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National Media: Papi's bat is hot! Must be Steroids!

Oct 30, 2013|

We go over the obvious attempts to garner attention by the national pundits, who waited til the eve of Game 6 to level their steroid accusations at David Ortiz. Your timing betrays you Cowherd.

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Now I mentioned earlier Michael. David Ortiz has been a force in the best player in the series evidence today I think he's the clear cut MVP agree here. Colin Cowherd ESP and -- mid -- -- one of the best in the business. I -- where tiger was on this morning and it's -- -- mr. But he chose today. Two in this rant on David Ortiz to. For all the sick of fans who are outraged that I am suspicious about David Ortiz the New York Times came out with a story in 20074. Years ago her or six years ago. And they had Ortiz on the list with other users one of them being a broad. But he never failed that test and we can destroy him but Ortiz is positively. Beyond suspicion. Now on suspicious I am proof no. Oddly buried on Tuesday he's never failed -- drug test by the -- Lance Armstrong. Where all the failed drug test. I have a right to be suspicious of David Ortiz. Who four years ago had a three year stretch where he was done writing obituaries on his career. And now watch the games he's getting around 96 mile an hour heat inside. Nobody on the Red Sox can hit nobody and the cardinals can hit one guy's hitting 800. And by the way was robbed of a home run or have -- higher average. And dominicans 137. When he was four years ago yes I'm suspicious yes I am and have a right -- Picket lines human life go for. -- -- -- -- Eric Gagne Roger Clemens. And brought the -- Man like him. Is it is Halloween just put a mask and hide reality Gulfport. But I mean the reaction from Bostonians and people that live there just childish. All of meaning maybe just dial then yeah I -- gone you must do is -- then nobody gets dialed in against great pitching and -- 800. Can I can't remember the greatest hitters but nobody's hit 400 since Ted Williams. I mean people don't even have any -- is rare if you do against bad pitching. Saint Louis pitching. You wonder why don't you Bostonians. That don't have costumes for tomorrow just go as gullible fan did you -- -- of -- Halloween store. -- -- You outrageous. What you want I don't care. Talk how are talking there about David Ortiz and when it comes to his. Downloading of David Ortiz and questioning everything and believing that most players who do great things that are unusual specially don't usually ages. I have no problems with the speculation whatsoever I think it's very fair if you -- wonder what it would turkeys or any other aging slugger who's doing. What he's doing right now I think that's totally within the realms of reality. The only problem might have a -- however to ramp there is suggesting that the people Boston or treating they are aptly. Any differently than anybody else does for their favorite player. We all do this as fans we all say. Yeah I hate cheaters but my guys not cheating -- we all hate the other guys -- you just love your own. And somewhere way in the back -- remind you probably know that there's a legitimate question to be asked you're standing up for your guy because what he calls. -- ability. I will simply call loyalty. You being loyal to David Ortiz who correctly said this is our police and city. I got no problems -- whatsoever I don't mind -- questioned him and I don't mind anybody embossed into chooses to believe that David Ortiz claims. Well. Like you have a lot of respect for Colin Cowherd of the -- fantastic so in terms of entertainment value. What he said eighty plus. Now you wanna go with the fact checking. Probably. Really can't -- I don't but I really would tell -- -- you know OK but then if you see my ex. Well because I think if you just if everything he said was you have to. If you're gonna have a ring. We're gonna have a take on it you take has to be. Doesn't it have to be connected to the facts but it is not connected to the facts then. How how seriously can we have this discussion if I'm easily -- very easily able to say that it happened that it happened that it happened. Therefore all or this is happening did you consider that they consider that for example and New York Times story. He got it right we're not 2000 sentence -- four years -- -- -- what's the best New York Times story was in 2009 it was four years. So Colin Collard said. That A-Rod in Barry Bonds never tested positive for test that is. Talking about the list. It's it's Manny Ramirez is an atlas says David Ortiz is on there along with Alex Rodriguez Sammy Sosa Barry Bonds that once they did. Number two right now. You can be skeptical if you want about David Ortiz or anybody else in the post season. All you can go whip is what's in place what they have in place right now even during