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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - Game 6 Edition! 10/30/13

Oct 30, 2013|

We tackle four topics revolving around the Sox, and other famous game sixes in sports history.

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-- now our needs -- Ali score already roller board or the four. Fun cleaning. -- -- We solved Kelly on its rate WB. -- -- Brought to you by Marvin windows young men doing the honors it we got it out game six is Tuesday night yes. So let's take -- -- -- classic game six is what is the best games six and World Series history. What do you mean best. Is it okay if the best is also the worst because as much as. 75 gets a lot of Popeye wasn't around so I apologize it was -- not gonna make my list I do love the call we get the call -- for good times. I -- the fiscal. You know the the extra part of that story that might have actually heard this is -- Paul Harvey rest of the story. But that was like the camera guy made a mistake -- noticed he made a mistake by focusing on -- All right use -- that is something else oddity but that's not got their shot. That's how they have the great shop but it's also what led it to basically watching sports is we now do where they. All. The look they're looking for all the reaction shots and all that that we get now that is. I mean you can't you can't watch sports without that now on TV it all comes from a mistake that this guy may now they have only problem. Now they have 500 Cameron now and it's it's pretty cool when you see it though when -- when something big happens to their team clinches. You what so many you get all their reactions that you get the reaction of the picked pictured at the reaction of the big reaction opposing team the fans. It's great -- It's ninety everybody answers Chile six it is great I -- imagine -- will never came more than it is member of what I would say. I would still I gave this answer last week in terms of you know just big moments. I still would have to -- game six in Toronto Joseph Carter walk off home and it just has never. In never see that you win the World Series on that and just the natural reaction. Of grown -- act like little voice. That was off. Eleven should not be far behind I mean it's recent didn't involve any teams here Austin. But that game in 2011 Saint Louis taxes one of the greatest sporting events in any sport -- watched. On -- -- put up New York -- What would that be the greatest moment -- whose -- three. Now the the Luis Gonzales and that was the game seven of them. On my parents. No matter the clarity said it was -- -- you -- -- New York -- can't give blood to the mets' New York -- -- the Yankees got an economy that site. -- Matt obviously. Go to number two. It. Dustin Pedroia and Shane Victorino both claim the gold glove for 2013. -- other Red Sox players coaches front office personnel to several awards for their performances this season. I'm gonna go have been sharing and as executive of the year you think about the moves that he made. It's pretty incredible to get so much right in one offseason we trades for John -- -- that was a pretty good traits I signed Jonny Gomes Mike Napoli Shane Victorino. Koji you are I think he he's had some. Picking up Stephen Drew has been a defensive wizard. He's had an incredible an incredible. Year so I think. And damp gotta give exact. I don't know there going to be any silver sluggers on this team -- figures were really feel that way and that's one of the things we love about them is that they're not a team of the best player at their position and every position they are a true team that's whining and sharing in the and I said it almost at the all star break should be the should be executive of the year this year. After the two guys who did win the gold gloves totally service. I said -- a few times the biggest surprise to me. Coming back. Has been the joy of watching Dustin Pedroia play second base every game he's better than I remembered I mean getting to watch him every -- been great. And Shane Victorino in right field the combination. Range positioning of great plays -- willing to sacrifice his body and that. Accurate and I'm like arm -- he has been a true true. Superstar Dutch right defense of regular U has -- got a thing hit nine home runs this year. And he's still listen as the defense of keeping superstar player that's what the entire argument worked her death -- an -- Particularly worked at the front office for a experienced letters at the all star break about the lovable. Though -- right by a break they've got to step back in this here they win my. Award. Factory. -- -- realized that was a yearly award it is pretty you know it's every other year they give enough. Ted Williams Carl Yastrzemski Pedro Martinez to the Red Sox had a mount Rushmore I think all three of those guys would have their faces on the monument. But who would be the fourth face. The tough question. -- really hard question I mean I'm sure there's camp out there that believes should be Johnny Pesky young guys like the door right I mean. Think about all the guys who have played. In this organization I would have to go with somebody in my lifetime