to watch this guy with a team. But his teammates always raved about why why do you think his teammates like commitment to what would make some sexy a good team. Well because one he cares about them as much as he doesn't self. In at the same time he doesn't play out for any other reason than. Holding one another accountable and -- his teammates he's -- in the way he goes about his work his suit. To justify it in their -- not. A public perception or not the way it might be portrayed through the media he doesn't get distracted by that he cares only about with the guys and a clubhouse think of him how he goes about his work. And they know he's real he's genuine he doesn't divisional false miss about him to say one thing publicly and another thing internal. He's the same -- And I think the I know that they gain a lot of -- for that over the time regardless of what's put -- playing out between the lines and results Lebanon. John -- is -- here few hours away from game six tonight you brought up game three how difficult is that for you. Well there was couple missed opportunities on my part pain and acknowledge some after the game. And yet at the same time. You know there was there was talk you watched it -- -- up earlier than it did. Or or when you know and go outages you know what did you hit into perceiving drew -- -- You know our all and online and I think the one thing I would I would that's a mansion and acknowledged was that the -- doubles which part. But at the same time. You know that this is where the internal information and the decisions that stem from that. Probably differ from a lot of people that might be listening to right now is that okay by sending ground work into the plate we needed more than one -- work out of him. I wish I could have guaranteed that David Ross and Mike Napoli would have gotten basically dropped the ball. You know Rosenthal -- to -- miles an hour. And yet thinking that because we -- a couple times earlier that the availability on the bench was down in -- Ross. And felt like if we got through that ninth inning knowing in my mind felt like we need to get three innings combined network when the new car. Rosenfels -- going to be a game felt like we would have really. Gained momentum and they -- the -- -- backed us down but they're going to their second -- relievers on -- bullpen. Unfortunately we get a different play at third base -- and that game. And were haven't can -- not only regroup but answer a lot of questions well. Speaking of questions and I promise I'm not gonna say this work Americans as word again for game three but sometimes if it's -- and afraid sometimes it's like -- justice for example what they start with an -- So you know what we're talking about. That that the obstruction. All the whole job it. The budget now Adobe go visit things you wouldn't believe don't -- believed to be guilty you don't have to answer phone calls on it for the game -- I -- the report that game after game three we talked about it. OK after game four. Hours before game five people we're still talking about it so I said I was looking forward by rockets struck and security threat out there. Line. Are you convinced that they got it right and if you are convinced they got to -- you is the rule. Is the rule right in which you would just in anyway. The first part of question emphatically they got the call right they they made the call based on the letter of the law sort of speak. Now there's two forms of obstruction of Taipei there's type B the play that night it was -- be the ball already gone past the play it was out in left field. Where to me that where the rule could probably stance from review. The umpires have no ability for judgment inside type -- instruction it's either black or white it's it's yes or no. Well when will little Brooks is playing his chest. And Allen Craig church government she's trying to advance on play I don't think -- little boxes. Intently. Trying to obstruct and or or get away. And and I think at that you know -- nobody wants to address that it's a World Series game it's a game ending play. But I think that's where some judgment has to be filtered into this has to be some room. Built inside of at least the type B portion of the obstruction rule. That there's got to be some ability for that umpire to determine what their intent or not -- use his judgment call that's for I think at least be -- While your team certainly has been able to put it behind you go what you win the next couple games after that David Ortiz during that time has been other worldly we had -- we had died Jonny Gomes all of us the other day keeps calling Cooperstown and pond -- and the nicknames are fast and furious is well but. If you -- in the other dog -- would you be pitching to him right now. You know here here's the thing that they've got very good question. And you know they they all are gonna pitch to their strengths. Adam Wainwright probably Cy Young candidate and in the National League and they're gonna pitch to their strengths and and if that means you're gonna look to attack via. David and try to avoid putting him on base then you know what. He can't argue with that strategy. David's got the best of and so far. You know the one thing about it if if that's if you choose not to do that in this ballpark we have seen on. It can be interesting to say at least. So. That's why you know. With the adjustable and felt like we need to lengthen it a little bit behind David in the event that they do choose to do something like that so you know. What -- what their game plan is -- they're trying to get out and they got very good stuff to attack him with so we'll see how tonight transport. My last question for you revolves clay buckles site. You've got one huge game for your down to one American tie the series. How difficult was it to get that Clay -- on the mound what led to that and was there any doubt that he would go. 48 hours after his start prior. He start to turn the corner and feel like you know what this is. Gain some momentum like yeah things were were starting to become more positive. There was never doubt after that fortieth -- that you know which -- time to do some things and in and get him to the mound. I think what was most impressive about clay is that he went -- pitched. He pitched. If he knew we didn't have his most powerful stuff. But yet it didn't take away from the rhythm the rhythm in the -- established on the mound. -- you know what if if the ball doesn't jump up over. Jacoby is -- on the ground ball from on the -- at the corner. You know we keep that guy at first base Beltran hits a ball where we typically over shift. You know look at before shutout innings and possibly continuing on but we had a chance to you know. Tack on a run with carp in the pinch -- role but. Only -- today and tomorrow too so I mean Bob Hope that yes yes and you know there's been -- centering around and an attached to his. You know fortitude as will be on -- mound target. When when you're dealing with something physically you you have to be careful but there's nobody that wants to be on the amount be on the -- more than Clay Buchholz to. He talked to him about the pitching element of it. I mean you hear hear his former pitching coach's manager you won the Davis -- David Ross how much conversation was there about hey you're not gonna have your normal velocity here's how you get through orders he does know how did you know I mean he's so here he has such a rare ability to manipulate the baseball and I think. Once he warmed up and talking with him after what you warmed up in the bullpen prior to game four. You know he he knew that he had enough stuff to at least establish a fastball some variety -- and the ability that -- it caught it and you know changeup all of Latin. He could find his way to navigate through that game and every inning he commanding and we check with him justice court case and things like. I'm good he goes I have been trying to throw the ball hard yet -- you know 8889 which was enough. And he got through it in good shape we'll let you go to get ready you mentioned the guys who were in your lineup you have a batting order force that we cannot put it up there early. -- You wouldn't stay within the same three guys we run -- dividend so -- Ellsbury Pedroia Ortiz Napoli Gomes Victor Reno on the sixth hole. -- seven drew -- Ross. That's where we are. That's the -- that's the group that'll take the field tonight for game six at Fenway Park John Farrell thank you so much for doing this not just today but throughout this entire season always brought you buyer -- insurance counter higher interest in windows backlash here WB --

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