the post season is drug testing. Then you can say well -- -- cute yet. Major League Baseball does test for HG eight as well so abuse say well the criminals are always ahead of the law. That's what you have to go away but in terms of actual testing -- somebody -- -- -- because somebody right now in the post season. Be cheating of course I can and get away with a court you don't need but every test you don't -- Go back to bonds and Sosa and be wrong like -- was in order to make up point you can simply look at the guys who part of the by Genesis scandal look at Nelson Cruz look at Johnny -- Look at a -- brawn instantly -- three guys that would have all now been suspended that it. Who were never caught who were never in any way they never tested positive so we don't meet all the way back to Iraq or some other names. You could say Iraq recently. Right erotic connection I've Genesis did not -- test positive at least as far as we know so. Apart the argument hold some weight even used the wrong names as evidenced -- but not really immediately possible to be on -- and not and not at all. What they what they get. But it did have those guys. But there's a whole group of players that did not Jhonny Peralta did not has done it again accepted a fifty game underscore it also orbits around guns going with. I'm going with his -- and I understand I think examples were the wrong choice but if you substituted in instead Jhonny Peralta. And Ryan on and and one other man and a crew -- a group that. You what you would be able to remove that problem right it can point that you can -- you can not as positive and still be on something happened I think he's right. I just think he's so far off base with the idea that Austen fans are to be different from anybody else but six point 77797937. Go to Blake in Rhode Island. -- hope they are an island I'll let. It's -- that brought wake you sort of you know lots. Well -- -- if you look at the original call I'd never gave it the question David ability to be a wire. And I'm not even skeptical that it took steroids and not. I question and in it to charity at the person to be at a podium at all like yeah. Are you watching these games like are you still not all of the bad that I can tell you or do you put a sock went out the big cat this year -- I wish you well. -- Yeah yeah yeah at all like it and I don't remember that oh no we're not gonna play -- again I did like three we've we've given you more plugs. Use it like I'm not gonna be I don't know about your latest station more than giant -- Blake you said I'm not gonna be back until David Ortiz is it true. -- had not at all how you wanted to. Why you wouldn't look -- argument for the Red Sox right now. He either your doctor you're not what is it. Take you know I don't know I had to collect bothered at all the -- tell what I did he said you -- -- -- -- better a -- penalties hit you so look art and what you don't like in the schedule and it's -- -- -- like individual. He is the team right now like Alex what are you got crushed in the fact that he's a football player yet he's carried it -- -- are watching. But the fact that he has or has he got into all Barack. Right I know Rupert -- seriously like little logical way -- -- about I don't know what your father's -- what he should've said to you but it's time for your goal although we have got a lot of mileage. -- much appreciate that phone call 617779. 7937. Helped out rigs in socket -- irony is rigged and links passed Phillips August worlds -- angry -- Example in the account right now I live in August anyways last daylight racing. But I -- I wanna talk about a guy got on the radio that you that I achieved a charity that. Are potentially could be a lot of good points -- at the end when he -- this whole. -- you -- hate everything about how is average is so great against cardinals pitching -- No doubt that sitting thirteenth back it's plenty of guys in the beginning of the people in the arts week. And that's warranted. It would -- the eclipse goggles for the wealthy don't Charlotte even up to 300 so they -- -- physical argument like he'd get the point around how would be getting. And the thirteen are great pitching actually be on -- that's just ball. If it's a fantastic -- your father. And that that was that was my take on opening in in terms of -- -- of entertaining. Entertaining radio yet he got that part right but in terms if you want to go to the facts. Step by step then this whole thing collapsed it doesn't I don't like -- and that happened yet on that always built. On the most solid foundation arguments it's fun but he's very and a retired Yorke Andy or in an arm's gonna ask -- -- -- -- go without a tool put his mechanics. That's absolute heroes thinking about bringing them mr. Jonathan torture sixth or seventh heaven I'm in a -- government. They re what's up. They got a lot of if I'm wrong but wasn't Ortiz out of the eight abuse of whatever