now. -- you can make a legitimate case for Terry Francona. In the the manager for two World Series about the players noted that can't -- I'm not saying it's going to -- him. It would come down to me. Your fourth person to either -- rise -- ago. Or David Ortiz and I think just because of the two and potentially three championships that is great as rice. Was -- is not played every day I think that's -- I thought I played field. I played field unit that probably get 500 homers the F. If I can be the right. The C you know poppy poppy good. But he played. Jim Rice refers to be on the -- at Red Sox had to rush hour or opt out into the pocket right today. I think Q would have to be written about many your boy -- is many not fair. He'd be in my own personal. I would put him there is that he in my own personal mount Rushmore the Red Sox then goes up in Los Angeles. I was on the heels of Idaho. God make it it it probably does come on Ortiz. Ortiz rights. -- -- doing Clemens. Coming up because the amount. Rush Mauritania we've ever asked -- -- anecdote there. I mean I guess you could be paid. And Varitek put me up right now there. Still -- His. Performance has been I am -- to be better -- Our theme of the Red Sox post season run has been one of redemption we've talked about individual players who redeem themselves but which player -- front office person has redeem themselves. The most. This is so easy. This isn't easy anyway. There are a lot of word candidates. -- off. But the number one guy. And he represented the group John Henry. You pick -- this. Last year it all started with ownership. H -- have been -- and they wouldn't let him do his job they've Ford's body beyond them they have a book written about them. Saying how terrible they word how bad for business they were not only was John Henry redeemed. With having a good team. Yeah Shaughnessy wrote the book about a John re a straight up gangster move. Up your nose -- -- I don't put your employment in jeopardy. I'm gonna make you are gonna make you dangle out there you don't live in fear every time I walk by you're gonna hold your -- how's that for -- New York Times best seller. That would be like you -- all suddenly being in charge of the morning show and you can decided John did it. Gerry Callahan a curtain and hand state your golf news. I'm crazy or what. What I decide without power. And don't are so many options. Hop. -- you're probably right the only other candidate for the award would be John. -- I mean Lester you can make -- to make a case almost anybody on this team in terms of how they've been redeemed. Seconds after John and if I happen to agree with you would be John Lackey -- from. -- -- -- And my -- -- it. Think about that. Everything in my life sucks right now to start in game six and were wondering whether people Boston -- too confident people -- -- they believe in him so much is holding a little bit of a grudge -- probably. And you know what I don't blame them he went through -- over the last few years some of it brought on by himself. And yet here he has gained six ready to go tonight John Lackey the price being number two -- 44. An amazing you know I cannot write about the straight up gangster and I'm I'm tweaking -- tweaking Shaughnessy here but it's bad. I have been so many people in town. And so it's like a badge of honor for our network with them for ten years ago I noticed eight. That he has been able to get under people's skin. If he's limited that RB Larry Bird told him in the early eighties when he was covered the Celtics briefly. -- on the topic ticket you can -- how I will pay for you to lead amazed he's calmed his annoyed. Legend after legend in Boston GM after GM coach after coach owner or owner in Italy. After years we are in the globes -- 8081 so where there. No one has been able to make about a little nervous. Too much on him. This dynasty must have bad childhood I don't know I don't know. I don't know what afternoon. John Henry came in and said okay. I'm second I can't get into like a little little verbal joust with you because you know you've got to you've got the news you get that you got ink and I don't. I'm not gonna by the ink by the barrel. -- by the. -- about and and it is. He's going to bide your pace straight up gangster move now what I -- respond to each week here and it's all WEEI. From being town at. Beantown underscore band who says -- It can't put Clemens on the Red Sox mount Rushmore because of the way and ended it you could put 86 on the list of most memorable. -- -- completely completely different out rushed or in progress on a couple of you wanna hang on the want to remember that 86 is a frustration but it is still the most memorable it is still the game but the most twists and turns an interest in conversations and what went wrong -- what should've been done differently not gonna say 86 although it make you miserable. It's it's oh it's such a fascinating game their habit is it is not letting you cannot. It's something completely different about you're your own personal and museum which is what the Rushmore they did -- that she would go to you and you and you enjoy it. As opposed to something that's memorable like this. You don't you'll never forget