was. He's carried your current string in the problem out and then he. Parent and mr. applaud and never brought it up against god and I went the other fortunate that it indicated partner among. Yes I'm a little correctly you are correct let me -- before you go you -- you stand at root for real or is that just a turn of phrase correctly from -- have been trying to do our product. Gonna benefit as well let me know your wrong and that. Ortiz as recently as this summer. Mentions -- rob Bradford I still haven't found out I wanna know. What I tested positive for and nobody can tell me at the time he said. He you look at where some information. In this press conference of course used vitamins excuse were all skeptical that we all rolled right yeah -- you -- right but. According to him you know take what it's -- he hasn't been told in four years what exactly he tested positive for. So and so he was not found to be. -- -- -- -- -- -- that all all we know it's in the original New York Times story and our discredit. You know 1520 minutes ago I want to refresh myself -- the details the original story came out and -- -- that story says. That he tested positive he's on that list. According to lawyers. But we don't know what he tested positive. Are we gonna take a whole lot more your phone calls or 61777979837. A great atmosphere a great buzz down here at Fenway Park more your reaction on David Ortiz is the best hitter right now on the planet what he's doing a cardinal pitching is just embarrassing to them. Up but I also wanna take this call from -- in -- Michael who's making the exact point that I made you right before we started to show today. And it's nagging at me and I don't like it's coming up talking all WB yeah. Why -- you why don't you Bostonians. That don't have costumes for tomorrow just go as gullible fan if you bite out of the Halloween store. Thank you are finally felt something about -- authority I don't -- Yankee fans on the yankees' stance on the Yankee -- a couple months ago I called and told drew good -- excuse was an action movie dirty. On the Yankee fans. Get personal on here is from Boston is generally. All the Boston people I've ever met you know he's still angry and when blonde. But and has like Sam Adams an IV but by and large is usually hasn't been on a bigger. Broader macro sense of sports. From the Pacific northwest though we have bigger. Broader macro sense of sports here's what you gotta know about colonies each from wherever it wants to be. He's the West Coast guy can lead the East Coast. He's not apply overstate guy called football I used it the NBA now accident. Our malleable and -- needs to be affiliates. Angering wind blown a fair amount of them I agree. That description. Was still lower their main -- and also but also people that as for whether or not often and more gullible and then. All that nobody is more gullible that Sampras is that. They wiggle past. It all any more but. Cheering Barry Bonds at the end it. They were the only ones doing. -- nobody else they're loyal to -- guys. Yeah and and I think I think in the case of so I had. That we that we can't speak for all giants fans but say that if you have Barry Bonds in your city -- even if you think he is courteous. He's just dirty and out which -- you'll see some of those numbers. And you say. Catherine. Hands -- -- -- just walked 260 time and time if he's. -- -- dirty hit. You whatever but the night a one year on base is on base percentage in -- is good. But your -- on base how. It's hard -- know -- but Michael you know on the on the same I think everyone's Stewart I mean we were in the bus the other day. On the way to the airport knew -- brought up the name doctor clay Wright who's one of my own personal lot -- stories because he's. Essentially steroid doctor to the stars Canadian doctor no license to practice medicine in the United States yet he's making house calls Tiger Woods who happens to be by far the best of the sport and ridiculous shape. OK I know that probably naturally normal I'm sure tiger is doing anything -- I'm I'm suspicious of everyone so yes I'm suspicious of David Ortiz and Mike Napoli and by the way anyone else on the Boston Red Sox with a -- it -- not. I just think that athletes. Are susceptible to using -- it doesn't mean -- get any proof for that I believe they're doing it or that I think they're the only ones doing it can I would have the exact same suspicions about Beltran. Or Allen Craig get -- holiday or anybody else on the other side I just I just think that's what athletes do a federal program gullible or not. I think I'm loyal to my team and I think that's a Boston fans aren't. Describe the five -- that follow those two yes all you called him for the goats to instead both polls to be utes or you'll be so bright with. Frank from off. -- I wanna get to this caller to in this is chuck and limit who thinks something the Michael I was wondering about -- a little worried about. Well ahead of ourselves. Is the region and get a little ahead of its office is Austin until reason their -- are still getting excited until 2004. Nobody would dream. See the word parade before a game six nobody would dream start saying things like when they weekend. Before each game six now that a bad thing maybe you're more confident now in the last decade or so has. Given you that confidence or maybe you've become overconfident and are starting to tempt fate I don't know I don't think if they are superstition in the -- I just wanna know. The regional little to -- What's happening Mike is that people are excited. About being at home for. One more game or two more games. And having a chance to watch their team in the World Series I don't think. I I don't hear a lot of people out there saying oh yeah that definitely got to win. Saint Louis is no match for the Red Sox because that's -- the cases series hasn't been like -- look at the first five games of the series. The only game that really wasn't competitive. Was with game one it's been a great series. In the cardinals had some opportunities. Certitude. Beat up three games that you like the Red Sox are right now so if -- You look at them the way you look at the Colorado Rockies and is just inevitable no matter what the Rockies did they -- they were gonna lose the Red Sox I just think it's pure excitement. It had a Red Sox the World Series in 2004 they went on the road went on the road no seven. It end you have a chance. One win away with a good matchup -- pitching matchup. Advantage slight advantage to the cardinals pitching matchup for you and you get you get to see if you can win at home I don't I don't sent a lot of overconfident you -- -- Every once in awhile I hear I don't your arrogant and occasionally about it -- they heard more little like hey what about the parade thing you'd think it'd be Saturday like to Rabbani parade. How to win first and start talking about separate 61777979837. Jockeys in Plymouth as I said hi chuck. That they elect calling it well that that's a little bit on the dull moment. But that's September 81998. Float -- McGwire. -- -- -- -- -- in bulk but -- we're going to create a battle -- Don't crater and any other cities -- -- also -- -- let's get your point is that as one it just have used to fortify your point -- more. We were in Saint Louis. Last week in an hour earlier this week. And I was in the press box and I was looking at some of the some of the framed articles. And -- you're absolutely right front page of the Saint Louis post dispatch. Is that when Mark McGwire hit seventy. And I would think they'd be a little embarrassed to have it up there but I was still there prominently displayed in I was reading the article in the and the writers saying. Think about that seventy home runs he can't believe it it's a magical in this greatest greatest of baseball seasons in praising McGuire analyst that. They and we were very gullible at that time. That big. List in India seventy highway the Mark McGwire it is a big push to change that fact I wish them any cardinal center actually very very upset about that he. Can -- do them but. Get the replica that you can call. I think. What the -- that or make sure you know at the right box sweatshirt with the world championship everybody -- Wear a lot but it did that and or or let's get it right I mean it seemed like everybody. So our men on it and why didn't play the game. You control. The restaurant. Owners out there which Belgrade and worst of earth you know. Status on the bottom -- here. Don't get I can very easily see what can go out pitched seven strong. Turn the -- a bully get a job on seven and then goes. And what happened that it and that act. What Erica an up and yet I think this team has more resilient and they struggle people think and as far as single cargo. Shocked and confused or are you are you -- are you saying those things that people are getting too far ahead of themselves. Or do you actually think that I'm like you're a little confusing -- you sound like you're incredibly confident in the Red Sox team if you're ripping other people for being I'm just give you guys wanna. I'm confident in the fact I don't think it starts to lose two games girl at home but it's not going to be jacked into war -- What more devastating than 86 people know what happened -- -- to go out. And no no no no. -- -- -- -- -- The idea that it can be more devastating Matt and -- you crazy you won two championships for the last ten years. Could it possibly is devastating is 8603. You know in India I don't think he's not he's not concerned he doubts that the people are overconfident he's upset people are -- that's where it so you don't like -- -- excitement anticipation -- -- -- warrior culture six point 77797937. -- back to them in just a moment for 41 -- here on WB.

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