its top. And stop. Any other thing is. Even though 2003. In even in the 2003 is not a great moment. How does anybody that don't you remember exactly where you were what you were doing when Grady Little refused to take up Pedro. Don't your number I told -- a million times I was almost arrested for. That was -- you know the best part of that was moved toward -- two days later. Or three days later restored -- in the past in the Miami game we can going. Yeah but it was like it was better but it wasn't that much doubt it'll remember all. Over -- and remember there's a few days later you'll remember that Andy can you remember Steve Burton jumping on the sidelines. -- I have been here ever. Because they thought -- They lost the series and they were they sucked that game and they finally pulled champion they would never -- -- -- was pretty big win. It was instead a plane that little roller highlight what you play when the game -- actually lost when Stanley throws the ball and get in misses it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To do next. It's ridiculous I'll -- -- -- -- on my Mark Walker market in. Which you won't want instant on a much as much talent top to grip in mind. -- on the literally or he could come and defend the young people are saying that he's the reason -- people think it's a straight up between either oak -- ruined it really got to factor middle -- in what about -- -- that are apparently mutt is the one who screwed up the argument is monitoring according to the people on the Twitter all on the were on the two. That's of people sent. What got money and your what does that couple minutes 61777979837. -- often -- that dive -- Hello Bob Bob. Bob wants the -- say they've -- Both are but they're so popular wanna give me a lot of the disease that's something that I never hear everyone -- the -- -- bought me. It was -- -- -- Well I don't know that was steer clear it was given but it was definitely -- oil and has little good. That I -- play I know the Buckner play get all the players but to me that was our old when that happened I I diet. It was in my mind nick just Ronald W slightly different from my call I call -- eat my words for the last three years I haven't. -- much lately about the it would get the job Lackey because John Lackey I think it is incredibly of redemption if foreign players don't. I've been very hard on him I remember saying that he hated that when he was a bad fit. One thing I'd love to see happen especially if he wins that I'd let him come out they say I love Fenway Park. You know I think doesn't go to the British. Special that you will -- coming out do you think he really just is so angry and hurt that even if he is the World Series hero wins tonight. He won't be able to put it back out of this month. I don't know it's hard to say I mean you know he said that he would. Pretty young if there was an -- city -- that way and you know so. -- young kind of got Internet and I want yeah it's hard to say look I think John -- And -- John Ferrell that it that a perfectly and we talked with them at 230 in here. Allred will be replaying that at 5 o'clock hour. John Ferrell said of Lackey. He just cares about. Impressing his teammates. That is number one thing -- human so what really ticked off people -- chicken and beer was. Was a cat a cat category. All by itself. What added another player. -- -- really mortified. In just angered people beyond belief was John Lackey showing no remorse. Like that I remember people commenting. Arctic and I apologize what they did did. Buckles did that responsibility for Jon Lester did. Hockey now he didn't. And that's not. That's not his personality that's not how he's built he's all about the guys in the clubhouse it's like did notice this. Notes it's all feel -- nation right now for the Red Sox so these things don't come up very often I noticed after he -- walked off the field. In game two that was he was left with a walk in game two -- getting innovation. People were standing up. Not that the captain. In the if you think it was awkward when he turned -- flipped ever but he off what Brian Cox didn't -- I mean it didn't seem like it was entirely necessary but athletic department that do not -- but it is -- you're right it's not -- I'm not serious but you are absolutely right and I don't know whether winning the World Series and being your winning this game tonight. That's gonna change the way he feels about people in this region but you know what he clearly loved the guys that while I have an -- 617779. -- stuff at me. -- I don't actually want you to keep playing that stuff. -- -- We will get to more your calls I promise we'll get mud in here. Upright both for 45 -- it would take some of his press conference next -- Dustin Pedroia and -- Victor Reno are going to meet with the media talk about their gold gloves that they've both won and get ready for tonight remember -- -- batting sixth tonight he's been dropped down in the batting order to move -- up to two and up poppy up victories so we'll hear from those guys coming up. Some more your phone calls and then eventually more John Farrell and Al lighters sultan Ali. A WB.

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